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MDWWHA Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore!

Chapter 19

Only when the lively crowd had dispersed did Lu Ji cut his own steak while he couldn’t help but laugh and say: “What’s there to be ashamed of, didn’t you say it yourself that you’d teach me?”


I did say I would teach you, but I didn’t say I would teach the whole world!


The key point was the fact that the other female lead had seen it on the spot, could there be anything else more embarrassing than that?


Zhou Chenxi hated to be unable to disappear and went back to his original place!


“It’s okay! They don’t even know you,” Lu Ji said, “Tell the (film) director not to put this part in.”


After saying that he glanced at the (film) director.


The director nodded and gave an OK gesture.


Only then did Zhou Chenxi put his mind at ease.


If you didn’t put it into the main show, you can put it into the ‘behind the scenes’ (interesting sidelight).


The director thought deeply that this was really good material.


Zhou Chenxi was unaware of the director’s thoughts, additionally due to his ostrich attribute, he quickly put this matter out of his mind after he had eaten his meal and drink until he was satisfied. Zhou Chenxi rubbed his stomach and collapsed in his chair: “I could go back to lying down again.”


Lu Ji couldn’t help but laugh: “You’re really a salted fish.”


“Life is about being ‘carefree and without worries’, only then you can be happy ah, otherwise how do you know which one comes first, the mishap or tomorrow?” Zhou Chenxi stretched his body and stood up.


Lu Ji was absorbed in thought.


After removing the nitrites and sleeping in the big bed in the sea view room for one night, Zhou Chenxi was very content. He suddenly felt that every time he came to record the show, the quality of his sleep would follow after the straight line and rise rapidly. Moreover, his luck seemed to be much better than before.


What’s going on?


It didn’t seem to have anything to do with being somewhere or could it be that it had to do with who he was with?


Zhou Chenxi thought of Lu Ji.


He didn’t understand, so he might as well not think about it.


The next day’s recording session was at the beach, where a teacher would take a group of children to the beach to play, and the guests’ task was to help the teachers keep an eye on these little children.


Continuing with the previous episode’s style and the theme of public welfare, the children in this episode were also very special, they come from the inland area of schools for deaf and mutes, it caused by either the children were inborn with it or after the accident, some of them could not speak, some could not hear, and most of them were even both.


At the time when they got in touch with the public charity event, the teachers at the school counted the children’s summer vacation wishes and asked them where they would like to go the most. Many of the children chose the beach, probably all the simple, innocent and pure people were the same and have this kind of innate yearning for the ocean so the program team understood this as they designed the theme of this episode in advance.


“Our mission is divided into several levels, also known as a break through mode.”


Zhuang Jingle stood in front of them, holding a card to explain the rules of the game, “Everyone can see the ocean castle in the shallows not far away from here. In a moment our children come,let them freely choose the guests to form a team. After the team is successfully formed, the guests will take the children to the castle to pass through it. The team that win will gain a point.”


“What’s ‘the point’ used for?” Luo Xinghe asked from the side.


Zhuang Jingle gave him a look, “This season, the guest with the highest number of points will be awarded the endorsement contract for Lu Group’s Mineral Spring Revitalizing Water after the recording of the show.”


Everyone: “Wow.”


Lu Ji added: “You can directly sign the contract after finishing the recording for this season’s show.”


Luo Xinghe’s eyes instantly lit up.


“Thanks to Lu Group Corporation’s sponsor and strong support,” Zhuang Jingle took the opportunity to put in the advertisement and deliberately said, “In order to increase the watchability of the show and the playability of the game, the financial backer daddy sent us benefits overnight. Although he has asked that half of the endorsement fee must be continuously used for the public welfare. However, I’d still like to say, boss, please give me ‘the black box‘!”


[Black box here means something that cannot be directly accessed or refers to doing something secretly and unsupervised. So maybe Zhuang Jingle is asking Lu Ji to give him backdoor benefits or present]


The crowd burst into laughter.


