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MDWWHA Chapter 15

Chapter 15



Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore!

Chapter 15


Two days later, the recording of a new episode of《Red Carp and Green Carp》will begin.


Father Zhou and Mother Zhou were already preparing to leave for their new travel destination. Before leaving, Zhou Chenxi specially went to the airport to see them off.


Mother Zhou didn’t say anything. When they parted, Zhou Chenxi gave her a hug of his own accord. Father Zhou looked at him and sighed.


Mother Zhou went through the security check first. Father Zhou patted Zhou Chenxi’s shoulder and said, “No matter what, since you’ve chosen the path that you think is right then come up with the real action and show us what you can do.”


Zhou Chenxi said, “Mom, dad, you guys must by all means take care of your health!”


Father Zhou was stunned for a moment and waved his hand,saying “Go back! No need to send us off anymore! ”


Zhou Chenxi insisted on standing there, watching them walk towards the security checkpoint.


Father Zhou followed Mother Zhou and took her by the shoulders.


Zhou Chenxi saw Mother Zhou quietly glance back at him before snuggling up with Father Zhou and affectionately embarking on their new journey.


For this episode of《Red Carp and Green Carp》,the destination was also an island. As soon as they arrived at the location where they recorded the program, they all were deeply moved and said “Wow!”.


Located at the southern tip of the country, the small island is vast and rich in seafood resources.The most important thing is that it is a tourist resort!


In his last life, Zhou Chenxi had never been on a trip because he was so poverty stricken.Seeing such beautiful scenery, it was almost as if he had never seen the world before, his round eyes widening as he couldn’t stop looking left and right.


In the last episode, the little mist village had a gentle atmosphere of a pretty daughter from a humble family. However, in this episode, the grand and magnificent sea area released all the pressure from the guests’ inner hearts.


The important thing is that the crew hired a private beach to record the opening shot, with a very long, long coastline and white, white sand. Apart from them, there is no one else.


Zhou Chenxi couldn’t wait to jump into the transparent and crystal clear sea water and take a dive right now!


Zhuang Jingle began to introduce the rules of the first game : “Everyone, the location of our trip today is the southern part of the beach. As you can see, the beach is vast and the seawater is clear. It’s perfect for a holiday.”


The crowd burst into laughter: “Jingle, have you given up on your therapy?”


Zhuang Jingle remained unmoved and continued, “Everyone, we need to fight for rooms today. The director’s team has prepared four large bedrooms and one presidential suite with sea view for you.You can choose to work in pairs or fight alone. The winner who wins the game at the end will get a room card for the sea view room.”


“Wait, wait…” Shao Yunyi spotted the ‘wah’ point so she raised her hand and said, “There are only five rooms but there are six of us in total. Eh, or does it mean Jingle doesn’t participate in the game?”


Zhuang Jingle said, “I’m going to participate.”


The crowd: “???”


Zhuang Jingle: ” Currently,it seems that ….there’s one person who most likely, will have to sleep in the street.”




Lu Ji pondered the rules carefully, “There should be more than that, if you choose to work in pairs, two people can stay in the same room, that should be the idea.”


Zhuang Jingle looked at the rules of the game again and snorted ‘haha’, “Boss is right.”


Everyone didn’t have time to spit on Zhuang Jingle’s intelligence as they began the discussion.


Ren Qian: “Then no matter what, working in pairs must have a better chance of winning. If we really have to choose, surely the sea view suite is the preferred one, huh?”


Shao Yunyi was depressed: “I’m a girl. How can I share a room with someone?”


After discussing it for a while, they decided to work together in pairs first.After all, Shao Yunyi was a girl, so they had to take care of her. As for the room? They would decide how to allocate the rooms when the winner was decided.


Thereupon, everyone soon began on their own initiative to divide into groups.


Luo Xinghe originally wanted to be in a group with Lu Ji because he hadn’t had a chance to talk to him last time. He didn’t think it was a good idea to continue waiting for Lu Ji to come to his door.Moreover, the direction of this life was already very different from the previous one. In addition, when he reached out to Qin Chuan earlier, he was met with a closed door. This made a hint of warning rise in his heart.


He could no longer ‘sit and wait for death’, if he wanted to continue to achieve the same ultimate goal as in his last life, he needed to take the initiative to approach.


[坐以待毙 ( 坐以待斃 ) zuò yǐ dài bì: 

to sit and wait for death (idiom); resigned to one’s fate]


He didn’t expect that after he had explicitly and implicitly hinted at Lu Ji several times, the other side didn’t respond.Instead, Ren Qian took the initiative to mention that he wanted to team up with Luo Xinghe.


Because Zhuang Jingle had said he was willing to take care of Shao Yunyi. After all, he is the host. Ren Qian had always felt that Lu Ji and Zhou Chenxi had a good relationship so there was nothing wrong with him to team up with Luo Xinghe.


But Luo Xinghe just felt vaguely unhappy.


In fact, he felt that in his plan, Lu Ji was the most useful person to him.


In his last life, he had deliberately used a little trick to guide Lu Group and Zhou Xin to become business rivals.


