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MSGVB Chapter 27.2

Two chapters in one!

Translator: Hua

As soon as she said this, Yan Jingxun, who was surrounded by the crowd, was really taken aback.


Peng Yutong couldn’t help snickering in her heart and said, sure enough.


Several of her friends knew the young masters in the upper-class circle of Dragon City. Peng Yutong used to hang out with those friends and incidentally met a few young masters.


Like the one in the cafe just now, she could tell at a glance that the other party must also be a rich second generation with a deep pocket.


Not to mention what the other party was wearing on his hands and his body, ordinary people couldn’t imitate that luxurious temperament.


But because of this, she didn’t believe that person was Yan Jingxun’s boyfriend.


Perhaps he was at that moment, but who knew how many boyfriends that rich second generation still had outside?


This single ring was an exclusive proof.


——How could a wealthy and playful young master be tied with a man one-on-one?


Peng Yutong, who had heard about “Yan Jingxun” through Wu Chun, was even more certain at this time that this Junior Brother Yan’s relationship was just a temporary one. He would be thrown away when the young master got tired of him. 


Thinking of this, Peng Yutong’s mood improved a lot.


With the arrival of the teaching assistant, the meeting tonight officially began.


On the way to the meeting, Peng Yutong also deliberately observed Yan Jingxun. In order to facilitate the discussion, the two groups sat on both sides of the meeting room. In this way, as soon as she looked up, she could see the face of the student opposite.


…..But she only saw Junior brother Yan’s eyes fall on the computer screen from beginning to end, discussing something with the seniors of the same group intently. He was full of vigor and spirit, without any silence or bewilderment like she expected.    


“Peng Yutong? What are you doing? Come back to your senses!”


The assistant teacher’s voice came from nearby, and Peng Yutong regained her senses immediately. She saw that the students next to her were laughing at her.


The young teaching assistant pushed up his glasses: “I haven’t had enough rest for two days during the weekend? We have a tight meeting time and heavy tasks, and you are still distracted?”


Peng Yutong: “……”


The young teaching assistant was obviously Professor Huo’s follower. He had a straightforward character and temper.


After receiving a laugh from others, Peng Yutong felt embarrassed but she did not dare to contradict him, because their small project was mainly organized by the teaching assistant, and the final score was judged by the assistant…


 She didn’t need to offend him.


The content of the later meeting was basically a session where the whole group analyzed the segment.


After all, time was tight and tasks were heavy. There were still two weeks left. Excluding the data measurement time for the second group, the first group had less than two weeks. 


Starting from tomorrow, all members of the group must speed up their work.


In contrast, the second group had it easier. They only needed to do the final data checking and calibration.


Jing Xun’s group sent Chu Qiao out to report. Senior sister Chu was eloquent and had distinct ideas. The teaching assistant was satisfied with their plan, so he didn’t say anything.


After eight o’clock in the evening, when the meeting ended, Jing Xun sent Shen Yijin a WeChat message saying that he was done.


He thought he would have to wait at least for a while, but Shen Yijin replied: [I’m downstairs, come down. ]


Jing Xun: !


He went downstairs with others. As soon as he walked out of the door of the teaching building, Jing Xun saw Shen Yijin’s car parked by the stone steps below.


Although he wouldn’t actively publicize that he had a boyfriend, Jing Xun had his own principle, he wouldn’t deliberately conceal it.


He gracefully separated from the seniors, and was about to walk down the steps when he was suddenly stopped by a boy.


“Senior Yan.”


The male voice was a bit thick, but it sounded a little bit young. 

Jing Xun turned his head to look over. There, he saw a tall and thin boy walking towards him from the side.


….He knew this person, there in the memory of the original owner.

This was his sophomore in the same department, named Lin Huanwen. He had very good academic performance. He was also the person who succeeded Jing Xun as the next student council president. He just completed the handover last week.


This was his successor after all, Jing Xun couldn’t help but stop and greet him: “Junior brother Lin? Why did you come here?”


This teaching building was where science and engineering departments held their classes. People in their department generally didn’t have anything to do here.


Chu Qiao and the others saw that Jing Xun’s junior brother came, and they didn’t want to interrupt them. The few people who came down together left one after another, and soon Jing Xun and Lin Huanwen were the only two left at the entrance of the teaching building.


Lin Huanwen said, “Uh, I heard that the senior would be here in the evening, so I came here to look for you…”


Jing Xun opened his eyes wide: “Look for me? Is there anything?”


