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SGWMDPAR Chapter 11



Little Pitiful Shou : “Thank You , Brother Nan. Go to the XX Hotel.”


White Moonlight : “Don’t thank me.” After saying that, he started the car, then slammed on the brakes and turned his head to look at Little Pitiful Shou : “Why go to the hotel ?”


Little pitiful Shou was a little ashamed: “I said that I won’t go home this summer vacation, my parents went abroad for a trip.”


White Moonlight : “So you’ll stay in the hotel until the beginning of school?”


Little pitiful Shou said: “I’ll complete studying after the semester, and the school doesn’t have my dormitory.” White Moonlight  thought for a while: “It’s just right, my company’s graphic artist has asked for leave to go abroad for a honeymoon, would you like to come to our company for internship.”


Little Pitiful Shou’s eyes  shone, brightly looking at White Moonlight , White Moonlight ’s heart was greatly satisfied: “It is not convenient to live in a hotel alone until the beginning of school. If you live with me, I will also pay for the internship. Just do me a favor. You have to wait till I buy a bed before sleeping in the guest room.”


Little pitiful shou knew that he was helping himself, and immediately rejected the proposal: “No, no, no, I can sleep with you.” After that, Little pitiful shou was a little bit dazed and added. : “I don’t need you to pay for the internship.”


White Moonlight  chuckled lightly, stopped making a sound, and drove the car to his home.


After the car was parked, White Moonlight  leaned sideways to the little pitiful shou’s ear, with a scornful tone: “Do you know that I am gay? Two single gays are dangerous like this, do you plan on rolling the sheets ?”. 1 [Original text: 兩個單身gay這樣很危險的啊,是不是還要往我槍口上撞] The end sound was a bit elongated , with a touch of sultry meaning.


White Moonlight  grasped the door, and after speaking, he quickly drew a distance and got out of the car.


Hot air rushed on Little Pitiful’s face, Little Pitiful’s feeling that the rising tail sound was like a small brush sweeping straight on the tip of his heart, and  his ears were red all at once.


Little pitiful Shou  was still in a daze, White Moonlight  had already helped him open the car door, and pulled him out with a smile: “Are you stupid? Go home.”


Little pitiful Shou was dumbfounded and White Moonlight  was holding his hand . When they were walking home, he saw White Moonlight  holding his suitcase in one hand, and his hand on the other , walking forward with tall and long legs.


Little pitiful Shou thought, although the scum gong  is scum, but the aesthetic is online, there is some reason to like White Moonlight  so much, and White Moonlight  is worth it.


White Moonlight  is really a very nice and gentle person.


Little Pitiful Shou followed him upstairs, and in the elevator, he inexplicably thought: “This person is single.” Then he projected his eyes on the hands of the two of them, feeling a fever in his heart and body for no reason.


After White Moonlight  entered the house, he generously divided his wardrobe into half for Little pitiful Shou, and smiled at him: “Take it up by yourself, I won’t help.”


Little Pitiful shou was blushing and his heartbeat was fast when he laughed, and replied one sentence: “Thank you Brother Nan.” Then he went to tidy up the clothes , fast like wind.


White Moonlight  said to himself: “Like a rabbit.” Then he went to the kitchen to squeeze watermelon juice.


When Little Pitiful Shou finished arranging his clothes and came out, he saw  White Moonlight  watching TV with two glasses of iced watermelon juice. White Moonlight  lay lazily on the sofa, turning his head to laugh at Little Pitiful shou : “ all unpacked? I squeezed the watermelon juice. I saw that you drank quite a lot while eating hot pot. The air conditioner in the living room is broken, so let’s drink this .”


Little pitiful Shou sat on the sofa and drank a sip of iced watermelon juice, feeling the sweetness flowing from the mouth to the heart, and sighed comfortably “It’s so cool, thank Brother Nan .” White Moonlight habitually said: “ It’s annoying when you say thank you, thank you Brother Nan for every thing  .” Little Pitiful shou felt that it was not good to say anything to refute White Moonlight , and sighed. He lay on the sofa and added a sentence: “Forget it, it’s up to you.”


The Little Pitiful shou laughed out: “Brother Nan, are you only gentle with me ? do want to fight? Song Yuan is there.”


White Moonlight : “Shut up if you’re done.”




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    [Original text: 兩個單身gay這樣很危險的啊,是不是還要往我槍口上撞]
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