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MSSOC Chapter 8

Long history


☆008…. A long history


# Take a look at the cute creatures that are getting more and more enchanting recently, and the guinea pig that has a live broadcast#


LZ: The following rankings are sorted by the time when each cute creature became popular.


First place: Pudding Hamster- Wu Huan . 1 [T/N: Hamster:  * Wu Huan (五環), literally five rings]

The picture of the favorite pet of Su Chen, the actor, how cute it is! You can follow the Weibo of the actor . He is showing off his pet every day. It is said that this hamster will read the script and the lines. It also turns on its own TV to watch cartoons, and it especially likes posing for filming!




Second place: My Neighbor Chinchilla -San Hui*.2 T/N: Chincilla : *San Hui (三灰) literally three ashes]

Attached with three ash.jpg. This one is definitely not unfamiliar to everyone. The Chinchilla that became popular last year can solve quadratic equations at one yuan, can bring children, and can play the piano. Well, although it is a bit awkward, no matter how you say it, The doctor’s Chinchilla is extraordinary!



Third place: Macaw 3  T/N : Macaw: -Coco.


Since the macaw named Coco appeared in the movie “Glory” directed by Li Wei, Director Li finally broke out of Country C and went international. In 2018, he won the first Academy Award for Best Director and became The first director in country C to receive this honor. The coco in the movie can use its vivid ventriloquism, superb acting skills and infinite claws to harvest a lot of fans. In addition, it is rumored that it is Director Li’s favorite pet, Director Li once joked that this parrot saved his life.




Fourth place: Golden Retriever -Xiao Huang. 4 T/N :Golden retriever :


The name is a bit dirty , but the pet is very handsome. [Picture][Picture], there is a video of this golden retriever taking children to and from school and pushing a cart to the supermarket for shopping. From the video It is not difficult to see that Xiao Huang can not only distinguish the denomination of Renminbi, but also do simple arithmetic.




Fifth place: Guinea pig 5 T/N : Guinea pig: -Luo Baibai.

Here comes our main event, the Guinea pig that will be broadcast live! Have you seen it?W University is a well-known university in Country C. Many giants in all walks of life are from W University. Today, the guinea pig that is broadcasting live is also from W University! Oh, of course, it is not a student, but the favorite pet of the deputy dean Luo Qingqiu’s family! According to the reaction of many students from W University: This guinea pig named Luo Baibai loves to study very much. He often goes to the library to read books. Recently, he also learned to surf the Internet. Of course, he was assisted by the deputy dean when he opened a live broadcast. Content? Those who are interested can click the video link below, and you will discover a brand new world!




1#: Is the original poster too exaggerated? No matter how animals are pets, they are not humans, a chinchilla who can solve quadratic equations in one yuan, can be seen as someone cheating!


2#: The Sanhui incident is true, Dr. Wuli Zhao let go of the video on Weibo.


3#: Nothing is impossible. Golden Retriever’s intelligence is not low, similar to that of a six-year-old child. It is not uncommon to buy things on his own and take care of children.


4#: Wow~ they are so cute, I really want to raise one…


5#: I was fanned by Luo Baibai, and I watched the [his] live broadcast. I decided to fight for it and move towards W!


6#: My grandfather’s white parrot is also very enchanting. He can sing Huangmei Opera, Peking Opera, and speak 18 dialects!


Xiao Luo quickly browsed through a few pages of messages, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. While people marveled at the smarter pets today, some people also picked up these cute things from one place: LOLO Pet House.


There is a link to the live video of the guinea pig in the post. Xiao Luo watched it curiously. Luo Baibai was a white black-eyed guinea pig. His short, white hair was smooth as satin, and his black pearl-like eyes looked special when facing the camera. Innocent and ignorant.


The video was first recorded by Luo Baibai with his mobile phone, because the camera was constantly shaking and the viewing angle was chaotic. There was a low and smiling voice beside it, negotiating to help him with the mobile phone, and then the camera turned and the viewing angle was immediately normal.


The whole video is not long, only 30 minutes. Luo Baibai broadcasted two things from beginning to end: eating, reading, and then picking the questions of the two audiences in the live broadcast to answer the questions on the spot. Because of the dubbing of Lao Luo, Xiao Luo watched it. With relish, he finally understood why Luo Baibai’s popularity and charm were so high!


Live broadcast… Maybe he can try it too?


Xiao Luo was eager to try. At the critical moment, he calmed down. After all, he and Luo Baibai are different. No matter how intelligent this guinea pig is, he is at most a ten-year-old child. So no matter how much he loves to learn, he can’t write simple source code program.


Maybe he should test Ling Su’s bottom line first.


Thinking in another way, with a supreme temperament, he can accept a cat that is smart enough to understand people, behave like a baby, be cute, and play games. That’s because there is the banner of LOLO pet house , and many enchanting “predecessors” The glorious deeds come first, but what if this cat is actually a man in cat skin?


Thinking back to Ling Su’s attitude towards Bai Qingyun, Xiao Luo couldn’t help but shiver. The image of his shit shoveling officer in front of outsiders seemed a bit cold? Probably only when facing him, a non-aggressive cat cub, would he become all kinds of thoughtful and stubborn .


