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MDWWHA Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore

Chapter 20


Lu Ji looked at Luo Xinghe indifferently.


Luo Xinghe’s mind wandered for a moment.


He wanted Zhou Chenxi so that he could win, but what was Lu Ji after?


Luo Xinghe always felt that there was something in this world that was gradually getting out of his control.


Lu Ji took off the watch on his wrist that was in the way and instructed the staff member to put it away for him. Once he held his wrist up, he said to Luo Xinghe, “How about it? Do you dare to compete?”


How could it be possible he didn’t dare to compete?


Luo Xinghe maintained his calmness’s appearance and smiled: “Of course! But, can I ask Lu Zhong the reason?”


[Lu Zhong: President/C.E.O Lu]


Lu Ji ignored him, “I’ll use the stone, what will you use?”


Luo Xinghe gritted his teeth, “I’ll use paper. ”


“Good.” Lu Ji smiled.




Lu Ji stone, Luo Xinghe scissors.


Luo Xinghe’s face changed all of a sudden, he could barely conceal his expression.


What was going on?


Lu Ji now becoming more and more couldn’t stand the sight of him and even Luo Xinghe could clearly feel the hostility towards himself emanating from his entire body.


It couldn’t be ah!Obviously everything had been very normal at the beginning.


He looked over at Zhou Chenxi.


Everyone else was having fun with this sand carving PK. Beside them, Zhou Chenxi was also bending his eyes and smiling lightly, unable to see how he was different from his usual self.


But it was just different.


        It was as if his koi luck was slowly fading away and the world was turning upside down without him realizing it.


Since he had promised Lu Ji, under the camera lens, Luo Xinghe had to give up on Zhou Chenxi and continue to partner with Ren Qian instead.


Because of Lu Ji’s sudden whim, everyone remembered the scene in the restaurant yesterday, they didn’t dare to heckle with Lu Ji but all started laughing and joking with Zhou Chenxi.


Zhou Chenxi was surrounded in the middle and his face gradually became embarrassed.


“Stop it!” Lu Ji came over to help him out of the embarrassing situation.


He released his other hand, which he had been clutching in his coat pocket. He felt that both his palms were sweaty: “Zhou Chenxi, come with me to change your clothes first.”


“Ooh.” Zhou Chenxi glanced at Lu Ji and followed him to the changing room, ready to change into the team uniform for the game.


The others, as if they were waking up from a dream, all followed behind them. Zhou Chenxi saw that both of themselves were still a bit away from the others and asked Lu Ji in a low voice, “Why did you ….choose me?”


Lu Ji paused in his steps for a moment and did not reply.


Zhou Chenxi muttered to himself, “Then, what should I do if you lose in the rock-paper-scissors?”


“I won’t lose,” Lu Ji stopped and turned back to say, “I’ll ‘act dumb‘ if I lose.”


[shuǎ lài /耍赖 : to act shamelessly / to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise etc / to act as if sth never happened]


Zhou Chenxi looked up at him.


Lu Ji smiled and continued to turn back and walk forward.


As for why ….


Lu Ji thought in his mind.


——Does suddenly find out that you are my little luck in this life, does it count?


Although Lu Ji did not answer his question, Zhou Chenxi felt in a much better mood. He came out after changing the clothes. Everyone was already waiting by the beach.


The three groups sent three representatives out to seduce the children.


Zhou Chenxi’s group was of course, Zhou Chenxi.


The group of Zhuang Jingle and Shao Yunyi was Shao Yunyi and the group of Luo Xinghe was Luo Xinghe.


The three of them were standing by the beach, each ‘scratching their hair coquettishly’ and doing their best to impress them.


Shao Yunyi had experience and knew a bit of sign language, so she was able to trick seven or eight children into going to her group at once.


Girls have the advantage, Zhou Chenxi was not discouraged as he squatted by the beach and kept making comic faces(鬼脸) at the children.


[鬼脸 literally mean ghost face, but it actually mean making many kinds of expression especially the ugly or the comical one]


He had learned some of Shao Yunyi’s sign language, but for some reason, the tricks that worked so well with Shao Yunyi didn’t work with him. On the contrary, Luo Xinghe did not do anything, but a few children hesitantly jumped to his side.


Sure enough, this is his koi (luck)…. Am I really that bad?


Zhou Chenxi somehow felt disheartened. He glanced to the side with a listless head and ears hanging down. Suddenly, he noticed that Lu Ji had disappeared.


After a while, there was a commotion at the children’s place.


Zhou Chenxi followed their line of sight and saw Lu Ji, dressed in his competition beach trousers and team uniform, holding a large handful of red and green balloons, walking towards him.


The children were all impassioned. The balloons were super cute, with all kinds of cartoon images on it so everyone gathered around Lu Ji.


Lu Ji seized the total victory.


The (film) director beat time with clappers, “Select a person on one’s free will is over. Let’s do a head count!”


Shao Yunyi remained unconvinced (refused to accept this as final): “Director, they are cheating,right? ”


Lu Ji raised his eyebrows.


Everyone looked at the director.


The director coughed dryly: “It doesn’t say that you can’t use the help from outside. You guys also used the buoyancy ducks and the balloons from the ocean castle.”


Zhou Chenxi looked at the buoyant little yellow ducks in his hands and squeezed it, making a ‘whining’ sound.


Shao Yunyi was discouraged by this.


Indeed, they only thought of resorting to the ornaments prepared by the program team, but did not think about buying the new ones themselves.


Children love new things.


This was probably, anyway, the so-called ‘power of money'(钞能力)!


