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MSGVB Chapter 47

The Rainy Night Begins Silently

Translator: Hua

Chapter 47: The Rainy Night Begins Silently


When he was at a loss, Jing Xun suddenly heard Shen Yijin asking him: “Has Xiao Xun been treated like this before?”


His mind was in turmoil at the moment, and he didn’t pay much attention, so he naturally replied, “No.”


Hearing this word, the person behind him stopped moving.


He really stopped like a frozen picture.


Shen Yijin kept the posture of half supporting his body behind him.


The two arms supporting him were full of strength. Shen Yijin didn’t put any weight on him, but the two of them were still very close. The air seemed to become very hot, as if everything was on fire.


Jing Xun’s feverish brain was confused and could only respond with: “It seems to have happened once?”




Suddenly, the aura surrounding Jing Xun seemed to get cold. It was as if a torrent of chill was pouring in. It penetrated his skin and every pore one after another, making him shrivered.


There was hardly any emotion in Shen Yijin’s tone: “Really?”


“En…” Jing Xun said tremblingly, “It was only yesterday that Mr……had been like this ah.”


Shen Yijin: “…..”


Shen Yijin seemed to be frozen again. The next second, he put his own weight on Jing Xun.


It was like they were going through a hysteria, and without any strength, the two completely leaned close together. Shen Yijin’s arms forced their way under Jing Xun’s body and hugged him.


He called him: “Xiao Xun.”




Jing Xun also responded.


More skin pasted together, as well as the weight of the other party’s chest that could be faintly felt, which made Jing Xun’s voice change a bit.


He couldn’t see the other person’s expression, he only heard Shen Yijin say: “Sorry.”


Jing Xun: “…why did Mr. apologize again?”


At this time, there was a rustling rain outside the window. It was raining outside at this time.


There was no lightning, no thunder, just some drizzle and strong wind, just a light rain today.


Jing Xun couldn’t help but worry a little: “Sir… are you okay?”


In fact, when they were at the airport, the air was a bit humid and stuffy. It seemed that it was going to rain.


But in Shen Yijin’s report, Mr was usually in poor condition during thunderstorms only.


Normal rainy days were fine, almost the same as usual, so Jing Xun didn’t care too much.


Of course, this kind of “illness” was sometimes not necessarily related to the weather. It may also suddenly attack during sunny days. Being too concerned about it was useless.


Shen Yijin had been relying on medication to maintain his condition.


…… Mr. didn’t take his medicine tonight, did he?


At such a crisis, even if he was embarrassed to move, Jing Xun tried to struggle.


But the man who just hugged him and said “sorry” didn’t intend to let go of his embrace. Jing Xun was held tightly by the other party. Shen Yijin said, “Don’t move.”


Then Jing Xun had to lie down again.


However, Shen Yijin’s long arms completely circled his abdomen and looped around his body. This position made a certain part of Jing Xun’s body unable to be deeply buried in the bedding.


Although he was still lying on his stomach, once Mr.’s hand went down a little bit…then…


Jing Xun subconsciously retreated.


Shen Yijin’s voice came from behind: “Because I am a despicable person.”


“Sir?” These words​ were really strange…


At this time, Shen Yijin’s voice came near his ear: “I want to monopolize Xiao Xun.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun’s body became stiffer.


Although it was a bit inexplicable for the other party to suddenly say this, with the onset of his illness, he couldn’t be too fussy. Jing Xun followed along with his words and said: “I….I’m all yours ah.”


After speaking, his face blushed.


To be monopolized…..that word is too shameful ba!


The person who was clamping him from behind also wanted to perform some live-stunt by bending his knee to ball him up.


“Really?” Shen Yijin’s tone became slightly absent-minded.


Unable to bury his lower body in the bedding, Jing Xun chose to bury his head deeply in the pillow, and said more bashfully, “Yes.”


There was nothing wrong with saying so.


His mother, who was connected to him by blood in this world, had to take care of his younger brother at all times, and had no time to take care of his life.


His father was a scumbag. After Ms. Luo and the original owner were abandoned, they hadn’t been in touch for so many years, so there was nothing to mention.


Of the immediate family, parents, children and spouse, he only had Shen Yijin. 




Shen Yijin whispered softly, wishing to ponder these two words carefully, and seemed very satisfied with the title.


