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MSSOC Chapter 19

Hold on

Chapter 19… Hold on


Ling Su decided to stay temporarily, and go back to school after Qingfeng Daocheng gives his view over the whole matter.


In this regard, Xiao Luo expressed a little regret. At least for this period of time, he has no chance to touch the computer again… right?


“Xiao Pang, let’s play League of Legends together, okay?”


Facts have proved, there is no absoluteness in everything. Where there are friends like Ling Tianci, there will be a place for Xiao Pang! Of course, the premise is that Little Tianci was not caught by his dad.


Xiao Luo quietly glanced at the shit shovel officer who was talking to Big Brother Ling, and happily agreed to Little Tianci ‘s invitation.


He had been playing blindly for a while before, and he chose a beginner hero to play the mid laner, and the result was naturally horrible! 1 I’m guessing he didn’t play the champions that are best at mid lane. It’s quite hard if you choose other type of champions. Also, beginner hero is not that bad tsk tsk


This time, in order not to be despised by his little nephew and to continue to maintain his glorious image, Xiao Luo silently locked in the auxiliary position after discovering that Ling Tianci’s little pen friend played the ADC the most. More experienced hero: Star Guardian- Soraka. 2 ADC = Attack, Damage, Carry




“Xiao Pang, we are so destined, we are both bronze!”


“Meow~” This is not fate, my nephew. This is because we are rookies.


“Xiao Pang, do you have access to the keyboard?” Little Tianci stood on the computer chair, turning his head to look worriedly at the little orange cat standing in front of the keyboard.


“Meow!” No problem.


The keyboard is not a problem, the problem is- Little Tianci is too hateful, the first sentence after entering the battlefield is: Hello everyone, my name is Tiantian , I am four years old this year, please take care of me!


Then, Xiao Luo finally realized what it means to be truly in deep water!


Being sprayed is a trivial matter. Two of the other three members of one’s own side directly hung up, and the remaining one was desperately giving away their heads.


Ling Tianci didn’t care at all. Xiao Luo glanced at him and found that after he had introduced himself, he hadn’t looked at the chat interface anymore, and his psychological quality was simply unparalleled! Of course, this is a beautiful misunderstanding. The four-year-old little dumpling doesn’t know many words and he can only type this sentence. Naturally, he will not pay attention to what other people say on the chat interface.


At this time, the little friend who is focused on the game has a solemn expression on his face, and he has begun to manipulate the ice shooter to charge into the battle!


Hey, my nephew, anyhow, you should be awkward, stubborn, and think for a moment before going out for a while~


Xiao Luo covered his face.


Little Tianci didn’t see the situation clearly, and was still comforting the cat: “Xiao Pang, don’t panic, I think we can win!”


Win? Naturally there is no win.


Xiao Luo choked silently: Why not go play Cutting Fruit? 3 Cutting Fruits : Referring to Fruit Ninja


After losing a round, Little Tianci soon calmed down. After all, he was someone who inherited Ling Yan’s fine genes and knew how to reflect in time.


“Xiao Pang, I think the reason we lost just now was because our teammates were too bad!”


“Meow~” Makes sense, but my nephew, if you didn’t introduce yourself at the beginning, it would not be so miserable.


“Then, this game is too boring, let’s change one.” Ling Tianci is a kind and good boy. After discovering the fact that the little orange cat stepped on the keyboard with his paws, he couldn’t help feeling guilty.” Xiao Pang, the second uncle’s game company has released a new mobile game. I’ll help you download it on your phone. Let’s play it together?”


“Meow?” A game developed by his shit shoveler?


Xiao Luo was a little curious, but soon, when he discovered that Little Tianci was downloading a casual game for pets, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, Ling Su’s studio looks very huge, how did it develop this kind of… game for people with a girl’s heart ?


But this little game is quite suitable for the little cute things in the king’s harem group!


“Ling Tianci, what are you doing?”


Unexpectedly, when the pet dressing game had just been downloaded, the Ling family’s eldest brother arrived .


Xiao Luo guiltily glanced at the shit shovel officer who followed Ling Yan, and then pretended to lower his head and lick his paw.


“Xiao Pang said he wanted to play games, so I came to play with him!” Xiao Tuanzi replied solemnly.


“Lying and making stories, Xiao Pang said that he wanted to play? Huh?” Ling Yan picked up the person directly, “Have you done today’s homework?”


