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MDWWHA Chapter 16

Chapter 16



Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore!


Chapter 16


The two of them were walking down the streets of the Nan Shi(南市 = South City) city center. Being a tourist city, Nan Shi downtown was still very lively and the streets were full of couples.




After only walking for a while, Zhou Chenxi felt that something was wrong: “Why are there so many couples?”


Even if it was a whole nation’s well known holiday destination and people are coming here to spend their honeymoon here. Yet there were too many couples, it was as if everyone in the world who was in love was out on a trip and dispatched their troops today.


Lu Ji saw a discount poster posted in a shop, “Today is Qi Xi.”


[Qī xī or tanabata (七夕) : double seven festival, evening of seventh of lunar seventh month / girls’ festival / Chinese Valentine’s day, when Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女 are allowed to their annual meeting]


Zhou Chenxi took a closer look, indeed it was true.


“No wonder,” Zhou Chenxi understood, “So today, isn’t it better (easier) to earn a lot of money?”


Lu Ji looked back at him.


Zhou Chenxi also looked at him face to face expectantly.


Zhou Chenxi was about half a head shorter than Lu Ji.The two of them stood there for half a day, looking at each other. Zhou Chenxi tilted his head slightly and said, “What do you think? Does Director Lu have an idea now?”


Lu Ji laughed: “What ideas can I have?”


Zhou Chenxi: “??”


Lu Ji spread his hands: “I don’t know anything about starting a business from scratch.”


Zhou Chenxi: “……”

So you say that you’ll take me to make money, trick me huh?


Lu Ji teased him enough before he said seriously, “But you can get to know the market first.”


Only then did Zhou Chenxi let out a sigh of relief. Humph, the rich second generation is so amazing o!


[The rich second generation refers to the children of rich families who inherit huge amounts of property. The rich second generation will inherit personal assets (including movable and immovable properties)]


–O, I almost forgot, I’m also a rich second generation.


The two of them walked into a small shop.


Lu Ji seemed like he hadn’t been to many places like this before. He was a bit unfamiliar with these small roadside shops and its crowded displays shelves of goods in the shops. After he had studied it carefully for a while, he asked the shop owner, “How do you sell this?”


The shop owner took a casual look, he was holding an enameled doll with no clothes on, naked, holding an arrow in his hand, supposedly an imitation of Cupid, next to it a little girl holding a heart, supposedly a pair.


The shop owner casually said a random number.


“So expensive?” Zhou Chenxi was a little surprised and went over to look at the two little figurines. It didn’t seem to be anything special. Were all handicrafts nowadays sold so profitable?


Lu Ji found out more about the prices of a few items. Zhou Chenxi finally understood. It wasn’t from the crafts that the money was easy to earn, it was the couples’ money, which was easy to earn from. Everything related to couples was sold at a very high price in this shop.


Lu Ji came out of the shop, Zhou Chenxi followed behind him.


Lu Ji said, “The marketplace around the double seven festival is fully booked. So to set up a stall on the ground in such a short period of time can’t earn any money. Moreover, the cost is too high. I think someone else has already thought of this method.”


As soon as Lu Ji’s words left his mouth, they ran into two familiar people, Shao Yunyi and Zhuang Jingle.


“Boss?” Zhuang Jingle came over and said, “Have you guys thought about how to make money yet?”


“No,” Zhou Chenxi hurriedly replied as he glanced at Shao Yunyi’s behind. She was walking behind Zhuang Jingle, “What’s in Yun Jie’s hand?”


[ Yun Jie = Big sister Yun]


Shao Yunyi hurriedly put his hand behind her back.


“I saw it!” Zhou Chenxi blinked his eyes.


Zhuang Jingle originally wanted to block for Shao Yunyi but since Zhou Chenxi had seen it, he also had nothing more to hide and said directly, “Yeah, that’s right! We’re going to sell roses. We’ve already discussed it with the flower shop owner. We’ll take the flowers first and pay later but they won’t refund any extra flowers that don’t sell.”


Zhuang Jingle’s eyes still went and glanced at Lu Ji’s direction, “What about you guys? What good ideas did you come up with?”


“Not telling you. Hee hee hee.” Zhou Chenxi smiled cheaply.


Zhuang Jingle, who failed to try to wring facts out of him: “……”


Lu Ji nodded his head, next to him, “The idea is indeed good but others have an advantage over you in selling flowers. I suggest you first go to the beach square and take a look, I just saw someone selling flowers and giving away balloons.”


Zhuang Jingle felt as if a knife had been pierced into his words and thoughts: “……”


Zhou Chenxi laughed for a moment before he looked at the time again, and hurriedly said, “It’s too late! We have to go now.”


