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MSSOC Chapter 20

Qingfeng Daocheng

Chapter 20… Qingfeng Daocheng


Who am I ?


I am your cat. What’s wrong!


Xiao Luo struggled to glance at the countdown to transform, turning around to look at Ling Su with the heart of a strong man who will never step back .


A completely unfamiliar face! The muscular man wearing only a pair of white pants , standing barely in front of him, was 1.9 meters tall. Ling Su wondered if he was hallucinating. He clearly remembered that he had gone to his elder brother’s study to find Xiao Pang before, and then suddenly became very sleepy, then lost consciousness…


The last thirty seconds are left! Xiao Luo was very nervous. If he directly staged a scene of a living being turning into a cat in front of Ling Su, he would basically not be able to escape, and he might even be sent by the other party…to the research center?


“I am Qingfeng Daocheng’s assistant.” Xiao Luo spat out nonsense with open eyes, his heart beating like thunder.


Ling Su carefully inspected the tall man in front of him, who seemed to be a little unusual in spirit, and decided to detain him before talking.


” Qingfeng Daocheng has come?”


“He’s still on the way.” In the blink of an eye, the two moved at the same time. Thanks to the full physical strength, speed, and agility attribute points exchanged by the QQ system, Xiao Luo had an advantage. He first hit his shit shovel officer, and then a sharp knife-hand strike smashed down on Ling Su’s neck, successfully fainting him!


All is well, congratulations on successfully fainting him!


Xiao Luo couldn’t help but want to cheer. With a puff, the transformation time was over. The muscular man disappeared, and the little orange cat landed steadily, but he was very annoyed.


What a great opportunity it was just now, he didn’t use it well! He missed 2000 charm points!


Ah wrong, now is not the time to sigh with emotion.


Xiao Luo came back to his senses, squatted beside Ling Su, thinking about the question seriously. His shit shovel officer won’t suspect him, right? After all, the image of that muscular man is a bit irritating for the eyes, and there is no similarity to the cute little orange cat at all.


But Ling Su’s imagination seems to have always been abundant.


It’s really sad.


“Meow~” After hesitating for a few seconds, the little orange cat made a decisive decision, waking up the person before speaking.


Ling Su was awakened by a series of meows in his ears, and realized that his cheeks were wet, possibly covered with Xiao pang’s saliva. He suddenly had a splitting headache and opened his eyes. His little Orange Cat’s worried gaze came into view.


“Xiao pang, you–”


“Meow~” The little orange cat rushed forward excitedly, hugged the shit shovel officer and called out with all kinds of intimacy.


Ling Su touched the back of his neck, and it was so sore. Obviously, the muscular man he saw before was not an illusion.


“Xiao Pang, did you see any strange people?”


Xiao Luo pretended to be stupid, hung on Ling Su, and hugged him with short legs, making a series of meaningless meows in his mouth.


Ling Su was helpless. His little orange cat became so clingy only because he was afraid after seeing him unconscious. He patted the fluffy body comfortably, “Alright, don’t be afraid. It’s okay.”


Really? Is it okay? Ling Su’s eyes drooped, and at this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, and the sound of rapid footsteps moved from far to near.


“Xiao Su, there is something wrong with mother.” Ling Yan looked solemn, “I was going to look for you after I sent Tiantian back to the room, but I found that you were not in the study, but mother fell unconsciously there.”


Xiao Luo’s ears shook lightly. He didn’t expect it to be so coincidental. He randomly picked a room to send Ling Su to a “refuge”, and fortunately sent the person back to the bedroom, but- he “attacked” two people one after another.


“Mother, she’s okay, right?” Ling Su’s face changed slightly. It must be a lie to say that he didn’t worry, even if he had more doubts in his heart, he still cared about his mother in his heart.


“Dr Lee had done a checkup,  the position of her neck was bruised which made her faint , but there’s no clue about who the attacker is.”


“Brother,  is Qingfeng Daocheng here?” Ling Su’s mind flashed, “The surveillance at home has been on, right?”


Oops! Xiao Luo secretly said that it is not good. If there is monitoring, even if he can be specifically confirm that he has not been discovered by others on the way out of the study, it is estimated that it will be difficult to avoid the hidden camera!


“There’s still no news from Grandpa.” Ling Yan shook his head, “I went to the surveillance side just now and found no clues.”


Huh? What good luck! Xiao Luo couldn’t believe it. After a brief astonishment, he thought of mother Ling’s weird behavior, and couldn’t help but guess. Did she move her hands and feet beforehand?


“Tingling bell~” Ling Su’s cell phone rang.


Xiao Luo glanced quickly. It was Grandpa Ling’s call.


“Grandpa-  Okay, I’ll be there soon.” Ling Su’s face was calm, and after finishing the call, he said, “Grandpa said Qingfeng Daochang is here.” Therefore, the semi-naked muscular man he met before was really the assistant of the expert?


“Great!” Ling Yan smiled very rarely.


So fast!? Xiao Luo felt that what happened today was a bit abnormal from beginning to end. Although the cat’s eyes were psychic 1 it’s said that cats can see ghosts or other paranormal things , he actually saw a mass of resentment on Mother Ling’s head, and the legendary leader, Qingfeng Daocheng who was unpredictable and hadn’t been in contact before came. Just because the king said a word, the expert will automatically send himself to the door!


At this moment, Xiao Luo was still not sure whether this expert was his master.


Helicopter! They also bring their own bodyguards that are close to two meters tall!


Xiao Luo was stunned: The current Taoist masters are really prosperous .


Just after looking at it with emotion, he saw the faces of those two who took off the goggles, and then— “Meow~” Master, is it really you, old man, who came here?


That face is tough and handsome, giving people an extraordinarily calm and reliable feeling full of mystery and persuasiveness, the charming uncle who is over 40 years old!


Xiao Luo was sure that he did not admit any mistakes! However, it is a bit strange.


It’s probably because he hasn’t seen Master for a long time, and he actually feels that Master has become a bit strange, with a high temperament like having an immortal wind lingering all over his body, and he is so cold.


Then, the focus was on the Master’s bodyguard. Xiao Luo stared intently for a minute, the more he looked, the more familiar he became!


“It’s actually him?”


Ling Su whispered softly in his ears, Xiao Luo slowly widened his eyes, and finally realized. Isn’t this the muscular man who he randomly turned into before!


It’s over!


Xiao Luo was so nervous that he was uncomfortable, for fear that the shoveling officer would run up and confront the big muscular man. The paper couldn’t contain the fire, so there was no need to ask more, he would have to show his stuff right away!


On the other side, Grandpa Ling had warmly exchanged greetings with Qingfeng Daocheng, and briefly explained the reason for the matter.


Master Qingfeng looked around unhurriedly , his eyes fell on the little orange cat…




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    it’s said that cats can see ghosts or other paranormal things
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