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SGWMDPAR Chapter 13



At night, it was very late after both of them took a shower. White Moonlight looked at the pitiful shou’s hair which was still wet, and resignedly pulled him up to blow his hair.


Little pitiful Shou rubbed against White Moonlight’s hand, White Moonlight rubbed a few times on the little pitiful Shou’s soft hair, then put down the hair dryer and walked to the bedroom: “Go, sleep.”


White Moonlight walked into the bedroom himself .  After turning off the light,  little pitiful shou saw White Moonlight leaning on the bed looking at him with a smile.


Little pitiful shou had a tight heart and lifted the quilt and went to sleep. White Moonlight turned off the light and lay down and said, “I really wronged you . We had to sleep together.”


Little pitiful shou “Brother Nan, if you mind, I’ll go to sleep on the sofa.”


White Moonlight gave him a hug: “There is no air-conditioning in the living room, so you can’t sleep.” Then he chuckled and patted the pitiful shou’s  arm “Don’t be afraid, I can’t do anything. . “


Little Pitiful shou said drily ” Brother Nan , I did not think so. “


White Moonlight smiled ” Then go to sleep, tomorrow we have to go to the company. “


Little Pitiful shou, ” I need to go? ”


White Moonlight smiled , “Do you want to?”


Little pitiful shou, “If you want, I do not want to be alone.”


White Moonlight , “Okay, I’ll take  you tomorrow.”


Little Pitiful shou ,“Thank you, Brother Nan”


White Moonlight wanted to talk, but he was preempted by Little Pitiful shou, “I know, I can thank you with the ass.”


White Moonlight slapped his ass, “Tsk, really getting bolder.”


Little Pitiful shou smiled on the bed. White Moonlight couldn’t get angry at all.


The next day when White Moonlight’s cell phone rang, Little Pitiful Shou woke up first. He picked up White Moonlight’s cell phone and turned off the alarm, and then found that he was still in White Moonlight’s arms today.


Little Pitiful shou was a little embarrassed, regretting why he had to manage the alarm, but he found out that something more embarrassing was  against his ass.


Little pitiful Shou moved forward slowly, and was dragged back by the white moonlight, the touch became more obvious. Little pitiful Shou wanted to cry without tears, so he turned around and pushed White Moonlight’s shoulders: “Brother Nan, get up.”


“Don’t make trouble.” After White Moonlight finished speaking, he placed Little pitiful Shou in his arms, Little Shou was buried in White Moonlight’s neck just like that , and little pitiful shou was gently pushing him, but he didn’t see White Moonlight’s smiling eyes.


Little Pitiful shou was pressed in White Moonlight’s neck, and he whispered: “Brother Nan, get up.”


White Moonlight hugged him tightly and laughed: “Sleep for another five minutes.”


Little Pitiful shou gently pushed him: “Brother Nan.”


White Moonlight simply covered the heads of the two people with a quilt: “Five minutes is five minutes.”


Little pitiful shou was able to break free from White Moonlight’s restraint, and rolled over and got out of the bed: “I will get up first .” White Moonlight looked at him faintly and said: “Okay.” Then he covered his head with a quilt.


Facts have proven that people who have been in bed all the year round have no credibility, and the little pitiful shou was ready, only to find that White Moonlight is still sleeping.


Little Pitiful Shou pulled White Moonlight’s hand: “Get up.”


White Moonlight jumped up. Little Pitiful shou felt very pleased, and finally got the person out of bed. Then White Moonlight  slammed him into bed. Little Pitiful shou was struggling: “Brother Nan, stop playing. We’re going to be late.” White Moonlight messed up his hair that he had just managed, and said with a smile: “Get up, get up.” Then he raised his hand to take off his pajamas and began to change clothes.


Little Pitiful Shou received a visual shock once again, and went to tidy his hair with a grievance.



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