Because he was interrupted by Luo Xinghe, Zhuang Jingle re-explained the rules again.


No matter what, it was already clear that the endorsement of Lu Group’s Mineral Spring Revitalising Water would definitely go to one person here.


In a previous life, it was Luo Xinghe who took this endorsement.


To be this brand ambassador was exclusively important because Lu Group’s makeup products often collaborate with the fashion magazines, so by taking the endorsement of Lu Group’s cosmetics was equal to having the fashion connections as a stepping stone.


Moreover, Lu Group had always rarely invited celebrities to be their brand ambassador, except the time that they specially invited some very popular models to shoot the commercials, or only with the famous two-dimensional characters ( the fictional worlds of anime, comics and game) or skillful gamers to collaborate and promote their products. Lu Group’s cosmetics were hardly ever seen with other types of endorsers. Lu Ji was a person with a good insight who extremely paid attention to maintaining the public impression and opinions of his products. As a result, he has never turned over a new leaf over the years, maintaining the brand’s name and image in the market as both high-profile and at the same time also low-key.


It can be said that by taking this resource, the artist’s own value will directly change (rise) following the overall trend.


Imagine that! Something that had never happened, Lu Group which had never invited a celebrity to be their brand ambassador before was suddenly making an exception. This was equal to indirect recognition for the celebrity’s own strength and influence.


Although in his previous life, Luo Xinghe didn’t get this resource until much later, he was still determined to win the qualification to get the contract for being the brand ambassador right now.


So what if the endorsement fee is only half of the cost, but the follow up unending stream of fashion resources was the main point. In his previous life, Luo Xinghe relied on this endorsement and subsequently collaborated with several international big brands. Finally, through matchmaking (bringing somebody into contact with someone else), he met several internationally famous film directors and succeeded in becoming an international actor.


This was Luo Xinghe’s ultimate goal.


Only when his worth (social status) went up would he have a greater say in the industry and being listened to,only then he would have more people to work for him (to be useful for him).


Luo Xinghe was eager to try and his eyes were glowing.


In contrast, Zhou Chenxi was much more on the calm side. He knew that he could not win against Luo Xinghe, so he simply lied down peacefully in advance.


They were told that the children were still on the bus and would not arrive until later, so everyone was bored to death and took this opportunity to play on the beach for a while.


Zhou Chenxi lounged lazily on the beach chair with a glass of watermelon juice on the table beside him.


Shao Yunyi, Ren Qian and the others were already having fun, running to the shallow sea. While playing in the water, at the same time they were also seriously observing the structure of the sea castle that was prepared for the competition later. Afterwards, Ren Qian took off his shirt and showed off his body as he started to swim around in the shallow sea area.


They were surrounded by cameramen who were busy with their endless work. Zhou Chenxi sighed at their energy while he himself slowly leaned forward on the beach chair as he flipped over his body to another side. He stretched his neck, trying to sip from the drink next to him.


Lu Ji sat next to him and saw that he didn’t even want to stretch his hand, just stretched his neck out, so Lu Ji couldn’t help but reach out his hand to help him bring the drink on the table to him.


“Aaaahhh you don’t need to help me!” Zhou Chenxi declined in deadly earnest face, “I’m right in the middle of studying how to drink while lying down.”


Lu Ji measured the distance between him and the drink on the table, feeling that he (ZCX) was bored, but moreover he himself who was following him along and pondering over this matter, was even more bored: “Do you want me to connect two more straws for you?”


“Two are not enough, maybe three,” Zhou Chenxi rubbed the back of his neck and gave up, “Luckily my neck is quite long.”


Lu Ji looked at his snow-white complexion (skin color) and his graceful contours of neck, in a rare moment, he mentally expressed his favor (approval).


“Hey, it’s so comfortable!” Zhou Chenxi stretched out, “If only it could be like this all the time.”


“You’re not going nitrous anymore?” Lu Ji looked toward the azure sea.