Zhuang Jingle could only impatiently send him and his boss went away.


—— All right then, who told him didn’t dare to get close to his own boss?


Zhou Chenxi noticed that Shao Yunyi and Lu Ji really didn’t say a word to each other. As they were leaving, he stole a glance at them. He found that Lu Ji was still politely nodding toward Shao Yunyi like before. Shao Yunyi, however, didn’t know why but she didn’t dare to look at him (Lu Ji) . Taking advantage of the fact that the camera wasn’t filming, she directly avoided his eyes and walked away with Zhuang Jingle.




Zhou Chenxi puzzled over this and thought to himself. He didn’t notice this before ah, could it be that there was some kind of conflict between Shao Yunyi and Lu Ji?


Too late to care about this, they continued on walking forward.


On the way they bumped into Luo Xinghe and Ren Qian again, but Zhou Chenxi didn’t want to say hello to Luo Xinghe and took a detour away from them.


Lu Ji didn’t say anything to them either, but he observed Luo Xinghe’s group and found that those two were also using the advance purchase method to set up their stall in the street.


It was true that setting up a stall on the street was the quickest and most convenient way to make money, especially during special festivals like this. The turnover of the business would be much higher than usual.


Zhou Chenxi pondered for a moment and said, ” How about we sell something too? It’ll be too late if we don’t do something!”


The (Film) director’s team had given them only three hours to finish their mission, so there was no way to go to the channel to acquire goods, so they could only ask the merchants on the nearest roadside to get some.There was no way around it.If they didn’t race against time, they wouldn’t be able to make more money than the others.


Lu Ji said: “Let’s take another look!”


So Zhou Chenxi followed Lu Ji walking around the neighborhood once again, although his heart was vaguely a bit anxious, but he could not express it.


Maybe I’ll have to sleep on the street this time ……QAQ


It’s okay! It’s okay! Zhou Chenxi reassured himself, this little injury was nothing! Even if he would not have a luxurious sea view room, he would still have a normal room, right? Anyway, he is now the unbeatable Zhou Chenxi!


Lu Ji took Zhou Chenxi into a shopping mall.


Zhou Chenxi didn’t know what he was up to at first, but only when he stopped in front of a stall did Zhou Chenxi understand.


The vendor stall had a sign called ‘experience the Temporary Boyfriend’. It was under the banner of the makeup brand owned by Lu Group. The cosmetic brand was running a campaign, taking advantage of this chinese valentine day’s time, the brand was offering a special offer for single girls. In collaboration with a famous girl’s game,the staff member dressed up in the game’s characters’ clothes and masks for the girls to take photos with. At the same time, the staff were also promoting their own make-up products.


Lu Ji walked over and asked directly, “Can I work part-time?” He pointed to the “Temporary Boyfriend Wanted” poster posted in the corner next to him, but the deadline for that poster was yesterday and it had already expired.


Zhou Chenxi was dumbfounded.


The CEO of Lu Group was actually working in his own cosmetics shop?


Perhaps it was because the two of them did have an eye-catching appearance, the girl in front of that stall gave Lu Ji a glance and then looked at Zhou Chenxi, hesitating for a moment.


Obviously she didn’t know Lu Ji, and probably no one would have thought that Lu Group’s CEO would take the initiative to apply for a part-time job in a retail shop.


Lu Ji pointed to the camera behind him again, “We’re filming a show, so we can promote you guys in the meantime.”




Zhou Chenxi simply had to give a thumbs up.


At this point in time, he didn’t even forget to promote the show. Making money and promoting it, not to neglect either one of it. He deserved to be called as Director Lu.


The girl said, “Then you guys wait, I’ll contact the shop manager first.”


After a while, the shop manager came out.She looked Lu Ji up and down, she thought he looked a bit familiar.


Lu Ji told the shop manager what his demand.The store manager thought about it and surprisingly agreed,”We can let you take over.But we are only hiring part-time workers for this promotion.We will pay you at the rate of 30 yuan an hour.If you sell the makeup product, you’ll get a commission. Is this acceptable to you?”


Zhou Chenxi asked Lu Ji quietly, “30 yuan an hour, isn’t that too little?”


Lu Ji: “There are still two and a half hours left, it’s not too late.”


He then asked the shop manager, “Where do we go to change?”


The shop manager pointed the way and someone took Lu Ji and Zhou Chenxi there.


Zhou Chenxi was muttering and concerned in his heart.


Taking everything into account, the two of them were only paid 150 for two and a half hours of work, so could they really beat the other teams?


