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MSGVB Chapter 48

Company + Handsome boy.....

Translator: Hua

Chapter 48: Company + Handsome Boy…..

After breakfast, when he went out to change clothes, Jing Xun deliberately chose a shirt with a higher collar.

There was no mistake, among the many clothes that Shen Yijin bought back for him, shirts of this type are becoming more and more common.

Jing Xun generally didn’t like to wear this, because he used to wear it when he was in school or when he went out to participate in competitions. But now, he was already the Jing Xun who freed himself1 [放飞自我]: Free oneself or let oneself go means to let go of your previous personality and show your true temperament. I guess what JX trying to say here is that he is no longer the old Jing Xun who is always prim and proper, but a more free and outgoing Jing Xun.(?) . But he had to wear it today no matter what, mainly because he was bitten again last night. The new traces were added to the old ones, and it became very eye-catching.

Fortunately, he(jx) didn’t know if he(syj) paid special attention to this point, the place where Shen Yijin had bitten wasn’t high.

He put on a shirt and fastened the top button, so he could block it tightly. After putting on his clothes, Jing Xun set off with Shen Yijin. 

They left home early in the morning, so the traffic wasn’t very congested at the moment. But when they arrived at the company, many people had already started their work.

Yiwei Technology Company occupied a small building in the Dragon City Science and Technology Park.

The building wasn’t high with only seven floors, so there was no such thing as a special presidential elevator as mentioned in the novel.

This meant that from entering the building and waiting for the elevator, they would encounter a lot of people. And the vast majority of these people are employees of Yiwei.

Yiwei’s good welfare benefits were a fact that everyone could see. High salaries, high dividends, high-level benefits and a good working atmosphere were the reasons why many people are willing to get up and come to work early on their own initiative despite the fact that their president didn’t come to the company often. Yet many people actually didn’t want to meet their President Shen on the way to work or in the elevator.

Apart from anything else, the aura of President Shen alone was enough to make people avoid him.

His height was obviously different from ordinary people, and his permanent expressionless face…..that face wasn’t ugly, in fact very handsome, but it made people feel afraid to look at him directly.

It’s fine if they only met him in the lobby. After all, president Shen was gentle, elegant, and spoke very few words most of the time. He would not take the initiative to talk to them or ask them anything in non-work situations.

But if they “unfortunately” entered the elevator with president Shen, then it’s really…..

Shi Zhibin and two other colleagues bought breakfast downstairs together. As soon as they entered the office building, they saw their President Shen in suit.

Although it was a little scary to run into President Shen, they couldn’t go as far as to deliberately avoid him. Moreover, Assistant Xiao Tang who was following President Shen had already seen them….Shi Zhibin and his colleagues looked at each other. Finally, they braced themselves to step forward and greet president Shen.

“President Shen, good morning.”  

“Good morning.”   

President Shen, as usual, was a gentleman in his words and deeds. 

At this time, an elevator in front of them arrived. President Shen and his party stepped into the elevator first. Seeing Shi Zhibin and the others not moving, he even thoughtfully said, “Let’s go together.”  


It was time to go to work and the other elevator had only gone up to the sixth floor, so they didn’t know when it would come down. Moreover, there were only three people in the elevator now. Since president Shen had already spoken, they felt a little weird not following along. 

Shi Zhibin and his colleagues had to follow them into the elevator.

After entering the elevator, they all realized that… addition to Assistant Xiao Tang, President Shen was accompanied by a good-looking young man.

The boy had short black hair, the length of which was just right beside his ears, making him look very well-behaved.

Round almond-shaped eyes, high nose bridge, natural bright red smiling lips, and a tear mole at the right corner of his eye, they all matched up like a complete and beautiful oil painting. The contours of his facial features are perfect.

In addition, the boy in the white shirt was tall and slender, with downcast and reserved eyebrows. There was no expression on his face, giving the impression of inconspicuousness; however, his outer appearance was excellent.


He is both beautiful and flawless. It could be said that few people can combine this stunning beauty and gentleness, but this boy did it.  

Yiwei Technology had hundreds of employees, but because more than 80% of them were scientific research and development personnel, and the staff mobility was small, they were basically familiar with each other. 

But they had never seen this young man before.

So, who is this new face?   

When they greeted them at the elevator door just now, because Mr. Shen was tall, they hadn’t noticed yet.  

But when the elevator door opened and Mr. Shen took a step earlier, someone had already noticed this extra person.  

——After the elevator door opened, when Assistant Xiao Tang had pressed the button to prevent the elevator door from closing, president Shen personally reached out and blocked the side of the elevator and told the boy next to him to move forward first.  

