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MSGVB Chapter 28.2

Mr. Merman

Translator: Hua

Behind Shen Yijin, a bright light shone down, his face was handsome and his expression looked the same as usual.


He was standing at the door, but Jing Xun could still smell the cigarettes in the study.


…He suddenly thought that Shen Yijin deliberately came over to open the door for him personally, because he didn’t want him to inhale the second-hand smoke inside…


Jing Xun said: “It’s late, I want to go to bed… When will the sir go to bed?”


Shen Yijin said: “I’m coming soon.”


Then he added: “If Xiao Xun is sleepy, go to bed first.”


Jing Xun said, “Okay.”


But when he finished speaking, he thought of a question——is sir still sleeping in the master bedroom tonight?


He didn’t know where Shen Yijin slept yesterday, but according to Mr. ‘s view of their relationship, it was estimated that they should still “share the bed” tonight.


Realizing this, Jing Xun suddenly became a little nervous. 


Based on the experience of playing chess in the middle of the night yesterday, sleeping together only had a literal meaning, that is, he and Shen Yijin lie on a bed after saying goodnight to each other and fall asleep without affecting each other.


But after all, it was the first time he shared the same bed with someone in a real sense. Jing Xun felt that if he didn’t make psychological preparations early, he would be unable to sleep tonight.


So, he should go back to the bedroom to make mental preparations now.


But before going to bed, Jing Xun couldn’t help but say, “Mr. should smoke less.”


Perhaps not expecting him to say this, the opposite Shen Yijin was slightly stunned.


But Jing Xun said that he didn’t mean to control the other party. He just thought that smoking was harmful to the body, so he hoped that Shen Yijin would try his best to refrain from smoking when he didn’t need to smoke.


He simply expressed his thoughts, and heard Shen Yijin say: “Okay, I understand.”




Jing Xun knew that, for people with addictions, quitting was not a matter of just stopping smoking. Mr. ’s reaction was already in a very positive category. He was not in a hurry. Anyway, when he found out that Shen Yijin was smoking next time, he would try to persuade him again.


“Then I….. will go to bed first. Good night, sir.”


After exchanging goodnight with Shen Yijin, Jing Xun returned to the bedroom.


Everything was normal at first, but when he got into the quilt, closed his eyes and imagined Shen Yijin sleeping next to him…


Jing Xun found that he could not move his limbs just by imagining it.


There were many things to worry about.


For example, what if he touched Shen Yijin when he moved?


Or if he mounted the other party like last time, what should he do?


After all, when he slept, He was…..really dishonest.


Jing Xun couldn’t help blushing, and rolled around the quilt.


Fortunately, the bed was large enough, and the horizontal distance was at least two meters. If he slept by the bedside, he shouldn’t be able to touch him…..


Thinking like this, he felt relieved again.


But maybe he was wrapped too tightly, the unique fragrance of Shen Yijin’s body in the quilt automatically filled his nose…


Ah ah ah.


He was still nervous sharing the same bed.


He rolled around on the bed again, this time with a glimpse, because of the light, Jing Xun was dazzled by the ring on his left ring finger.



Jing Xun only then remembered that before the meeting in the evening, the senior sister asked why his boyfriend didn’t wear a ring on his hand.


In fact, Jing Xun was also dumbfounded when he was asked this.

He never thought that couples would wear rings. When Shen Yijin put this ring on him and said it was a gift , he naturally thought it was like that watch.


It was just more special. The ring was a sign of acceptance of a marriage proposal.


But… Is the marriage proposal gift and couple rings the same thing?


This question really made Jing Xun tangled for a while.


Of course, he would not deliberately explain to senior Peng that the relationship between him and Mr. was actually far more than that of a couple…..They were engaged.


——The ring was made up later.


But the fiancé’s relationship had long been implemented.


Because there was no need to deliberately explain such a complicated relationship, he couldn’t ask his friends whether it was the same thing…


If he couldn’t understand, Jing Xun didn’t want to think about it. It was better to just ask Mr. directly.


So when Shen Yijin returned to the bedroom, Jing Xun hadn’t slept yet.


The black hair fell obediently to his ears. The young man was half-leaning on the headboard to read. He seemed to be very sleepy. When Shen Yijin entered the room, Jing Xun yawned quite a bit.


“…Sir, you are done with work.”


Shen Yijin paused and nodded: “Yeah.”


“Why are you not sleeping yet?”


Jing Xun closed the book, put it aside, and asked: “I want to ask Mr. a question.”


Shen Yijin: “Okay, you ask.”


Jing asked Shen Yijin: “The ring that Mr. gave me…is there only one?”


His question was a bit abrupt, and at first, Shen Yijin didn’t understand what it meant.


Facing the other party’s puzzled gaze, Jing Xun added: “I heard that couple rings need to be in pairs, so…”


So, is this a couple ring?


Jing Xun didn’t get to ask the rest of the question because Shen Yijin had already said, “Wait a minute.”


As he said this, he went directly to the cloakroom, and he really took out a ring that was exactly the same as the one on Jing Xun’s hand.


Shen Yijin stood by the bed and handed him the ring.


“Is this what Xiao Xun meant?”




Jing Xun thought: It turned out to be a pair of rings!


But at this time, whether it was an engagement token or a couple rings, the question itself seemed to have become unimportant.


…Why didn’t Mr. put on the ring was the most important question.


Jing Xun was not stupid either. If he(syj) was someone like the scum gong, he would have thought whether the ring was just a prop for the rich young master to appease his lover. If he didn’t wear the ring, that meant he would continue to go out to attract bees and butterflies.


But if the subject was Shen Yijin, Jing Xun knew that it was impossible for him to do that.


It was not that he was looking at Shen Yijin with rose-colored glasses1Looking at sth/someone in a good way..


Mainly…his nickname lonely king was not an empty title.


Mr. Villain obviously wouldn’t waste any energy in this regard.


Why didn’t Mr. wear the ring?


Jing Xun didn’t let himself get entangled with this question, he still asked it directly.


He thought that maybe Mr. didn’t like wearing accessories.


But to his surprise, Shen Yijin asked him in return: “Then is Xiao Xun willing to put it on for me?”

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    Looking at sth/someone in a good way.
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