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MSSOC Chapter 22

Causal cycle



022… causal cycle


*Click, click, click*


The sound of tapping on the keyboard was endless.


Qingfeng Daochang stood behind Xiao Luo. Looking at the densely packed code commands on the laptop screen, a drop of cold sweat was silently left on that mature, stable face: This apprentice, he might still have a little difficulty trying to grab him.


Twenty-two years ago, he was fooled by that person to make a bet, and then of course, he lost. He traveled all the way to Z City to test the fortune for the newborn child of Ling’s family.


For being born with a lucky star, the child had continuous luck. But when he reaches the age of twenty-two, that year will be extremely dangerous and his future will become unpredictable.


The title of Master Qing has passed on for thousands of years. Qingfeng Daochang is considered to be the leader of this generation. But unfortunately, he still cannot change the fate of Ling Su, only speculating that the key to the catastrophe lies in a cat.


Qingfeng Daochang stared at the QQ friends list, and for a long while, he suddenly had a bold guess in his mind!


So he made another divination.


In the room, the temperature is still decreasing. Xiao Luo turned into a random little loli wearing only one dress, and he couldn’t help sneezing.


Qingfeng Daochang recovered from his nostalgia trip, and looked at the fake loli sitting in front of the laptop with a shocked expression, almost kneeling! He should have expected that someone who would be accepted as an apprentice by that guy’s unscrupulous means would not be a simple role!


Qingfeng Daochang: Big lazy cat!!!


King: Huh?


Qingfeng Daochang strongly suppressed the excitement in his heart, his fingers trembled and asked the doubts in his heart: Is it what I think?


King: …have you forgotten to take your medicine?


Qingfeng Daochang : Keke, I just gave your apprentice a divination, and then… I found a little clue.


King: Smile.jpg* It’s still a secret~


Qingfeng Daochang: Isn’t cheating if you do this?


King: Sweat.jpg* There is a problem with your hexagram.


Qingfeng Daochang: Big lazy cat, don’t bully honest people.


King: The luck of this lucky star plus the horrific catastrophes of his life preserved Xiao Luo’s soul and stopped his (XL) reincarnation. It was a condition of equivalent exchange. How could it be possible to talk about cheating? You slander me like this, but you will get retribution~


Qingfeng Daochang: …


He was speechless! Based on the hexagrams, he could only calculate a rough approximation. He didn’t expect this guy to put it out straight and save him from digging into the clues, but suddenly he had an inexplicable impulse—


Qingfeng Daochang: Big lazy cat, do you still lack an apprentice?


King: Smile.jpg* No shortage at all.


“Achoo!” Xiao Luo sneezed again and touched his nose, feeling a bit cold. Finally there was no wastage of time,  and all the information that should be collected was found! “Daochang, you can take a look.”


“Okay.” Qing Feng Daochang slid the phone back into his pocket, smiling graciously.


With the look of kind eyebrows and kind eyes, Xiao Luo couldn’t help but mumble: Daochang is not corroded by resentment, right? Why does he look weird?


Regarding Lou Yiyi’s information, Xiao Luo found a complete set of information, not only from the police and the bureau, but also a lot of video footage that was accidentally recorded.


It is true that Dad Ling did not lie, and Lou Yiyi’s child is not his.


After Lou Yiyi confessed to Ling Rui that she was rejected, and even hinted that she would be fired, she begged to stay. She was sad and ran to the bar alone to get drunk, and was so drunk that night that she became unconscious. The Ling’s competitors took advantage of this opportunity.


Lou Yiyi was misled, thinking that it was Ling Rui who had a relationship with those people that night, and was deceived by the other party’s conspiracy and tricks. She thought that Ling Rui and Jiang Yan had no feelings for a long time, and only to maintain the face of Ling’s family, they stayed together.


