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MSSOC Chapter 4

Chubby's cell phone


☆004… Chubby’s cell phone


The next morning, when Ling Su woke up, he found a small water stain on the side of the pillow.


The little orange cat lying at the end of the bed did not know when he climbed onto the pillow. It is estimated that he slept next to him all night, but the “water stain” on the pillow happened to be on the side where the cat cub was lying.


Ling Su stretched out his index finger and poked the body under the fur. The little orange cat rolled off the pillow like a ball. His eyes were still not opened. After a few strokes with his four short legs, he staggered and stood up and ran again. Going back to the pillow, then- bent his hind legs, squatted half-length, leaving a second pool of “water stains.”


The truth is revealed.


Ling Su raised his eyebrows slightly, looking at the two soaking stains of urine, and then at the hairy dumplings with his eyes still closed, and he couldn’t help wondering: This pillow looks like a cat toilet?


“Pang, don’t pretend to be asleep after you wake up.” The voice was low and sexy, and it was confusing.


Xiao Luo’s heart was shocked, and it was too much to be attacked by beauty early in the morning!


“Still pretending to be dead?” The voice suddenly drew closer, and the little orange cat’s ears trembled, just touching Ling Su’s lips.


Ling Su was taken aback for a moment, reached out his hand to grab the cat cub, and walked to the balcony.


“Meow?” Xiao Luo pretended to just wake up and called out innocently. Unfortunately, the shoveling officer didn’t say a word, and there was no pause in his footsteps. There was a bit of murderous determination, making him wonder if he was going to be thrown away.


The morning sun is warm and not irritable.


The W University apartment building is surrounded by large green areas, facing the direction of the sunrise, giving people a vigorous feeling.


This scenery will not get tiring even after  four years!


Thinking like this, Xiao Luo was left hanging on the clothes pole, shaking in the wind.


“Stay obediently, don’t move, you will be dead if you fall, scheming chubby.” Ling Su fixed the hanger and pressed Xiao Luo’s nose with a smile. “The panda outfit I bought for you yesterday is just ready to try. Put it on, uh, it seems a bit bigger.”


“Meow~ ooh!” The little orange cat cried miserably, and looked at the shovel officer in horror: If it flies out, it is estimated that it will really fall into a puddle of mud!


“Don’t worry, there is an air cushion underneath. There are screen windows on the balcony, so you can’t get out.” Ling Su said with a smile, then turned and left.


Xiao Luo’s eyes widened in shock: This damned slave dare to be so unreasonable to me!


After Ling Su returned to the room, he immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a message to the QQ group [Xingchen R&D Group]: My cat likes to urinate anywhere, what should I do?


Within a minute, replies appeared on the screen.


Interface planning: Wow! The boss can keep a cat!


3D Modeler-Xiaoxiao: Boss, how old is your cat?


Network Programmer-Muse: Boss, is it about to come into estrus? I have experience with this, as soon as the sterilization operation is done, it will be cured immediately.


Art Director-Yang Bai: Be careful, Ling Su will sterilize you first.


Design Director-Yang Liu: @3DModeler-Xiaoxiao, it is a little orange cat just a month old, cute and cute.


3D Modeler-Xiaoxiao: It’s just a month old. It should be too early to leave its mother and  haven’t fully learned to use cat litter! @Ling Su, Boss, you have to patiently teach the little orange cat.


Ling Su replied with the word “um”, then withdrew from QQ  coldly, and went to  the internet to find out how to use the cat litter.


On the balcony, after Xiao Luo had survived the initial panic, he slowly found pleasure in it: Shake and shake~ Shake and shake~ Fly~ Oh, I can’t fly. After 40 minutes of playing so contentedly, Ling Su came over with the washed pillowcase, bed sheet, and duvet cover.


“Meow~” Xiao Luo greeted happily, and his eyes fell on the pile of things in the opponent’s hand. He couldn’t help but slander: My shit shoveling officer really did it, he has cleaned it now, and he can’t wait till tomorrow to continue washing, right ~


“Chubby, do you know what’s wrong?” After Ling Su dried the bed sheet, quilt cover and pillow case, he took down the hair dumpling hanging on it.


Little Orange Cat tilted his head to look at him, scratched with his short legs, but missed the target.


“Since you know that you are wrong, let’s eat first.”


“Meow?” Xiao Luo glanced suspiciously at his shit shovel officer until the panda costume was taken off and a milk bottle came in his arms. He was still a little confused. : That’s it… forget it?


When thinking about him as a human being, while studying with Master, although he was in school under his name, he never went to a class and looked at freedom, but in fact, he had to give one small test every three days, one big test every five days , and he would be punished if he failed the test.


In contrast, being a cat is so leisurely and happy.


Ling Su’s craftsmanship is good, the milk powder is fragrant and mellow, and the temperature is just right. Xiao Luo drank a small bottle inadvertently, lying on the carpet with a round belly.


“Chubby , let’s go pee.”


“Meow?” The little orange cat turned his head and answered , looking very humane. At this moment, Ling Su had to admit: The little guy at LOLO Pet House is indeed smarter.


“Meow? Meow!” Xiao Luo finally reacted when he was taken into the cat toilet and stood on a pile of cat litter.


In fact, he didn’t deliberately pee on the pillow against Ling Su, but this was not his own body after all, and it was a little milk cat with no self-control. When he was confused, he obeyed instinct directly… solved it on the spot.