He thought the other party had something to ask him about the student union. Jing Xun had no choice but to cast an apologetic look in the direction of Shen Yijin, and then continued to look at the junior brother.


But unexpectedly, Lin Huanwen just took out a small colored envelope and said, “Well, I want to give something to senior.”


After finishing speaking, he stuffed the envelope into Jing Xun’s hand, then turned and ran away—


“See you tomorrow, senior!”


Jing Xun: “? ?”


Jing Xun held the envelope and stood there, unable to explain the situation. When he looked in the direction of the car below, he saw that Shen Yijin had gotten out of the car at some point.


Standing in the shadow of the alternating building and street lights, the darkness completely shrouded him.


But because of his height and temperament, Jing Xun found him at first glance.

He ran in the direction of Shen Yijin.




When he ran near, he couldn’t help looking at Shen Yijin’s handsome face. Jing Xun asked, “Mister didn’t wait for me here this entire time right?”




There was still no sadness, no joy, no temperature in Shen Yijin’s peach blossom eyes.


Not much to say either.


Jing Xun: “……”


It seemed that every time they met again after parting, Mr. villain always gave him the biting cold feeling at first glance.


But it didn’t matter, the indifference in front of him was just an illusion.


For example, Shen Yijin still patiently explained: “I just went back. A housekeeper came to the house to clean.”


Jing Xun: “Oh oh.”


Then Shen Yijin opened the car door for him and said, “Get in the car first.”




Jing Xun got into the co-pilot seat very obediently, and handed his bag to Shen Yijin to put it away in the back seat.


Waiting for the other party to get back into the car, he asked: “Sir just arrived here?”




Shen Yijin glanced at him and said, “Just arrived.”


Then they had a tacit understanding.


Jing Xun smiled, and then lowered his head inadvertently, only to notice that the envelope was on his lap.


… When he just handed the schoolbag to Shen Yijin, he completely forgot that he was still holding the envelope in his hand.


Jing Xun used to do things like this often.


For example, he held the door key in his hand, but when he really wanted to open the door, he would look for the key again.


This was the case with this letter. It seemed that after getting in the car, he naturally put it on his lap.


What’s in here?


Jing Xun picked up the envelope and looked at it. The surface of the envelope was light blue. There were only a few large characters on the cover “To: Senior Yan Jingxun”, nothing else.


He guessed it might be something like a postcard.


He used to receive these kinds of letters frequently when he was in school. Most of the letters were to encourage him or show respect. Jing Xun did not often have time to open them, but would put them in a certain place. When he felt better and had free time, he could take them out to read.


He didn’t expect that sending letters was also popular in this book world.


When he looked at the envelope back and forth, Shen Yijin’s voice suddenly sounded beside him.


He called him with a stagnant and cold voice, reminding him: “Xiao Xun, fasten your seat belt.”


“Oh, oh!” Jing Xun hurriedly fastened his seat belt, and the envelope fell back on his lap again.


Shen Yijin then started the engine. The low-profile sports car with a 12-cylinder engine made a loud exhaust sound at night, ready to go, as if one step on the accelerator could instantly raise the speed to more than 100 kilometers per hour.


But Shen Yijin’s car didn’t go very fast.


The two even went around the city halfway, and bought breakfast for tomorrow.


Back home, Jing Xun was not surprised that everything had returned to its original place.


As Mr. just said, a housekeeper came to do a simple cleaning.


Actually, there was nothing to clean up. Like the game consoles, Jing Xun had already packed them back into the box with Shen Yijin, and the whole room was originally tidy.


The housekeeping seemed to be mainly removing dust, cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom.


But after taking a shower, Jing Xun soon discovered a problem–the set of Shen Yi Jin’s regular clothes he wore to sleep was also washed.


It was also left in the dryer with the rest of Mr.’s clothes, which were not dry yet.


Now the only clothes suitable for sleeping in the entire cloakroom were Shen Yijin’s set of pajamas, and nothing else.


…There were no spare pajamas. 


The only remaining outfit was obviously going to be worn by Mr. later.


This was…..a bit awkward. 


As a last resort, Jing Xun had to turn over the big vest and shorts he had brought back from school yesterday.


…… Although Mr. didn’t like him wearing this, it was better than having nothing to wear.


In fact, many boys didn’t like wearing tops in summer.


Jing Xun usually saw many people wearing nothing in the corridors of the dormitory.


This was normal.


It’s just that Jing Xun didn’t like that.


After putting on his familiar vest, Jing Xun returned to the living room, and found that Shen Yijin was talking on the phone again.


Nevertheless, it was still about the company affair.


