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MSSOC Chapter 1

First Encounter

☆, 001… first encounter



Z city, Yujingyuan high-end residential area 25#204 super large display screen, Z city traffic trunk route map, traffic monitoring screen, source code editing operation interface are displayed side by side, young white slender fingers tapped on the keyboard, black and white apricot eyes stared at the screen intently, finally-


Xiao: The target was locked.


AX: Hard work, Master Xiao!


Xiao: ^_^ I will withdraw first.


AX: Wait a minute, Master Xiao!




AX: This case can be resolved smoothly. Thanks to your help, we have cooperated many times, and it can be regarded as a tacit understanding. After careful consideration in the organization, we decided to hire you as the commissioner of the Network Department of the Special Affairs Division of the National Security Bureau. I don’t know how you like it?


Xiao: Sorry, time may not be convenient.


Xiao Luo didn’t even think about it, but directly refused, not pretending to be mysterious. Two days later, he had to go to W University to report and start his new university life.


As early as when he first assisted AX in tracking criminals, Xiao Luo had already found out the other party’s details, in line with the principle of prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality and justice. The rule of law, patriotism, dedication and integrity, plus Master’s entrustment, he volunteered to help every time. It can be regarded as exercising himself , but if he is bound to the other party for a long time, it is another matter.


For the projects in charge of the Special Affairs Division of the National Security Bureau, the suspects usually have special identities, treacherous abilities, erratic whereabouts, and criminal motives that are arbitrary. Two years ago, AX was ordered to contact Xiao, who is No. 2 on the global hacker rankings. The legendary Master Xiao, who has the blood of country C, has been contacted many times. AX found that Xiao is humble and occasionally a little…boyish?


Such a person is unwilling to be bound by the rules of the clauses, which is obviously a matter of course.


Although AX had some regrets, it was not easy to force each other.


AX: Very well then. Looking forward to our next cooperation.


Xiao: If possible, I would look forward to world peace^_^


AX smiled, and before he had time to say anything, the connection has been disconnected. It seems that Master Xiao is indeed in a hurry.


What is urgent? Xiao Luo stood up, stretched his waist, yawned, and walked to the bathroom in a daze. As he walked, he undressed, revealing a thin and smooth body, with inconspicuous abdominal muscles, and his fair skin. Smooth, because he is still developing, his height has just exceeded 172cm.


After stripping himself off, Xiao Luo lay down in the bathtub with peace of mind. Thinking about the new students’ registration two days later, he was still a little excited. He became famous when he was young and had a smooth journey. Originally arranged by his parents, after finishing his high school career, he should go to study abroad in M ​​country. Fortunately, Master had dealt with it and allowed him to successfully participate in the college entrance examination and got the W University computer Department’s admission letter as he wished. .


“Dingling bell~” Xiao Luo’s cell phone ringtone is the old-fashioned phone ringtone by default, and the sound is continuous and louder and louder.


The person who had originally closed his eyes in the bathtub stood up sleepily, and when his left foot landed on the ground, there was a bang, tragedy came.


Xiao Luo didn’t expect what happened next. He would fall down, knock his head back into the bathtub, and then just…dead?


When he opened his eyes again, he had to admit that he might really be dead.


Z City, LOLO Pet House. According to legend, it only accepts predestined people. It is not necessarily a mystery pet shop. All pets in this shop are generally high in IQ, and they are absolutely priceless.


[Hey, Xiao Miao, come and play with me! 】


Play with you, sir.


Close your eyes, open your eyes, close your eyes, open your eyes…it’s the cat’s paw, ahhhhhh! The sky bears me!


Xiao Luo glanced listlessly at the husky, who was in front of him, and turned to look away: This is a small pet shop with a warm layout and an overall pink girlish heart. The owner is a little loli with a flower petal head. The pets in the store are basically small plush, such as the silly husky pups shouting in front of him, the pudding hamsters rushing to eat in front of him, and…the little one whose body he possessed was a orange British shorthair cat 1 {T/N : British short hair cat : which just turned one month old.


Husky 2 {T/N :Husky: didn’t give up, hugged the little milk cat’s head, and kept licking: [Little Miao, why are you ignoring me, are we not good brothers!? 】

When did cats and dogs become brothers? Xiao Luo was unable to make complaints, and directly pushed away the fluffy head with his paws. Since he recovered and realized that now, three hours and fifteen minutes have passed. During this period, the pet shop had not received any guests.


The business was sluggish, and the shopkeeper was not worried at all. Instead, he sat leisurely in front of the computer and played games. Xiao Luo glanced from a distance and found that the cat’s eyesight was much better than he expected, and he even saw the skill bar on the screen. Clearly.


[Little Meow~ Let’s play peekaboo3 { T/N : peekaboo – Peekaboo (also spelled peek-a-boo) is a form of play played with an infant. To play, one player hides their face, pops back into the view of the other, and says Peekaboo!, sometimes followed by I see you!} , okay?] After husky was pushed away, he rushed over again with a faceless expression.




Xiao Luo yawned. I really can’t understand. It is also just a month old, why this Husky cub is so energetic, but-as a mature person, how could he play peekaboo with a husky? .


[Go away, or I will disfigure you. 】


【Xiao Miao, you finally took care of me, oooooooooooooooooooooo! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh] finally learned to behave, swiftly ran to the back of the cat climbing frame, collapsed to the ground, belly upside-down, showing half of his face carefully looking at the orange kitten with a pair of unlovable eyes .


Finally, the ears had peace.


Xiao Luo sighed and looked up at the sky, always feeling that something was wrong.


