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MSGVB Chapter 28.1

Mr. Merman

Translator: Hua

Shen Yijin didn’t cover his upper body and didn’t wear anything.


Jing Xun had undoubtedly seen this figure with his own eyes several times, in his dream…


But whether it was last time or in his dream, he didn’t see it clearly like this time.


In particular, Shen Yijin’s body was dripping with water, not only the muscle contours were clearly defined, but the skin was also glowing. It was very much like the beautiful photos of the handsome male models who were deliberately smeared with oil on the magazines Jing Xun accidentally saw before.


Jing Xun:……! !


The incident happened suddenly, and the visual impact was too strong. From the moment he saw the obvious shape of the other party’s abs, Jing Xun was shook.


When he saw the mermaid line below, Jing Xun was almost suffocated.


Going down… ah ah ah he couldn’t look at it anymore.


Shen Yijin should be the type of person who looks slender with clothes on. He was normally well-dressed, so it was unnoticeable. But when he was not wearing a top, his figure was really….amazing.


Compared with him…..Uh, to be completely objective, the photo of the little brother just now was simply incomparable. (congrat syj, you have achieved your purpose.)


Jing Xun suddenly felt that Shen Yijin, dripping with water on his body at this time, was a bit like the merman prince mentioned in fictional stories.


He had a human-like upper body, handsome, slender, and powerful.


The most important thing was that the merman had the power to easily bewitch people…because when he suddenly came back to his senses, he found himself surprisingly still holding his arms up, keeping the posture of handing the towel.


Jing Xun stuttered a little.


He quickly looked away and said: “Mr…your towel.”


Shen Yijin said, “En.”


Although he responded, Shen Yijin didn’t make any movement. Seeing Jing Xun averted his gaze and didn’t look at him, the expression in his indifferent eyes involuntarily becoming milder.


In a blink of an eye, in the dimly-lit bathroom, the young man’s red ears were still noticed by him.



The corners of his normally cold and tight lips pulled up an unfamiliar arc. Shen Yijin slowly stretched out his hand, slowly taking over the towel in Jing Xun’s hand.


He whispered to him, his voice hoarse and intoxicating: “Thank you, Xiao Xun.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Inadvertently, his cheeks were already flushed.


Jing Xun wanted to say that Mr. didn’t have to be polite to him, but he couldn’t speak at this moment.


The water vapor on the other party seemed to envelop him, as if trapped in a colorful foam made by a merman. Jing Xun felt that his whole person had become strange and abnormal.


He felt a little suffocating, but it was different from the lack of breath when he was sick before.


It was not painful, there was an indescribable feeling as if something was scratching his heart…..


The most important thing was, why didn’t Mr. Merman go back to take a bath?


Jing Xun felt that if he closed this door, he would become normal again.


“Ah yes, sir.”


Jing Xun didn’t know if it was a blessing, he suddenly thought: “Last time I saw two books of programming code in your study, can you lend me the book?”


At the thought of borrowing books, Jing Xun’s eyes suddenly became clear.


He just remembered the hidden goods in Shen Yijin’s study. At this moment, sir had already come out, so he might as well borrowed it right now.


Jing Xun explained in detail: “Next week, our group will start making small programs. I also want to look at some more information to see if there is a simpler algorithm.”


Shen Yijin: “……”


In the end, Jing Xun still got permission to read books in Shen Yijin’s study, although from the start, Mr. Shen never prohibited him from going to the study.   


But Jing Xun still had a sense of propriety, and only picked some books after entering the door.


Because Shen Yijin would sometimes smoke inside, even if there were windows and exhaust fans, the door of the study was often closed, unlike other rooms.


This also caused the smell of the study to be different from the outside.


Outside, there was a light scent of aromatherapy selected by the assistant or air freshener sprayed by the housekeeper. Only in the study room, there was no such light scent in the air, and of course there was no lingering tobacco smell…


There was no obvious smell here at all.


The contrast was so strong that the feeling here was very cold and serious.


It was just like Shen Yijin.


Yet there were so many books here.


The walls on both sides of the entire study were covered with bookshelves filled with all kinds of books… perhaps with Shen Yijin’s current focus on the technology industry, the entire right-hand side of the bookshelf was full of such books!


Jing Xun really liked it here.


It could be seen that Mr. Villain was also a person who liked to read books. Originally, it was just a temporary foothold for him. There were very few personal belongings in the whole house, but there were so many books here.


And if you compare this study to Shen Yijin, it was not obtrusive.


Mr. was indeed a man with a rich heart and wisdom.


It was just that… this study room was square, the windows were not big, and the door was often closed.


It really seemed a little closed off.


Jing Xun selected two books from the bookshelf. After thinking about it, he brought the books back to the sofa in the living room to read them.


The length, width and thickness of the books were about larger than the volume of two bricks. It was too tiring to hold it, so Jing Xun simply lay down on the sofa and read it.


 When Shen Yijin got out, he happened to see the young man lying there, half propped up on his upper body, shaking his calves.


The young man lying there had slender limbs, the thin calf muscles were beautifully curved, and the slender ankle joints were also prominent.


Perhaps due to the fact that he was thin, his vest was loose and the exposed skin was white and snowy, delicate and smooth. The butterfly bones were deep, faintly revealing a beautiful shape.



His line of sight fell on a certain place for a long time, just like in the past when he was thinking or unloading his thoughts. Shen Yijin stood there for a while.


At last, he didn’t bother the youth who was reading books.


Instead, he went to the study room and took care of the accumulated work from half of the day.


When Jing Xun finally finished going through what he had to check, and then looked at the time, it was already 10:30 p.m.




There had been no movement in the room long ago.


Getting up from the sofa, Jing Xun shook his numb arm and walked towards the study. When he got closer, he found that the study door was tightly closed…..


Shen Yijin was undoubtedly inside.


He hesitated, and knocked on the closed door.




“En.” Shen Yijin’s voice indistinctly came from the inside. Not long after, the door of the study was opened from the inside. Shen Yijin in home clothes appeared in front of his eyes.

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