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MDWWHA Chapter 22

Chapter 22


Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore

Chapter 22

After the hot-air balloon ride, Zhou Chenxi was not allowed to participate in any of the later events, although he wanted to try it out so much but after a safety assessment by professionals. His request was turned down.


Zhou Chenxi could only stare blankly, following with one of his eyes the departing Lu Ji who went paragliding.


Lu Ji had spent some time abroad before. He had played around with a lot of different kinds of things. He even studied and did research on paragliding. He had also taken a certificate which was useless after that. So after listening to the instructor for a while, he made an “OK” gesture.


“Lu Zong, Go for it! (Jia you)” Zhou Chenxi shook his fist at him.


Lu Ji smiled, plucked the goggles off from his forehead and put them on,before he took off and ran a few steps to fly into the sky.


The higher he went, the smaller the people on the ground became. When Lu Ji looked down, he could always see Zhou Chenxi waving at him with one arm.


Ren Qian also happened to come down from the hot air balloon, ready to challenge paragliding. He listened to the instructor, while watching Zhou Chenxi raise his head to cheer Lu Ji on. He could not help but sigh: “Hey, I also want someone to cheer me on.”


Zhou Chenxi looked back at him, frowned but still said: “Jia You oh! Never shout too loudly up there! Moreover …” Zhou Chenxi pointed to the gopro on his helmet, disliking the face shot, “Expression management is very important.”


Ren Qian felt the difference in the treatment : “….”


Unlike Lu Ji, he did not have a license but it was also the first time he flew,so he needed to be led by the instructor. Zhou Chenxi watched as he and his instructor tied together and wobbled up into the sky.


“Ah——” Ren Qian’s voice came from far up in the sky, “Why is it flying so high? Help!”


Zhou Chenxi sighed.


See, I told you so.


All three tasks were finally completed by Lu Ji, with a total of four points for the two of them. All the points belonged to Zhou Chenxi.


Some of the others didn’t dare to do the bungee jump. Some didn’t even dare to try paragliding, like Shao Yunyi, who was really afraid of heights and had her legs shivering when she got off the hot air balloon, and finally decided to give up the challenge.


In the end, Zhou Chenxi scored four points. Ren Qian took three points from today. Luo Xinghe won the competition with Ren Qian yesterday and the points went to him, so he also scored four points. Zhuang Jingle scored two points and Shao Yunyi only scored one point.


The recording of this episode ended. The director then called the board and everyone went home.


After returning, Zhou Chenxi immediately received a job offer, which was actually a commercial for Lu Group’s cosmetic kit.


The cosmetic wasn’t Clear Spring Revitalising water and it also wasn’t Lu Group that came to him. But rather, the team of the game《Dream of Fate》took the initiative to contact him.


They intended to collaborate with Lu Group on a set of commercials that would use 3D animation and live action motion capture technology to bring paper people to the movie screen.


In fact, the game company had already planned to work with Lu Group to create a movie and television IP for the game《Dream of Fate》but the film and TV production was still in the preparation stage, so the commercial was just a test run.


Since San Hua’er was the most popular character in the game, they expected to shoot a single commercial for San Hua Er first.


This was related to the subsequent film and television series. Both the game company and Lu Group were very concerned about this. Lu Group was responsible for finding a professional director and technical team while the game company personally selected the live action actor for San Hua’er’ s character.


They saw the photos of Zhou Chenxi on Weibo selling cosmetics cosplayed as San Hua’er. They thought he was perfect for the role.


That evening, Zhi Qi and Zhou Chenxi talked on the phone for more than two hours over this matter.


“Do you know how much Lu Group is willing to pay for the advertising fee this time?” Zhi Qi said the number, “Sky-high price! They didn’t intend to make money by shooting this ad. It’s to choose the right actor for the movie.I’m telling you, take it. You have to take it. If the cooperation works well, you’ll be cast in the future movies. Even though it’s just motion capture, one hundred percent, you’ll be the number one male lead!”


