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MDWWHA Chapter 17

Chapter 17



Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore!


Chapter 17

This cosmetic counter of theirs had become very popular all of sudden since Lu Ji and Zhou Chenxi had appeared.


        Zhou Chenxi considered himself a straight man so he didn’t know much about cosmetics and stuff. However,he was good at remembering lines (dialogue in the script). In his previous life, he had taken all his life to learn the technique of memorizing lines in order to struggle and work hard in the entertainment cycle. It led him to remember everything he reads in just a couple of seconds now. 


        As an actor, of course he would be an expert in his acting skill!


        The role he played was called “San Hua Er”. It was a cute little cat with three flowers. After being picked up by the heroine in the game, the kitty became a beautiful boy. In order to eat delicious canned cat food and dried fish, he worked part time in the heroine’s bookstore every day. 


        Zhou Chenxi smiled as he stood at the counter and hawked, “Meow, come and see Lu’s cosmetics, meow?”


       The girl gathered next to him finally couldn’t help herself and came up excitedly, “San Hua Er! Can I take a picture with you?”


        “You have to give the little dried fish first oh,” Zhou Chenxi narrowed his eyes, “I won’t open (the shop) without the little dried fish!”


        Lu Ji: “……”


       The role of the little cat youkai (demon) he played was really too interesting, especially the way (the pattern) he spoke. He looked exactly like the character from the game.The girls screamed all over at once.


        Passers-by didn’t know what was going on.They just thought there was something to see. They quickly gathered around.In an instant, there was a huge crowd. Even the photographer next to the stall was pushed out.


        “San Hua! San Hua, I want to buy a lip balm.Can you help me apply it?”


        “San Hua is a noble cat demon. He can’t casually just help people apply it. 

Hey, the mortal over there, quickly recommend a lip balm for this lovely girl!”


        Lu Ji: “……”


        The girls passing by excitedly gathered around them.Zhou Chenxi lazily sat down on a chair and appointed Lu Ji to work for him. 


    The character of San Hua was just like that, lazy and gluttonous. But he was both tsundere and cute. Every time he finishes ordering others around, without any sense of guilt, he returns to his kitten form. After that, he would rub the heroine’s ankles and get a big box of canned food. 


        The busy and active two hours passed quickly. Zhou Chenxi, in spite of being a little tired of acting his part, still did his job responsibly and diligently. After accompanying the last group of girls to take the photo together, he ‘reluctantly’ let the girls touch his ears. After that, he stretched out his body. He and Lu Ji got ready to change clothes and leave together after being informed by the director. 


        For the two hours they were open, the sales performance at the display counter at the store entrance increased dramatically. The store manager was very happy that he paid them directly for the three hours they had worked.


        If it weren’t for the fact that they had to go to the assembly area to count their earnings, the shop manager even would like to keep them for a while longer, if it was possible. 


        “This is Lu Group’s rose cake that will be launched today.It is prepared for the staff. We have a few extra boxes for you to take home and try.”The store manager came over carrying two boxes of cakes.


        “Wow thanks!”


        Zhou Chenxi took the box of cakes as his eyes lit up.


        “Go and change your clothes!” The store manager laughed.


        Zhou Chenxi took off his mask and

asked the accompanying director, “How much time do we have before we assemble?”


        The director said: “Fifteen minutes.”


    “There’s still time, can we finish the cake before we go?” He looked at Lu Ji expectantly.


        Lu Ji lowered his head and looked at him. After a moment, he nodded and said, “Let’s go and change the clothes first!”


        “Okay!” Zhou Chenxi grinned as he followed Lu Ji.


        When they turned around and headed for the changing room, only then did the store manager suddenly realize that one of the (the man’s back) figure looked so much like Director Lu?


        On the other side, the girls who had not dispersed yet, firmly covered their mouths and took pictures of this scene with their mobile phones. 


        “It’s so cute! How adorable! The interaction between them is so cute! Which show is this anyway, why didn’t I know?”


        “The moment that San Hua Xiao Gege took off his mask, I was stunned. How come the person himself is so good looking?!”


[Gege = big brother]


        “Oooohh, he even has a little dimple, it’s too good!”