“Not going,” Zhou Chenxi was quite logical and self-explanatory, “Seawater is salty, it can’t remove the nitrites,at this kind of time it would be okay just bask in the sun, after all, a salted fish has to be a decent (proper) salted fish.”


“How can you be decent?” Lu Ji felt that he must have gone crazy, actually accompanying Zhou Chenxi for such a long time to talk about salted words and salty speech.


Zhou Chenxi gave him a quick look and told him in this kind of “You don’t even know this” tone : “Of course a salted fish has to be dried out to become a decent (presentable) salted fish ah!”


Lu Ji: “……”


Not long after the children arrived, Zhou Chenxi got off from the recliner, his face flushed because of the sunshine, that was definitely a dry salted fish.


The sign language teachers asked the children to stand up and freely pick the brother or sister they wanted to work together with, but the children were timid, as if they were a little scared to see them.


The atmosphere remained stagnant so Zhuang Jingle simply led everyone to talk over it.


“How about we still divide into groups of two people then?” Zhuang Jingle suggested, “The children might be scared when they see so many people. Every group of us, let’s pick one person from each group and let the sign language teacher communicate with the children, then let the children choose by themselves, it might be better.”


“Right,” Shao Yunyi also came up with the idea, “Let’s bring them to get familiar with us first, so that they won’t feel uneasy.”


Shao Yunyi had done similar charity activities before and knew that children were the most sensitive crowd and needed extra attention (taken care carefully), otherwise the scene could easily get out of hand.


Everyone unanimously agreed and on their own initiative, start to divide into groups


Lu Ji naturally became the most popular person again.


Although he looked serious and must not be the type of person that was most welcomed by the children,he was the chairman of Lu Group.


In other words, anyone could get

this endorsement, only Lu Ji would not compete for this opportunity. He had just said during Zhuang Jingle’s introduction of the rules of the game that he would not let himself have the highest score and would consider giving up the points he deserved to others in the middle of the game.


No matter what, it was always right to please (curry favor with) Lu Ji.


Teaming up with others, he still has to think over how to distribute the points equally but by being one team with Lu Ji, his points would be directly given to his partner.


Moreover, Lu Ji had said he couldn’t paddle 🚣, so even if he did paddle, what was the use for him to work hard alone to get a point? It was better than after all the painstaking work he did yet he still had to consider how to split it up with others.


Among all the guests, except for Ren Qian who didn’t really need the endorsement, everyone had their own thoughts. Only Zhou Chenxi, who looked all around him, was waiting for them to pick their partner and give him the remaining one.


Salted fish survival code number one: to seek survival within the crack opening.


Luo Xinghe definitely wouldn’t choose me, Zhou Chenxi thought with certainty.


He was such a waste and also such a drag, so if a person was on the same team with him, that person couldn’t win. Even if they win, the other party still has to think about how to split the points with him.


As long as I’m not in Luo Xinghe’s group, everything will be fine.


As Zhou Chenxi was thinking, he suddenly heard Luo Xinghe say, “I would like to be on the same team with Zhou Chenxi.”


Zhou Chenxi’s entire body stiffened and instantly broke out in a cold sweat.


What should I do? Should I quit the game?


Zhou Chenxi was panicking, all of sudden he heard Lu Ji also said, “Zhou Chenxi is on the same team with me.”




When did he become so popular?


Zhou Chenxi lifted his head to look up at Lu Ji.


In a flash of electric light, Lu Ji suddenly smiled again and said to Luo Xinghe, “So are you trying to fight over him with me? Fine, then let’s play (decide by) rock-paper-scissors!”


Everyone: “……”


Zhou Chenxi:“??” So the way they decided his whereabouts was so sloppy?


Suddenly he felt like he was not that popular again!


Not playing anymore, I want to quit the game.


Humph, _(:з”∠)_


The author has something to say:

Lu Zong is not a scum man,everyone please don’t worry.

Translator’s note: This chapter is so funny. I laughed while translating it.

His salted fish behavior and Lu Ji’s reaction to it is amusingly interesting.












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