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SGWMDPAR Chapter 14



The breakfast was eaten at a breakfast shop downstairs in the community. The steamed buns were steaming, and the juice of the meat was slightly immersed in the cooked white noodles. You can feel the fragrance of the meat with one bite. The rice grains of the white porridge are overcooked. It’s already lukewarm , and it won’t be hot when drinking.


The two arrived at the company more than ten minutes early. White Moonlight  introduced Shize  to a beautiful woman about 30 years old in professional attire with light makeup: “Sister Su, this is my new intern, high-achieving student of W University who studies graphic design . He will replace Ye Su in the next two days. I’ll leave it to you.” As he said, he looked at Little Pitiful shou: “Su Lan, you call her Sister Su.”


Little Pitiful shou replied : “Hello Sister Su.”


Su Lan smiled: “ Hello , the workload has been quite heavy recently, you can join the job today. We are still working overtime now.” After finishing speaking, she stared at White Moonlight .


White Moonlight  raised his hand and surrendered: “I will invite you to dinner when you are finished.” Then said to Little Pitiful Shou , “You should stay in my office first.” After finishing speaking, he pointed to his office: “It’s right there. After introducing you to others , we will go through the procedures and sign an internship contract.”


White Moonlight ’s company is not big, but they have all the internal departments, and there are not many people in each department, so it leads to the situation that each person is very busy. Su Lan introduced him and it had been half an hour after asking about various situations, and he was holding the company’s computer to change a few relatively simple pictures.


White Moonlight’s office door was open, little pitiful shou gently struck the door, White Moonlight said, “Come in.”


White Moonlight’s desk was quite chaotic, Little Pitiful shou was shocked , White Moonlight ’s home decoration is simple, not too messy, better than most single men, but the office is too messy.


Fortunately, White Moonlight  pushed a few things aside for Little Pitiful Shou, and cleared out a small, pitiful gap. White Moonlight  had already placed a work chair, and even thoughtfully prepared a glass of water for Little Pitiful Shou.


Little Pitiful Shou sat down quietly and suddenly felt dry, took a sip of water, turned on the computer and started to complete the task.


These tasks are relatively simple for Little Pitiful Shou, he will send them to Su Lan after completing them, and then he will have nothing to do and can start browsing the web. Little Pitiful shou felt bored and looked at the White Moonlight who was working.


White Moonlight hadn’t stopped working since the morning, just drank a few sips of water, and went to the toilet in a state of speeding up. Little Pitiful shou felt that he could imagine how tired he was from working overtime last night.


He has nothing to do, so looking at White Moonlight , he still feels a little interesting.


White Moonlight ’s eyebrows are really beautiful. Little Pitiful Shou doesn’t know the name of these eyebrows, but he wants to ask if White Moonlight ’s eyebrows have been carefully trimmed. White Moonlight ’s eyes have been staring at the computer screen, typing a few words with both hands from time to time, showing a serious and focused look. Little Pitiful Shou wanted to see if White Moonlight ’s hand looked good, but was blocked by the pile of papers on the table.


Little pitiful Shou thought, the words ‘serious men at work look the best’ makes sense. After thinking about it, he opened the software and started drawing White Moonlight ’s profile.


Little pitiful Shou glanced at the white moonlight and drew a few strokes, and time passed slowly like this. White Moonlight  stretched out suddenly, turned his head and raised his eyebrows at him: “Have you seen enough?” It’s really nice to meet the gaze of Pitiful shou under observation.


Little pitiful was so frightened by him, so he said: “I haven’t finished it yet.”


White Moonlight  made a sound: “Oh?”, then quickly stood up and walked behind him and saw a line draft.


White Moonlight had no artistic talent, he quite admires painting people, he smiled and said: “quite good looking.” Then pulled up the Little Pitiful shou:. “Go, entering the company for the first day, I’ll take you to eat”


Little Pitiful shou was pulled up and followed him to the door, only to find that it was half past twelve, and all those who had to eat had gone out to eat, and all the takeaways had been finished eating and people began to take a nap.


The two moved out lightly. They walked out of the company and looked at each other, both of them couldn’t help but want to laugh.




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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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