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MSSOC Chapter 3

Ignorant. Jpg

☆ 003…. Ignorant. jpg


After confirming that there is no monitoring installed in the study, the little orange cat decisively pressed the start button . Well, his paw hurts a little.


Ling Su’s computer has set a power-on password, but for Xiao Luo, this is not a problem, not to mention that the other party had entered the password in front of him without any defense before.


After holding the front paws and pressing the power-on button and entering the password with much difficulty on the keyboard, Xiao Luo began to miss when his fingers were healthy and human.


First of all, landing on the QQ 1 {T/N: QQ : QQ is the official app of China’s most popular social network. number, there are not many friends on this number, except for his master, parents, no other people have been added.





The avatars in the contacts are all black, and Xiao’s father and Xiao’s mother usually use QQ numbers almost once a year.


After checking the date, Xiao Luo clicked on Master’s profile picture and began to edit the information: Master, I had an accident yesterday afternoon, and now I have become an orange cat who just turned a month old. What is the current state of my own body? Don’t know. After you see it, please go to 25#204, Yujingyuan high-end residential area, Z City, to help check the scene. Also, don’t tell my parents about this in advance.


Before the message was sent, a news feed suddenly appeared in the lower right corner of the screen, with a very eye-catching headline: A 17-year-old boy died naked at home. The truth turned out to be…


Looking at this headline, Xiao Luo had an ominous premonition.


After clicking on the news link, the hunch became a reality. Although there are mosaics in the photos, he recognized the place where he lived for a few years! The only good thing is that there is no naked photo of him in it. The author used a typical catchy headline, the main body of the text was serious, describing the story of an internet addicted teenager who stayed up all night and died of fatigue, and particularly seriously advocated that young people should cherish their lives, arrange their time and so on.


Obviously there is no text in the comment below that is “positive”.


1#: Nothing else, the housing prices here are ridiculously high, a typical rich area in City Z, so I can’t help but have an idea…


2#: I have a friend who lives in Yujingyuan. It is said that there is a boy in Building 25 who looks very good. He looks like seventeen or eighteen. No one sees his parents.


3#: Must be raised by that old woman, but raised in a deep boudoir who didn’t know it~


4#: Internet addicted teenager? It is probably not the truth! Young people nowadays are so self-loving!




21#: Those few lumps upstairs are too dark and ugly.


Xiao Luo turned dozens of floors in succession, and the basic argument was the same, three words: no brains.


What happened to him yesterday is the news today. The traces are too obvious, like being repressed by the navy to guide public opinion. When he was about to do something, the icon in the lower right corner of the screen prompted new news. Looking at the profile picture, Xiao Luo clicked on it quickly to replace the previously edited content.


Xiao: Master, why are you online?


Compared with his parents, the frequency of his master using QQ is half a catastrophe. Three people run all over the world all the year round, and they have their own channels to connect with each other. The QQ has gradually become a decoration.


Master: Xiao Luo, where are you now?


Xiao: W University . Master, there was an accident on my side, and things are more complicated.


Master: I already know.


Xiao Luo was stunned. He didn’t say anything yet, Master knew everything? Although for a long time, Master has basically been equated with supernatural powers and omnipotence in his eyes. A person suddenly died and the soul possessed a cat. Such a supernatural thing…


Master: It was my fault. When AX asked you for help, if I objected, you would be almost killed.


Xiao: Ignorant .jpg 2 Ignorant. jpg :


Master: I got news in advance that you may be in danger and I am going to save you, but it is still a step too late. When I arrived, you were already unconscious. The doctor said that you might become a vegetative, but I transferred your soul to an orange cat through a special way. During this period of time, you first stay at W University with peace of mind, and when the matter is over, I will pick you up.


Xiao: Horror. jpg


Master: Your claws are not working well now, I will solve those navy on the Internet. At present, the most important thing for you is to maintain your body. Don’t be confused about life and death. This cat is my best effort to help. I will find the body that fits best.


Xiao: Dumb.jpg


Master: Let’s do this for today. Remember to clear the history when you are offline.


Xiao: Master! How many secrets are you hiding from us!


Master: When the time is right, you will naturally know. Smile. jpg


Xiao Luo looked helplessly at the master’s avatar that went dark after an instant. He was three years old when he met master and studied with him. Before taking the college entrance examination, he had not even been to school. After 14 years, he became a legend, a hacker master in China, he is proficient in four foreign languages: English, French, German, and Japanese. Among his peers, he is undoubtedly quite outstanding, but without the careful teaching and cultivation of his master, he would not be able to achieve today’s results.


However, about master, he always knew too little.


After two minutes, the news page that was originally opened changed to “404 NOT FOUND” as soon as it was refreshed.


“Meow~meow~” After the little orange cat craned his neck and wailed twice, turned off QQ, opened the command prompt interface, and slowly entered a few lines of commands to clear the traces of his previous use, and then Shut down!


Ling Su’s computer uses a water-cooled system design, but there is no such thing as the computer staying hot for a period of time after it is turned off.


