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MSSOC Chapter 9




While taking advantage of the time when the shit shovel officer went to take a bath, Xiao Luo cautiously summoned the QQ system, even knowing that Ling Su would not be able to see it, facing such a large virtual light screen interface, there is still a feeling of guilty conscience.


In the friends column, Luo Baibai’s profile picture was gray. He thought about it and left a message.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: how did you communicate with your old Luo before the live broadcast?


Xiao Luo  thinks about it. Live broadcast is definitely the best way for him to earn popularity so far. He even thinks about live broadcasts, singing, dancing and chatting. He can’t do it now, but he can play Rhythm Master! And maybe he can also try the currently popular online competitive games?


As for the audience’s feeling when they find that a cat is playing a game more slippery than them? Xiao Luo had no time to think about it for the time being.


No matter the daily consumables and special items in the QQ Mall, there is nothing that is not for popularity and charm. Even if it is not possible to redeem the wish card now, there are also amulets with the combination of 9999+9999, which can save your life at critical moments.


Xiao Luo didn’t forget what the master said, because he helped AX to track down the criminals many times, and was targeted by that group of terrifying and mysterious powers. He almost died, and the other party used extremely bad methods to slander and damage his reputation.


Although he is living safely and securely, he is uncertain when he will be in trouble, so this amulet is Xiao Luo’s best choice.


Luo Baibai won’t reply for the time being, Husky, who has been dangling online, sent him a message quickly.


Husky-Xiao Er: Xiao Miao, I grabbed a small dried fish . There are two, do you want it? I’ll give you one.


Xiao Luo’s mood is particularly complicated. This husky has a sincere affection for the little orange cat, but he has always regarded the other as a dog, which makes him really ashamed!


Husky-Xiao Er: You can keep the account first, and then double it back to me.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: …no.


He is ashamed .


Huskie-Xiao Er: Xiao Miao, your charm value has become 0, I was surprised. jpg


Xiao Luo looked at it, really, it is probably the credit of being cute with Ling Su before, but- he looked intently and almost thought he was himself Dizzy: Husky’s charm value suddenly ran to +500, and this kid just snapped up two small dried fish, which sells for 5 popularity value + 300 charm value.


He clearly remembered that when he met Husky before, the account balance of the other party was popularity value +10, charm value +100, and love value +1.


In other words: in this short half of a day, Husky earned 1,000 charm points?


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: How did your charm value increase?


Husky- Xiao Er : Miss sister gave me a kiss and it rose. Shy. jpg


Xiao Luo was shocked: One kiss will increase his charm value by a thousand! ? Why did Ling Su kiss him on his forehead before, but it didn’t rise at all? Is it because the QQ system hasn’t been activated before, or is it the wrong position?


“Xiao pang, what are you doing?” Ling Su walked out in a bathrobe after taking a bath, and while wiping his wet hair with a towel, the words of Deputy Dean Luo echoed in his mind, “Just kiss it.” , I don’t know if it was the other party’s joking, or-

as soon as he came out, he saw his cat  child standing upright, waving his paws in the air like a convulsion.


mosquito? Obviously not.


Ling Su squatted down, leaning his head next to the little orange cat, and looking along its line of sight, well, there was nothing.


“Meow~” Xiao Luo became nervous inexplicably, and after repeatedly confirming that the other party would not find his “goldfinger”, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He looked back at the chat dialog with Husky , and a thought came to his mind.


Mua~ gently touched the face of the shit shovel officer.


Ling Su was taken aback for a moment, then turned his head, and looked at the little orange cat suspiciously: “Xiao pang , did you kiss me stealthily?”


Xiao Luo bit his head, pretending to be calm, and secretly glanced at his account balance: popularity value -599, charm value +50, love value +1111.


unusual! Why did he get 50 Charisma points after a kiss?


Could it be that the position of the kiss is wrong?


Xiao Luo fell silent for an instant, and asked him to take the initiative to kiss a man’s mouth. This was too much for him! just forget it.


“Xiao pang ?” Ling Su poked the little orange cat’s ear with his finger. He was obviously taken advantage of? The little thing got angry instead.


“Hey, stop making trouble and go to sleep.”


Before Xiao Luo could resist, he was picked up by the shit shovel officer.


Huh? What kind of shower gel is this? It smells really good.


The little orange cat sniffed, and his short legs waved around. A lively little hooligan.


Ling Su looked down at the bathrobe that had been caught, and shook his head helplessly: “You little cat.”


Xiao Luo slandered: If you are a young lady, I guess that would be considered harassment, but we are of the same gender. Yeah. However, even though the genders are the same, from a male perspective, the shoveling officer looks like a person who has a handsome face.


This night, one person and one cat slept peacefully.