And the boy wasn’t being courteous to President Shen either, he walked into the elevator first… They had never seen such a situation.   

But the surprise didn’t end there as they were very amazed by the boy’s appearance. Because it was too astonishing, that little detail just now had been magnified. Even if no one dared to make a sound, everyone’s mutual shock could be seen in each other’s eyes——so in the end, who is this beautiful person? !   

A relative? Is he president Shen’s brother or something?   

It didn’t seem so. They felt too different from each other (appearance and temperament).

Could he be the child of president Shen’s friend?   

But president Shen was a strict workaholic. Will he really bring irrelevant people to the company?


The elevator continued to rise amidst the suspicious eye contact of a few people. At this moment, assistant Xiao Tang spoke up: “President Shen, should I bring Mr. Yan too look around later?”   


Oh, it turned out that this young man’s surname is Yan.   

But Mr. Yan or something… This young man seemed younger than assistant Xiao Tang, isn’t this kind of address a bit too formal…   

In the quiet elevator, everyone all silently bowed their heads and erected their ears, listening to gossip.   

They saw president Shen paused for a moment, as if he was thinking about something. Then he didn’t say “yes” or “no”, but turned to look at the young man beside him: “What do you think, Xiao Xun?”   

In the quiet elevator, president Shen’s unique low voice sounded: “Do you want to go to the meeting with me or look around first?”   

Everyone: “…….”   

Wait a minute, what’s the matter with President Shen’s extremely patient questioning tone??   

“Ding”, the elevator ascended all the way and stopped on the fifth floor, which was Shi Zhibin and the others’ destination.  

These few people didn’t dare to listen anymore even if they wanted to hear more gossip. They all bowed to President Shen and then walked out of the elevator one after another.   

After the elevator door was closed, these few people looked at each other again, but they didn’t dare to openly discuss the beautiful boy who was with president Shen.   

Inside the elevator, Jing Xun did not hesitate to choose to go around with assistant Xiao Tang. Mainly because Mr said he would bring him to the meeting together or something…..he didn’t want to.  

Until now, Jing Xun hadn’t had the idea of ​​deliberately avoiding suspicion as before. Now he had a strong sense of self-confidence that Mr. Villain wouldn’t cripple his legs at any cost.   

He didn’t want to go to the meeting together mainly because it felt unnecessary.  

Although he was interested in Yiwei’s scientific research projects, Shen Yijin had too many things to manage. There were all kinds of sales and other things like operation and maintenance. Jing Xun wasn’t interested and didn’t want to listen.   

Shen Yijin didn’t object and said, “That’s ok.”   

“Boss, don’t worry.” There is no one in the elevator, and assistant Xiao Tang’s attitude as a professional assistant was slightly relaxed, saying: “I will accompany Mr. Yan.”   

This time, however, he was rewarded with a meaningful glance from their boss. He couldn’t pinpoint that feeling, in any case, it was very chilling.   

It made Xiao Tang somewhat confused…..Did he say something wrong?   

The elevator door opened again. On the floor of Shen Yijin’s office, there were already some people and secretaries waiting at the door. Everyone had a booklet in their hands. When they saw Shen Yijin, they began to report on today’s work.   

Early in the morning, the entire floor was already buzzing with activities.

Looking at Mr who was instantly surrounded by assistants, various supervisors, and the partners who came to the door in person, only at this moment did Jing Xun associate Shen Yijin in front of him with the CEO of Yiwei that he had learned from the news.  

…..He really had a slow response.    

Seeing Shen Yijin’s tall figure gradually distanced from him, Jing Xun suddenly had a mixed feeling in his heart.

It felt like Shen Yijin who was alone with him was the Mr. Villain in the book, but Shen Yijin who was surrounded by the crowd became President Shen and the richest man in Dragon city. 

When he(syj) was with him(jx), he was the tall, abstinent, and handsome gentleman in suit. In the company, the same gentleman in formal attire became a superior, an unreachable superior.  

In short, it felt very different.  

Jing Xun didn’t know why he had such strange thoughts. Of course, he didn’t feel upset. It just felt pretty amazing. The clothes were all the same, but the Shen Yijin in the office was a novelty that gave him a different feeling.  

None of the people who came up dared to touch Shen Yijin, but maybe it was a special day today, there were still too many people who needed to find him, which created an effect that he was being surrounded by everyone.   

But despite this, Shen Yijin in the crowd suddenly turned around.