“I don’t want to take it …” Zhou Chenxi was discouraged, “I’m afraid, this kind of game character, so popular, whoever plays which characters are unlucky. What if something goes wrong when the time comes?”


Zhi Qi simply could not understand his brain circuit: “What are you thinking about? High popularity means that there is heat. Even if there is really a problem, you are only a little famous flounder. No big deal, just start again from scratch if you fail. Are you that afraid of failure? You weren’t like this before!”


Zhou Chenxi was really not like this before. That was due to the fact that he didn’t experience the desperation of being at the end of his rope before he was reborn. Now, with great difficulty, finally he got a turn for the better. He was more and more afraid of losing. He was afraid that if he took a big step and returned to before the liberation, never be able to get up again.


It was true that Zhou Chenxi wasn’t like this before. That all because before he was reborn he hadn’t experienced the desperation of being at the end of his rope. Now that he has finally gotten a little bit of success, he’s more and more afraid of losing it.


Zhi Qi was so angry that he hung up the phone.Zhou Chenxi hugged his pillow and lay stiffly on the bed soundlessly.


Try it, don’t try it, try it, don’t try it…


Zhou Chenxi was counting salted fish in his head.


After a while, Zhou Chenxi’s mobile phone suddenly rang.


He picked it up and took a look. He found that it was a new friend’s add request with the username: Lu Ji.


The profile picture was the system’s default.


There were still people using the system default avatar nowadays, even his brother wasn’t that old fashioned anymore.


Zhou Chenxi exited the application to look at it, to make sure he opened the right application, WeChat and switched it over to the friend request application. He waited patiently for a while and a message came from there:


【I heard from the secretary that you refuse our company’s advertisement?】


It is really Lu Ji.


Zhou Chenxi thought the C.E.O was like his brother, only online for the purpose of googling something, and started his talk with a gentle laughter, but now Lu Ji seemed quite normal except for his avatar.


However, Zhou Chenxi didn’t know how to reply to him.


It was probably because Zhi Qi over there had revealed the meaning behind the words that Zhou Chenxi’s schedule was still being deployed. After all, everyone was all busy, so no matter how straightforward it could be, a tentative answer was needed so that both sides could adjust their backup plans in time.


But Zhou Chenxi was curious as to how Lu Ji could tell that he was “going to refuse it” and not “not giving an answer for the time being”.


Lu Ji sent another message:


【 I’m very clear about your schedule, both《Red Carp and Green Carp》and 《The Journey Record to Immortality》have filming schedules. I’ve instructed the advertising agency and the filming team to shoot the commercials when you’re free. Your manager should be very clear about it or have you taken on new work in this period of time? 】


Zhou Chenxi understood.


He only had a few jobs on his hands and all were related to Lu Group. In order to fit in with the filming, his schedule was in the hands of the program team and the film crew. Lu Ji probably knew his whereabouts even better than Zhi Qi.


【 What happened? Are you busy?】


Seeing that he didn’t reply, Lu Ji sent again.


Zhou Chenxi was busy typing: 【I’m here, I’m here Lu Zong …TT】


The profile picture of his WeChat was a lazy egg sleeping while drooling. Lu Ji smiled when he saw it and sent:【Please reconsider it? I think this ad is perfect for you.】


Even now,Lu Ji remembered the way Zhou Chenxi wore the cat ears, thinking of this, his eyes sank again.


Zhou Chenxi faltered: 【Okay then, I’ll think about it.】


Zhi Qi probably would never have thought and dreamed about it, just now Zhou Chenxi, who was lying on the bed and seemingly dying was persuaded by Lu Ji in a few words. After receiving Zhou Chenxi’s affirmative answer, he was wild with joy and happily replied to the head of Lu Group’s advertising department: “Take, this ad we will take it!”




     Are you guys playing some kind of messenger game?


The head of the advertising department didn’t surprise at all and thought that, just now, someone from the game company complained to him that the young artist might not be taking the advertisement and had to be replaced.The next thing he know was that Mr. Lu has especially sent someone to call and say that the other party has accepted their ad.


