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MSSOC Chapter 2


☆ 002… surprise.


Audi A8 keeps a speed of 40 yards all the way, moving forward at a constant speed.


“It is said that if you don’t adapt to the first time in the car, you will get motion sickness.” Ling Su sat in the driver’s seat, with his upper body upright and his hands on the steering wheel. “Just call twice, and I will drive more slowly.” In the play cat cage, the little orange cat sat upright, with his fluffy little head looking around: Come on, you, on the road with the speed limit of 60, you drive 40 yards, How many times have you been overtaken along the way, don’t think just because you are pretending to be a novice, I don’t know that your driving permit was issued three years ago!


Having said that, Xiao Luo was still a little happy in his heart. He fell to his death in a daze, ignorant and became a cat. Apart from cursing a few words in his heart, he could not do anything for the time being. He can only pray for a pleasing shit shovel officer, as if God heard his voice, and he fell from the sky. In addition to being a little stupid, he likes to replenish his brain and play with himself, he is really good and kind.


“Why didn’t it respond? Aren’t the little guys at LOLO Pet House very clever? Why does my Xiao pang (little fatty) look stupid.” The shit shoveling officer muttered to himself, and Xiao Luo gave him a weak spit: Isn’t being smart still an animal, capable of answering well with people? What’s wrong! But- before that husky looked smarter than the average pet dog, and what kind of ball, Xiao Luo lowered his head and pondered for two seconds: Could it be QQ?


He had registered a QQ account long ago, but he didn’t use it much.


Perhaps, he should find a chance to go online to confirm whether his body really died like that.


“Xiaopang, we’re about to turn, sit firmly.”


Let’s go!


The little orange cat meowed in response, and the shoveling officer sighed with emotion: “Xiaopang is really a scheming cat.”


Ling Su, your uncle! Xiao Luo stared at each other eagerly, and came to a conclusion: This is definitely an under-tuned. At this time, shouldn’t normal people say: Xiaopang is cute! Nonsense!.


Xiao Luo sighed. Just now, he actually felt that Ling Su was a kind, good person or something. As expected, his brain was flooded and his eyes were covered with shit.


“Jingling bell~” The old-fashioned telephone rang.


Xiao Luo almost thought that his cell phone rang, and his body tilted when he found Ling Su pulled over and answered the phone.






“I see.”


Ling Su said these three sentences from start to finish for five minutes in the conversation.


Xiao Luo secretly analyzed: The performance of the shit shoveling officer in front of other people is basically the kind of calm, concise, and seemingly more reliable. Who knows that this stuff is actually a brain-satisfying chunibyu disease in private?


Could it be that Ling Su’s purpose in buying cats is to reduce pressure and add a brain hole trash can to himself?


Xiao Luo, who felt that he had guessed the truth, expressed a lot of pressure.


At this time, he obviously did not expect that his evaluation in the eyes of outsiders was actually not much different from that of chunibyu disease.


“Pang, I can’t accompany you as I have something tonight, you have to be obedient.”


‘Goodbye’ . The little orange cat meowed happily.


The moment the Audi A8 drove into W University Gate, Xiao Luo was stunned. After receiving the admission notice, he had already traced the plane maps of W University’s major departments, dormitories, libraries, canteens, etc. , The appearance of the front door and the back door was also deeply carved into his mind.


He thought that after missing that little sister, he could only say goodbye to W. He didn’t expect this stupid rich man to be someone from W!


Xiao Luo took a deep breath, calmed down, and turned his head to look at his shit shoveling officer seriously: He looked like he was in his early twenties, and he was probably his senior. Judging from his appearance, he was a kind of school grass.1 {T/N: most handsome boy in school}


Ling Su looked ahead and parked the car skillfully. He didn’t notice his Xiaopang’s thoughts that were too complicated to express. He only thought that the little orange cat was very agreeable, quiet, obedient, and sensible.


“Ling Su, do you need help?” A pair of twins happened to pass by and asked in unison.


“It’s just right, there’s a lot of stuff.” Ling Su opened the trunk and greeted the two for help.


Xiao Luo craned his neck and glanced at him. Apart from the different lengths of hair, he really couldn’t see the difference between the twins. Both of them looked more upright, with good features, a burly body, and a masculine look.


The two picked up a pile of daily necessities of the little orange cat and left. Ling Su held the “Feeding Manual Guide” in his left hand and the cat cage in his right hand, and followed unhurriedly.


The posture of this old man is a bit under-tuned. Xiao Luo silently commented, and later learned that he had wronged his shoveling officer.


Ling Su started his own business in high school. In his junior year, he already had a listed company that he absolutely controlled, mainly involved in industries: financial investment, real estate, and integrated Internet services. The twins happened to be Ling Su’s partners. The one with long hair was the elder brother named Yang Liu, and the one with short hair was his younger brother named Yang Bai. The three of them grew up together when they were young. They were able to hold this golden thigh 2 {T/N:to curry favour. This reason why the act of hugging someone’s thighs was translated to mean to curry favor with someone was because it originated from people who were buddhist and praying to buddha for help. The statue of buddha in temples are usually huge and so people will ‘hug’ his thighs/legs when praying for help.} firmly till death.




In Z City, there are many rich people, but not many rich, powerful, capable and visionary. Ling Su happened to belong to one of these few people.


As a very regular life, in addition to fixed “work” hours, he only knows to eat and sleep, and spends half an hour in his swimming pool every day. Xiao Luo only remembers the top two in the list of the richest people in country C in 2019. Ten, unfortunately, Ling Su ranked forty-eight, which belonged to the range that Xiao Luo didn’t care about.


