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MSGVB Chapter 49

President Shen's Lover

Translator: Hua

Chapter 49: President Shen’s Lover.

“Oh my god, is it true?”

“Interesting , interesting, why didn’t I think of using this model before?”

“If this is the case, not only can this APR model be built, even the problems we have been trying to solve will have a solution as well?”

There was a lot of discussion in the laboratory. People who were busy with their work and did not come to participate in the discussion heard the commotion and gathered around them.

After reading the formula written by Jing Xun, the colleague who had just rushed over immediately said: “Okay, Shi Zhibin, you really came up with something!”

“Oh no, no, no.” Shi Zhibin waved his hand quickly and said, “This is not what I came up with, it is this sir…”

…..Back in the elevator this morning, he was still criticizing1Literal translation: To find fault in other people’s language or behavior.  how Assistant Tang was calling such a young boy “Mr.” 

But now, Shi Zhibin has subconsciously called him the same way, and it didn’t feel the least bit out of place.

“Sir, your algorithm is so perfect!” Shi Zhibin couldn’t help but read the formulas again. “This problem has troubled me for a long time, but I never thought of using this method before!”

“No.” Jing Xun listened but shook his head, and said seriously: “The model you built is even more powerful… It’s amazing.”

“…Haha.” As a top student who graduated from a prestigious university and a talented programmer who was directly hired by Yiwei upon graduation, Shi Zhibin had always been praised.

But there had never been a praise that could….give him such an intense feeling like this time.   

As if his heart had been moved, Shi Zhibin blushed and didn’t know what to say.

The young man with a face like a peach blossom and bright eyes smiled brilliantly,  without the slightest intention of restraint.

Jing Xun rarely encountered such a creative idea. He couldn’t help but feel a little excited and wanted to communicate more with this ” bosom friend2知音[zhī yīn]: A friend who keenly appreciates of one’s talents.“.

The two people simply talked directly in front of the whiteboard. Although the few people who disagreed with Shi Zhibin were not convinced, they couldn’t help but watch from the side.

Everyone present were all elite in the relevant field. As long as they were given some pointers, anyone with a discerning eye would have discovered the feasibility of the formula on the whiteboard.

But is it time to continue discussing the model right now? Of course, such an important achievement should be reported immediately, and data protection should be done to prevent it from being stolen!

Seeing that things were developing in a strange direction, and even the two assistants were left aside, the supervisor couldn’t help saying: “Xiao Shi, if the algorithm can really be implemented, you have made a great achievement this time. And this sir here, how should I address you?”

The company had always stipulated that, in addition to basic salary and dividends, bonuses were paid based on individual work performance and contribution.

Now that the model built by Shi Zhibin was unraveled in public, then it was clear that the bonus belonged to Shi Zhibin and this little gentleman of unknown background.

But the question is…who is this young man?

He only needed to look at the model, and directly come up with the corresponding algorithm to implement the model? ?

A person with this kind of ability…Is there really such a smart person in this world?….

Also, if he weren’t from their company, it would be terrible!

He couldn’t help looking at President Shen’s two assistants. He was a little relieved to see that although they also showed varying degrees of surprise, they didn’t have any worry or anxiety.

…Perhaps this little gentleman was the latest talent dug up by President Shen?

It would be nice if he belonged to their laboratory! The year-end dividend was calculated based on the performance of the entire laboratory!

The more he thought about it, the more thrilling it became. Their laboratory had never produced such a great achievement. The supervisor’s forehead was tense and sweaty.

But as his mind wandered, only an instant had passed. The extremely handsome young gentleman had already introduced himself: “My surname is Yan.”

“Mr. Yan.”

The supervisor called out politely, and then immediately showed his authority as a supervisor, “Don’t gather around here. Shi Zhibin, you should write a report to me quickly, including the preliminary preparations for building the model and the manpower required. The faster we make the model, the faster we can seize the opportunity.”

“Okay.” Shi Zhibin responded and looked at Mr. Yan next to him, wanting to ask if Mr. Yan also worked here?

He wondered if he could cooperate with him….

Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about such things either.

The supervisor had already asked first: “Mr. Yan is a new employee of the company? Are you interested in joining our laboratory and implementing this model together?”