In Jing Xun’s vision, Shen Yijin received a document handed over by his assistant in one hand, while listening to a report from a supervisor next to him. His sudden turning back was an unexpected move for everyone.   

But he was tall, even if he was surrounded by crowds, he could still be seen clearly by the people standing at the elevator entrance.   

Facing that pair of eyes without any sadness or happiness, but also dotted with some bright light, Jing Xun hurriedly raised his hand and waved at him, asking the other party not to worry about him.   

That meant——see you later, sir.   

Visible to the naked eye, the corners of Shen Yijin’s lips lifted upwards seamlessly.

The others around didn’t understand what President Shen meant, and were stunned by his sudden gentle change. They all looked back and saw a beautiful young man standing at the door. 


……After all, this was a technology research and development company. Their security system here was quite strict. No one could easily come in, let alone come to this floor.   

So it was similar to Shi Zhibin and the others’ reaction just now, almost everyone was taken aback when they saw Jing Xun.   

But at this time, Shen Yijin was already walking towards the meeting room. He turned the document naturally and signaled to the reporting subordinates to continue. The party walked into the conference room. The door was closed, and the outside instantly became quieter.

Assistant Xiao Tang explained to Jing Xun: “Something went wrong suddenly yesterday… Everyone is not usually like this.”   

Jing Xun responded.  

Assistant Xiao Tang smiled: “Then Mr. Yan, let’s go around now, or should we go for a cup of coffee first?”

When he was speaking, the door of the conference room was opened from inside. It was Jin Zheheng who walked out.   

He said to Jing Xun: “President Shen said that Mr. Yan is interested in several projects. Let me show you around.”  

“!” Xiao Tang immediately pouted next to him, “But the boss has assigned me to accompany Mr. Yan!”   

Jin Zheheng’s gaze came over. Unlike the cheerful and silly Assistant Xiao Tang, Assistant Jin’s temperament was quite similar to President Shen.  

He was always in a neat suit, wearing gold-rimmed glasses. He was refined and handsome, and didn’t often talk nonsense.   

However, it seemed that he was afraid that Xiao Tang would think too much, so Jin Zheheng still explained: “The boss means that you are not involved with the works there, so you might be unclear about some projects.”   

“…That’s true.” Although he often runs around with the boss, he doesn’t understand science and technology. He wasn’t responsible for the work here. He was mainly involved with the Shen Group…..   

“But I believe I can accompany Mr. Yan well.” Xiao Tang said, and stood next to Jing Xun. “What project is Mr. Yan interested in? I still know which project is on which floor.”   


Jin Zheheng also felt a little inexplicable when he was sent out.

President Shen always told him to follow Mr. Yan’s requirements and meet his needs as much as possible. But in Jin Zheheng’s opinion, it really didn’t require two assistants at the same time. However, seeing Xiao Tang almost talking to Mr. Yan shoulder-to-shoulder, he suddenly seemed to understand what the boss meant.

Jing Xun wasn’t quite used to being called “Mr. Yan”. He had been talking to Assistant Tang about this on WeChat before. When he met both of them this time, he couldn’t help but say to them: “Assistant Tang and Assistant Jin just call me Jing Xun will do.”   

“…Jing Xun, that’s not bad.” Xiao Tang agreed with this proposal.   

In fact, he didn’t quite understand why Jin Zheheng told him to call him Mr. Yan. It was obvious that Mr. Yan was younger than him. How old-fashioned ah….  

Thinking like this, he directly called Jing Xun’s name. Unsurprisingly, he received a disapproving look from Jin Zheheng.   

But Xiao Tang didn’t care. Brother Jin was too fond of rules and always afraid that he would do something wrong. He was more willing to worry about his affairs than his own brother2Xiao Tang was trying to say JZH cared about him too much more than his(xt) own brother. Btw Xiao Tang’s big brother will make an appearance soon.…..   

Speaking of his own brother, when the three of them returned to the elevator together, Xiao Tang said, “By the way, my brother will return to China next month. He said that he is coming back to congratulate Grandpa Shen on his birthday.”   

There were only three people in the elevator. Considering that Assistant Xiao Tang’s elder brother, Shen Yijin, and Assistant Jin used to be alumni and classmates, it was obvious that Assistant Xiao Tang said this to Assistant Jin.   

However, Jin Zheheng, who was standing on one side, only faintly responded with “Oh.”   


Jing Xun felt that something was wrong, but in order to avoid the awkward silence, he could only answer: “Assistant Tang’s brother knows Grandpa Shen?”   

“Mm-hmm yeah.” Speaking of this, Assistant Xiao Tang was a bit emotional:  “My family and the boss’s family are also considered friends? We used to live in the same compound before.”   

