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SGWMDPAR Chapter 12



Two people really did not buy a bed that day.


In the afternoon, the two were lying decadently on the sofa watching a movie and eating snacks, and White Moonlight  received a call.


It was for company business. White Moonlight  frowned and looked unhappy. Little Pitiful Shou looked at him. White Moonlight  said, “I have something to do at the company. You stay at home now.”


Little Pitiful Shou said : “ Do you need me to go?”


White Moonlight  took off his home clothes smoothly, revealing a strong upper body. Hearing the words, he took a look at Little Pitiful shou: “No, there is nothing for you to do today.”


Little Pitiful shou looked at  White Moonlight , who was in a hurry and was undressing in the living room, he looked away with a guilty conscience: “Okay, Brother Nan, go early and return early.”


White Moonlight  chuckled and walked to the bedroom: “I haven’t gone out yet, you are already looking forward to my return. “


Little pitiful Shou stammered and whispered: “No, no.”


White Moonlight  changed his clothes and went out soon. Little pitiful Shou quickly ran to the window to watch him go to  the car. While waiting for White Moonlight  to return , Little pitiful Shou led a decadent life of watching movies and eating.


At night, the doorbell rang, and Little Pitiful shou thought: “Brother Nan is finally back.” He quickly jumped off the sofa and opened the door barefoot.


Opening the door, the Little Pitiful shou called “Brother Nan.” Then he found out that it was a delivery.


Little pitiful shou was embarrassed: “Well, big brother, I didn’t order a takeaway.” The takeaway boy showed a professional smile: “It’s Shize, right?”


Little pitiful shou nodded: “It’s me.” The takeaway boy smiled. “That’s yours, that’s right.”


Little pitiful ignorantly signed the takeaway, took it back to the table and found that the remarks column of the takeaway order read: “I didn’t give you the key, and I can’t come back now. I’ve ordered takeaway for dinner.”


Little pitiful felt that his heart was warmed by White Moonlight ’s movements. Before, he was worried about what to do with dinner. He didn’t have Brother Nan’s contact  information, he was embarrassed to use the kitchen without permission, and he never paid attention in which building Brother Nan’s apartments was in , it’s not convenient to order take away.


As a result, Brother Nan thoughtfully ordered him a takeaway.


After eating the takeaway White Moonlight  ordered for him, Little Pitiful shou opened the phone and saved the number of Ning Nan on the takeaway order. After typing the word Ning Nan, he felt too strange, and changed it to Brother Nan after deleting it.


Brother Nan.


White Moonlight  hadn’t come back at about ten o’clock in the evening, and Little Pitiful shou plucked up the courage to send a message to White Moonlight : “Brother Nan, do you want me to prepare supper for you?”


Ning Nan stayed up late to work, and only casually had dinner, sleepy, hungry and tired, sent a text message to Pitiful shou: “Thank you. I’ll be back in more than an hour.”


Pitiful shou received the answer and began to look for ingredients in the refrigerator gratifyingly. He actually could do something. He can’t cook rice very well, but he can make porridge quite well.


Little pitiful Shou used the microwave oven to prepare a preserved egg and lean meat porridge, then put it in a pot to keep it warm, tidied up the living room, and began to look forward to White Moonlight ’s return.


It was nearly twelve o’clock when White Moonlight  came back, and when he heard the sound of the door being opened, he  jumped to the door. White Moonlight  raised the milk tea he bought and gave it to him: “You haven’t slept yet? Are you waiting for me? “


Little Pitiful shou smiled shyly at White Moonlight , took away the milk tea from White Moonlight ’s hand, and went into the house to serve the porridge.


The porridge was warm, and White Moonlight  took a sip: “It’s so fragrant.”


Little pitiful sat on the opposite side and ate a small bowl of porridge with a smile: “I don’t know anything else , I can only cook the porridge well.”


White Moonlight  snorted : “I have been cooking at an edible level for so long, so don’t dislike it in the future.”


Little pitiful shou actively said : “I’m not picky at all.” White Moonlight  laughed lowly. Started to drink porridge.



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