“This…” Xiao Tang and Jin Zheheng couldn’t help but glance at each other. This supervisor was very proficient. He unexpectedly began recruiting people.

“Mr. Yan is not…”

Xiao Tang was about to stop them, but at this moment, the sensor glass door behind them was opened again.

Everyone looked over subconsciously, and saw a tall figure walking in alone.

“Hello, President Shen.”

At present, the people in the laboratory gathered at the entrance to look at the whiteboard. Seeing Shen Yijin coming in, a total of almost twenty people greeted their president in unison.

“President Shen, why are you free to come over?” The supervisor was even more attentive, and his heart was happy at the same time.

Their group had just made a good achievement when President Shen came.

Such a great opportunity to display…

Supervisor: “You came just in time. I was about to report to you. Our team has built a new mining algorithm model.”

“Oh?” Shen Yijin paused when he entered the laboratory. His eyes were as cold and sharp as usual, only his gaze swept around the room. His line of sight halted at a certain place, then the ascetic peach blossom eyes suddenly showed a hint of smile.

The smile was almost invisible, but it was as if spring had returned to earth.

In an instant, the piercingly cold air around President Shen’s body had warmed up a lot.

Thinking that it was the new idea that made President Shen happy, the supervisor hurriedly pushed aside the crowd and said: “That’s right, President Shen, please come and take a look.”

Only a few people noticed that a second ago, behind the crowd, Jing Xun gently winked at Shen Yijin.

The round and clever eyes blinked twice quickly, as if to say hello.

Seeing the instant smile in Shen Yijin’s eyes, Jing Xun also smiled along. He also subconsciously pouted his mouth at Shen Yijin, trying to make a funny face. But he didn’t succeed because his face was so good, he would only look handsome and charming. As a result, that gesture was very much like…..he was blowing a flying kiss. 

Then in front of everyone, the corners of Shen Yijin’s tight lips suddenly lifted up slightly. After years of indifference, the sharp peach blossom eyes seemed to be tinged with a thin layer of warmth.

Assistant Jin who accidentally witnessed all of this: “……”

Other clueless employees: “!”

Everyone involuntarily looked at Shi Zhibin with unconcealed envy in their eyes——it seemed that President Shen was quite satisfied with your model.

You delivered it(the model)!

But at this time, Shi Zhibin looked at the boy in the secluded corner.

The handsome young man was smiling. Even though his smile was very sunny and dazzling, the youth still gave the impression of warmth like jade, like a pool of clear and stagnant water, so peaceful that there were no ripples.

Shi Zhibin felt that he could not take the credit of this young man, so after the supervisor introduced the model, he took the initiative to say: “Although the model is my opinion, the important algorithm is given by Mr. Yan.”

After finishing speaking, he remembered afterwards that Mr. Yan was brought here by President Shen.

The two seemed to have a good relationship.

How could Mr. Shen let the achievements of the youth be buried?

Sure enough, when he heard this, Shen Yijin once again set his sight on Jing Xun.

This time he3Not sure if this is SYJ or SZB pov. saw it even more clearly, and his eyes were naturally full of approval and praise.

Shen Yijin also approved of this project.

Although his attention was focused on the young man in the corner just now, President Shen also kept his ears to the supervisor’s report.

Pay attention to different things, but also be highly efficient. He always had this ability.

After listening to the report, Shen Yijin knew even better than everyone about the commercial value that this model would bring——For the Internet industry, the birth of this model may be a groundbreaking innovation. 

He was not astonished4Not in a negative way like he wasn’t impressed. He was just kinda expected it because of how smart JX is. at the surprise Jing Xun brought him.

He first praised these researchers and said: “Good job.”

Then in front of everyone, he walked in the direction of the youth.

Shen Yijin called his name: “Jing Xun.”

Jing Xun didn’t greet President Shen like others. When the supervisor was explaining, he didn’t move forward so he naturally stood in the corner.

At this moment, Shen Yijin pushed aside the crowd and came to him. With so many people around, he couldn’t hold Shen Yijin’s hand, so he asked at random: “Why are you here, sir? Is the meeting finished?”


Shen Yijin’s gaze settled on him, and he answered his question straightforwardly: “It’s over, so I came to find you.”


At this moment, everyone else in the laboratory, including the supervisor, realized…..