Then a call from his manager followed after that.


The main point is that the Director-General’s office unexpectedly gets the news faster than the artist’s manager! 


It’s not easy to say, it’s not easy to tell. 


He heard that Lu Zong had recently been recording a tv program together with this young artist.


The person in charge pushed his glasses up, suppressed his gossipy restless thoughts and went back to work.


After signing the advertising contract, the recording of the new episode of the show would soon begin again.


This time, the episode of the show was recorded in Xi Cheng (West city), a hot scorching city which was still as hot as a steamer basket in September. He heard that the locals love to eat hot pot the most. In the hot summer, although you have to sweat, to satisfy the desire for good food. As soon as they got off from the plane, Zhou Chenxi felt that he could smell the hot pot in the air and as if his saliva involuntarily came out from his mouth.


He was on the same flight as Lu Ji. This time he carried a small drawing book and he was drawing all along the way.


He planned to draw several fan arts for San Hua’er and picked a few good ones to put on his Weibo. In order to please the fans of the game, if the commercial aired later, lest some fans of the game thought that he didn’t act like one when the commercial came out and spit the dog’s blood on him.


[The dog’s blood here is not the literal meaning one but the figurative for ‘torrent of abuse’]


In any case, it was good to have psychological comfort.


Lu Ji was a man with good manners, so without Zhou Chenxi’s consent, he didn’t cast a glance at Zhou Chenxi’s sketchbook, and it wasn’t until he got off the plane that Lu Ji asked him, “What were you drawing all the way?”


“Nothing.” Zhou Chenxi found that it was too embarrassing to show him his drawing book, clutching it tightly in his arms with a wary expression.


Lu Ji: “….”


A few moments later, the program team’s car arrived. The two of them got into the car and went to the hotel together.


It just so happened that Luo Xinghe who was catching his next flight, just came out from the airport too, so when he saw the two of them, he was about to go after them, but he found out that Lu Ji and Zhou Chenxi were ignoring him, closing the car door, minding their own business and leaving on their own.


Luo Xinghe’s expression changed as he gritted his teeth. He could only continue to wait in his original position for the next car to come and pick him up.


In fact, Zhou Chenxi had already seen Luo Xinghe coming after them, but he ignored him.


But for some reason, Zhou Chenxi always felt that Lu Ji should have seen Luo Xinghe just like he did.


After all, Luo Xinghe’s look was extraordinary, his stature was also not too short, so it was easy to recognize him in the crowd, but Lu Ji seemed as if he didn’t see him. Zhou Chenxi didn’t know if he had bad eyesight or Lu Ji really didn’t see him.


When both of them arrived at the hotel, they took their room cards separately and went to their own rooms to put their things away first.


This time the recording started in the afternoon. Zhou Chenxi saw that there was still time, soon afterwards he lay down on his bed and continued to draw with his notebook.


Originally, he was going to draw San Hua er, but as his brush went on, he suddenly drew a pair of deep black eyes, a tall and straight body in neat casual clothes who carried a square suitcase in his hand.


Isn’t this what Luji looks like today? ‘


Zhou Chenxi pondered with a frown before then he looked around and found that the camera installed by the program team was far away from him. He breathed a sigh of relief, balled up the drawing paper and sheepishly, threw it into the rubbish basket.


After a moment, he ran out of the bed to retrieve it and flatten it.The painting that had been roaming in the trash can for a second was clipped back into his little drawing book.


Every single painting by the great painter Zhou Chenxi was worth treasuring so throwing it away was the same as losing a billion.


Zhou Chenxi consoled himself by putting the sketchbook back into the suitcase, patted it down and prepared to continue painting his masterpieces when he returned from recording the show.


The author has something to say:

Xi: secretly painting Lu Zong



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  1. Thank you for the latest chapter… this is a cute relationship forming.

  2. Avatar Loni says:

    Oho a flag? 😀 the kind that makes it seem like Lu Ji will definitely see this drawing of his sooner or later … and it’ll be much more attention drawing now that it has been crumpled and straightened once xD
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