The little orange cat returned to his cat litter, with his listless belly facing up like a corpse.


Three views are constantly being refreshed.


He thought he was over-fatigued and just slipped his feet, and he fell to his death to the extreme.


Unexpectedly, his “death” was actually a premeditated plot.


It should be fortunate that his body is still alive anyhow, he still has a chance to go back, but do nothing, just wait like that? Obviously it does not fit Xiao Luo’s temperament.


Perhaps, he should look for the husky, he always felt that the kid seemed to know something.


Just thinking about it, the little orange cat shook his ears and opened his eyes to look at the door of the room.


The next second, the shit shovel officer opened the door and came in.


The book says: Orange cat has a lively character and loves to act like a baby.


Seeing that he could only rely on the shit shoveling officer to find husky, Xiao Luo hesitated, ran over, and meowed a few times at the shit shoveling officer.


“Scheming Xiao pang, nothing to do with hospitality.”


“Meow?” The little orange cat tilted his head, opened his mouth slightly, and looked ignorant and simple.


Ling Su closed the door, squatted down, and looked down at the fluffy ball: “Did you do bad things when I was away?”


“Meow~” The little orange cat took the initiative to move forward and raised his head. The shoveling officer rubbed the palm of his hand, and slandered: I’m doing it.


“It smells like milk. I really want to eat you.”


Xiao Luo: Shocked. jpg


#Myshoveling officer has a chunibyu disease, how to treat it? #


“It’s half past nine, do you still want to watch cartoons?” Ling Su naturally couldn’t know Xiao Luo’s inner thoughts. He picked up his little orange cat in both hands and walked towards the study. He passed by the cat litter during the period and saw the bottle of milk powder was obviously missing by a third, and he couldn’t help but smiled, “Xiaopang likes milk?”


Xiao Luo wanted to roll his eyes: This is definitely an abnormal master.


“Hey, chubby, did you come to the study while I was away?” Ling Su picked up a golden cat fur from the mechanical keyboard and looked at the little orange cat that jumped onto the desk with a serious expression. .


After all, I missed a bit: He will shed hair now!


After Xiao Luo meowed innocently, his fluffy body crawled forward and moved. When he was close to the edge of the keyboard, his body crooked, fell on the keyboard, and rolled left and right.


The cat’s hair has fallen off its roots again.


“Like this keyboard?” Ling Su suddenly realized.


That night, the mechanical keyboard that had been “tarnished” by Xiao Luo was sent to the cat litter.


At the end, the cartoon was still not seen. Before the computer was turned on, Ling Su answered the phone. After he finished the call, it was already an hour later. The little orange cat had already lay down and fell asleep.


A pile of fluffy golden hairball, the short legs are white and flawless, and the pink cat’s paws occasionally waved, Ling Su bent over and leaned forward, blowing a breath at the little guy. The cat’s paws seemed to feel sensitive. After scratching a few times, the little orange cat in his sleep shifted his position and turned his back to the shovel officer.


This is the first time Ling Su has raised a cat. He accidentally got a redemption card from LOLO Pet House. He also heard that this is a very peculiar pet shop. All pets are not clearly marked for sale. They are only given to chosen ones. It looks like a hype gimmick .


But he really needed a cat, so he took the exchange card to the door.


When he first saw this little orange cat, Ling Su’s undisturbed heart seemed to have been dropped by a pebble, rippling circles, and a voice in his heart told him: This is it.


Obviously it is a cute and cute little hairy face. He has just interpreted various expressions, such as disgust, contempt, flattery, guilty conscience?


“Tingling Bell~” The phone rang.


Ling Su pressed the answer button for the first time and walked quickly to the balcony to answer the phone.


“Grandpa.” A serious face.


“Xiao Su, did you get the cat? How do you feel?” Grandpa Ling’s voice sounded full of vigour , not at all like a person in his early seventies.


“Very good.” Still a serious face.


“That’s good, raise it with your heart.” There was a slight smile in his voice.


Ling Su was silent for three seconds: “Grandpa, is that legend true?”


“Naturally it is true.” His tone was serious.


The call ended in less than two minutes.


When Ling Su returned to the side of the cat’s nest, the little orange cat had already rolled out of the nest restlessly, like a tortoise, a fast-moving fur ball, crawling forward step by step, but his eyes were closed, he obviously hasn’t woken up yet.


“This direction… Xiaopang, are you planning to occupy my bed?”


Xiao Luo couldn’t answer in his sleep, and didn’t realize that he was picked up by the shit shovel officer and carried onto the bed.


Ling Su at this time naturally didn’t expect to meet his “surprise” the next day.




The author has something to say: The legend is not about cats becoming humans, but a luck buff~ It will be explained later~




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


Let me know if you find any mistakes and I’ll correct it. You can also ‘buy me a coffee’ if you like it…..



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    {T/N: QQ : QQ is the official app of China’s most popular social network.
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    Ignorant. jpg :
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