He was standing in front of the open-air balcony with closed glass doors, facing outside, looking at the night sky while holding his mobile phone in one hand. He was calmly issuing instructions, directing his men to do things.




The light in the room was very bright. Through the reflection on the glass door, Shen Yijin clearly saw Jing Xun who had just taken a shower.


A pair of handsome eyebrows subtly frowned, Shen Yijin’s voice slightly paused.


Then he changed to holding the phone in the other hand, and he drew the heavy curtains.


Jing Xun: ?


Jing Xun, who heard the movement, glanced at Shen Yijin in a puzzled manner.


Wasn’t this a fully intelligent electric curtain, it would be close by itself at some point, why did he manually pull it?


Shen Yijin quickly ended the call.


Listen to that, it ended unilaterally, because the last thing Mr. Shen said was: “Send me the contract and talk about it in the meeting tomorrow. That’s it.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun stopped at the same place, facing Shen Yijin’s indifferent eyes, there was a trace of dryness flashing in the other party’s eyes for no reason.


He thought to himself, it seemed that Mr. did not like him wearing this vest…..


Thinking about Mr.Villain’s mental state, Jing Xun felt that since they were going to live together in the future, there was no need to provoke him because of the trivial matter.


Therefore, before the other party could ask, he already took the initiative to explain: “The other clothes are not dry yet, I will wear this for tonight… If sir doesn’t like it, I won’t wear it again tomorrow.”


Shen Yijin walked up to him, and took a closer look, then he made a “hmm” sound. 


He controlled the CNC board in the hall and blocked all the curtains in the whole room..


Shen Yijin said, “I don’t dislike it.”


Jing Xun: “……?”


Shen Yijin: “It looks good.”


Jing Xun: “……???”


With a focused gaze falling on him, Shen Yijin asked him: “Is Xiao Xun finished washing?”


“En.” Jing Xun nodded.


“Then I’ll take a shower, too.”


Jing Xun said, “Okay.”


But Shen Yijin did not move immediately. Instead, his gaze fell on the envelope that Jing Xun had placed on the small counter at the door. After an indifferent pause, he said, “Will Xiao Xun open the letter?”


Jing Xun: “?”


Although he didn’t understand why Mr. would suddenly mind this letter…..after all, Mr. rarely took the initiative to intervene in his affairs… But since the other party asked, Jing Xun thought it was nothing, so he picked up the small envelope.


“…I’ll take a look at it then?”


After saying this, he tore the envelope open.


It looked like there was a thin sheet of paper inside, not a postcard like Jing Xun imagined.


He pulled it out, not noticing that along with it was a small photo stuck in the paper.


Jing Xun only held the piece of paper in his hand, so the photo fluttered in the air, swirling all the way to the ground.


Jing Xun read the letter at a rapid speed, and when he noticed something fell on the ground, he had almost finished reading the content of the letter.


…… Ah this.


Surprisingly, this seemed to be a love letter?


A love letter from Junior Lin to him? ?


You can’t blame him for such a mishap. Mainly because the letters he received before expressed all kinds of content, but very few of them expressed love… After all, it was mostly his career fans that sent him letters at that time. And in school, everyone who had heard of him knew that he was not in good health.


Besides, whether it was the memory of the original owner or his own experience, it seemed that he didn’t have much interaction with that student?


So when and how exactly did the gushing love on this letter come about?……..


When Jing Xun was slightly dumbstruck, Shen Yijin, who was standing opposite him, leaned over and picked up the photo that had fallen to the ground.


Noting Mr.’s action, Jing Xun couldn’t help looking into his hand… and saw that it was a photo of Junior Lin himself attached to the letter.


In the photo, the sunny youth was in the gym.


 He was wearing a fitness vest that was almost the same style as Jing Xun’s, but the effect was completely different.



Maybe it was because of deliberate posing. In the photo, the junior brother’s shoulders and arms were all raised with a layer of muscles, and some abdominal muscles could be faintly seen under the hem.


Jing Xun: “……”


Despite this, normally, this little brother didn’t look like someone who went to the gym.


But the effect of similar vests was so different ? ?


Jing Xun couldn’t help but look at that photo again.


Until Shen Yijin’s hand shook.


He heard him call him: “Xiao Xun.”



 Jing Xun: “This…I really don’t know what’s going on.”


Jingxun himself was dumbfounded.


He didn’t expect to receive a love letter, not to mention that someone would put a photo in the love letter! What a….. peacock-fanning-out-its-tail type of photo.


Besides, it was seen by sir!


