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MSSOC Chapter 10

Car accident


☆010… car accident


Can only interacting with Ling Su  increase the charm value?


Xiao Luo said that he really didn’t know.


How can there be such unreasonable things! This is clearly forcing him to commit a crime.


Suddenly receiving such irritating news, Xiao Luo had indigestion for a while, and when Ling Su brought the prepared breakfast to him, he was still a little surprised.


After seventeen years of being an incomparably upright and good citizen, one day, in order to survive, he will actually become a spoiled citizen?


No, what husky said is not necessarily correct. With this fluke mentality, Xiao Luo turned his gaze to the king’s harem group.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Knock on the door.jpg, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, how did your charm value increase?


Macaw-Coco: cry loudly.jpg, share data [popularity value +9999999, charm value +0, love value +0]


Chincilla -San Hui : cry loudly.jpg, share data [popularity value +666666, charm Value +0, Love Value +0]


Pudding Hamster- Wu Huan: Beat the Floor Laughing.jpg, share data [popularity value +2222222, Charm value +0, love value +0]


White Parrot-Hero: Little Orange Cat, You Don’t look at the three upstairs, the popularity value is rising too fast, the charm value is not enough, they are all negative teaching materials, look at me! Sharing data [popularity value +58888, charm value +28888, love value +0] Basically, as long as you control the impulse to buy, the charm value is still enough. Remember to interact with your host more. The mall of the QQ  system has a limited time to buy goods every day, and launches the most attractive snacks, consumables, etc. for various pets.The love value of these guys is actually used up very fast.


After Xiao Luo sent a thank-you emoticon in shock, he fixed his gaze on the three heads in front of him. Well, that’s right, this is what he has in #Counting the cute creatures that have been getting more and more enchanting recently, and the one that was live The “net celebrity” seen in the post of guinea pig#!


In this way, even if he successfully earns popularity through live broadcasting in the future, his charm can only be slowly increased ! Unless he is like husky, being an obscene man!


Macaw-Coco: Little orange cat, while you are still young, hurry up and act like a baby with your shit shovel officer. When you grow fat into a ball, you will be disliked to death. 23333


Chincilla -San Hui : Coco , Does your old Li refuse to be close to you?


Pudding Hamster-Wu Huan: Coco, when Chenchen falls asleep, I will go secretly kiss, and then give you 500 Charisma points, let’s continue to grab the order!


Macaw-Coco: @Chincilla -San Hui, the next time you meet is your death date! @Pudding Hamster-Wu Huan, okay, dear you are so kind!


Xiao Luo looked at the screen silently, feeling extremely heavy: Secretly kiss and increase the charm value by 1000 points, which is equivalent to 50 times when he acted like a baby!


Simply bitter.


“Pang, I’m going to the company today, will you go together?” Ling Su has taken enough credits, unlike other seniors who are busy preparing for graduation or finding an internship with the unit.


“Meow?” Little Orange Cat replied weakly while holding the bottle.


This face is handsome! This figure is great! This voice, Wow! But- this is a man.


Xiao Luo had never liked anyone since he was a child, but he also knew clearly that the act of mouth-to-mouth kissing could only be done by young lovers.


“Why are you listless?” Ling Su felt the little orange cat’s forehead in a puzzled manner. The temperature was normal. He carefully observed its eyes and nose. No abnormal secretions were found. After excluding the physiological diseases, he concluded, “Xiao pang, do you miss the little friend you met yesterday?” No, don’t mention Husky! Xiao Luo sucked in the milk reluctantly.


“But let’s not go to see Husky today, and go find Little Golden Retriever to play, okay?” This gentle and petting tone properly coaxed his son.


Xiao Luo drank the milk powder intently and ignored him. The QQ system had been hanging in front of him, perhaps because he did not respond to his aggressive behavior, his charm value was as quiet as a chicken, and he remained motionless.


Why must they be obsessed with the love value of popular charm? Especially the ethereal love value! He might as well… he  might try his best to hack the QQ system and get the wishing card smoothly!


After making up his mind, Xiao Luo suddenly became energetic, and his thinking moved quickly, and writing code through the function of transforming words through consciousness simply slipped out fluently .


Ling Su glanced at the baby bottle that was discarded by the little orange cat after drinking most of it, then glanced at the furry child lying on his back in a daze, and finally couldn’t help but took a photo and sent it to the Xingchen R&D group.


Design Director-Yang Liu: The sleeping position of your little fat guy is very refreshing and refined.


3D Modeler-Xiaoxiao: Wow, this little paw is so cute! @Boss, are you bringing Xiaopang over today? I brought Xiaojin here!


Network Programmer-Mousse: @Boss, I suddenly feel that for our mobile game spokesperson, let Xiaopang come to play, by the way, take a video and put it on station B, as a preview for fans or something !


