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MSGVB Chapter 4.1

The enemy of an enemy is a friend.

Translator: Hua

After Jing Xun did some operations, sure enough the video had been circulating on the Internet. 


Although the hot search on Weibo had been suppressed, because of the existence of the video, and the behavior of some rich second generations with poor morals and conduct had been exposed, it incidentally infuriated the netizens’ hatred of the rich, so the topic coverage had also remained high.


Lin Li and the others who were captured in the video wanted to spend money to delete the video, but found that they couldn’t do it at all.


The video was like weeds after the rain, and soon after a stubble was cut, it soon rose wildly in other places. Later, they hired hackers, but they also failed to get what they wanted. Not only can it not be deleted, but even the reason why it can’t be deleted can’t be found!


They only knew that the video was placed in a domain with an excessively high firewall. As for who did it, how to do it, and how to overcome it…no one had a clue.


Lin Li and the others were very anxious, and even Shen Bohan, who was not directly involved in the matter, was not having a good time.


Although he was not in the video, Lin Li and the others were all hanging out with him, and everyone in his family knew this.


Now those few people were ridiculed by netizens, and the heat had not gone down yet, so the elders in his family were naturally aware of this matter.


Shen Bohan was directly called back by his mother for a lecture: “I heard that you were in that bar last night? What’s the matter with you, how old are you, why are you still fooling around with them!”


As Shen Bohan’s biological mother, Yang Nianjiao married into the Shen family as a second wife at a young age. She was just over 40 years old this year. She still looked young and beautiful, but her delicate makeup can hardly hide her haggardness and tiredness.


Why did the young man in the video go to the rooftop? Why did those wealthy second generations force him to jump off the building… The truth that others didn’t know could be guessed by Yang Nianjiao, who was very concerned about her son in all aspects.


She leaned on the sofa and said with a stern manner: “What is the situation in the Shen family now? People outside are talking about how good your elder brother is, while you on the other hand took the initiative to show your negative side to others!”


When he heard of his elder brother, Shen Bohan was a little uncooperative. But he could only endure the scolding from his mother.


The fact that he was almost sprayed by the entire internet this time really made Shen Bohan a little scared. He didn’t expect that the video would become like this. Fortunately, he didn’t go to the rooftop yesterday…


“Fortunately you didn’t go to the rooftop yesterday.” 

Yang Nianjiao, with the look of hating iron for not becoming steel1Regret that one’s offspring does not live up to one’s expectations., said: “Can’t you behave a little properly? You said you wanted to hide your identity and study hard, but instead you go to school to pick up a schoolmate? Shen Bohan, you really are… you always say that you are not convinced by your elder brother’s ability. Then you should also take a look at him, no matter before or after returning to China, when did he ever make such a big scandal! Can’t you let mom save some troubles and behave well in front of your grandfather?”


Yang Nianjiao was a person who was eager to outdo others, and didn’t want to admit that others were better than her son. But this time she was really angry.


Shen Bohan had always hated to be compared with Shen Yijin, but in the Shen family, only their mother and son were of one mind, and he also knew that if she weren’t completely angered by him, she wouldn’t say something like that. Shen Bohan had no choice but to put up with his mother’s scolding.


“I don’t care what you do, you need to calm it down as soon as possible, understand?! Do you want to wait for your grandfather or Shen Yijin to know about this and let them come forward to settle it for you?”


“…Yes, I understand.” Shen Bohan answered dejectedly.


But it was easier said than done.


After the failed attempt to delete the video, in addition to spending money on major forums to suppress the popularity, they also tried to buy the water army to bring the rhythm to themselves.


How could they easily white wash themselves? Netizens obviously didn’t believe that betting on people’s lives were just joking at the time.


After all, the video was very long. From Yan Jingxun’s desperate expression on the rooftop, to him walking down without looking back, he was shot from the front and the back, the content couldn’t be more real. Lin Li and co also said a lot of excessive words. Trying to fool the netizens was impossible.


The group of scum gong’s friends wanted to shift the blame to Yan Jingxun, saying that everything happened for a reason, and that he must have done something bad to deserve it.


