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MSSOC Chapter 23

Everything Is Going Well

023… everything is going well


Qingfeng Daochang came and went fast. After receiving the payment, he took his bodyguard Xiong Er directly into the helicopter, and did not even bid a single farewell.

It’s like a cruel and ruthless person.

Xiao Luo looked pitifully at the helicopter that quickly disappeared from sight, feeling like an abandoned child.

“Qingfeng Daochang really is as powerful as the legend.” Ling Su said with emotion. He and his eldest brother had invited a lot of masters in the industry, and there was no result. But Qingfeng Daochang came and solved the matter in just half an hour.

Judging from her sober performance, she has indeed recovered. Although the memories of the past six years are vague to her, the true feelings between the bones and blood of the closest relatives will not deceive anyone, no matter how rough the past is. After the twists and turns, at least the future is bright.

“Thanks to Qingfeng Daochang this time.” Grandpa Ling was glad that he made no mistake in the decision he made, and at the same time he became more convinced of the prediction made when Ling Su was born, “Xiao Su, you can also move back, right? ”

“Grandpa, let’s wait until this year has passed.” Ling Su hesitated for a while, and shook his head slightly. He chose to live on campus before, mostly because of Mother Ling’s abnormal behavior. And now, after witnessing the abilities of  Qingfeng Daochang with his own eyes, he had to be ready for the problems he might face in the next year.

If the future is extremely dangerous, at least, he doesn’t want to hurt his family.

Ling Yan just came back from visiting Mother Ling. When he heard Grandpa Ling’s conversation with Ling Su, he couldn’t help but persuade him, “Xiao Su, we are a family. There are no difficulties that we can’t face together.. ”

“Xiao Pang, do you want to live in the school, or go home to live? “Ling Su threw the question to the little cat.

This pot is really slippery.

Xiao Luo was quite speechless. He didn’t know the inside story. His rebellious period had not passed yet, and he was ready to live a small life outside alone, comfortable and unrestrained.

“Grandpa, eldest brother, Xiao Pang said that he wants to go back to school.” Ling Su finished his questioning, and didn’t wait for the little orange cat to respond, talking nonsense seriously.

Grandpa Ling was so confused by him that he shook his head, “Forget it, do whatever you like.”

His children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. He has lived to this age, and he has long since stopped interfering in their affairs. He doesn’t force anything, just let the flow go, just like six years ago. When the former Ling’s consortium had an accident, he originally planned to let the more talented Ling Su succeed him as CEO, but because this kid was eager to “build a career from scratch” in the studio, he had no choice but to give up.

“Thank you, grandpa!” Ling Su’s “treacherous trick” succeeded and he grinned openly.

Ling Yan let him go blankly. He still knew what virtue his brother was. Since Ling Su didn’t plan to go home at this time, he couldn’t force it.

Xiao Luo saw from the beginning to the end, and finally came to a conclusion: my shit shoveling officer has a hole in his brain. Obviously there is a big, warm and harmonious family, but he still wanted to live the world of two people outside with a cat. It’s… not bad!

At least in this way, he has a lot of opportunities to brush up the charm value!

Thinking about this, Xiao Luo became very motivated, called the QQ system, checked his personal balance, and was shocked: popularity value +250, charm value -89000, love value +8800.

His popularity value has actually become a positive number! Although 250 is a bit of a pit, at any rate, it has already got rid of the bad luck of negative one hundred thousand!

Is it because the video of him playing League of Legends was widely spread?

The love value was due to multiple exchanges of the limited-time transformation card before, and the balance fell below 10,000. Although it was a little bit painful, it was useful in the end.

Xiao Luo hesitated and clicked on his friend list.

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: With tears in his eyes.jpg* Your Majesty, can the love value be reimbursed?

King: …what do you think?

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: I think it can be! It is so difficult to collect love value. In order to save all living beings, I sacrificed myself. The organization should give some comfort to improve people’s enthusiasm for work, and also their love and dedication!

King: If I remember correctly, you still owe me eighteen games, don’t you?

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: I was wrong, crying.jpg*

King: Touching the dog’s head.jpg* don’t be lazy, hurry up and finish the task.

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: King, I want to add an external port to the QQ system and connect it to the computer. In this way, I can operate the computer through consciousness commands, free my claws, and give full play to my advantages and specialties! King, what do you think?

King: Little Orange Cat, you are discussing with me like this in a serious manner. Did you eat the bear heart and leopard’s courage, or think that your balance is too much and you are ready to loose a little?

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Your Majesty, about that….let me take a pee first.

Xiao Luo looked at the profile of the king with trepidation and saw that it went dark after an instant. The excuse of peeing was really bad!

He also felt that he had eaten the heart of the bear and the leopard’s courage , so he dared to talk about the conditions with the boss like this! But-
after that temptation just now, he was even more confused.

Qingfeng Daochang or the king, one of them must be lying! This is Xiao Luo’s intuition.

Or is he really thinking too much?

Those who are near cinnabar are red, and those who are near ink are black. Following Ling Su for a long time, his brain also began to become abnormal.

“Xiao Pang, after dinner, let’s go back to school.” A low and sexy voice passed through the air, hit the eardrum, and brought Xiao Luo’s chaotic thoughts back to reality.

“Meow~” The little orange cat subconsciously responded. When he thought of his sinkhole-like charm value of -89,000, he suddenly had the impulse to turn into a wolf in the middle of the night and directly eat up the shit shovel officer!

Stingy! The charm value only rises by 20 points at a time. It’ll take years to become a positive number!

The Ling family gathered together and the dinner was very rich. Mother Ling always had a smile on her face, and her eyes were very kind when she looked at Xiao Luo. Because she seemed to have a dream in a trance, dreaming that a little orange cat was leading her. She walked out of the mist, and when she woke up, she felt like a world away. At first sight, she saw the little orange cat in her arms by the bed, and her feelings of affection doubled.

Xiao Luo was a little flattered. There are many cute little things in the king’s harem group that the host family loves to raise like their sons and daughters. But to eat at the same table like him, and also to have a separate seat, he is afraid… the number of such pets is countable.

The exquisite art-like plates are filled with warm milk powder and milk cakes for kittens. The orange cat eats elegantly, feeling excited: Seeing the parents like this time, can it be more successful?

“Dididi—-” The QQ system’s new message prompt sounded.

Xiao Luo looked distracted, and was happy, and felt that the recent self was simply fulfilling all his wishes and everything was going well! (E/N: I think his wish for an external port to connect to QQ system was fulfilled? not sure lol)

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Xiao Xiao, this weekend, I will broadcast live. I want to invite you together, can I?


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