Jing Xun: “……”   

He remembered that every time he saw Assistant Xiao Tang, the other party was dressed in a fashionable famous brand, which looked very expensive.   

There was also the bicycle worth tens of thousands of Yuan that Assistant Xiao Tang sent over last time…..   

So, Assistant Xiao Tang unexpectedly turned out to be a proper rich second-generation.   

It seemed that the deformities and distortions of this world’s upper-class circles described in the novel were not all true. For example, Assistant Xiao Tang wasn’t bad. His personality was good, and he didn’t have bad habits like other rich second-generation.   

In addition, Mr….   

Birds of a feather flock together , so it doesn’t matter if they didn’t catch with other upper-class people.

Seeing Jing Xun seemed to be more interested in this, Assistant Xiao Tang said to him a few more words: “But when I was very young, the two families stopped living together. I didn’t know the boss before! My brother arranged for me to work here. I only became acquainted with the boss after I came to work here….The boss is too fierce, but of course, he is better than my brother haha, my brother will only beat me.”

“In fact, it’s still brother Zheheng who treats me the best. When I first came here, it was brother Zheheng who took me to do things……”  

As Xiao Tang said this, he made a gesture of intimacy and wanted to nuzzle against Jin zheheng. Unfortunately, his best brother, Zheheng, didn’t respond to him.  

Jing Xun couldn’t help but laugh. He thought that with Assistant Xiao Tang’s lively and cheerful personality, no one would dislike such a younger brother.

Assistant Xiao Tang sighed again: “Speaking of my brother, it’s been a long time since he returned home.  If I hadn’t gone to G country to play with him before, we wouldn’t have seen each other for five or six years now. Alas, my brother is already 30 year old this year…Oh yes, my brother said that he will get married in a few months. Have you heard about it, brother Zheheng? Maybe he’d also bring my sister-in-law to see my parents this time…..”   

Jin Zheheng didn’t respond to his words. At the same time, the elevator reached the designated floor. The moment the elevator door opened, Jin Zheheng took the lead to go out.   

His behavior seemed a bit abnormal when placed on Assistant Jin, who had always been steady. Both Jing Xun and Xiao Tang could only see Assistant Jin’s slender back, and could not see his expression clearly. But soon, Jin Zheheng turned around again.  

His expression was no different from the usual as he was introducing Jing Xun in a very professional manner, “Mr. Yan, this is the network engineering laboratory.”


Although the appearance of this office building was unattractive, the interior decoration was very luxurious.   

There were automatic glass doors set up everywhere, and all kinds of intelligent devices were readily available. There was a kind of atmospheric simplicity in this gorgeousness. And not only the floor where Shen Yijin had a meeting, but the office atmosphere of the entire building was very lively.

In addition, the reason why Jing Xun liked this place very much was that several research topics he was interested in, such as network construction, information platform, big data processing, and intelligent AI, were also being treated as key projects by Yiwei.   

Jing Xun just came for a visit, and didn’t plan to inquire about unpublished information. At most, he only looked at what equipment Yiwei had equipped to carry out these researches, and occasionally asked about some work progress and conventional methods.   

Although it wasn’t Jin Zheheng’s field of expertise, he had a huge amount of information. Basically, he could answer what Jing Xun asked.  

On the other hand, Xiao Tang next to him was stunned, completely ignorant of what they were talking about. He didn’t expect that… Mr. Yan could ask so many professional questions.

He thought that the so-called visit was just going around randomly, then going to the pantry for a cup of coffee…   

Fortunately, Brother Jin came with them. Obviously, Xiao Tang wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Jin Zheheng, who was in charge of answering Jing Xun’s questions, was also shocked because he couldn’t answer some of Mr. Yan’s questions.

It was no longer a question that could be asked by people with a superficial knowledge of these fields and projects. It was the kind of detailed questions that could only be answered or explained by the professional supervisor here.


Then they visited another laboratory. As soon as the automatic glass door was opened, Jing Xun and others heard a fierce dispute inside.

Originally, the laboratory employed elite talents in various fields. It was inevitable that researchers and colleagues had disputes over a certain research. Jing Xun didn’t mean to disturb, but the supervisor inside saw them first and immediately welcomed them.   

Jin Zheheng and Assistant Xiao Tang were both people who often appeared next to President Shen. The supervisor naturally dared not to neglect, and diligently said: “Assistant Jin, Assistant Tang, How can I help you?”   

