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MDWWHA Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Mr. Zhou doesn’t want to work hard anymore

Chapter 21

The South City was not like ‘Little Mist Village’, the crew specially requested an ambulance to cover the nearby area, as the result the medical staff arrived particularly quick. After Lu Ji’s personal doctor came over and gave Zhou Chenxi a brief examination of his injuries, filming had to be interrupted and Zhou Chenxi was sent to the hospital.


Fortunately, after the film was taken, the doctor said that there was nothing serious, just a little redness and swelling in the shoulder. He would be fine if the swelling went down after a little rest.


After the doctor finished prescribing the medicine, Zhou Chenxi was sent back to the hotel.


He was sprayed with a swelling relief bottled medicine on his shoulder. Zhou Chenxi somehow had nothing to do. Although he hadn’t hurt any bones, the redness and swelling still looked quite frightening. As a result, he was unable to move half of his body, so he could only lie on the bed like a paraplegic patient, flicking the remote control from time to time and staring blankly at the TV, which was playing something.


He didn’t know how long time had passed, but there was a sound of the door being opened from outside. It was Lu Ji who returned.


The door to Zhou Chenxi’s bedroom was left open, so he jumped off from his bed and walked toward the door, supporting one of his shoulders: “You’re back?”


Lu Ji glanced at him, a little upset: “I didn’t win.”


He went into his room and opened his suitcase, flipping open a clean shirt and changing into it.


“It’s okay!” Zhou Chenxi waved his hand, having expected this.


After he went to the hospital, the show continued to be recorded. Only Lu Ji alone left in their group so there was no way their group could win against the other duo. Then the result of the match was already predicted.


But after experiencing all kinds of bad luck, Zhou Chenxi was already immune to it.


Lu Ji pulled down his shirt with one hand, revealing his broad and strong back.


His back was smooth and his muscles were well defined. He looked very healthy. Zhou Chenxi stared blankly for a moment before he realized that Lu Ji was going to change his clothes.


“Aaahhhhh why don’t you close the door?!” Zhou Chenxi questioned loudly, covering his eyes as he turned around and dangling his stiff arms before he scurried back to his room at the lightning speed.


Lu Ji was stunned for a moment, putting on his clean T-shirt then he suddenly laughed.


Both of us are men, so why close the door?


Moreover,he obviously looked like he wanted to talk to him and also take a look yet he blamed him for not closing the door.


Satisfied with his bad interest, Lu Ji sat down near the table by the window and began to deal with the tasks he had to handle for today.


Suddenly his mobile phone rang, Lu Ji picked it up to see that it was a message from his secretary:


【Mr. Lu, the information that you previously asked me to investigate about the current movement of Luo Xingzhou, Luo Xinghe’s brother, has been sorted out and sent to your email address, please check it.】


Lu Ji replied:【Good, thank you for your hard work.】


He pondered for a while, rubbed the center of his forehead and opened the document lying quietly in his mailbox.


The next morning when he woke up, Zhou Chenxi felt that he had slept well again. Indeed the luxury sea view room was just too comfortable and perfect for a salted fish like him.


Today was the last day of filming in South City. After recording this episode,for the next one he would have to wait for another week and so. He didn’t know why, but in his heart, unexpectedly Zhou Chenxi felt a vague sense of reluctance.


The injury on Zhou Chenxi’s shoulder was much better than yesterday, although there was still some soreness, but the redness and swelling has obviously subsided, at least from the outside, it no longer looked like it had been injured.


Fortunately, the sea castle was inflatable, if a fall like that had been on concrete,the consequences were simply too horrible to contemplate.


The guests gathered on the beach as before, but Zhou Chenxi stood even further away from Luo Xinghe this time, not even willing to greet him. Even the others could clearly see that something was not right between them.


Today’s task was a high altitude challenge, which was divided into several kinds of forms: a hot air balloon, paragliding and also bungee jumping.


The challenges were divided into different levels of difficulties. One point for one successful challenge and three points for all successful challenges.


This time it was an individual competition, no more groups. Apart from the seaside, South City was also famous for its aerial rides with hot air balloons slowly rising high in the sky during the peak tourist season, making it a bright and beautiful scenery to behold.


Zhou Chenxi had wanted to ride on it at least one before he came here. Now he finally had the chance, however he wasn’t very happy because he still had an injury on his shoulder, so he might not be able to do the next two challenges.


