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MSGVB Chapter 4.2

The enemy of an enemy is a friend.

Translator: Hua

No matter how fierce he was, The enemy of your enemy was still a friend, and Jing Xun didn’t mind doing a small favor and giving the villain a head.


For the time being, Jing Xun, like all college students, shuttled around the campus, got up early to go to the library, listened to the teachers in the large classroom, went back to do his homework, and went to the big sports field to run at night..…


This life, which was common in the eyes of many people, was something Jing Xun had never dreamed of.


These two days, not only was there no discomfort, the body was also completely relaxed. His whole person was so happy that he could simply fly off.


……Blessed with happiness, Jing Xun even had a spring dream when he went to bed at night.


The dream was fragrant and beautiful, and the scenery and posture were unfamiliar. Only the object had not changed.


His eyes were full of the handsome and lustful appearance of that man. By simply raising his hand, he could touch the other’s powerful body…


A strong sense of stimulation wandered between dream and reality. When he woke up with his eyes wide open, it was completely dark in front of him, but Jing Xun’s ears seemed to reverberate with that person’s low and sweet voice.


He was soaked from head to toe.


Jing Xun hugged the quilt and was dumbfounded.


In the past, his body was weak, not to mention doing that kind of thing, he had never had a spring dream.


It took him a long time to react to what happened just now.


Although it was just a dream, it felt pretty good… Jing Xun summed it up.


He not only experienced new things, but also unlocked a new skill…


He really made a profit.


At this time, a flash of lightning struck, and with a “click”, Jing Xun found out that it was raining again.


This city was really rainy.


He climbed out of the bed, ran through the dormitory full of miscellaneous things in the dark, walked to the balcony amid the snoring of his roommate, and closed the window.


For some reason, as soon as he saw the lightning and thunder outside, Jing Xun’s mind suddenly had a flash of that person’s appearance, which reminded him of that night…


His own performance was basically like a fish on the chopping board waiting to be slaughtered, there were no skills at all.


Thinking of this, Jing Xun hurriedly returned to bed, and went all the way back into the quilt.


He still felt a bit embarrassed.


Fortunately, the man didn’t laugh at him.


Jing Xun covered his cheeks with the quilt that was still slightly warm, and fell asleep again without knowing it.


The next day, on the way to the cafeteria after class, Jing Xun passed by the school bulletin board and couldn’t help standing in front of the digital electronic screen.


Since he was a child, he had the ability to read ten lines at a glance, and he hadn’t lost his ability even after becoming Yan Jingxun.


So as soon as he walked past, Jing Xun noticed the content of the announcement. There was a company that urgently needed software developers, and a job fair would be held on campus this evening.


“Xun Xun?” The roommates who were walking with Jing Xun saw him suddenly stop, and they couldn’t help expressing their doubts.


Towards the end of the term, in order not to give up the subject, the roommates who usually wasted their time had no choice but to chew the books without eating or sleeping.


And then they found that Yan Jingxun could solve any problems, and could quickly tell them the answer without looking through the book. Therefore they spontaneously followed Jing Xun and reviewed with him.


At this moment, they paid attention to Jing Xun’s gaze, and involuntarily looked at the announcement.


“Oh? This is for a computer science major, right? It has to be a graduate degree or above… Let’s not even think about it.” When it came to this, the roommates sighed.


They will be in their senior year soon, and currently it is time to decide whether to continue the postgraduate study or go for an internship, but they were all learning slag in their dormitories, and eight out of ten failed to pass the postgraduate entrance examination. They didn’t know what they could do for an internship either…


How could they not worry about it.


However, Yan Jingxun was a little better than them. Yan Jingxun studied well before. He was not only the class monitor, but also a student council president. He was highly regarded by the director of their faculty. If it wasn’t for that scum boy…


In the past two days, the roommates around Jingxun also heard about the incident.


Originally They only knew that Yan Jingxun had a relationship with a student. Later, they heard that the identity of that student was not simple. But Yan Jingxun hadn’t clarified the specific situation, so they didn’t ask either.


But since the video came out, the roommates and the surrounding classmates looked at Jing Xun with a little more sympathy. It was obvious that the scum deliberately pretended to be poor at first, and deceived their Xun Xun.


At that time, Yan Jingxun was still the student council president. When he was in charge of things, he would naturally take care of the new students and those with difficulties at home.


Others thought they would be in love for a long time.


But who would have thought… how could a boyfriend condone his friends to humiliate and force his lover to jump off the building?!

What a scum!


The roommates were very sorry about it, and no one dared to mention it in front of Jing Xun.


But on the contrary, Yan Jingxun ate and drank more than before in the past two day…


Both studies and life were in excellent condition, and his whole person was much more cheerful than before. In the past, Yan Jingxun had a lot of things in his mind and he liked to hold back when something happened.


But in the past two days, he started to laugh with them, and when he talked about scum, he could even laugh and said that they had never been together…


In short, the feeling was quite different.


It wasn’t that he had completely changed himself, it was just that the Yan Jingxun now…made people want to look at him, observe him, and get close to him.


Yan Jingxun’s gaze fell on the bulletin board, carefully reading the various descriptions about the recruitment below. His meticulously carved side profile was full of formality and seriousness. Seeing this, the two roommates couldn’t help but also pay attention to it.


A roommate asked: “Did Ah Xun become interested in computers recently? That day I saw you get up early and tinker with it.”


Jing Xun replied, “I have a little interest.”


The interest was naturally there, but not for computers nor programming. What he liked was everything related to numbers and logic.


And software development was obviously a good challenge.


This was the reason why Jing Xun had been in contact with this field.


Ever since he arrived in this world, everything had been going well so far.


There was only one thing to worry about. The original owner’s family condition was not very well off and he had to earn his own living expenses and tuition fees.


Prior to coming here, Jing Xun had no experience in part-time jobs at all, as fir the tuition fees and living expenses for the next year…


“I want to go to the job fair in the evening.” Jing Xun said.


He didn’t expect the company to break the rule and take junior students into the company. He just wanted to go and take a look.


After all, software development could be regarded as Jingxun’s old business. He could take some work in private, and it was good to go to the job fair to understand the situation first.


Jing Xun thought this way, but his roommate naturally thought that he wanted to watch the excitement and prepare for the autumn recruitment next semester.


“Xun Xun has good foresight.” Tang Jingyuan subconsciously praised him.


“Then let’s also follow and have a look. “Another roommate Yang Yi suggested, and then said: “After all, this time the company that came to recruit is Yiwei Technology. Such a large enterprise, we must have a look and enrich our experience! I wonder if there will be any senior executives coming this time? “


“Yes!” Tang Jingyuan echoed: “I heard that Yiwei has high requirements for employees, but the benefits are also the best in Dragon City… I am envious, I don’t know who will have this opportunity…”



Jingxun listened to them, and couldn’t help thinking of the plot in the book.


That Yiwei Technology, wasn’t it the company single-handedly found by the scum gong’s villain brother?

T/n: Our mc and ml will meet soon~~

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