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MSSOC Chapter 6

Golden finger

☆006.. Golden Finger


W University Library is built near the water, adjacent to Wangxian Lake, the lake is quiet, the shore is surrounded by flowers and willows, and on the rows of white pastoral style benches occasionally sit a few couples of young lovers.


When Bai Qingyun walked to the lake, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed. When she met Ling Su for the first time, she “appointed” the person to the sacred dating  place of W University. If other people saw it, they might have misunderstood it, more importantly the thing is that she doesn’t want to be misunderstood by the other party that she’s playing tricks or something.


“Senior Ling, should you change the place?”


Ling Su shook his head: “No, it’s the nearest here.” He took the little orange cat out of his backpack and put it on the bench, and the Cat Dumpling immediately ran away.


Seeing this, Bai Qingyun quickly put little husky on it. Seeing that Ling Su obviously didn’t mean to talk to herself, she stood beside him wittyly, watching the two playing.


[Xiao Miao, have you forgotten your password, so you haven’t played the QQ all the time? 】Husky flicked his tail and ran to the little orange cat, eagerly pounced on and hugged the little friend.


Xiao Luo calmly avoided husky’s hug, and calmly babbled: [No, my shit shovel officer is too clingy, I have no chance to go online. 】


【But they can’t see it anyway. 】Although the husky is silly most of the time, this one is obviously still a little clever.


Xiao Luo naturally wouldn’t tell the other party that he didn’t even know the password . He couldn’t talk about forgetting the password at all, so he changed the subject wisely: [What’s the use of this QQ? ]


In all fairness, when he looked at that moment of husky replying to texts, his heart is crashed: This silly child’s claws are more flexible than him!


[Redeem a lot of delicious food ! 】husky pulled his paw, pulled the QQ interface hanging above his head, and opened the mall page proficiently, 【Xiao Miao, let me tell you quietly, the dried fish here is always delicious. But they are all restricted, and I often can’t get them. 】


Xiao Luo opened his eyes wide in surprise. Yes, he has no auditory hallucinations and his eyesight is okay. That’s a shopping mall! An online shopping mall that looks like TB! 1 [T/N: TB – Taobao , a Chinese online shopping website]



He quietly glanced back at his shit shovel officer, Ling Su sat on the other bench  without saying a word, his eyes fell on him and the dog, while the young lady from the Husky’s family was sitting on the bench on the other side. Above all, the two of them didn’t even have a word of communication!


This young lady is very beautiful, and the shit shoveling officer in his family doesn’t know how to appreciate it. It’s really incomprehensible!


Xiao Luo shook his head with emotion. During the two seconds of shaking his mind, Husky happily ran next to him, showing the various mighty domineering aspects of the QQ system .


[Xiao Miao, look, in addition to food, there are many other things, but I usually change food, and the cat food here is also very delicious! 】


【You, a husky always remembers dried fish and cat food, is that fair? ]


Xiao Luo said this sentence with casual glance.


Popularity Hot Sale [Wishing Card]: 100,000 popularity value + 100,000 charm value + 10,000 love value. You can exchange your wish card once to realize any wish!


[This, have you redeemed it?] Xiao Luo pretended to point calmly, and when you take a closer look, it was not difficult to find that his eyes were shining.


[My balance is insufficient, I can’t change it. 】Husky opens his wallet.


Xiao Luo swept away at will, immediately ashamed: Popularity value 10, Charm value 100, Love value 1, really poor enough.


[This balance is calculated on a per capita basis? ]


[Yes. 】Erha switched the page with embarrassment, and suddenly became serious, [Xiao Miao, you asked me to borrow 1,000 charms to buy a small fish, do you still have an impression? ]


[……] Xiao Luo looked suspiciously at Husky’s head of the three fire marks, seriously doubting that this kid  knowing that he has “a bad memory” deliberately lied to him.


[Xiao Miao, are you planning to pay it back?] Husky asked tremblingly, looking aggrieved.


Xiao Luo couldn’t help but give birth to the illusion that he was a good bastard, so he stretched out his paw and patted the other’s dog  head: [I will pay you back next month. 】


【I know that Xiaomiao will not owe his debts, love you, yeah!] With that, husky rushed forward, ready to have an intimate contact.


As soon as Xiao Luo saw this posture, he did not hesitate to give husky a claw: [Men and women shouldn’t give or receive a kiss casually , keep their distance. 】


Husky didn’t understand, and Xiao Luo didn’t intend to continue explaining. After getting the information he wanted, he was ready to find a chance to give it a try. Naturally, he didn’t want to continue wasting time, if he really owed foreign debts, he can repay your debts sooner.


Looking from the beginning to the end, Ling Su found that his little orange cat and the little Husky were acting very strangely. They seemed to be discussing something, but following the eyes of the two, it was clear that there was nothing.


“Meow~” Shoveling officer, let’s go home.


Xiao Luo ran in front of Ling Su, swooped into the opponent’s arms.