Only when they stood in front of the sales counter did Zhou Chenxi realise why Lu Ji’s was so confident.


——He knew his own products too well!


As the director-general of Lu Group, Zhou Chenxi really didn’t expect Lu Ji to be able to be so thorough (事無巨細).

Even if it was his brother,Zhou Chenxi wouldn’t dare to guarantee that Zhou Mingxuan would be able to do what Lu Ji did, knowing like the back of his hand every cosmetic product was used for!


[事无巨细 ( 事無巨細 ) shì wú jù xì : lit. things are not separated according to their size (idiom) / fig. to deal with any matter, regardless of its importance]


[了如指掌 liǎo rú zhǐ zhǎng : to know sth like the back of one’s hand (idiom) / to know (a person, a place etc) inside out]


After all, their family business was so big and they had so many companies to manage. The marketing department was responsible for quality control, the boss was only in charge of decision making, plus there were other people in charge of the branch’s operations, so Zhou Mingxuan might as well be caught unprepared standing in this place!


Lu Ji was like a dedicated front desk salesman, wearing a mask, patiently telling a girl who comes to pick out a cosmetic product how to use their hydro toner.


Zhou Chenxi: Simply unable to look straight at him!


Zhou Chenxi had just done some homework at the last moment.The character played by Lu Ji was a noble prince in the game. He had short blonde hair, sapphire eyes, and a deep red teardrop at the corner of his eyes.The portrait of him wearing the printed paper mask was a bit different from his own appearance, but surprisingly, it didn’t look out of place.


Lu Ji had a good figure, broad shoulders and long legs, wearing this entire outfit, it was as if he was really a nobleman from the royal family coming out of the game.




Zhou Chenxi was tidying up his clothes when he saw a girl next to him observing for a while before she quietly walked up to Lu Ji: “I want to buy a bottle of moisturizer essence, can you recommend one to me?”


“You can try this moisturizer, it’s especially suitable for sensitive skin and can also be used together with this pre-essence.”




A soft low scream rang out from the side.


Zhou Chenxi turned around and saw that the girl had several other sisters, who had sent someone to be undercover, and the girls next to her were responsible for taking pictures on the sidelines.


“What to do ? What to do? He really does sound like the Prince of Weiya! How can there be such a coincidence?”


One of the girls said.


“But the hair behind his mask is black?”


“It’s very normal. No one in real life would purposely dye their hair that blonde, right?”


“And the side of his face is so good looking, I just glanced over from one side and yet I’m going weak on the knees!”


“Really? Really? Hurry up!”


The girls went around behind Lu Ji one after another.


Zhou Chenxi: “……”


“Just these two bottles is it? Please pay at the front desk.” Lu Ji reached out his hand, signaling the girl next to him who was in charge of writing the receipt to take the customer to the front desk to settle the bill.


“That ….” the girl who bought the cosmetics clutched her phone and said, “Can I take a photo with you first with my sisters?”


Lu Ji nodded and walked to the side to stand in the group photo area.


Everyone took selfies one after another. Suddenly one of the girls took the initiative to take Lu Ji’s arm, but he dodged it without a trace.


“It’s really similar!”


After the photos were taken, the girls chattered away with the cosmetics they had bought. While they walked away, they were also talking to each other on their mobile phones, “Look, I just tried to hold his hand, but he dodged it. He even knows that Weiya has a cleanliness problem!”


[Mysophobia / obsession with cleanliness]


Zhou Chenxi: Is this even possible?


“It would be nice if he could show his face.”


“I think that would be great! But what if after he shows his face,then the image is disillusioned?”


“No way ba! Didn’t you just say that his side face was very good looking?”


The girls pushed and shoved, laughed as they walked away.


The effect seemed to be good.


Zhou Chenxi thought to himself, it looked like, no matter what, he’ll have to work hard too.


So he pulled out one of the cat ear hair bands the store manager had handed him earlier and put it on his head.


“Meow meow meow?” Zhou Chenxi walked quietly on tiptoe, crept up behind Lu Ji and gently tapped him on the shoulder, “This handsome prince, can you teach me how to sell cosmetics first?”


Lu Ji looked back and saw the two cat ears on Zhou Chenxi’s head, as well as the pair of light brown eyes behind his mask, his eyes couldn’t help but darken as he said, “Okay!”


The author has something to say: Happy Tanabata to everyone!


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    I feel like Lu Ji came up with the idea of working at the temporary boyfriend stall like 5 seconds into the challenge and them walking around doing “market research” was just for funsies.

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      Yes he likes teasing Zhou Chenxi. That’s probably the case….

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