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MSSOC Chapter 5

Meeting Husky

☆005. .. Meeting Husky


When Xiaoluo was a child, he also raised some small pets, such as hedgehogs, little foxes, little golden retrievers, parrots…except there were no cats, and those pets were basically all of them after being raised ran away with others, and in the end they didn’t even leave a hair to him.


Based on such an unbearable black history, as he ages, he doesn’t have the intention to keep pets.


How to distinguish between male and female small milk cats?


Xiao Luo really didn’t know, and stared at his fart entangledly. He gave up after a long time, and was about to ask the internet . Before his paw touched the phone, he suddenly froze: Ling Su was watching him.


A cat can play Rhythm Master, although it is a bit unbelievable, it is still within the acceptable range of human beings, provided that it has not noticed the exceptionally bright results.


But if a cat opens the UC browser and asks Baisu how to distinguish his gender?


Just thinking about it is scary.


Xiao Luo hadn’t planned to drop the play so quickly. According to the master, he was targeted by a terrifying and mysterious force. The premeditated murder was attempted and he managed to survive. Then, as for his true identity, naturally, the fewer people who know, the better.


“Xiao pang?”


Ling Su has been paying attention to the movement of little orange cat, and even put down the work at hand. Seeing the dull look of the orange cat, it seems that he is deeply shocked? He felt guilty. He stretched out his hand and poked the cat’s ears. The little milk cat was well versed in acting pitiful, and fell to the ground, with his belly upturned, his limbs twitched a few times, his eyes closed and his head tilted and stopped moving.


Ling Su couldn’t laugh or cry, and deeply felt that this little thing was shrewd, like a personal spirit.


“Don’t worry, you’re a male.”


“Meow.” The little orange cat replied feebly, opening two-thirds of his eyes to look at the shit shoveling officer, with a big expression of dissatisfaction and suspicion.


Ling Su chuckled lightly, his smile was like a feather scratching in his heart, causing Xiao Luo to shake all over, giving birth to a feeling of electric shock.


“Meow!” A bold evildoer, dare to seduce me!


“Hey, don’t be angry, my fault, I shouldn’t have teased you just now, get up, let’s go out and play?”


Tsk Tsk, in this coaxing tone, it was the old driver 1 {T/N: old driver: someone experienced in flirting} at first glance. Xiao Luo slandered and continued lying on the table and pretending to be dead: You can’t just forgive the shit shovel officer, or he will repeat the trick in the future and won’t take him as the master!




A teenager who is often praised as a genius, to put it bluntly, is just a minor. After leaving his professional field, various childish behaviors are also exposed.


“Meow!” You big bad guy, I won’t forgive you easily.


“Xiao pang wants to go to the library?” Ling Su nodded cleverly, and reached out his hand to hug the Cat Dumpling who was reluctant to get up. “If you are obedient, I won’t put you in a cage.”


“Meow!” You put me in the cage and I will kill you!


Ling Su obviously didn’t understand, he just thought that the little orange cat’s fangs and claws were so cute, he couldn’t hold back for a moment, and he leaned forward and kissed it.


A mouth of cat hair.


“Meow woooo~” A bold minion, dare to be frivolous, look at my invincible whirlwind palm!


The short leg swung out and patted it.


Ling Su walked away after a touch, watching the little milk cat twisting his body vigorously and waving his paws, as if he was about to rush to fight him desperately, he couldn’t help but laughed: “Xiao pang, my first kiss is for you. , You have to be responsible.”


Shameless minion! Xiao Luo hummed coldly, what the hell is the first kiss, obviously just touched his forehead, and actually wanted him to be responsible? joke.


The W University library has a total construction area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters and has 30 reading rooms with different functions. It is built near the water and has beautiful scenery. It is almost overcrowded for self-study, reading, dating, and air conditioning.


Xiao Luo saw the densely packed heads in front of the French windows from a distance, and suddenly gave birth to an impulse to go back home. He hadn’t experienced the life of a student, and took the college entrance examination almost willfully, striving to get into the  W University. It was a little hypocritical… …Experience life.


“Fatty, don’t move, you will become lame if you fall.” Ling Su quickly pressed the little orange cat that almost crawled out of his backpack, “I heard that the deputy dean of W University raised a Guinea pig who loves to study. The library does not expressly prohibit pets from entering, but you have to be good, don’t make trouble, understand?”


The guinea pig who loves to learn…guinea pig?


Xiao Luo was so surprised that he forgot to react. He always felt that since he was transferred to this little orange cat by his master, his three views began to collapse, and the lower limit was constantly refreshed. If someone tells him one day: He was raised before. He would not be surprised if the pet that had run away turned into a human being and flew away!


【Kitten? Kitten! Xiao Miao, did you come to play with me specially? ] A familiar voice entered the ears, Xiao Luo stood up, put his front paws on the zipper opening of the backpack, and kept looking around. Finally he saw the stupid Husky cub with three fires on his head, blue eyes and Black hair, white belly, fat like a Husky ball .


Ling Su heard the puppies barking , and then looked at the reaction of the little orange cat, and couldn’t help but smile: “Is Xiao Pang afraid of dogs?”


“Meow?” Shoveling officer, what is that look in your eyes?


“Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”


“…” Xiao Luo was speechless, if it weren’t for the sound of the other party’s voice, he really wanted to give claws to the shit shoveling officer.


