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MSSOC Chapter 17

My pot?

017… My pot?

  ”Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! 666 1 666 : amazing combos!” Ling Tianci clapped his hands excitedly, the noise was a bit loud, and even Ling Yan and Yu Wan couldn’t help but come to see what happened.

  Have you seen a cat playing Rhythm Master?

  They have seen it, but this is the only one who has played so smoothly . There is no pause in between .

  The fluffy little paw moved quickly, until only an afterimage was left!

  The two words “perfect” on the screen are dazzling, and the number of combos is rising!

  This cat… Ling Yan remembers that this is the pet cat Ling Su adopted from LOLO Pet Shop. The location of that mysterious and taboo pet shop is not an advantage. The layout is small, and the owner is basically there playing games all day long , no promotion and marketing, all income depends on “fate”, but miraculously survived for more than ten years without bankruptcy.

  Someone once wanted to buy and sell, but the shopkeeper relentlessly drove him out. After a while, he was beaten inexplicably without his knowledge , and the next thing was surprisingly unlucky.

  Almost all the people who had trouble with LOLO’s pet shop did not end well.

  Ling Yan carefully examined it for a long time and found that apart from the cute and well-behaved appearance of this little orange cat, it was not much different from pet cats in other places, but it was a little smarter than his son? At least playing this rhythm master is pretty smooth .

  ”Dad, I want to raise Xiao pang.” The little dumpling, who was dismissed by his father as a pet cat, suddenly turned his head and grabbed Ling Yan’s trouser legs with both hands. “Daddy, he is so smart! Can I make him my younger brother?”

  ”No. “Ling Yan’s face was stern, with a headache: You treat this cat as your younger brother. You are trying to put your father, your mother, your second uncle, your grandfather, your grandma, and your grandfather at the same level as yours ! ?

  ”I just want Xiaopang to be my brother!” Little Tianci repeated stubbornly, flew his arms, and hugged the little orange cat who was focused on waving his paws to catch the rhythm, and then-the combo was interrupted and Xiaopang died.

  ”Meow?” Is this the first thing?

  Confused, Xiao Luo glanced at the elder brother Ling and his little nephew who were in a stalemate for no reason, with a guilty conscience: Could it be that he did something bad?

  ”Ahem, Tiantian, Xiaopang is your second uncle’s beloved one. If you snatch Xiaopang away, won’t your second uncle cry?” Grandpa Ling couldn’t help touching the dull hair on Ling Tianci’s head and kindly persuaded, “Grandpa will take you to buy a tabby cat in the afternoon, okay?”

  Yu Wan was also dumbfounded. Because of her mother-in-law, after she married into Ling’s family, she gave away the golden retriever she had raised herself for several years. It must be a lie to say that it is not uncomfortable, but the mother-in-law is allergic to pet hair, and she, a junior, has to reluctantly cut her love.

  Hearing Grandpa Ling said to buy a tabby cat for Tian Tian, Yu Wan noticed the change in Mother Ling’s face for the first time, so she had to persuade her euphemistically: “Grandpa, you will spoil him like this.”

  ”No, no tabby cat. I want Xiao pang !” Tiantian hugged the little orange cat with both hands and shook his head desperately.

  Xiao Luo: Confused. jpg

  In the end, the shovel officer came over in person and solved the problem.

  ”Tian Tian wants a younger brother?” Ling Su asked gently.

  ”Yeah!” The little dumpling nodded vigorously.

  Ling Su’s face instantly changed: “Tell your parents to give you a younger brother.”

  Little Tianci: stunned. jpg Second uncle is terrible!

  The terrible second uncle continued his efforts: “You dare to snatch my chubby, I will snatch your wife in the future.” With tears in his eyes, Little Tianci hesitated for a long time, and handed the little orange cat to Ling Su: “Second uncle, you are not kind.  You will be struck by lightning.”

  Xiao Luo thought , this baby is a bit superstitious , right?

  ”Ling Tianci! Your mobile phone and notebook will be confiscated from now on.” When the ruthless parent said, the hard-pressed baby rushed into Grandpa Ling’s arms: “Grandpa, oooooo, I’m so pitiful…”

  Grandpa Ling smiled happily and patted Little Tianci on the back: “Don’t cry, grandpa will take you to see Xiao Huang to play in the afternoon.”

  Xiao Luo covered his face: I always feel that this way of educating the family is a bit wrong.