It turned out that President Shen knew this young man!

But this also makes sense….If he didn’t know him, how could this Mr. Yan be taken around by the assistants.

It was reckoned that President Shen had already known of his talent before digging him out. 

President Shen always has a love for talents, and courtesy should also be given.

That being said, someone who could make President Shen specially come over to receive him must be a top talent.

Everyone in the laboratory looked at Jing Xun with even more respect.

Unexpectedly, President Shen looked at the youth with eyelashes slightly lowered, and then said: “How do you feel? Is Xiao Xun tired? Why not go back with me first to rest.”

Jing Xun couldn’t help but glance at the two assistants who had been showing him around, and said: “It seems that there are still a few laboratories left? How about visiting them together….”

But Shen Yijin didn’t seem to agree with his idea. His slightly constricted eyes were like lacquer ink, and his tone was low: “Xiao Xun has been moving around for almost two hours. Your waist…..the doctor said you can’t stand for too long.”

“Hmm.” Jing Xun subconsciously touched his tailbone. Although he was really fine, he didn’t dare to say anything.

To tell the truth, he was really afraid that Mr would pick him up and take him away in front of so many people.

But it turned out that unknowingly two hours had already passed?

Jing Xun said: “Then I’ll go back and rest for a while. Assistant Jin and Assistant Tang have worked hard too.”

“No hard work, no hard work, It was very fun!” Assistant Xiao Tang on the side hurriedly stated.

Although he couldn’t understand what they were saying, it didn’t stop him from seeing how powerful Mr. Yan is! At this time, Xiao Tang had already admired Jing Xun and couldn’t help but think, no wonder, the boss and Jing Xun got together.

As early as nth years ago, when the Shen family was not among the top giants, there was an unwritten saying in the upper-class circles that no one could get close to Shen Yijin. 

Therefore, after hearing that President Shen was about to get married with the person he personally selected and pursued, even his elder brother didn’t believe him. This time, his brother also returned home with the idea of ​​”seeing who can make Shen Yijin’s temperament change drastically”.

Xiao Tang felt that his elder brother would not be disappointed when he came back.

Before leaving, Shen Yijin instructed the supervisor to follow the procedures in accordance with the company’s articles of association, and praised Shi Zhibin again. Then he took Jing Xun and left.

Shen Yijin told the supervisor that there was no need to send them off and that they should continue to work, so the people in the laboratory just watched them leave in silent. 

As the two of them walked away, Jing Xun could not wait to share with Shen Yijin what surprised him during the visit: “That supercomputer looks amazing. It’s the one in the AI laboratory. Is the computing speed really that fast? “

“En.” Shen Yijin said, “Does Xiao Xun want to try it?”

“…Can I?!” Jing Xun’s voice couldn’t hide his excitement, and his tone became a bit high-pitched.


The sensor glass door closed silently again, and the voice of the two people talking was blocked, leaving only the image of two slender figures walking away side by side.

“…..Can the supercomputer still be….tried if you want to? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it….” An employee spoke up in a daze.

After all, the cost of that computer alone was several hundred million.

According to the normal process, if you want to use it, first of all, the project must be really worthwhile, and then you have to go through layers of submissions, and finally get President Shen’s approval…

He could use their company’s only supercomputer at will just for a try…..It seemed that Mr. Xiao Yan was really appreciated by President Shen.

  ……That’s right.

Just now, President Shen didn’t say which department Mr. Xiao Yan belonged to!

If he just joined the company and had not been assigned to any department…

The others all gulped at the same time. Looking at the two assistants who were about to leave, the supervisor couldn’t help himself and stepped forward to pull Jin Zheheng, trying to ask: “That person…..”

“Who is he?”

Xiao Tang rolled his eyes and said in a profound manner: “That’s President Shen’s lover.”

Hua: We’re meeting Xiao Tang’s elder brother and Jing Xun’s scum family soon. (✿◡‿◡)

  • 1
    Literal translation: To find fault in other people’s language or behavior. 
  • 2
    知音[zhī yīn]: A friend who keenly appreciates of one’s talents.
  • 3
    Not sure if this is SYJ or SZB pov.
  • 4
    Not in a negative way like he wasn’t impressed. He was just kinda expected it because of how smart JX is.
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