    “I searched and there’s only one variety show that recently came to South City to record. It’s called《Red Carp and Green Carp》”


        “Huh? isn’t that the one that Ren Qian and Shao Yunyi participated in?”


        “So who are those two little brothers just now?”


        Zhou Chenxi came out after changing his clothes and ate the cake in the corner.


        He couldn’t be blamed, he was too hungry and hadn’t eaten anything since noon until now. He had just done some more work,so now he was so hungry that both of his eyes were a bit dizzy.


        “Slow down! ” Lu Ji gestured to the staff at the side to pass two bottles of mineral water over.


        The staff quickly brought the water. Lu Ji gave Zhou Chenxi a bottle. He also opened it himself to take a sip.


        After talking for half of a day just now, he was also a little thirsty.


        “It’s so delicious!” Zhou Chenxi happily said to Lu Ji, “I didn’t expect that your Lu Group would even give out such delicious cakes to their staff!”


        Originally, Lu Ji was a bit tired.Seeing Zhou Chenxi eating so happily, he suddenly felt his fatigue was swept away: “If you like it, I’ll give you this one too.”


        Lu Ji handed him the cake box he was holding.


        Zhou Chenxi was stunned for a moment : “You don’t eat it?”


        “I don’t like sweets.” Lu Ji unintentionally glanced at the cream on the corner of his mouth.


        “But I’ll gain weight if I eat too much, hey!” Zhou Chenxi was distressed. 


        Having said that, Zhou Chenxi still ate all of those two tiny boxes of cakes.


        The two of them sat on a bench at the corner of the cosmetics shop and finished the cakes. Zhou Chenxi threw the boxes into the garbage can aside, “Let’s go!”


        Lu Ji followed him and stood up.


        On the same day, a photo of Zhou Chenxi and Lu Ji selling cosmetics together in a shopping mall became a trending topic. 


        The original uploader (on wei bo) was a girl named “Wei Ya is my husband”.


    {Wei Ya is the name of game character that Lu Ji cosplayed as}


        [@WeiyaIsMyHusband: Bounty! I need to know the names of these two handsome guys in a minute! PS. I heard that a variety show was recently recorded in our South City. These two handsome men were accompanied by a cameraman. I really don’t know these two handsome guys since I am not a starchaser. Can anyone tell me? [picture][picture]]


{Starchaser /追星 : Simply to say is the follower of celebrity. Starchaser is usually too obsessed with the celebrities they like. Ex: I like this idol so much, buying the idol’s records, autographed clothes, even knowing their schedule and following them to the shooting location they are,etc}


        [I go! These two, Wei Ya and San Hua, why are they so good looking and in such good shape? Today I also went there, to the retail shop to check. There were two people cosplaying as Yu Lian and Xing su. 

To be honest it was very ordinary! If only those two little brothers were like them, I would have paid and bought the product. ]


        Yu Lian and Xing Su are the other two characters from the game.


        [@WeiyaIsMyHusband replied: Welcome to our South City gathering 233! However, I guess that they just show up for that little while in order to finish the program’s mission. They won’t be here anymore tomorrow.]


        [South City? Recently the variety show that takes place in South City is《Red Carp and Green Carp》ah? What? Is that Ren Qian and Luo Xinghe?]


     [@WeiyaIsMyHusband replied: Srds, I know about Ren Qian but who is Luo Xinghe?】


      [ It’s not them, I am traveling to South City today.I saw them at the Seaside Plaza, selling balloons! I even took a picture of them. [Photo]]


        [I know! I know! One of them is Lu Ji, the president of Lu Group. The one next to him is Zhou Chenxi,right? He’s a newcomer. There’s a picture of him on the Carp Official Wei Bo. You can check it out. I took a photo with them today.I’ve found a treasure! Zhou Chenxi, this little Gege is really adorable.  I’m also a player of《梦之缘》(The game’s name : Dream of Fate).

I am not afraid of death to say that he really does fit my idea of San Hua Er.


Oohhh also the way he speaks meow meow meow. He smells like milk. Moreover, his look when he takes off his mask is really stunning. I secretly took a picture of him! [Photo]]


        [@WeiyaIsMyHusband replied: ! ! ! Very good looking!]


        A few minutes later, the ID “Wei Ya is my husband” re-edited her post, sorted out the whole entire process of development and story, then said: “I found it! I won’t allow anyone else in this world to miss this treasure like I did before!