“Don’t come out, come out after peeing.” Ling Su stared with a serious face.


The little orange cat wandered around restlessly: the feeling of being stared at and forced to pee is too bad.


“Meow!” It’s wrong for you to force peeing like this, go away! I’m going to the toilet to pee!


Ling Su naturally couldn’t understand. Thinking back to the information found on internet , he directly grabbed the two front paws of the little orange cat, and gently said : “Xiao pang, be obedient, and I will take you later to Go out to play.”


Can he go out? When Xiao Luo heard this, he calmed down immediately, and sighed cooperatively. Without the other party’s instruction, he directly covered his breath and stood on the cat litter, then shook his paws, crawled out of the cat toilet, and looked at Ling Su expectantly: ” Meow~” Take me out, shovel officer.


Ling Su looked at the little orange cat inexplicably, and suddenly he said, “You understand what I’m saying, don’t you, Xiaopang?” The little cat’s intelligence is equivalent to that of a 6-8 year old child, and he comes out from LOLO pet house. These pets are always  said to have superior intelligence. Ling Su felt that the intelligence of this little orange cat should not be low, and it was only right to be able to clearly distinguish human beings from good and evil.


Xiao Luo stiffened and almost exploded his hair: It’s horrible to fill the emperor’s brain or something.


“Today is just no classes, the weather is good, take you to the library?”  Ling Su smiled, totally forgot what he just said, “I will go and change my  clothes, obediently stay here, do not run.”


” Meow~” I thought that only a girl would change clothes and put on makeup when she went out. I didn’t expect men to do the same.


Xiao Luo looked around, accidentally glanced at the mobile phone on the coffee table, and ran over happily.


“Xiaopang?” When Ling Su came out after getting dressed, he found that his mobile phone was occupied by his cat, and the other party was enthusiastically guessing the password.


“Meow~” Xiao Luo replied, and at first glance, he was dumbfounded.


The school uniform of W University has a very high appearance value, which is different from the big sack of most high schools. The school uniform for boys is mainly blue and white shirts and trousers, while the school uniforms for girls are mainly red and white shirts and A-line skirts. The high-end  design of the school badge is particularly recognizable.


Originally at this time, he could also wear a school uniform! Xiao Luo was all melancholy.


“It’s really scheming. I didn’t even say anything to you yet, so you just pretended to be pitiful.” Ling Su stepped forward with a smile, and almost touched a handful of dejected little orange cat, “Chubby, you made a mistake. How many times have you tried the password? It’ll be locked after half an hour.”


“Meow.” The little orange cat answered absently, and found that the hateful shit shovel officer was shaking his fingers in front of him, and immediately rushed to hug him and bit his fingers.


“Xiaopang, it’s all your saliva.” Ling Su couldn’t laugh or cry. “The teeth are not straight yet, it’s so cruel.”


Xiao Luo raised his head, drooped his eyelids, and glanced contemptuously at the shovel officer.


“I won’t go to the library.” Ling Su looked at little orange cat ‘s obviously unhappy expression, “Let’s buy a mobile phone, how about it?”


Xiao Luo’s mood was up and down, and he almost didn’t move. He hesitated. Finally did not stretch out the “claws of evil”, buy a mobile phone? This is great! But- “Meow?” Do you think a cat can use a cell phone?


The answer is yes.


Two hours later, the little orange cat had a great time holding the Apple 9 he had just acquired. The cat’s paws are really not very useful, but there is a game that suits him well: the rhythm master.


1 {T/N: Lan Bao Bao : Even a cat can own an Apple 9!! ?}


Sitting in front of the computer, Ling Su was dealing with work, sometimes distractingly glanced at the little orange cat squatting next to the display and focusing on the rhythm master. With the constantly refreshed records, his attention gradually shifted.


This cat… is it refined?


The QQ group [Xingchen R&D Group] suddenly exploded with photos, arousing enthusiastic discussion among all members.


The photo was sent by Ling Su, a person who has been invisible in the group for thousands of years: a fluffy little orange cat squatting in front of Apple 9 and playing with the rhythm master. The attentive little looks show all kinds of cuteness, but the most incredible thing is the result displayed on the phone screen. .


3D Modeler-Xiaoxiao: Boss, what did your cat grow up with? This result is simply against the sky!


Interface Artist-Three Circles: Oh my God, I was crushed by a cat!


Art Director-Yang Bai: The cats at LOLO Pet House are extraordinary.


Design Director-Yang Liu: @LingSu, can your Xiaopang be the mascot of Xingchen?


3D modeler-Xiaoxiao: Although orange cats are usually fat , and this one overwhelms this old man, it look like a beauty!


Ling Su: That’s right.


As usual, after the invisible king returned the two characters, he immediately turned off the QQ and began to study a serious question: “Xiaopang, are you male or female ?”


“Meow?” Xiao Luo was stunned and played the game. He didn’t care about it, of course he was… the male?


Little Orange Cat turned his back anxiously, looked down at his crotch, wondering if it was male or female , and he was very sad.


“Come here, let me see.” Ling Su saw from the beginning to the end, naturally did not miss the subtle expression of the little orange cat, and couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Xiaopang is so shy, it must be a girl.”




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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    {T/N: Lan Bao Bao : Even a cat can own an Apple 9!! ?}
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