After she became pregnant, she went to find Jiang Yan for a showdown, and finally jumped off the building. It is not difficult to see that this is a woman with high IQ and low EQ. Her three views are not correct. But her nature is not evil. Otherwise in the past six years, she would do more than just caring about separating Ling’s family.


Poor, pathetic, and hateful. Xiao Luo sighed in a complicated mood. Originally, he wanted to ask Qingfeng Daochang about how he planned to deal with Lou Yiyi, but the time limit for the time-limited transformation card just expired. After a bang, the little loli disappeared, and the hairy ball moved his limbs. Turning in midair, he landed on the desk without any risk.


“You have already seen it.” Qingfeng Daocheng suddenly said.


The little cat’s ears trembled and turned to look, and found that mother Ling had opened her eyes for some time. Her pale face could not hide the sadness.


The temperature in the room gradually warmed up.


“So, from the beginning to the end, it was a scam…” She whispered softly, tears streaming down her eyes, “I should have thought about how he is such a good person, how could he do such a behavior of abandoning his wife and child. It’s my wishful thinking. I know it’s wrong, but I am greedy for his gentleness.”


“Now that you understand it, let her go.” Qingfeng Dao Chang’s face was not sad or happy, but his expression was calm, “You are not bad in nature. You should understand that Jiang Yan and Ling’s family are innocent, and the person who framed you has already suffered retribution. There is a karma cycle, and the law of nature is clear. If you don’t leave, the owner of this body will be irreparably harmed, and then you won’t be able to reincarnate smoothly anymore.”


Xiao Luo sat on the table and looked stunned: Daochang’s eloquence is really good!


He couldn’t see the soul body. He saw Qingfeng Daochang holding a glass bottle, as if something had gotten in. He looked back and saw that the resentment on Ling Mu’s head gradually disappeared. He was very excited! The result was good, and his hard work was not wasted. The love value accumulated!


“Meow~” Everything is fine, congratulations on getting rich!


Qingfeng capped the glass bottle, put it back in his backpack, and turned his head back to the cat, “Little guy, it’s really thanks to you this time.” What he didn’t say clearly was that the reason Lou Yiyi left with such cooperation is not so simple. Apart from knowing the truth, the most important reason was that the cinnabar talisman on the back of the door blocked her escape route.


But he doesn’t need to talk about this kind of thing, just make the little apprentice of the that guy happy.


“Meow~” Xiao Luo was indeed very happy. He couldn’t help but want to roll when he thought of Mama Ling’s return to normal. In fact, he really did that.


“Hey, do you want to know who your master is?” Qingfeng Daochang looked at the childish little cat, and thought to himself: As expected, he is still a child.


Huh? Xiao Luo stopped rolling in an instant, and looked at the Taoist chief seriously. He was busy doing business just now, but he almost forgot!


He clearly remembered that after he asked the king for help, the other party said that he would let Qingfeng take care of this matter…


But Qingfeng was not his master.


So-the king was lying?


“Xiao Luo, congratulations on successfully passing this test.” Qing Feng Dao Chang said with a smile, silently weeping in his heart: He wanted to steal the apprentice from big lazy cat, so he couldn’t help himself.


“Meow?” The little orange cat slowly opened his eyes. Which one of the two is acting?


“The matter has not yet been resolved, and it is not possible to send you back to your original body for the time being. You should stay with Ling Su first. When the time is right, I will pick you up again.” The Taoist continued.


Xiao Luo nodded ignorantly: Qingfeng Daochang, at this moment, looks like his master again.


He was very confused, so he quietly sent a message to the king.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Great King, I have seen Master, but he seems weird.


King: Smile.jpg* Qingfeng has intermittent schizophrenia, I thought you knew it.


I see! Xiao Luo looked at Qingfeng Daocheng in shock: Master, the disciple is not filial, and I don’t even know that you are a patient. So every time you disappeared before, you actually went to treat the disease, right?


The author has something to say:


Xiao Luo: I always feel like I am being fooled…




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