At that time, apart from acting, he also tried his hand at film and television investment and made good profits. He made a lot of acquaintances in the business circle too. When Lu Group and Zhou Xin officially started to fight over business issues secretly, Luo Xinghe stepped in and took advantage of the situation. In a vague way, he killed Zhou Xin through the hands of Lu Ji.


Later, Zhou Xin went bankrupt. Zhou Mingxuan had no hope of bringing a change of fortunes.His little brother’s accidental death left him in a state of ‘badly burned on his head’. In addition, Zhou’s parents were in a depressed state and their health was steadily deteriorating as a result of Zhou Xin’s bankruptcy. Even if Zhou Mingxuan is capable, he would not be able to re-establish a business legend that can rival Lu Group.


[焦头烂额 ( 焦頭爛額 ) jiāo tóu làn é : 

lit. badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire) (idiom) / fig. hard-pressed / under pressure (from a heavy workload, creditors etc)]


With one less rival, Luo Xinghe will have an additional layer of convenience in taking over Lu’s business. Combined with his Koi luck, he will soon be able to take over Lu Group when he is fully fledged and will be on his way to conquer the business world.


But since Lu Ji is not willing to be bought now, there is no harm in working with Ren Qian, after all, what he needs now is Ren Qian’s film and television resources.


Thus, the division of the groups was decided like this.


Before they split up, Luo Xinghe specifically asked Zhou Chenxi and Lu Ji if they were willing to work with them. However, Zhou Chenxi didn’t even say a word and scurried away faster than a rabbit.


Luo Xinghe: “……”


After claiming the connections of higher status, the big tree of Lu Ji, this little unlucky man really thought he was capable.


Luo Xinghe ground his teeth and turned around to walk away with Ren Qian.


The task of the game in which they would decide the distribution of the room is, to earn the most in the shortest possible time.Of course, the show doesn’t provide the capital, nor can they use their own money as capital.


To put it bluntly, they are allowed to make money out of nothing at zero cost.


Originally, Lu Ji should be the most popular partner for this kind of event, after all, he is the CEO, but unfortunately, Zhuang Jingle was a bit afraid of him and would rather risk sleeping on the street, to help Shao Yunyi. Lu Ji himself didn’t accept the amorous glance from Luo Xinghe, so ….


Zhou Chenxi and Lu Ji, who had been automatically being divided into one team, were walking side by side on the main street. Zhou Chenxi asked, “Director Lu, what do you think of our next move?”


Lu Ji: “?”


“Make money, is that making money?” Zhou Chenxi made a gesture of small money. “You should have a good idea, right? Tell me your plan! Xiao di will definitely follow you.”


Pic of the gesture (小钱钱的手势):


[Xiao di = little ‘little brother’ 😂😂😂, this Xiao di is often used by the follower of a gangster boss or da ge, or the follower of a yankee kind of school setting story or film, hope you understand.]


Lu Ji laughed: “What plan can I have?”


Zhou Chenxi: “? ?”


“You probably don’t know what I’m here for on this show.”


Zhou Chenxi: “? ?”


Lu Ji was concise and comprehensive: “Vacation.I’m here for the holiday.”




Zhou Chenxi didn’t understand the logic of it, “A holiday and staying at the luxurious sea view room, there is no conflict at all? Don’t you want to make a bunchful of effort?”


“I don’t really want to make an effort,”

Lu Ji said deliberately, with one hand in his pocket, “Not working hard, that’s the real meaning of a holiday.”


“……” Please don’t pry into my life, Director Lu! 


Zhou Chenxi tried to struggle, “But that’s a presidential suite with an ocean view ah!”

He was fascinated and said, “Do you know, for a salted fish, what’s the difference between lying in the sun on the beach and soaking in a big bathtub of the presidential suite with the sea view?”


Lu Ji: “??” What’s the difference?


“The water in the bathtub is able to help to get rid of the nitrites. In other words, salted fish soaking in the bathtub are less likely to suffer from lazy cancer!”


Lu Ji: “……” You’re already a salted fish.Does it make a difference if you are infected by the lazy cancer or not?


“I want to soak in a big bathtub ah!” Zhou Chenxi looked around at the surrounding scenery with novelty.With a long sigh, he finally spoke the truth, “To be a salted fish without nitrites!”


“Fine, let’s fulfill your dream,” Lu Ji’s expression eased down and tilted his head at Zhou Chenxi, “Let’s go then! ”


“Where to?” Zhou Chenxi hurriedly picked up his pace and chased after him.


Lu Ji walked ahead of him in a particularly casual and relaxed tone. He said indifferently “Take you to make money.”




Is this the power of money? (Is this the superpower?)


[ the author used this 钞能力 (chāo néng lì) which is have the same sound with 超能力 (chāo néng lì), one mean the power of money, one mean superpower, the common used one is the superpower one though]


The sea breeze blew up the corners of Lu Ji’s clothes, lining up with his tall and straight back figure. Zhou Chenxi vaguely felt that he was glowing with a mysterious golden light at this moment!


Forget it, enmity or not, just throw it behind for now. Zhou Chenxi thought to himself, let’s finish the program’s mission first then.




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    😂 He’s still on that lol. Pretty sure one of the other teams would let you sleep on a cot or something.

    1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

      Imagine he’s sleeping in a cot is quite funny.. I especially search what cot mean… (〃∀〃)ゞ

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