Then in an instant, Jing Xun, who was still lying there, was turned over.


…He had no idea how Mr. did it. Somehow, he had turned him over with very little effort.


Jing Xun felt that he had once again become a marionette at the mercy of others.


Jing-Marionette-Xun let out a shriek.


However, after being turned over, facing Shen Yijin’s eyes, he felt that Mr’s eyes looked… quite normal, not as if he was in his illness episode.


Thinking back to the tone of the other person’s words just now, it was actually quite normal. Only the “monopolizing something” was a bit strange.


The drizzle was constantly blown on the window by the slanting wind. Jing Xun was confused, so is Mr ok or not ok right now?


He blinked and found that Shen Yijin suddenly paused again. Then his gaze began to move slowly downward.


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun’s gaze couldn’t help but move down, and then, he and Shen Yijin both saw…




So was it too late for him to round himself into a ball now?


The answer was of course too late.


Because Shen Yijin had already discovered his…secret.


And even if it was too late, he couldn’t do anything about it.


——Despite being turned over, he was still being held, in a tight, snug fit, hug.



At the critical moment, Jing Xun chose to pick up the pillow next to him and cover his face.


“Xiao Xun…” Shen Yijin called out, with a hint of laughter in his voice.


A very soft laugh.


It wasn’t a mocking laugh, it felt more like an unexpected pleasant surprise.


But at this time, Jing Xun wasn’t in the mood to observe the other party’s laughing face.


“Sir…” His muffled voice came from under the pillow. He wanted to say something, but before he could speak, Jing Xun screamed again, arching his waist that was in complete control.


“Are you ok?”


Shen Yijin’s voice transmitted through the pillow.


Just like raindrops drummed rhythmically against the banana leaves1[雨打芭蕉] Cantonese instrumental folk music. Metaphorically, i think it is used to describe rainy nights but I’m not very sure., at this time, what sounded more distinctly than his voice is….


The senses in the darkness he created seemed to be a hundred times stronger, but at this time Jing Xun could only use a pillow to cover his face.


The room was so bright that he probably would have really died if he hadn’t done so.


…Shy to death.


Although he knew that there was actually nothing to be ashamed of, he just….couldn’t help it!   


At the thought of Mr…..he….just…..!


Various emotions and senses were intertwined. Jing Xun still vividly remembered Shen Yijin’s questions.


He nodded very honestly. Perceiving that the other party might not see it, he said: “I’m okay.”




Jing Xun heard Shen Yijin take a deep breath.


The ears covered by the pillow were so hot that Jing Xun felt like he was about to cry. He could no longer think about what happened to Mr.


However, at this moment, Shen Yijin suddenly aggravated his tone and…..


Amidst the sudden rain and wind, he heard the other person asking again: “So has anyone ever done this to Xiao Xuan?”


Jing Xun’s brain was about to explode, so he just answered with whatever he had in mind. At this moment, he kept shaking his head: “No.”


Then again, Shen Yijin said nothing, he just….


Not long after, Jing Xun really cried out.


Jing Xun: “……”


He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but how come he always felt that his time….seems…not very long?


At the moment, he didn’t care about this anymore. After crying, the outer corner of his eyes flushed red. His head was empty and his whole body felt weak.


The feeble Jing Xun was taken to the bathroom by Shen Yijin to clean up.


Jing Xun noticed that the rain outside was still falling. But Mr who was cleaning him up looked the same as usual, and his movements were orderly.


Jing Xun didn’t figure it out until the bedding was cleaned and he was placed on the bed with new pajamas.  


…So Mr’s manic attack didn’t happen ah, wu wu!2This expression:



Later, Shen Yijin also took a bath.


It took him so long to take this bath that when he returned, the young man buried in the quilt had already fallen asleep.


Lightly exiting the bedroom, Shen Yijin didn’t disturb him.


Arriving at the study, and walking around the large desk, Shen Yijin opened the French window at the back.


Humidity and rain came from outside, the rain had not yet stopped.


He hated this smell.


He didn’t like this kind of sound either.


Subconsciously, he took out a cigarette.


The flames of the wind-proof lighter flashed in the air.


Just before the fire started, something seemed to come to mind, and the slender fingers holding the cigarette began to loosen up. Finally, he put down the unlit cigarette.