【Kitten! I am here, did you see me? I am below! 】Husky drooped his tongue and flicked his tail happily, looking very energetic.


Xiao Luo stared at Husky condescendingly: [You came out secretly? ]


[Of course not! Miss sister took me out to play, but she seemed to be lost. ] Erha kept twisting his fart. [Xiao Miao, is this your master? Looks… the chest is a bit flat. 】


【Because he is a male, he has no chest, and he is my slave. 】Little orange cat looked at all kinds of high cold, 【Are you sure that your little sister got lost? Instead of you running around and losing yourself? 】


[Of course not, I am very smart! ] Husky said.


Ling Su looked curiously at the two hairy dumplings, one barking and the other meowing. He actually felt that the two communicated smoothly. Was it his illusion?


“Ah!” The young lady in red and white school uniform ran over breathlessly, stopped in front of Ling Su, covered her mouth in surprise, and then quickly reacted, “Senior Ling, I am Bai Qingyun from the Art Department. , This is just my little husky. It shouldn’t bother you, right?” Ling Su glanced at the young husky, who had a particularly flexible body, rich expression and sharp eyes, and asked, “Is it adopted by the LOLO Pet House? ”


” Yes.” Bai Qingyun bent over and picked up the restless dog cub, just in time to hear a fragile meow, and then looked at Ling Su’s backpack, it suddenly dawned on her, “Senior Ling’s cat is also from the LOLO pet house. Right? No wonder Xiao Ha is so excited. When I went to adopt Xiao Ha before, I saw the senior’s kitten. They are old acquaintances.”


“Xiao pang, isn’t it?” Ling Su turned his head and Asked the little orange cat.


“Meow~” The little milk cat replied particularly obediently.


Ling Su knew it, and then turned to the flower of art department 2 {T/N: flower of art department : most beautiful girl in the art department.} Bai Qingyun: “If this is the case, let them play for a while.” He remembers that it was mentioned in the pet feeding manual that a kitten alone will be lonely and requires a small partner to play around.




Bai Qingyun had heard of this legendary financial genius  Ling Su. Just as boys get together to discuss topics such as which girl is long and beautiful and sexy, one of the high-frequency topics in the girls’ dormitory is the W University male god ranking list.


Ling Su ranked second because he is hidden all year round, and he didn’t even open his own  Weibo account , unlike the first-ranked school grass 3 {T /N: school grass: most handsome boy in the school} that has gathered a lot of popularity from the beginning.



Even so, in Bai Qingyun’s four-person dormitory, there are only three of them in private.


“Then, then, Senior Ling, let’s go to see Wangxian lake?” 4 {T/N : original text :” 望仙湖”,

Lan Bao Bao : I wonder if the original author derived its name from the ‘mu dao zu shi’ (GDC) couple ??}


“Yeah.” Ling Su held the little orange cat and took the lead, completely ignoring the meaning behind Wangxian Lake.


He doesn’t remember, but Xiao Luo, who has long been yearning for W Dasheng, knows clearly: Wangxian lake, isn’t it just a place for couples to date!


But now, as a cat, he didn’t think deeply, he was still keen to inquire about news from Husky.


[What’s the matter with the QQ you said last time? 】


【Oh oh! Xiao Miao, I remembered, didn’t we say that we wanted to contact on QQ! Why are you not online? ] Husky was hugged by the young lady and barked happily.


Xiao Luo turned his head to look at the other person suspiciously: This stupid dog doesn’t look like it’s lying.


So he asked: [How did you log in to QQ? 】


【Big King, Big King I love you, just like a flower blooming in March. Come out! My mighty QQ! ]


Xiao Luo: …… This slogan is to make people scared till getting goose bumps out of it?


After making a faint complaint, his eyes widened in surprise. A blurred light screen that looked like a  QQ interface appeared above Husky’s forehead. I saw that the dog stretched out his paw and pulled it, and the light screen fell on it. In front of it, it proficiently opened a circle of friends, followed by likes…


[Husky, who were you originally?] It took a long time for Xiao Luo to come back to his senses. He thought he had been among the top hackers in the world after learning from his master and his own practices, but the reality was soon slapped. Husky brought out this thing, even if its him, It’s impossible to write two thousand lines of program commands!


The world is so big, I really need to see more and have a long experience!


[Xiao Miao, what are you talking about? Why do I think you have become stupid since you woke up yesterday? ] Husky finished clicking like, and then switched to the QQ group-the king’s harem.


The group news quickly swiped the screen, and the people watching were dazzled.


Xiao Luo silently wrote down the group name, and when he decided to find someone  after returning home, when there’s no one he will try to call out that funny slogan if he could summon the QQ system.



The author has something to say:


Xiao Luo: Wangxian Lake is a holy place for dating.


Ling Su: Xiaopang, what are you suggesting to me?




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll correct it. You can also ‘buy me a coffee’ if you like it…..



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  • 1
    {T/N: old driver: someone experienced in flirting}
  • 2
    {T/N: flower of art department : most beautiful girl in the art department.}
  • 3
    {T /N: school grass: most handsome boy in the school}
  • 4
    {T/N : original text :” 望仙湖”,

    Lan Bao Bao : I wonder if the original author derived its name from the ‘mu dao zu shi’ (GDC) couple ??}
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