  Mother Ling showed a graceful temperament, but there was an indescribable violation of peace on her body. Xiao Luo looked at it several times without a trace, but to no avail, he had to temporarily suppress his doubts.

  As for Father Ling, apart from reminding Ling Su not to bring the cat in at the beginning, he was silent at the back, obviously he should be the head of the family, but he turned himself into a semi-transparent person.

  He looked at the eldest brother Ling Yan , except for being a little serious,he was quite normal, absolutely he was a young talent and elite.

  Sister-in-law Yu Wan is gentle, approachable and perfect. If it was before, Xiao Luo would definitely use the other party as a template to find a wife for himself in the future.

  As for Grandpa Ling? Xiao Luo couldn’t say why, but simply felt that the old man’s attitude towards him was a little abnormal. Of course, he might have thought too much.

  Of course the most interesting thing is the little friend Ling Tianci. He is not at all like a young master born in a wealthy family, but more like a bear child who is simple, cute, innocent, full of kindness in his bones, but just a little superstitious .

  This is a family full of warmth on the whole, not much the same as he imagined, and it feels pretty good.


  ”Xiao Su, why did you take the cat back again?” Mother Ling was so wary of the cat and made no secret of her disgust.

  Xiao Luo covered his face: What should he do if his mother-in-law has a bad impression of him in the future? Ah wait… mother-in-law? How could he suddenly have such an idea!

  Suddenly, the cat’s face flushed.

  Ling Su keenly noticed that the little orange cat suddenly became uncomfortable, and mistakenly thought that Xiaopang understood Mother Ling’s  words, so he was sad, and said, “Xiao pang rarely sheds hair, besides, I will keep an eye on it. “

  The distance between the two is a few meters, Mother Ling’s unkind eyes flashed on Little Orange Cat, and finally she looked at Ms. Ruan helplessly: “Xiaoman, it’s the world of young people that I have thoughtlessly interfered with . Well, I definitely don’t want us elders to intervene indiscriminately. So I think, let Yaqin and Xiaosu contact each other on their own.”

  Ms. Ruan smiled and nodded, “That’s what I wanted to say.”

  ”Xiao Su, you can add a WeChat friend with Yaqin. When you are free, the two can go out for a meal and watch a movie…” When mother Ling  turned her face, her smile had returned to calm.

  Zhou Yaqin looked at Ling Su anxiously. After the incident just now, she understood: Ling Su valued the little orange cat named Xiaopang very seriously. If she wants to get close to him, she can only accept the existence of this cat, even if she is not happy, she can only endure it.

  Xiao Luo looked around and found that Grandpa Ling and Father Ling had no reaction. He didn’t seem to oppose Ling Su’s further development with Zhou Yaqin. He couldn’t help but worry: Will he be bullied by this sister in the future?

  ”I’ve been busy recently, I’m afraid I don’t have time to go out.” Old God Ling Su said , “In addition, I don’t use WeChat much.”

  The meaning of this refusal is already obvious. Zhou Yaqin’s face instantly turned pale, Ms. Ruan’s expression was also a little gloomy, not to mention mother Ling’s dazzling dissatisfaction.

  ”Auntie, I feel a little sick…” Zhou Yaqin felt that she had been insulted, and secretly held Ms. Ruan’s palm, and found an excuse to leave in a hurry.

  Mother Ling could not hold her back, and personally sent her away. When she came back, she found that her little son was lying on the sofa and teaching cats to play “cutting fruits” like an okay person. She couldn’t help but become angry: “Ling Su, you are getting more and more presumptuous. Don’t you pay attention to your mother?”

  ”A project invested by the Zhou family some time ago suffered a heavy loss, and the company’s operating capital was not working well. Don’t you know about this?” Ling Su raised his head and spoke indifferently, and said nothing. As for what happened to the Zhou family, the character of Zhou Yaqin alone is also open to question, but his mother clearly wanted to help outsiders cheat her family.

  Xiao Luo had a pause and suddenly realized: No wonder the shovel officer’s attitude is so strange.

  Mother Ling’s face flushed. It’s hard to say if it was because she was too close to the cat that caused the allergic reaction, or if she was just getting angry. She held her forehead and shook her body. She looked shaky, so scared that Xiao Luo wanted to run up to help others. Fortunately, Father Ling had quick eyes and hands, stepped forward a few steps, and helped her back to the room.

  Ling Yan stared at the back of father and mother Ling  in silence for a long while, he suddenly said, “Grandpa, please ask Qingfeng Daochang to come for a visit.”


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