Therefore, he has to be able to act. If he can’t act, he will probably be discarded and become… a stray cat?


Xiao Luo’s eyes widened in horror, and at the time displayed on the lower right corner of the computer screen, he quickly cleared his browsing history, then shut down, carefully cleaned up the scene, and returned to the cat with peace of mind after making sure that there was no cat fur left, holding the phone and playing.


Compared with the QQ system, the screen of this Apple 9 is too small, and the virtual keyboard is also quite inconvenient. Only the rhythm master can barely satisfy his current situation, practice more use of claws, and wait for more flexibility, then go to buy more orders. ! Or, he can sell himself with Luo Baibai, for example: 10,000 popularity value + 10,000 charm value monthly subscription? Provide four foreign language translations, proficient in computer hardware software language programs, and can write self-written programs to develop small games…


“Xiao pang , awake?” When the time came to 9:30, Ling Su came back and looked at the cat’s nest. The little orange cat was playing the game inside, he couldn’t help but smile, “Aren’t your paws tired? You are almost becoming an internet addicted cat.”


“Meow~” The little orange cat immediately threw away the phone, rushed forward to act like a baby, rubbing his legs with his head and grunting.


For the sake of charisma, Xiao Luo even gave up his principles.


“I haven’t seen you for three hours. Xiaopang missed me like that. Come on, hold one!” Ling Su put the thing in his hand and immediately picked up the little orange cat. The little thing has been around his legs. Turning, he couldn’t open his leg and didn’t say it, and he was afraid that he would not step on it when he stepped down.


“Meow~” Yes, I miss the charm you brought me!


“Pang, do you eat too much?” Ling Su reached out and touched the billowing belly of the little orange cat, and inexplicably remembered the Xiaoxiao’s sentence in the Star R&D team, “orange cats easily grow fat, it is overwhelming”.


“Meow?” Xiao Luo stretched out his paw and touched his belly. He froze. He used to have poor physique and never had a taboo. He was just a bit picky. But the orange cat seems to get fat easily?


“It’s okay, you should eat more when you are growing up.” Seeing the little orange cat’s expression of panic, Ling Su quickly comforted him. Sometimes even he felt strange . How could he bring back a little milk cat for two days and become so caring?


Obviously he tried to raise some other small pets before, but in the end they all got nothing. As for cats? I didn’t even think about it.


Well, it must be because of the LOLO pet house, the little guys from this place are generally more lovable.


Ling Su quickly found the answer for himself.


“Meow?” Little Orange Cat answered listlessly.


When I think of how fast the cat grows, maybe a few months later, Master hasn’t got it done yet, and he has become a big fat cat! Xiao Luo’s heart is just to cool off the cold. No, he must hurry up to earn popularity and charm, and what is going on with that mysterious love value. He also has to study it, if he can find the ball system. The mysterious king behind, maybe nothing is a problem!


“Xiao pang , you are really…” Ling Su chuckled and shook his head, this feeling of raising a son? It seems pretty good too.


Hey, shovel officer, what do you think of again? Xiao Luo looked at Ling Su suspiciously. At close range, the opponent’s ivory-white complexion was delicate and smooth, and his facial features were soft and beautiful. The pictures were simply beautiful, and all the images of chuunibyou disease , and drama disappeared. There are only three words left in his mind: super handsome ratio!


Xiao Luo grew up so old, and for the first time deeply realized that he was also a proper face dog.


“Stay obediently in the cat litter, don’t run around, I’ll go take a bath first.” Ling Su said in a petting tone, touched the little orange cat’s chin, and put it back in the cat litter, “If you promise not to pee casually, I will allow you to sleep in bed tonight.”


Puff! Puff! Puff! Xiao Luo heard that his heartbeat was exceptionally abnormal. He stared at the shovel officer blankly. After three seconds, he turned around, lay down, and shrank into a ball.


Who cares about your bed? Actually dare to use beauty tricks against me! Shit, I won’t be fooled.


Huh? Ling Su looked at the little orange cat who suddenly changed face, not sure if it was just really sleepy or didn’t understand him?


He specially took the time to consult the deputy dean, Luo Qingqiu. His guinea pig Luo Baibai’s IQ is equivalent to that of a ten-year-old child, and the IQ of a cat is considered higher in the animal world. Even if it is a cub, logically the intelligence of Xiao pang is equivalent to that of a seven or six-year-old child? It should understand.


Is it angry?


Ling Su was confused and secretly anxious, so he directly sent Luo Qingqiu a help message: Uncle Luo, my little fat is angry, what should I do?


Within a minute, the approachable vice-president Luo replied: Just kiss, smile. jpg


Ling Su:…




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  • 1
    [T/N: Hamster:  * Wu Huan (五環), literally five rings]
  • 2
    T/N: Chincilla : *San Hui (三灰) literally three ashes]
  • 3
      T/N : Macaw:
  • 4
    T/N :Golden retriever :
  • 5
    T/N : Guinea pig:
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