He didn’t steal anything , he didn’t enjoy enough of his life. How could he suddenly be so unlucky that he fell to death with a fall?


He has also become a cat cub who was just a mere month old, waiting for a human who does not know whether it is a male or a female to buy him back? However, depending on the operating status of this pet shop, maybe he will stay here all the time and be babbled all day long.


“Welcome.” The mechanized female voice rang along with the wind bell of the glass door moving away.


Xiao Luo turned to look at the door. The owner, Lolita, was still playing games. He didn’t seem to want to stand up and greet the guests.


[Xiao Miao, there is a good-looking young lady!] Husky, who doesn’t remember the earlier fight, ran over again, twisting his fart excitedly, shaking his tail, and greeted the guest with a flattering expression.


There is a girl in her early twenties, tall, with beautiful features, and wearing a W university uniform.


Xiao Luo suddenly came to his feet, stood up quickly, and walked forward.


Compared with Husky, who was twisted particularly vigorously, the orange cat looked quiet and shy.


[Xiao Miao, learn from me. Pinch up your fart, tail up, it is said that humans like lively little babies! ]


[…] Xiao Luo took two steps disgustedly, so as not to be infected by this Husky.


Facts have proved: Husky is right.


When the young lady picked up Husky and walked towards the counter, Xiao Luo felt extremely complicated: Why would he lose to a husky for such a compelling cat? He really wants to go to W University to have a look…


[Little Meow, I’m leaving first, remember to contact me on the the ball often in the future! 】Husky grabbed the young lady’s shoulders and waved to the little orange cat.


Xiao Luo looked at him blankly, seriously suspecting that he was hearing hallucinations: in the future, will be in contact with each other often on the ball?


Is Husky also a person? Not possible .


“Welcome.” Another guest came.


Xiao Luo looked expectantly. He was a young man with a white shirt and jeans, and he didn’t wear the W university uniform. He suddenly lost interest.


“I need a well-behaved cat.” The voice is deep and magnetic, and the words are bold and recognizable.


The little orange cat was lying down on his stomach with a sense of excitement, and couldn’t help but straighten up, his ears trembled, only to think: This sound is pretty good.


“There is only one British short hair in the store, but most of the orange cats are more lively and coquettish. You can go and check it out first.” The owner, Lolita, did not turn his head, and continued to stare at his computer screen. They are in front of you, walk seven meters forward.”


A wayward shopkeeper. Xiao Luo silently commented, for the guest’s voice, and barely gave the other party three points of attention. At this look, he couldn’t help but be stunned: the voice is good and the face is good-looking, and the idol drama male number two player is set up properly.


Ling Su is 185cm tall and belongs to the taller group of boys. With wide shoulders and narrow waist, he has long legs and has a full score of 10. He is afraid of making him proud, so Xiao Lou can only give him 9 points. He has become a proud face since his freshman year. After three years have passed, he has entered the senior year, and he is as stable as Mount Tai on the throne of the W University Finance Department.


“Huh?” The little orange cat squatted quietly, looking very well-behaved, with a fluffy ball, looking at him with round eyes, and meowing softly.


Ling Su’s heart suddenly turned into a pool of water.


“Isn’t it that the orange cat loves to act like a baby? It’s so quiet. It turns out to be a scheming cat.” He was very satisfied in his heart, and he had to put on a disgusting and provocative look on his face.


When Xiao Luo heard this, he was angrily vomiting: What kind of idol drama male No. 2 persona, this is obviously a chunibyo disease 4 {T/N:Chūnibyō (中二病) is a Japanese colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who had grandiose delusions, may act like they know everything .} who is good at brain supplement.




“Boss, this cat, I want it.”


“Give me the exchange card.” The shop owner, Lolita, finally finished the copy and turned around with a smile, “This little orange cat has just turned a month old, we have special milk powder and milk cakes, natural kitty cat food, cat litter, cat climbing frame, feeding manual guide, etc., if all are packed, it will be 1998, do you need a set?”


A set of 1998, this is pig slaughter! Xiao Luo clearly remembered that when husky was taken away by the young lady, the dog food spree was only 198!


“Okay, let’s get one set.” Ling Su swiped the card without hesitation.


Xiao Luo watched silently, and came to a conclusion: My shoveling officer is stupid, can I be smarter?


“Pang,5 {T/N: Literally means fatty or chubby } go, I’ll take you home.” The shoveling officer came back, holding a small cat cage in his hand.




Xiao Luo stepped back incomparably resistingly: What the hell is chubby, which one of your eyes sees me getting fat?


Ling Su smiled and grinned, his smile was as bright as the March sun, which made people unable to help but stare at him . Then- he quickly played with the little orange cat and entered the cat cage, the whole process was as straightforward as clouds and flowing water.


When Xiao Lou reacted to play, he had been carried by Ling Su into the co-driver’s seat: Audi A8, a rich shit shoveling officer, who had to care about playing a 1998 cheating package.




The author has something to say:


The so-called love at first sight?


Ling Su: Scheming Cat..


Xiao Luo: Stupid rich man.



T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll correct it. You can also ‘buy me a coffee’ if you like it…..


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  • 1
    {T/N : British short hair cat :
  • 2
    {T/N :Husky:
  • 3
    { T/N : peekaboo – Peekaboo (also spelled peek-a-boo) is a form of play played with an infant. To play, one player hides their face, pops back into the view of the other, and says Peekaboo!, sometimes followed by I see you!}
  • 4
    {T/N:Chūnibyō (中二病) is a Japanese colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who had grandiose delusions, may act like they know everything .}
  • 5
    {T/N: Literally means fatty or chubby }
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