Lookin at it from another perspective, Jing Xun felt that even if someone confessed to Shen Yijin and he found it, he shouldn’t have too many ideas. After all, the confession was from someone else, and it was not like the person who confessed could sway him(syj).


But knowing and seeing it in person were still two different things.


Jing Xun felt that as a boyfriend and fiance, out of respect for his partner, he should avoid this kind of incident.


So he hurriedly explained: “I really didn’t know he was going to confess to me. If I knew, I would not let Mr. see….. Oh no.”


Jing Xun hurriedly changed his words: “I mean I will deal with it in advance next time… No, it’s still wrong…”


The point is there will be no next time either!


As his words became more and more chaotic, Shen Yijin stopped him: “Xiao Xun.”


At the same time, he took away the letter and envelope in Jing Xun’s hand, then stuffed the letter and the photo into the envelope.


Shen Yijin’s movements were slow and careful throughout, and were extremely elegant. The opened envelope was folded and sealed again.


He opened his mouth again and said slowly, “Xiao Xun will return the letter back to the other party, right?”



Returning the letter together with the photo to that student should be the best and proper way to refuse with a firm and clear attitude.   


Jing Xun understood what Mr. meant, and immediately said: “Well, yes, sir.”


“Okay.” Shen Yijin nodded. 


After saying this, he finally moved.


He didn’t put the envelope back into Jing Xun’s hand, but placed it on the small counter again, then Shen Yijin walked towards the bedroom.


Jing Xun subconsciously moved, following him step by step. Looking at the tall back of the other party, he thought that according to Mr.’s personality, this matter should be over.


He shouldn’t mention it again. It was the past now.


And Mr. wouldn’t mention things that happened in the past.


Following Shen Yijin all the way through the long corridor, Jing Xun found out that Mr. was not going to the master bedroom.


It seemed that he still went to the bathroom in the hallway to wash.


Jing Xun looked puzzled—-Last night, Shen Yijin deliberately went outside to take a bath because it was too late and the soundproofing would disturb his sleep.


But tonight… It was not too late.


And he also didn’t plan to sleep yet.


He was a bit unclear, but he didn’t raise any questions either.


If they officially lived together in the future…..As a partner, Jing Xun felt that he shouldn’t concern himself with such a trivial matter.


Shen Yijin went to take a bath, Jing Xun had nothing to do, and suddenly remembered the books on the large row of bookshelves in Shen Yijin’s study.


But sir was not here, and he couldn’t enter the study without permission, so he waited in the bedroom for a while.


At this moment, he suddenly heard Shen Yijin calling him outside.


The bedroom door was not closed tightly, and the room was quiet, so even though the distance was a little far away, Jing Xun instantly heard Shen Yijin calling him.




Jing Xun ran out and asked what was wrong.


Shen Yijin was still in the bathroom in the corridor.


This bathroom was also a small suite. There was a separate bathroom outside and the door was opened while the door of Shen Yijin’s bathroom was closed


Shen Yijin’s voice came out behind the door: “Can Xiao Xun get a towel for me?”


The door separated them, making his voice sound even lower.


Shen Yijin said, “It is in the master bathroom.”


Jing Xun: “Oh, ok!”


Jing Xun responded and went straight back to the bathroom of the master bedroom and saw a towel hanging there.


It was not his own, it was Shen Yijin’s.


When he took the towel back to the bathroom in the corridor, Shen Yijin seemed to be still taking a bath.


The difference was that the bathroom door was opened by a gap.


It was not big, he couldn’t see the inside, but he could see the lights inside and clearly hear the rushing water.


Jing Xun held the towel in his hand, and shouted: “Sir, I will put the towel outside?”


Shen Yijin inside made no sound.


This caused Jing Xun, who had originally planned to put down the towel and left, to hesitate. At such a close distance, with the door open, Shen Yijin probably wouldn’t hear his shout.


If Mr. heard him, he would have respond……


A faint doubt arose in his heart, Jing Xun couldn’t help but shouted again through the door: “Sir?”


This time, after a while, Shen Yijin finally made a sound.


He said: “Yeah.”


“Just give it to me.”


The next second, the half-open bathroom door suddenly opened.


Shen Yijin’s tall and magnificent body instantly came into view.


There was a bath towel under him, his wet hair was drooping, and his peach blossom eyes were as deep as ink.


Most importantly, his upper body was dripping with water…The eight-pack abdominal muscles were distinct, and the mermaid line was also particularly eye-catching.

Hua: Did SYJ just trying to show off his abs lmao

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