The flame of the lighter extinguished in response, from then on, the rainy night had also become silent.


The next day, when Jing Xun woke up, he was still lying in Shen Yijin’s arms, sleeping warmly.


The indoor central air-conditioning made the temperature of the entire house extremely suitable, but because the two people were next to each other, and Mr’s temperature was a bit high, it was still a little hot when he woke up.


Jing Xun opened his eyes.


He immediately remembered what they did last night…


His ears began to flush unexpectedly. Jing Xun lay on the bed, staring at the time with a stiff neck, and then looking at Shen Yijin’s face. He heard the other party’s voice full of texture, like a piano, in the morning : “Good morning.”


“……” Jing Xun shrunk his neck and said, “Good morning, sir.”


6:42 in the morning.


He knew that Shen Yijin regularly woke up around this time.


Outside, there was sunlight coming through the gaps in the curtains, and it looked like the rain had cleared up.


Since the other party was awake, Jing Xun looked into his eyes as a matter of course.


When he woke up early in the morning, Shen Yijin’s eyes were a little less dull than usual.


He was a person with very standard facial features, peach blossom eyes, high nose, and thin lips, a typical romantic and passionate peach blossom face3The overbearing president in the novel who looks cold and frosty but also takes care of the person he loves.


But because his eyes are usually too stern, he appeared very unapproachable. His romantic and handsome side could be slightly highlighted only when he fell asleep or just woke up. 


Now being watched quietly by such a pair of attractive eyes, Jing Xun’s cheeks couldn’t help but turn red.


He slightly looked away from those eyes, and said: “Yesterday…”


He wanted to ask about Shen Yijin’s mental state yesterday, but when the words were the tip of his tongue…..he recalled what happened, and suddenly felt that this shouldn’t be mentioned.


Jing Xun temporarily withdrew his previous remark: “When did you go to bed, sir?”


Shen Yijin said, “Shortly after Xiao Xun fell asleep.”


“Oh.” Jing Xun casually asked again, “Then why aren’t you getting up yet?”


Normally, Mr. Villain wakes up at 6:30 every morning. When he woke up, he would immediately get out of bed. Shen Yijin didn’t have the habit of staying in bed.


And isn’t there an important meeting today?….


Unexpectedly, Shen Yijin said, “Because I want to see you a while longer.”




Alright, he shouldn’t have asked such a nonsense question.


…..But then again, although there was no love between him and Mr. Villain, because of his (syj) unique speaking manner, this could be considered as….the love words only he could hear.


Jing Xun rubbed his flushed cheeks.


He proposed: “Then shall we…get up now?”


His peach blossom eyes looked a little gentle. Shen Yijin responded in a voice, saying: “Okay.”


But he quickly said, “Don’t Xiao Xun want to sleep a little more? It’s already a holiday.”


Speaking of this, Jing Xun immediately sat up. He rubbed his eyes and said, “I slept a little too much yesterday, so I won’t sleep anymore today.”


And even though he was on vacation, he wasn’t going to stay in bed.


He still had a part-time job!


The schedule requested by the part-time company had already been exceeded by him, so he wasn’t in a hurry. But there were still many things he could do…if it really didn’t work, he could still find another part-time job.


In short, he still had to continue working hard to make money!


Unexpectedly, Shen Yijin suddenly said: “Then do you want to go to the company with me today?”


Jing Xun: “?”


Shen Yijin said, “I’ll go to Yiwei for a meeting later. Do you want to come along?”


Jing Xun: “!”




That Yiwei…When he first came to this world, he checked the information and found out that it was the country’s most promising scientific research company and the leading enterprise in the technology industry. In just a few years, it had soared among the first-class companies, with countless scientific research patents!


It was the company that his seniors had publicly stated that they really wanted to enter, even if it was just for a visit, they would be very satisfied!


Jing Xun was getting excited.


“Can I?” He couldn’t help but widen his eyes.


“Of course.”


Shen Yijin also sat up, and said in a casual tone, taking it for granted, “It was originally yours too.”


  • 1
    [雨打芭蕉] Cantonese instrumental folk music. Metaphorically, i think it is used to describe rainy nights but I’m not very sure.
  • 2
    This expression:
  • 3
    The overbearing president in the novel who looks cold and frosty but also takes care of the person he loves.
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