        It was accompanied by a few pictures collected in the comments section below, together with the clearly pointed out source and information. 


        Because “Wei Ya is my husband” was a veteran game player and has many followers, she often posts tips and tricks on Weibo regarding the game《Dream of Fate》so once this Weibo post of hers was sent out, many of her followers repost it.

From one person passed it onto the next ten persons, then the next 10 persons passed it to 100 people.


The focus of attention went from “This little Gege looks so good!” to “Isn’t that the CEO of Lu Group? He was actually, personally, ‘going  down to the sea’ (figurative for ‘to take the plunge’) to sell his own cosmetics products?”.


From “Hahahahaha” to “Holy shit! Why does this pretty little Gege who cosplay as San Hua cat look so stunning when he takes off his mask?

He could be salt and he could also be sweet. He’s a real gem!” .


[可盐可甜 : He can be cool and handsome (salt), he can also be cute and lovely (sweet).]


Gradually, the photo of Liu Li’s make up trial posted by the production team on the official Wei Bo of《The Journey Record to Immortality》 was also dug up. By this, Zhou Chenxi’s Weibo account unknowingly gained a lot of fans.


        Of course, all of this was currently not in the least known by Zhou Chenxi, who had just gathered on the beach rented by the program group to check the money they had earned in the three hours they had spent today.


    The group of Zhuang Jingle and Shao Yunyi’s total was 100, Luo Xinghe and Ren Qian’s group was 200, and the group of Zhou Chenxi and Lu Ji plus commission altogether was 500.


        The moment the results were announced, Zhou Chenxi simply couldn’t even believe it!


        He was unexpectedly able to win against Luo Xinghe!!!


        Zhou Chenxi was so excited that he went over and tugged Lu Ji’s hand and shook it.


        When the other groups announced their earnings, they would high-five each other to celebrate for a moment. Lu Ji thought Zhou Chenxi was going to give him a high five too.When he looked towards him, he subconsciously extended both of his hands.


        Zhou Chenxi, to his surprise, took his hand into his own hands directly. 


        The warmth of his hand temperature pressed against his palm. Lu Ji was involuntarily startled for a moment.


        Once he had enough of jumping around, Zhou Chenxi just realized that he was too high (over excited) so he hurriedly let go of his hand and returned to his position and stood well.


    The director announced : “Mr. Lu and Zhou Chenxi can share a deluxe sea view suite, while the others can only stay in standard rooms.”


        Zhou Chenxi went to the director’s side to receive the two room cards. He gave one card to Lu Ji. Lu Ji took the card and he smiled, “Let’s go! Let’s go back to your room and get rid of the nitrites.”


        Zhou Chenxi: “! ! Okay!”


        The two were about to leave when the director suddenly called out to stop them : “Wait, wait! The sea view suite is giving away a free candlelight dinner for two person today. Here’s the voucher, remember to go there to eat,okay!”


        Zhou Chenxi took the voucher:”?? !! “


        What’s going on?!


        Suddenly he felt like his fish life had been struck by the bright light!


        This was the luckiest moment in Zhou Chenxi’s two lifetimes. He excitedly took the two meal vouchers from the director and shook his hand in passing, “Thank you, Director. I can’t thank you enough!”


        Director: ” ? ? “


        Lu Ji looked at Zhou Chenxi’s both hands that hold the director’s hands, then he suddenly felt a little irritated. He was standing beside him, frowned lightly and said, “The person you should thank the most is me, isn’t it?”


        “Ahhhhh!” Zhou Chenxi hurriedly turned around, put both of his hands together devoutly (双手合十) and said to Lu Ji, “I Forgot, I forgot, Thank you to Director Lu too!”


[双手合十 like this:  🙏]


        Lu Ji relaxed his knitted eyebrows and took a few steps forward. When he saw that Zhou Chenxi was not following him, he stopped: “Still not going?”


        “Oh oh!”Zhou Chenxi cheerfully and hurriedly followed him. 


        The director gazed at their distant backs as he rubbed his chin suspiciously. 


        The author has something to say: 


The Film Director: Why do I suddenly have a feeling of ‘shipping’ them (as CP)!






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