The dispute in the laboratory was suspended, and many people saw the three of them. Except for the two assistants who they were familiar with, it was obvious that among them Jing Xun attracted the attention of others even more.   

Shi Zhibin recognized at first sight that this was the beautiful boy he met in the elevator this morning.   

The appearance of this young man was unforgettable. Not only Shi Zhibin but his two other colleagues also immediately recognized Jing Xun.   

“We just come and have a look.” Jin Zheheng replied to the supervisor, and in response to their argument just now, he asked in passing: “Did something happen?”   

“No.” The supervisor reported: “It’s just that my subordinates have a dispute over which algorithm to use, it’s nothing serious.”

“Oh?” Jing Xun couldn’t help but become interested. At the same time he made a sound, his eyes had already fallen on a white board nearby. It seemed that he was attracted by the formula written on it. Jing Xun subconsciously asked: “What algorithm is it?”   

“This…” The supervisor was only in his 30s, but he was also a veteran in the company.

He knew that the person who could be brought in by Assistant Jin and Assistant Tang would never be ordinary people, but the youth who was asking….looked young and tender3Young people who have just stepped into society with no experience., he didn’t know what use he had in asking.  

However, after receiving an approving nod from Assistant Jin, he still answered truthfully: “It’s a data mining algorithm4I didn’t major in computer science, so I don’t really understand all these profession terms. Sorry T.T.”   

“Do you want to process this set of data?” Jing Xun pointed to the top of the huge whiteboard and asked.  

“Yes, but these are just examples of a single source of data, the specific data is still in the computer…” The supervisor finished answering, and wondered what the meaning of this question was. He couldn’t help asking with a little uncertainty, “This gentleman is?”   

No one answered who this young man was, but he asked again: “Who built this model? It’s so interesting.”  

Shi Zhibin in the crowd was a little confused, but he still admitted: “…I, I built it.”   

“This APR5APR was written in raw. Again Idk what this meant. T_T model is so creative.” Jing Xun looked at the whiteboard with bright eyes, and the whole laboratory fell into silence.  

——He could tell at a glance what kind of model it was built?   

Shi Zhibin also seemed to be encouraged. He was arguing with his colleagues about the practicability of this program. He was about to be rejected by the supervisor, but he didn’t expect to be acknowledged so suddenly.   

Although the person who acknowledged him seems to be a young man in his 20s, Shi Zhibin couldn’t help but introduce a few more of his modeling ideas to Jing Xun under his excitement.   

Unexpectedly, when he said a few more words, he was ridiculed by his own colleagues: “What is the use of being creative, as long as it is difficult to achieve in the program, it’s just an empty dream of yours.”   

“That’s right, you’re wasting everyone’s time with this algorithm, don’t even think about it.”   

“…..” Shi Zhibin was offended and couldn’t help but angrily said: “It’s not necessarily impossible. I’m just a few steps away. Supervisor, if you give me more time, this algorithm will definitely succeed!”   

“Actually …… have you considered handling it this way?”  

When they were arguing, the handsome young man suddenly spoke up again. His voice was clear and sweet, and it could easily attract the attention of others. When everyone’s eyes fell on him, the young man had already picked up the whiteboard marker and wrote down a few lines of formulas on the whiteboard.   

Since the youth’s attitude was entirely of asking for opinions and discussing problems, it wasn’t annoying. In the spirit of discussing and making common progress, they naturally show patience and wait for him to write.   

When he was writing, everyone else was silent.   

“Ah…” The more Shi Zhibin looked, the wider his mouth opened.   

Other people also followed in silence, including the supervisor, all attracted by the formula under the young man’s pen.   

They were surprised at first, then astonished, and finally became incredulous.   

“What about this?” Jing Xun finally put the marker down with a smile in his clear eyes.   


After a long period of silence, they didn’t know who opened his mouth first and said: “Hey, this seems pretty good…”

Hua: Thanks for all the comments from previous chapters. Although I didn’t get to reply to all comments, I appreciate it a lot ; )

  • 1
    [放飞自我]: Free oneself or let oneself go means to let go of your previous personality and show your true temperament. I guess what JX trying to say here is that he is no longer the old Jing Xun who is always prim and proper, but a more free and outgoing Jing Xun.(?)
  • 2
    Xiao Tang was trying to say JZH cared about him too much more than his(xt) own brother. Btw Xiao Tang’s big brother will make an appearance soon.
  • 3
    Young people who have just stepped into society with no experience.
  • 4
    I didn’t major in computer science, so I don’t really understand all these profession terms. Sorry T.T
  • 5
    APR was written in raw. Again Idk what this meant. T_T
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