[钞能力, remember, it sound the same with superpower]


Zhuang Jingle was responsible for the headcount. There were fifteen children in Lu Ji’s group, thirty in total. They took up one half of the group.


Zhou Chenxi was overjoyed and succeeded to give Lu Ji a high five.


The competition began with the team taking the children charge toward the ocean castle. In the end, the team with the highest number of children and within the time limit able to reach the finish line first won.


Although Zhou Chenxi’s team was strong and also the biggest team. It was particularly difficult to control, since the children did as they wished and could not understand what he was saying. Even though he was frantically gesturing in sign language, no one looked at him. The Ocean Castle is full of temptations.The program team had buried many treasures in the castle,a lot of snacks and toys.The children on Zhou Chenxi’s team couldn’t resist the temptation and before long, those who were playing with toys and those who were eating snacks were all scattered around the castle.


This was indeed the power of money’s sinful feedback. 


But the other two teams weren’t much better. Originally, Shao Yunyi and a few of the children agreed to hold hands and walk together to the end of the road before coming back to play, but it turned out that the temptation on the road was so great that they too lost control. The children gathered together sat in a pile with Zhou Chenxi’s side of the children, even using their hands to gesture and chat with each other.


Shao Yunyi felt like crying but she had no tears. When she turned around, the two people in Ren Qian’s group were already directly exhausted.


“What should we do?” Shao Yunyi asked them, “This castle is so big. We still have to ‘cross five passes and slay six generals‘.”


[过五关斩六将 guò wǔ guān zhǎn liù jiàng : 

lit. to cross five passes and slay six generals (idiom) / fig. to surmount all difficulties (on the way to success)


The castle was inflatable. In the middle there were all kinds of facilities common to children’s playgrounds, such as a one-way bridge, an ocean ball pool, a climbing net and a sliding board, etc. Now they hadn’t even passed the first level, and they were all already suffering loss at the starting point.


Lu Ji went straight over and picked up one of the children.


As soon as the child was picked up, there was a flash of panic in his eyes, but when he turned around and saw that it was the uncle who had given them the balloons, he laughed.


Likely it would turn out well.


Lu Ji signaled to Zhou Chenxi. (He gave him a meaningful glance)


Immediately, Zhou Chenxi grabbed a little girl’s hand, stuffed a handful of candies into her pocket and picked her up horizontally as well.


However after taking a few steps,he found it difficult.


They were all five or six years old, but they were incredibly heavy. The key was that the path of the inflatable sea castle was also very difficult to walk on, bouncing and bouncing, and it was very easy to lose one’s balance.


Zhou Chenxi stumbled and almost fell face-first into the ground.


The child was laughing happily in Zhou Chenxi’s arms, probably because he was not on guard.


Zhou Chenxi simply switched positions and carried her on his back.


“You’re going to lose!” Zhuang Jingle chased after him, “It’s impossible to carry all the children to the finish line in such a short time, it’s up to who is the fastest one.”


All of a sudden everyone’s spirits were pumped up and Zhou Chenxi, a salty fish, pushed himself up: “Go straight!”


As he was shouting, he felt a small hand gently tap him on the shoulder.


Zhou Chenxi turned his head back.


The little girl with two pigtails suddenly opened her mouth with two teeth inside. She was on Zhou Chenxi’s back and gave him a thumbs up.


Immediately, Zhou Chenxi’s spirits were thoroughly restored and he ran ahead while carrying her on his back with everything he could.


Everyone was stirred up with the desire to win, even the staff members watching next to them got excited and cheered them on in low voices.


Hearing the people around him cheering for Lu Ji and Zhou Chenxi, Luo Xinghe let out a “Tsk”. He was considerably somehow in a bad mood.


On the basis of what, that little unfortunate man’s luck is getting better and better?


That should be something that belonged to him, don’t tell me it is going to be taken away by Zhou Chenxi?


Luo Xinghe looked back and saw Zhou Chenxi was coming towards him with the child on her back.


Taking advantage of the fact that no one was looking, Luo Xinghe quietly stretched out one of his feet.


In fact, Zhou Chenxi had already seen Luo Xinghe just now. He wanted to stop, but there was still Zhuang Jingle behind him, and the other party’s speed was not slow, so if they suddenly collided, the injured one would definitely be the children.


Forget it! He was used to it anyway, so a fall was not a big deal.


‘Plop’ sounded, Zhou Chenxi was tripped over by Luo Xinghe.


[Plop: sound of object falling]


Because he was prepared, as he fell, he took the lead in protecting the back of the head of the little girl that was being carried behind him.The next thing he heard was a soft thud sound from his shoulder.


Oh no! His hand is not going to break right? 


As Zhou Chenxi didn’t get up for quite a while, the scene was in chaos and the competition was forced to be stopped as the program crew and staff members hurriedly rushed over and surrounded him.


The child that Zhou Chenxi protected was frightened, and seeing all the people around, she cried.


The Ocean Castle was overflowing with people, Zhou Chenxi felt that he was lacking some oxygen. He was about to tell them to disperse a little, when he suddenly heard a person in his surroundings say, “Make way, the doctor is here.”


Only then did everyone remember that Lu Ji seemed to have brought a personal doctor with him, so they dispersed.


Zhou Chenxi looked up and saw Lu Ji come in through the crowd, bending down and picking him up like a little child in a princess carry style.


“The car is already parked outside, let’s go to the hospital first!” Lu Ji said.


Zhou Chenxi stretched out his uninjured hand to put it around Lu Ji’s neck in order to maintain the balance, while thinking to himself, ‘Could it be Lu Ji is the Lucky deity sent by God specialized in rescuing him? ‘


Translator Note :

I love this chapter ❤

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