After introducing the rules of the game, Zhuang Jingle looked at Zhou Chenxi and saw his unhappy and sullen look. On behalf of him, he was awfully worried about his condition, “Will Chenxi be able to do it today?”


Lu Ji interjected from the side, “It’s okay, I can give him my points.”


Everyone was surprised.


Zhou Chenxi also raised his head to look at him.


He was injured yesterday, Lu Ji alone couldn’t take his place and help him to win the game so today he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity (to win). Everyone could understand it except for Luo Xinghe, who did not have a good expression on his face.


After everyone was dismissed from the place, Ren Qian noticed Luo Xinghe’s strange expression and asked him,”What’s wrong?”


Luo Xinghe hurriedly changed back to his usual expression, he smiled and said: “It’s nothing.”


He believed that yesterday he had done it stealthily, so he was not worried about being discovered by the others. He only did not expect that Zhou Chenxi would profit from the disaster and get the help from Lu Ji once again.


It seems that this time Lu Ji may not necessarily work for him, so he would have to try to change his strategy.


Zhou Chenxi and Lu Ji went first to the place where the hot air balloon ride was.


The instructor began to explain to them what to look out for once they were up there. Zhou Chenxi listened intently as he glanced back at the fire-breathing booster in the centre of the balloon.


“How high can this thing fly?” Zhou Chenxi asked.


The foreign instructor answered him in English, “Over a thousand metres.”


Zhou Chenxi: “Wah!”


Lu Ji looked at his expression full of curiosity about everything and instantly felt in a better mood: “Never been on one before?”


Zhou Chenxi thought about it and remembered that he shouldn’t have been on one before.


When he was very young, his parents would take him and his elder brother out with them, but later on they probably found it too troublesome to take the two kids with them. Thus they were no longer concerned about bringing them anymore.


His brother was lacking youthful vigor and not interested in the whole travel thing, plus he had to study, so he always raised Zhou Chenxi by giving him freedom. The only thing he was asked to do was to eat well, dress well and not be corrupted by bad examples.


Coupled with the fact that he later became extremely poor in the entertainment cycle, he became more and more frugal with his food, so even though he was born into a rich family, he was no different from the average boy coming from an ordinary family.


What he remembered the most was that his big brother (his Gege) used to take him to an amusement park to ride the electric carousel, which had a hot-air balloon shape. It was small and enough for two people to sit inside.


At first, because the hot air balloon was not as fun as the little white horse, the other children were unwilling to ride on it. Because Zhou Chenxi could not compete with them, later on, he felt that it was really fun to ride inside the hot air balloon, but his Gege didn’t want to ride it with him and felt ashamed.He always looked at his watch and said, “Two more laps, I have to go back to the class.”


At that time, his Gege was in senior high school while Zhou Chenxi was in elementary school.


Later, when his Gege graduated from university, he became even busier. Then afterwards, Zhou Chenxi ran away from home so no one ever accompanied him came out to play again.


“I’ve been in a theme park’s hot air balloon.” Zhou Chenxi smiled while saying this to him, “My big brother was the one who took me there, yet he stood outside waiting for me.I sat on the hot air balloon. Every time it turned around, I said hello to him but everytime my big brother always had a black (gloomy) face.”


Zhou Chenxi imitated Zhou Ming Xuan appearance “Like this.”


He held his arms up and looked at the non-existent watch on his wrist while his feet tapped the floor.


Zhou Chenxi, the little talent (in mimicking) imitated Zhou Mingxuan very lively and realistic (so well). In a short while, Lu Ji had a picture in his head and couldn’t help but laugh gently, “Is he that impatient?”


“It can’t be helped,” Zhou Chenxi sighed, “He’s always busy.”


This was the second time Lu Ji had heard Zhou Chenxi mention his brother in front of him. For some reason there was a slight jealousy in his heart: “Then I’ll accompany you to go up later. You can greet me again. I guarantee you that I would not be as stern-faced as your brother.”


Zhou Chenxi was startled, turned his head away with red ears and thought to himself, ‘Only the closest people would be impatient but also at the same time be tolerant to him ba?! 


To be like this, what does Lu Ji mean?


—— Could it be that he wanted to be my older brother (Gege)?


The author has something to say: Silly child, he wants to be your husband ah!



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    Aaayyyy poor Lu Ji. He got brozoned just like that xDD
    Thank you~

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