“Dad, please be forgiving of your subordinates! ”


Xiao Luo watched Ling Tianci , who kept asking for forgiveness and laughed. This godsend little friend! Looking at Ling Su who had already walked in front of him, he couldn’t help lighting himself a candle in silence.


“Xiao Pang.” The shoveling officer stared at the little orange cat blankly.


“Meow?” The little orange cat tilted his head, innocently acting cute.


“Even when I was not paying attention, you secretly ran away with someone, do you want me to tie you up?”


“Meow!” You are so rough, but this way you will lose me, you stupid slave!


Seeing the little orange cat’s hair exploding all over, as if it might be possible to run away at any time, Ling Su sighed quietly, picked up the shrunken little milk cat, and stuffed it into his arms. He spoke with a low and sad voice, “Fatty, I’m a little uncomfortable.”


Xiao Luo: Shocked. jpg The fragile shit shovel officer looks special…


Xiao Luo held his breath, waited patiently for a long time without a response, and turned his head to see, Ling Su actually fell asleep.


Fell asleep? ! Hey, it’s not dark yet! Get up quickly!


Xiao Luo realized that something was wrong, and patted Ling Su’s face with his paws. The other party didn’t respond. The whole study seemed to be extremely empty and quiet. He looked around in a panic, and finally decided to find someone for help. He just ran to the door, but it was blocked.


“Cat, what a disgusting thing.” A disgusted voice sounded at the entrance of the study, accompanied by the pale face of the visitor.


Xiao Luo’s eyes widened in astonishment: It was Mother Ling .


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: King! King! Problem occurs! Help! The Ma of my shit shoveling officer seems to be possessed by a monster. I actually saw her puffing out black smoke . Is there a problem with my eyes?


The king’s profile picture is gray, he doesn’t  know if he is offline or invisible.


Xiao Luo was so anxious that he wanted to rush out and ask for help, but was worried that the other party would hurt Ling Su. During the stalemate, Ling’s mother moved first.


She closed the door with her backhand, bypassed the little orange cat, walked to Ling Su’s side, and reached out to pinch his neck!


Damn it! Xiao Luo secretly exploded a swear word. Seeing Ling Su’s unconsciousness and no resistance at all, he didn’t have time to make other choices. He directly exchanged his love value for a limited-time transformation card, and controlled Mother Ling  who didn’t notice him behind her . He just turned into a naked muscular man wearing only a pair of pants and panties, and directly gave her a blow at the back of the head.


This is the first time that Xiao Luo has been rough with a person, unable to grasp his strength, and while fainting mother Ling, it also left a bruise on the back of the opponent’s neck.


But he can no longer take care of these.


“Ling Su? Wake up!”


Xiao Luo called a few times. Seeing that he didn’t respond at all, he had to carry the person on his back, preparing to stay away from the obviously wrong Mother  Ling. God knows if this person is possessed by a monster. What if she wakes up again soon?


“Dididi—-” The ball information prompt sounded.


King: Where are you now?


Xiao Luo was so excited that he hurriedly sent the address, thinking that Grandpa Ling had asked someone to contact Qingfeng Daocheng, but there was no news. When he thought that the king and his master were acquaintances, he couldn’t help but inquire.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: King, is my master Qingfeng Daocheng ?


King: What is the shape of the black smoke you just mentioned? What is the specific color? Pure black, dark gray, or red with black?


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: It’s a cloud of air on the top of her head, dark gray.


King: It shouldn’t be a monster, it’s a grievance. It’s more appropriate to leave this kind of thing to Qingfeng. I’ll now inform him to go to your side.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Thank you, King!


King: Oh. jpg


Xiao Luo saw that the profile turned gray instantly, then looked back at the previous news and found that king had been changed the subject.


“Who are you?” A low, vigilant voice suddenly rang in his ears.


Xiao Luo stiffened and almost cried. He just surreptitiously carried Ling Su out of the study and found a room that looked like a bedroom to put the person in. Before the five-minute transformation time limit was over, his shit officer actually woke up !




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  • 1
    I’m guessing he didn’t play the champions that are best at mid lane. It’s quite hard if you choose other type of champions. Also, beginner hero is not that bad tsk tsk
  • 2
    ADC = Attack, Damage, Carry
  • 3
    Cutting Fruits : Referring to Fruit Ninja
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