……Although Shen Bohan didn’t want to do this at first. But who would have thought that this plan was simply unsuccessful.


Last night’s Yan Jingxun seemed to have changed his personality, his calm and steady temperament simply beat Lin Li and the others.


Yan Jingxun’s appearance was the most popular small fresh meat type nowadays. With red lips and white teeth, he looked extremely clean and innocent in the video.


In the early stage of the video, the despair in his expression was not a fake. Later, his words made the group of netizens who worried about him raised their eyebrows. Some netizens even directly claimed that they had witnessed a transformation and awakening of life, and they also drew a story about this incident… 


The passers-by all stood on his side and supported him. Compared with him, those of Lin Li could be said to have repulsive faces. Who was good and who was bad was clear at a glance, how could you shift the blame and wash yourselves white?


Therefore, Shen Bohan and others were really bleeding this time. They can only continue to stir up new topics and buy heat and hype for a few traffic stars in the entertainment circle in order to divert the attention of netizens and suppress the popularity of the video.


The second generation ancestors2Not literally their ancestors but a sarcastic remark. who got into trouble and broke their fortune had to hide quietly at home for a few days and wait for the storm to pass.


During this period, Jing Xun had already returned to class as an ordinary college student.


He personally managed to save the video on the Internet, but Jing Xun did not expect the subsequent public opinion development on the rich second generation.


What a surprise?


Anyway, Jing Xun didn’t feel too much about the tragic situation of the scum gong and his little gang.


If it wasn’t switched to him yesterday, and the original owner was really forced to jump off by them, when he was scolded for not loving himself, who would come forward to delete this video from the Internet?


Not to mention the prank with that drugged water…


Of course, Jing Xun didn’t want to pick a fight, and punish those people on his own.


Regarding whether or not to add fire to this matter, the main reason was that he knew that the second generation ancestors led by scum gong were students in their early twenties living in the ivory tower. In fact, they were not capable and relied on their family to live.


He had been in contact with such rich second generations before. It was just that at that time they respectfully called him teacher.


This time he deliberately kept the video on the Internet in order to make a scene so that their family would be aware of it, and come forward to control their bear children, and also to get rid of the entanglement with the scum gong.


He remembered what the senior had said, the scum gong in the book and the big villain were half brothers, and the relationship between the two had not been good since they were young.


Later, no one knew what happened, and the relationship between the two brothers was completely broken.


Moreover, this old novel was not the popular face slapping style nowadays. The villain brother’s business ability was a hundred times better than that of the scum gong, but the scum gong was also a descendant of the Shen family so he always wanted to compete with his elder brother, as a result he was often abused.


It was said that the author wrote such a plot to explain the cause of the scum gong character setting and make excuses for his repeated abuse on the shou. Shen Bohan was compared with his elder brother since he was young, so he grew up more and more twisted.


He was sometimes good, sometimes bad. He was bored when he obtained shou. But when the shou’s heart became death like ash after breaking up, he began to capture and entangle with him again. He didn’t allow the shou to love nor leave him. These sensitive and fragile characters were vividly shown in the book.


It had to be said that this was the magnification of the distorted human nature. For the sake of dealing with the psychological process of the scum gong, the author didn’t use many words to describe the plot or other characters’ setting. Even for the ultimate villain in the book, the author only used words like “violent temper, moody, and fierce.”​​


He remembered that when he heard Senior Pei described the villain in the car, the other party sighed and said that as a reader, it was obvious that the villain was much more likable than the scum gong.


“Our big brother is also miserable ah.” Jing Xun heard the senior’s original words: “To be honest, Big Brother is much worse than the younger brother, but he is not as perverted as the scum gong… Although he can’t be counted as a normal person, nevertheless he gives off the feeling of a great god, this villain is so handsome! But the author always writes that Big Brother is very fierce, hahaha!”

  • 1
    Regret that one’s offspring does not live up to one’s expectations.
  • 2
    Not literally their ancestors but a sarcastic remark.
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