Design Director-Yang Liu: Is this idea feasible , Ling Su?


Ling Su: Xiaopang has been a little weird since last night. Did he miss his mother?


Xiao Luo, who was suspected of missing his mother, fell into a state of concentration and selflessness. He didn’t even respond to being put into a cat backpack. Such abnormal behavior made the shovel officer extremely worried.


Xingchen Studio is located in the center of Z city. When Ling Su was still in junior high school, he had already turned his attention to the big cake of online games. Using Ling’s family as the backer, he successfully completed the registration and rented a floor in the center of Z city. In the office building, in the past few years, Xingchen has launched several client-side online games and mobile games with the theme of competition, which have gradually occupied a certain share in the market.


Two years ago, Ling Su bought the entire office building, and the number of studio members has grown from seven or eight to more than a hundred, and he began to develop holographic online games in a low-key fashion.


Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg.


It was about half an hour’s drive from W University to Xingchen Studio. Ling Su went back and forth many times, but never thought that something would happen today.


When the big truck running through the red light suddenly crashed into the Audi A8, time seemed to be frozen.


Everything  was silent.


Everyone, things, and objects seem to have been pressed with the pause button.


Xiao Luo’s heartbeat was thunderous. He didn’t expect that he would really be able to successfully crack the core baseband of the QQ system. It can only be said that the king did not care about his harem for a while. There will be a human in catskin in the palace, and this Human is still a genius hacker!


With a feeling of excitement that could not be suppressed, Xiao Luo clicked on the redemption button. Before Xiao Luo had time to warm up the wishing card he had just obtained, he saw the large truck hitting oncoming, and his hair straightened up in fright. Wish: Let time stand still!


The system reminded him that the time limit was only five minutes. Xiao Luo did not dare to delay. Without any hesitation, he exchanged for a limited-time transformation card. After randomly transforming into a little loli with a ponytail, he grabbed Ling Su’s hand. He drove the Audi A8 onto the sidewalk. He was very fortunate that although he hadn’t taken a driver’s license, he was a car rider. Otherwise, he could only drag Ling Su hard out and watched the car crash into a pile of waste iron!


After confirming that the time was restored, the tragedy of car crashes and deaths would not happen, Xiao Luo immediately turned his attention to the QQ system, ready to get another wishing card back, and then-


found himself tragedy.


The redemption buttons of all items in the mall are all grayed out!


Suddenly there was a contact person in his friend list: Big King.


The dialog box is automatically opened, and the video call from the other party is passed without his permission.


He can’t see the other party, but the other party can clearly see his every move, which is simply too bad.


King: Your prototype is the little orange cat, Xiao Luo?


The bright red font, or an oversized font, looks shocking.


Xiao Luo completely forgot to react. This was the first time he used his skills to do “bad things” and was caught on the spot for the first time!


With a bang, the transformation effect ended early.


Xiao Luo looked at the dialog box in shock, and finally realized that the king at the other end was such a powerful character. His attempt to hack the ball system looked more like a child’s play.


King: I remember, you are Qingfeng’s apprentice?


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Do ​​you know my master?


King: Hmm~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o


Xiao Luo was horrified, and when he saw the King’s face writing cuteness, he suddenly had a bad premonition . Qingfeng was his master’s name. As for the master’s surname, He really didn’t know.


King: For the sake of Qingfeng’s face, I will spare you this time, but you have used the wish card in advance and remember to repay the debt you owe.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Shocked. jpg


King: Come on, the organization is optimistic about you. Smile .jpg


glanced individual account balances, Xiao Luo tears: -100,499 popularity value -99 920 Charisma, -9288 caring values. How many kisses does it take to get the charm value back to a positive number?


The five-minute time limit soon ended and time returned to normal.


With a loud bang, the truck running through the red light crashed into the flowerbed on the side of the road, and the front of the car was hit and scrapped.


Fortunately, apart from the driver on the truck, no other wounded were seen. When the pedestrians saw the situation, they took out their cell phones, called the police, and called the ambulance.


Ling Su came back to his senses, turned his head in surprise and looked at the large truck not far behind him, with a complex expression on his face. He clearly remembered that the car ran into him before, and after that, it was completely blank.


He can’t remember how he drove the car to the sidewalk and escaped the accident.


Suddenly, he remembered what his grandfather had mentioned. Regarding the year when he was twenty-two years old, the expert said that this was his  troubled year. The key to a smooth passage is a cat.


Ling Su looked down at the little orange cat who had already hid in the cat’s backpack and pretended to be dead, and then took out his mobile phone and made a call: “Brother, help me check the license plate ZJXXXX… Yes, there was a car accident just now. , I’m fine.”




The author has something to say:


Xiao Luo: Kiss or not? This is a difficult choice.


Ling Su: Lie down






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