Husky wanted to follow him, but when he saw the distance between the two benches, he was shocked.


“Xiao pang , don’t you say goodbye to your friend?” Ling Su gently hugged the little orange cat and rubbed the fluffy little head.


After the little orange cat meowed, he waved his paw at Husky, and then gave the shit shovel officer a cold look: Swing back to the palace!


“Senior Ling, are you going back?” Bai Qingyun looked at her reluctant Xiao Husky, and couldn’t help feeling funny. It was the first time she saw a dog and a cat get along so harmoniously! But for her today, the biggest gain should be to see Ling Su’s unknown side. In private, many people say that Ling Su has a good figure and a handsome voice. Ling Su, because the personality is too high and cold, and most people can’t get close to him. But is it  actually High cold? that is for humans, and for non-humans, Ling Su is still very kind.


“Yeah. Goodbye.” Ling Su didn’t say much, and after a polite nod, he turned around decisively. If it weren’t for the fact that he was still holding a fluffy little orange cat in his arms, he would never have to run away.


[Xiao Miao, go back and remember to hit the QQ, don’t forget to contact me! ] Husky kept barking excitedly.


Xiao Luo looked back at husky : [I won’t forget it. 】


Not to mention that the QQ system stimulated his fighting spirit and interest in challenges. The things in the mall are very attractive. If he can redeem the wishing card, he can restore his human form sooner!


Although the master has promised him that he will take him back after the matter is resolved, but- since the master announced that he passed the examination successfully and can leave the teacher, he often lets him do what he wants !


The most important thing is that he has never been a person waiting to be killed. Since someone is going to murder him, he has no reason to behave like a tortoise! Moreover, the shit shovel officer treated him quite well, and looking at this guy was pleasing to the eye, he could help Ling Su by the way to do something to give back after he recovered his human form.


Thinking of this, Xiao Luo was immediately full of fighting spirit.


Sure enough, I still need the company of my friends. Looking at the energetic little orange cat for an instant, Ling Su sighed with emotion, but also inexplicably sour: in Xiaopang’s mind, he was actually not as good as a dog.


“Xiao pang , change to a new trick today?” After returning to the apartment, the shit shovel officer began to work hard to check his favorability.


Xiao Luo was quite bored and left, leaving the other side with an aloof back.


After Ling Su was silent for two seconds, he took out his phone.


QQ [Xingchen R&D Group]


Ling Su: After Xiaopang went out to meet his friends, he ignored me. Sad.jpg


3D modeler-Xiaoxiao: Boss, have you been hacked?


Interface Artist-Three Circles: Shocked. jpg


Web Programmer-Mousse: Recently, the frequency of Boss’s bubbling has risen sharply…


Interface Artist-Three Circles: But every time it is about his chubby, thumping and laughing. jpg


Design Director-Yang Liu: @LingSu, the first draft of the mascot is ready, I sent your email to check it.


Ling Su: Yes.


Then, the diving king disappeared again.


While preparing afternoon tea for the little orange cat, Ling Su clicked on the mailbox, and a vivid 3D little orange cat appeared in front of him, which was 99% similar to his Xiao pang.


“Xiao pang, come and see your brother.”


Xiao Luo pretended not to hear it, hid in the closet, tried to keep his voice down, and shouted out the password that made him feel ashamed.


He had planned for the worst. If this QQ system was bound to the soul, then he would naturally not be able to summon it as a temporary possessed foreign soul.


Fortunately, he successfully summoned it.


Xiao Luo opened his personal homepage at the first time, checked the balance, and was dumbfounded.


He thought Husky was already poor enough, and he didn’t realize that his account balance was actually negative!


The popularity value is -999, the charm value is -999, and the love value is +1111. The only good news is that the love value balance is a positive number.


This thing can actually be negative! ?


“Pang, I’m going out for dinner soon, where are you hiding?”


The voice of the shoveling officer came from outside, sounding quite ecstatic. In normal times, Xiao Luo must have ran out, but now?


He was sad , and then looked at the mall page: daily consumables, snacks, drinks and milk drinks, all can only be purchased with popularity value and charm value, love value is only used to purchase special items, and it cannot be paid separately. !


Hey, no, there is also an interface.


Xiao Luo tremblingly stretched out his paw and tapped it away, too nervous.


[Love Zone] page, there is only one product: a limited-time transformation card, with a 5-minute duration, can be randomly converted into a human shape, and the duration can be superimposed. The price: 399 love value!


Randomly transform into a humanoid!


Xiao Luo was overjoyed. This suits him well, but the time limit is too short. Five minutes is only enough for him to write a small program for simple debugging.


“Xiao pang?” Ling Su rummaged throughout the apartment, but didn’t find the little orange cat. Finally, he followed his feelings and opened the closet. He found a pair of green eyes watching him in the dark. He couldn’t help being happy, ” What are you doing hiding here?”




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    [T/N: TB – Taobao , a Chinese online shopping website]
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