So that later, when Xiao Luo found out how thick the golden legs he had accidentally hugged, he was completely dumbfounded.


“Xiaopang , do you want to drink milk powder or milk cake at night?” Ling Su put the cat cage on the desk, and while flipping through the feeding manual, he boiled the water.


After the twin brothers of the Yang family arranged the daily necessities and rations of the little orange cat with great enthusiasm, they left wisely.


Xiao Luo lay down in the cat cage covered with soft blankets and gazed at the baby cat milk powder and royal milk cake beside him with interest. He turned his head decisively and looked away: He is seventeen years old, and he still drinks milk? Shame or not!


Ling Su’s dormitory is very tall, single room, two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom, covering an area of ​​about 60 square meters, well-decorated, proper single noble apartment.


The dormitory conditions of W University are so good? Xiao Luo clearly remembered that the standard dormitory he saw in the video was a quadruple room, so…this is actually a professor’s apartment, right?


“Milk powder? Okay, I get it.” Ling Su looked very happy, turned around and went to remove the bottle, completely unaware of the little orange cat rolling his eyes behind him with a look of contempt.


“Meow!” Brain invigorating emperor, chunibyu disease, well, the  smell is still dry, and I still like to drink milk.


Xiao Luo spoke uprightly, and the shovel officer couldn’t understand it anyway. Obviously, he didn’t realize that his behavior was also quite naive.


The disliked shoveling officer is disinfecting the baby bottle with hot water, and then mixing the milk powder according to the proportion. It is obviously the first time to do this kind of thing, and it seems that he is quite skilled.


“Xiaopang , I’ll let you out now, don’t run around, can you?” Ling Su said patiently and softly, his voice low and sexy, giving the illusion that his ears would be pregnant.


Xiao Luo was still resisting his identity, making all kinds of unreasonable troubles, and was suddenly suppressed by the other’s beauty.


“Meow.” The little orange cat answered obediently.


The first time he regained his freedom, Xiao Luo stayed beside Ling Su in particular. He did not forget that the shit shovel officer had previously said that he would go out at night, when he was alone in the dormitory, what can he not do?


“Xiaopang is so good, the milk powder is still hot, let’s do some other things first.”


“Meow!” It was accurate.


Ling Su gently held the cat, and came to the treadmill: “the book says orange cat is relatively easy to gain weight, adequate exercise to maintain a healthy root, so chubby, start and exercise before dinner a few times.”


” Meow~meow!” The little orange cat fought fiercely: stupid shoveling officer, which one of your eyes sees me getting fat! I don’t want to run around like those silly pudding hamsters! Force me to try again, and when I can go online, see if I don’t black out your QQ, WeChat, and silver cards!


“You don’t like it?” Ling Su wondered. This reaction seemed a bit overwhelming. It was clearly stated in the feeding manual that cats would like treadmills, but what the book said might not be correct.


“Meow!” I like a fart.


Xiao Luo felt that all his patience and cultivation in this life had been exhausted, all kinds of hardships, no, he couldn’t live it off like this, he had to find a way to become a human!


Because of the strong resistance of the little orange cat, Ling Su gave up the plan to let the cat cub exercise before cooking, and simply took him to the study.


When he saw the computer, Xiao Luo’s eyes glowed with excitement. Although he couldn’t compare with his usual old partner, Ling Su’s computer was equipped with high-quality hardware.


“Xiaopang likes to watch TV series, movies, or cartoons?”


“Meow!” I prefer you to leave and let me do it myself.


“Animation? Okay.” The voice is gentle and smiling, all kinds of petting.


Xiao Luo was so angry that he wanted to give the emperor brain his paws.


Ling Su logged into the Computer , clicked on the animation channel, and picked a cute “Sweet Private Cat”. While stroking the little orange cat, he explained, “This is after a kitten unfortunately lost his mother. The story of trying to find its mother.”


Xiao Luo: Are you bullying the kitten and being ignorant, or have you never seen nonsense here?


With a short cookie Every three minutes , one person and one cat inadvertently watched more than ten episodes .


The little orange cat that just turned a month old, didn’t have so much energy, and quickly took a nap and fell asleep in a daze.


When Xiao Luo woke up, he found that it was dark. He lay in the cat litter with the milk bottle filled with 4/5 milk powder and still exuding residual heat. The faint milk scent aroused his appetite, and he stood up. His ears listened carefully for a minute and found that there was no other person in the dormitory, so he held the bottle decisively and sucked it up.


When he was 70% full, the little orange cat crawled out of the cat litter and ran to the study happily.




The author has something to say:


Ling Su: Xiaopang, the little guy next door can twist his fart. The stock is so cute, do you have one too?


Xiao Luo: My cuteness is very expensive, you can’t afford it.


Ling Su: Not afraid, I have money.


Xiao Luo: Ha ha ha, is that your money?


Ling Su: Mine is all yours.


Xiao Luo: Come, sell me a cute.


Ling Su:…




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll correct it. You can also ‘buy me a coffee’ if you like it…..



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  • 1
    {T/N: most handsome boy in school}
  • 2
    {T/N:to curry favour. This reason why the act of hugging someone’s thighs was translated to mean to curry favor with someone was because it originated from people who were buddhist and praying to buddha for help. The statue of buddha in temples are usually huge and so people will ‘hug’ his thighs/legs when praying for help.}
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