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MSSOC Chapter 18

old things in the Ling family

018… old things in the Ling family


  Qingfeng Daocheng? Xiao Luo was a little dazed. His master was also called Qingfeng, but- in his memory, the identities of the master who is a charming uncle  and the Taoist master seemed to be a bit contradictory.


  So, the Qingfeng Daocheng Ling Yan talked about should be someone else?


  ”Xiao Yan, he is your mother.” Grandpa Ling smiled, his expression dignified,he has a strong personality, he knew this from the beginning, his only son just liked such a woman, and he was helpless.


  ”Grandpa, I remember that my mother was not like this before. Starting six years ago, many of her behaviors and even her temper became strange to me.” Ling Yan seemed to have made up his mind and continued with the original topic.


  ”Xiao Wan, take TianTian upstairs first.” Grandpa Ling was helpless, and no one wanted to discuss what happened six years ago.


  Yu Wan nodded slightly, just as soon as she picked up the person, little friend Ling Tianci was not happy.


  ”Let’s go there with Xiao Pang !” Xiao Luo knew for the first time that he could be so attractive to little friends. Of course, if he didn’t know how to play Rhythm Master, the result would be completely different.


  ”Tiantian, what are you talking about?” Ling Su asked quietly.


  Ling Tianci shook his head again and again, looked at the little orange cat aggrievedly, and then obediently followed his mother upstairs.


  Xiao Luo pretended to lower his head and lick his paws, pretending that he didn’t see the little bit of resentment. Although he liked this little dumpling, he was more curious about Qingfeng Daochang and the story of the Ling family six years ago.


  Intuition tells him: his shit shoveling officer also has a grudge about those past events.


  Xiao Luo stayed patiently and listened to the conversation between Grandpa Ling and the eldest brother of the Ling family. Occasionally, the shoveling officer in his family would intervene. The three of them knew everything about the past, but he, the observer, was obviously different and could only collect clues slowly with the help of the QQ system to record information, and then calculate the truth six years ago.


  Six years ago, Ling’s father Ling Rui served as the CEO of the Ling’s consortium. Ling’s eldest brother Ling Yan was an intern at the subsidiary. Ling Su was still actively planning his Xingchen studio. Although Ling’s mother Jiang Yan’s personality has always been strong, as the daughter-in-law of the Ling family, she worked hard to constrain, wanting to be a gentle and a good wife and mother.


  Until one day, Ling Rui’s chief secretary Lou Yiyi suddenly approached Jiang Yan and said that she was pregnant with Ling Rui’s child. Jiang Yan, who had been self-cultivating for many years, was greatly stimulated at that moment and had a dispute with Lou Yiyi.


  During the dispute, Lou Yiyi fell and had a miscarriage.


  Ling Rui repeatedly assured that he had nothing to do with Lou Yiyi, and the child could not be his. Jiang Yan believed at first, but later, Lou Yiyi committed suicide, jumped out of the ward window on the third floor, and died on the spot.


  There was a lot of turmoil for a while, and Ling’s stock plummeted. In the end, Grandpa Ling personally removed Ling Rui from the position of CEO and promoted Ling Yan to that position .


  It was not difficult for Xiao Luo to imagine how tortuous the process was at the time. The rumors were fierce. Most of the rumors were caused by Ling’s rivals. Poor father Ling, the unlucky one.


  After the matter subsided, Jiang Yan asked Ling Rui the truth again. Ling Rui said frankly: Lou Yiyi had tried to seduce him. He had already thought of dismissing her, but because the other party begged hard, he promised to give her a three-month buffer period. After that, the performance of the chief secretary was also in line with her identity, but unexpectedly it would eventually turn into such a tragedy.


  Jiang Yan was reluctant and went crazy, and was hospitalized for a period of time because of mental abnormalities. The treatment process went smoothly. She was discharged from the hospital in just two months, and everything seemed to be back to normal.


  Because of self-blame, Ling’s father felt that he was not properly handling Lou Yiyi’s incident, which led to a series of troubles later. He was more tolerant of Jiang Yan and gave way everywhere, but he didn’t expect–


  ”Sometimes,  even though I tolerate it , I can’t help but wonder if she is our mother.”


  Ling Su’s voice pulled Xiao Luo’s thoughts back to reality.


  Ling Yan sighed and said with the same serious expression, “Grandpa, I have discussed this matter with Xiao Su several times in private. Have you ever doubted it at all?”


  Xiao Luo looked back suspiciously at his shit shovel officer and  suddenly had an extremely absurd idea in his mind: Could it be that Mother Ling’s body was occupied by someone? !


  Six years ago, there was a change in temperament. It can be said that it was caused by irritation, but she was allergic to animal hair…


  Xiao Luo recalled it carefully, and always felt that Mother Ling’s so-called allergic reaction did not seem to be physiological. Yes, it’s more like a psychological problem.


  ”All the physical examination reports are normal.” Grandpa Ling frowned slightly. He was originally an atheist, but after the trigram that Qingfeng Daochang gave Ling Su, he subconsciously began to believe in this mysterious thing.


  Perhaps it is precisely because Jiang Yan is the daughter-in-law of the Ling family and the closest family member of the family. From the moment they discovered her abnormality, their first reaction was not to doubt, but to tolerate and understand, hoping that time could ease everything.


  ”So, let Qingfeng Dao take a visit.” Ling Yan said sternly, “In the past six years, what she has done has largely resembled a stranger trying to split our family. My business with Xiaowan. It’s already over. Grandpa,  in the future when Xiao Su will bring his girlfriend to the door, what more will his mother toss with? You don’t want that to happen right ?”


  ”Xiao Su, what do you say?” Grandpa Ling turned his attention to Ling Su.


  Ling Su was stroking the fluffy body of the little orange cat, his eyes drooping, and his emotions were difficult to distinguish: “Grandpa, I agree with what big brother said.” In the past six years, each of them has more or less doubts, even the two brothers Ling Yan and Ling Su had invited several experts to see her quietly three years ago, but unfortunately, all of them were fruitless.


  Those were all well-known experts in the industry, and even they said that the feng shui of Ling’s family was completely okay, and they didn’t find anything wrong with them. The brothers had to give up, just remaining suspicious by themselves.


  ”I see.” Grandpa Ling took out his mobile phone and prepared to contact an old friend to help set up someone. Qingfeng Daochang has a good reputation in the industry. In addition to looking at Feng Shui, he is better at solving some “difficult and complicated diseases”, but the whereabouts of this superior has always been uncertain, and it is difficult to contact him.


  This, this… God-like development. Xiao Luo swallowed silently. He didn’t expect that the first time he came to the door, he would actually break through the complicated past of the Ling family.


  If Qingfeng Daochang is really so magical, would he see through his little orange cat that there is a human soul hidden in this cat body?


  Or… Qingfeng Daocheng is his master?


  Xiao Luo couldn’t make a conclusion, but seeing his shit shoveling officer’s thoughtful appearance, he couldn’t help but arched his head into the other’s arms, and he was trying to comfort: poor shit shoveling officer, don’t worry, I’m still by your side.


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