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MSSOC Chapter 21

It's not his master ?

021… It’s not his master?


Qingfeng Daochang’s gaze was so obvious that Grandpa Ling and Ling Su couldn’t help but turn their gazes to the little orange cat.


Xiao Luo’s scalp was numb and suddenly became a little nervous: If the master’s head isn’t clear and he shouts “Xiao Luo, so you are here”! What should he do?


Facts have proven : this is just a product of his over thinking .


“This cat is not bad.” Qingfeng Daochang’s face had the right smile on his face, and there was a trace of unpredictable energy that everyone saw in his expression.


Xiao Luo didn’t know the hexagram when Ling Su was born, but felt that the master’s face was a bit thick, and he blatantly praised his apprentice.


As the insiders, Ling’s family saw Qingfeng Daochang’s reaction, and soon came to understand: The expert meant that it was this little orange cat who could help Ling Su through the crisis!


Suddenly, Grandpa Ling looked at Xiao Luo’s eyes more kindly and affectionately. He had liked these fluffy little cute things, and he had long coveted the little guys at LOLO’s pet hall, but he couldn’t get the exchange voucher for a long time. .


Why is he staring at him so much? Xiao Luo looked around uncomfortably, really nothing, and simply bowed his head and pretended to lick his paws.


Fortunately, Qingfeng Daocheng’s attention quickly turned to other places, “I already know the general situation. Where is she now?”


Ling Yan took the initiative to step forward, “Master Qingfeng , please come with me.”


Qingfeng Daocheng nodded slightly, then stopped suddenly. He looked at Ling Su, “Lend me this cat first.”


Huh? Xiao Luo was surprised. Does Master have something to confess to him alone? But- he was a little panicked, because looking at the big muscular man’s posture, he didn’t seem to plan to go with him, that is to say: his shit shoveling officer will definitely have the opportunity to communicate with each other friendly!


“Master , Xiaopang is a little timid . If he offends you , I hope you can forgive him .” Ling Su didn’t refuse the request of the other party, and the line of inquiry swept away to the muscular man inadvertently.


After Xiao Luo keenly noticed the actions of his shoveling officer, he suddenly became nervous: What should I do! Is he going to expose himself ?


“Don’t worry.” Qingfeng successfully took the little orange cat and beckoned to the muscular man. The latter ran up obediently, “This is Xiong Er, a child from my distant relative’s family. He followed me for experience. Because he had a high fever when he was a child,there were some with his brain. So he often does some unexpected actions, but his ability is not weak, he will protect you later.”


Hearing the word protection, Ling Su realized that things might be more troublesome than they thought.


Master is amazing! Xiao Luo sighed secretly, before he sent the distress signal, he had already helped him to smooth out all the flaws. In this way, Ling Su should not have doubted him. He just wronged Comrade Xiong Er and put the blame on his back for no reason. A scapegoat with a bad brain.


” Master, please rest assured, we will absolutely cooperate with your arrangements.” Grandpa Ling stated in time. Although he did not see the difference between Xiong Er and normal people, Dao Master Qing Feng is an expert who is rich and can’t hire. Naturally, there is no difference. Reasons to lie to fool them.


The Ling family had no doubt about this.


After Xiao Luo observed in secret, he finally breathed a sigh of relief: Don’t worry about losing your horse and being handed over to the country!


Outside Ling’s bedroom door, the temperature dropped sharply. After Ling Yan was persuaded to leave, Ling’s father was finally surrounded by Qingfeng Daochang and the little orange cat in his palm.


“Meow~” Xiao Luo glanced left and right. After confirming that there was no camera installed, he finally couldn’t restrain the joy in his heart. He rubbed the palm of Qingfeng Daocheng and made a series of pleasant grunts.


“Little guy, I’m not your master.”


“Meow?” What a lie! Obviously the same.


Xiao Luo raised his head suspiciously, and looked at the other’s face seriously, it didn’t seem like he had admitted the wrong person! Unless, Master and Qingfeng Daochang are twins?


“The time is not ripe yet, I can’t tell you yet.” The other party came up with a meaningful sentence, giving off a mysterious temperament .


Xiao Luo was speechless: Master, what are you playing this time ?


Qingfeng Daochang lightly touched the fluffy little orange cat’s head, pushed open the door, and walked in, with a calm voice, “I let you come as there is something for which I need your help.”


“Meow? ”


“Jiang Yan’s current situation is a bit troublesome. She has two souls. The foreign soul has lived in her body for too long. If you pull it away, it will hurt her body.” Qing Feng Daochang closed the door with his backhand and posted a piece of cinnabar symbol on the back of the door.


Xiao Luo glanced suspiciously at the obviously pasted talisman paper, and then at the face he was so familiar with, he couldn’t help feeling ashamed: Is it really he who made a mistake?


“The (occupier?) ‘s soul is very domineering and cunning. I need to know her weakness.”




“You have guessed who the foreign soul is, right, little guy?”


Xiao Luo lowered his head and licked his paw: He needs silence. Be quiet and sort out your thoughts.


Six years ago, he had calculated what happened to the Ling family. With the hint of Qingfeng Daochang, he did have a skeptical object: Lou Yiyi who had a miscarriage fue to Ling’s mother and finally jumped off the building.


Father Ling said that the child was not his, and obviously did not lie. Then who is Lou Yiyi’s child? Why did she plant the blame on Dad Ling? Or… is she herself a victim of being deceived and exploited?


To go back to the old things that must have been dealt with six years ago, and even to find out all the details, Xiao Luo dare not do it, but if he was given a computer connected to the Internet, he could try it.


However, all of his abilities were taught by the master, and the master can naturally do what he can do.


The other party asked him to do this. Is it a test, or…


“I know you have a special way to change back into a human shape in a short time.” Qingfeng Dao Chang smiled and took out a laptop from the backpack he was carrying. He opened it, and put it on the table, “You have half an hour to find the answer. When the time is over, I can only use tough and rude means to solve the problem.”


Qingfeng is not his master. Xiao Luo silently stared at the other party for a long while, and finally determined that the guy in front of him who looked the same as his master and whose voice was extremely similar was indeed not his master, because the laptop that the Taoist master took out was the one he was using, but – master extremely disgusts it .


Considering Jiang Yan’s identity and not wanting to make his shit shovel officer sad, Xiao Luo didn’t hesitate for long and exchanged five limited-time transformation cards with a 25-minute time limit.


The little orange cat instantly turned into a little loli wearing a dress, and quickly sat down in front of the laptop. The first step is to decipher the wifi password to connect to the Internet. The second step is to search for Lou Yiyi’s information… During the whole process, Xiao Luo’s attention was highly concentrated, staring at the screen intently, tapping the keyboard with both hands quickly, completely unaware of the movements of Qingfeng Daochang behind him.


Seeing Xiao Luo, who had turned from a cat to a little loli, devoted himself to being busy in front of the computer, a trace of envy flashed across Qingfeng’s eyes: What a good seedling, or a soul with a golden light of merit, but unfortunately not his apprentice!


With emotion, he took out his phone from his pocket, switched to the QQ system , and sent a message to the “creditor” who instructed him to make this trip: Big Lazy Cat, Lend me your apprentice, okay ?


The other party answered in seconds: No. ^_^




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