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SGWMDPAR Chapter 10



Little pitiful shou behaved very coldly: “No need to think about it, I have already decided.” After speaking, he got up from the sofa and walked to the bedroom: “Senior, I’m here to take my things away. . “


Scum gong watched the Little Pitiful shou walk  into the bedroom and opened a small closet, and then painfully rubbed his eyebrows, turned to White Moonlight for help:.” Brother Nan“


White Moonlight said with some frustration:” Song Yuan, this thing I can not help you, but the matter between us has really ended , so many years have passed .”


Scum Gong  leaned on the sofa: “But I can’t let go of you.”


White Moonlight: “You can’t let go of me, you just can’t let go of your self-esteem!”


Scum gong is indeed in a good condition, whether it is body shape or appearance, even family conditions, and the degree of seriousness in doing things, they are all first-class in combination. But he was a playboy. Starting from his early love at the age of 14, he was always victorious at chasing people .


White Moonlight was the first nail he touched, and when he got the nail, he threw him away immediately, and the nail beat him up so much that he couldn’t see people for a few days.


Scum Gong  sometimes wondered if he was a joke.


Scum Gong  was a little angry when he heard such unsparing words, but he still knew the truth about not making people he likes angry, and looked at White Moonlight affectionately: “Brother Nan, I really like you. There’s nothing like being unable to let go of self-esteem.”


White Moonlight scalp got numb when he heard it and he didn’t want to talk any more, leaving a profound old saying: “You will know later.”


Scum gong this person, chases people very well. It’s the same in life, knowledgeable and interesting, and they’ve already talked about this matter before , and so he  changed the topic, and raised the question in his heart: “How did you and Shize meet?” White Moonlight: “…”


Both of you (SG & LPS) can really talk. This day is going to be my death day because of chatting .


White Moonlight: “He was drunk , and he wanted to come up and hit me.”


Scum Gong  was actually a little happy, not knowing whether it was because of someone being beaten by White Moonlight with him letting him to find a comrade, or because White Moonlight was beaten by Shize to prove that White Moonlight was jealous. He eagerly asked: “Then, have you beaten him?”


White Moonlight: “Why should I beat him?” The Scumbag was a little aggrieved: “Then you beat me!”


White Moonlight said concisely, “You fucking deserve to be beaten.”


Little pitiful shou came out after packing up his things, he said triumphantly: “I heard it, you deserved to endure!”


Little Pitiful Shou  even felt that he wanted to sing “Due to Endure” now.


Scum Gong  felt that he was so angry and wronged. The Little Pitiful shou and White Moonlight frustrated him  together. He was a 100% pitiful little person, and was abandoned by the whole world in an instant.


Little pitiful Shou smiled at White Moonlight : “Let’s go .”


Scum gong felt a little collapsed: “You really want to go.” Little pitiful Shou turned around and smiled at him: “Could it be that I was joking?” After leaving, White Moonlight closed the door.


Scum Gong  muttered to himself in the room alone: “I have to think about it, this is too illusory.”


Downstairs in the community, the sun was shining right, White Moonlight squinted his eyes lightly, and then looked at Little Pitiful shou raised his eyebrows: “The old ones would go, the new ones would come, let’s go.”


Little pitiful Shou turned his head and glanced at this place full of memories of himself, sweet, disappointed, or painful, pulling up his suitcase and whistling . The white moonlight walked forward.


White Moonlight glanced at him and said afterwards: “I’ll help you hold the box.”


Little pitiful shou shook his head: “No need , Brother Nan.”


White Moonlight pulled the box naturally, and walked two steps ahead , tucked the box into the trunk, and then opened the door: “Where will you go? I’ll take you.”





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