The only thing that is not so good is that Xiao Luo forgot to turn off the QQ  system. When he woke up the next day and saw the news of being swiped by husky , he really had the urge to hit the dog.


Husky- Xiao Er : proud.jpg


Husky- Xiao Er: grinning.jpg


Husky- Xiao Er : laughing with arms akimbo.jpg




Xiao Luo pulled forward, and the news from Husky were all pictures. Interrupted at intervals. A screenshot, the whole thing is the same as the live broadcast: He also watched the charm value of this guy soar from +500 to +9500!


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: How many times did you steal your little sister’s kiss last night?


He just thought about it with his toes and knew that Bai Qingyun would not be a  pervert and  kiss Husky . At any rate, she was also a flower in the art department. With her looks and figure, people who chase her can line up from the dormitory to the dining hall. Self-abuse looking for a sense of presence in a little milk dog, she won’t do that.


It is estimated that Bai Qingyun accidentally kissed husky yesterday, and was discovered by this little clever guy as a shortcut to soaring charm value, and then…the little sister suffered.


Huskie-Xiao Er: not many times, but only nine times.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Your little sister is so pitiful, she was molested by you little  beast in her sleep, and she still doesn’t know it. Silence. jpg


Husky-Xiao Er: Xiao Miao, you can also kiss your host.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Correction , that is my minion. In addition, I don’t have that hobby.


When he will successfully start the live broadcast, his popularity and charm values ​​will flow in like flowing water!


Husky-Xiao Er : Ah! Miss sister woke up, I will be offline first. o(‘ω’)o


Xiao Luo silently pulled back the chat message, and looked at the time of the pictures sent by Husky several times, and calculated one point: the cooldown time of the shortcut of kissing and adding 1000 charm is almost one hour.


It was half past six in the morning, and Ling Su hadn’t opened his eyes yet.


Under the light of the morning sun, the shoveling officer, who is like a sleeping beauty, is full of temptation and confusing to the mischievous little orange cat, and becomes more attractive than the dried fish.


Xiao Luo watched Ling Su quietly. After half a minute, his willpower turned his attention to the king’s harem group. All members are 128. There are no administrators. The usernames are all fixed varieties + name format. Obviously this is just the king’s harem, the real king is not in the group.


The news in the group was refreshed quickly, which made Xiao Luo couldn’t help but wonder: How can these animals type so fast? Hackers who are not weak at his level sighed.


There was no dream in the night. When Ling Su opened his eyes, the only feeling was that he slept so peacefully and securely for the first time in his life. He sat up and looked at the little orange cat lying on the bedside. Obviously the little furry boy was awake. Earlier than him, he was lying on his back, doing exercises with his feet upright.


Xiao Luo swept the corner of his eyes and met the sight of the shit shoveling officer. He meowed particularly obediently, and his attention returned to the QQ system floating in front of him. He was secretly shocked: Sure enough, it was an extraordinary black technology. Consciously change the text function! No wonder the input speed of Husky’s  paws is not slow at all.


Seeing Husky madly like the circle of friends, and because of human inertial thinking, he chose the virtual keyboard input method from the beginning, but now it is not too late to find that the consciousness conversion function is not too bad. At least there is no need to worry about getting caught in front of the shit shovel officer. It’s a chain, if he can connect the QQ system to his usual computer network…


Xiao Luo gets more excited as he thinks about it, and decides to try to break the core baseband of the QQ system.


“Xiao pang , get up.” Ling Su reached out and touched the soft belly of the small orange cat. After one night, his originally round belly collapsed. “Is it hungry?”


“Meow~” Xiao Luo replied happily. Although he was a little bit difficult to overcome psychologically, but it was still possible to behave coquettish, be cute, and earn some charm.


Looking at the charm value of +20 and rubbing upwards once at a time, and then at the dazzling +9500 of Husky, Xiao Luo quietly swallowed, looking at the still-lit portrait, he was wondering if the two had forgotten to go offline. , But received a sad message from the other party.


Husky-Xiao Er : Cry. jpg, Xiao Miao, Miss Sister seems to have discovered that I secretly kissed her. She put me in a dog cage and went out. There was no dried fish or cat food, she only kept  a bowl of goat milk for me !


Xiao Luo couldn’t comfort it. He thought of the other party mentioning about dog cage , and understood it in seconds.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: In addition to stealing kisses last night, did you do something to your nest?


Husky – Xiao Er: Embarrassing.jpg


Sure enough. Xiao Luo gloated and made a big laughter expression, husky is still husky, even if it is from the LOLO pet house , the essence is still the same.


Husky-Xiao Er: Xiao Miao, you are like this, don’t you know that the charm value can only be increased by interacting with the owner?




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