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MSGVB Chapter 15.1

I'm downstairs.

Translator: Hua

Today’s class was full. There was a handover ceremony for the student association in the evening. The original owner was the student council president. He had already handed over the work to the sophomores and younger students. Although he was basically no longer involved in the student council job during this period of time, Jing Xun still had to participate in this kind of handover event. 


As a result, when he returned to the dormitory at night, it was past 10 o’clock, and when he finished washing, it was almost the time to turn off the lights at 11 o’clock.


Jing Xun’s cell phone was quiet till the end of the day. Some people looked for him on the phone, but the chat interface with Shen Yijin stayed on yesterday’s goodnight exchange.


Putting on a big tank top and short pants, Jing Xun, who was about to go to bed, took out his mobile phone, and began to think about whether to send a good night to the big brother.


Although he didn’t like the idea of being greasy1腻腻歪歪(Nì nì wāi wāi): Greasy and crooked, Internet slang used to describe couple who are very affectionate and lovey dovey. on Wechat all day long, it seemed… not right without saying anything all day, right?


 Jing Xun had never been in a relationship, and had no relevant experience. He just thought that if there were no mutual greetings on the Internet today, there would be none tomorrow, and there would be none the day after tomorrow as well… this was kind of…


It seemed that it would gradually fade like this.


But if he sent a WeChat message over, he himself would feel that it was meaningless and irrelevant. He didn’t know if it would disturb the other party if he made a call.


After all, he didn’t understand Shen Yijin’s life, and he couldn’t look for him with confidence like a normal couple.


Alas, sigh, sigh.


But it seemed there was no need to think about it that much. At first, when he promised the other party, he just thought it was not bad to get along with each other and he didn’t hate the person.


It would be too much to lose if he became too entangled now. 


Jing Xun simply threw the phone aside, planning to read a book and sleep.


Going to bed early and getting up early was good for the body. There were still many things to do tomorrow.


When Jing Xun concentrated on his work, it was easy to devote 100% of his attention. When he started to read books, all kinds of thoughts vanished without a trace.


He just felt that after a while, his cell phone rang.


……It was the incoming call ringtone.


The incoming call information displayed on the screen was: [Mr.].


This was obviously just a remark, but when Jing Xun saw these two words, a tall and slender figure was automatically reflected in Jing Xun’s mind, as well as a pair of light peach blossom eyes.


He couldn’t describe this feeling, Jing Xun’s heart seemed to be shaken a little.


He felt a little nervous, and a little relaxed. His heart also felt lighter. 


“Hello?” Jing Xun answered the phone.


“Is Xiao Xun in the dormitory?” Shen Yijin’s voice faintly came from the phone: “Is it convenient to meet? I’m downstairs of your dormitory.”




Jing Xun glanced at the time when he answered the phone, it was 10:48 pm.


It was this late……


Jing Xun’s tone rose slightly, revealing a little disbelief: “Mr. is downstairs of our dormitory?”


Shen Yijin said, “Yes.”


How come……

There was no phone call, just came over directly?


“Then you wait at the door, I’ll go down immediately.”


Without saying much, Jing Xun ran out of the bedroom while holding his phone. He didn’t have time to change his clothes, so he walked downstairs directly with his slippers.


The floor he was in was the fifth floor, which was a bit high and there was no elevator, and it took him two minutes just to get downstairs.


At 10:50pm, Jing Xun saw a person in western style suit at the entrance of dormitory. It was the tall and handsome Mr. Longlegs.   


Even if it was downstairs in the boys’ dormitory, such a Shen Yijin appeared a bit out of place.


The outstanding appearance was one thing. The main reason was that his temperament was completely different from that of his surroundings, and coupled with his height that was different from ordinary people, he had become the subject of much attention, just like a star who had dropped into the school.


Even at this hour, many students who had returned from the self-study session in the library had deliberately or unintentionally looked at Shen Yijin.


They passed by him, occasionally some people could not help but make some comments, but they did not dare to get too close.


Shen Yijin seemed to be used to this kind of look and the sense of distance that others had towards him.


He just stood there with an upright back, his peach blossom eyes were indifferent, his expression lacking sadness and joy, as cold as a stone sculpture, completely isolated from the world.



It was the standard waiting posture.


Jing Xun ran over quickly in order to prevent big brother from becoming the object of more people’s attention and discussion.


“Sir, why are you here suddenly?”

Perhaps it was because every time they just met, he could accurately feel the coldness from the other party, so Jing Xun subconsciously used the honorific title.


But Shen Yijin obviously didn’t pay attention to this. He didn’t speak immediately, but his eyes lowered and he looked at Jing Xun’s whole body.


In his focused gaze, Jing Xun also had to look down at his outfit, loose tank top, short pants, and slippers…


The tank top and pants were all bought from the Internet just two days ago. It was pure white, after receiving the goods, Jing Xun also scrubbed it a little bit by himself. It was translucent white, and now there was a faint smell of laundry soap, which was very fragrant.


The style of slippers was also very artistic, with fluffy Dalmatians hanging on it, which was carefully selected by Jing Xun two days ago.


Although it was not very formal, it couldn’t be compared with Shen Yijin. But who didn’t wear this in summer?


Jing Xun also looked at himself for a while, but he didn’t notice any problems.


Shen Yijin suddenly asked him: “Are you going to sleep?”


“…I just finished washing, I am going to bed soon.” Jing Xun answered truthfully.




Shen Yijin responded, but his eyes remained on his clothes. Jing Xun couldn’t help touching his bare chest and asked: “What’s the matter, sir? Is there something on me?”


“It’s nothing.” Only then did the other party lift his eyes slightly. He turned to answer Jing Xun’s question about how he came over suddenly: “Come over to give you something.”


Jing Xun: “Huh? ?”


Jing Xun was a little nervous when he heard that he was going to give him something again. His return gift had not yet been chosen…


At this time, several boys were walking into the door of the dormitory noisily.


They seemed to be young schoolboys who just came back from playing outside, full of youthfulness and vitality.


But the big and small guys who were originally talking and laughing, involuntarily quieted down when they passed by them, and cast their gazes toward Jing Xun.


 This seemed to provoke Shen Yijin. With a slight frown, he said:  “Is there any place here where we can talk alone?”


  “……There is.” Jing Xun automatically interpreted the other party’s frown as the boss didn’t like being disturbed when he was speaking, and quickly responded: “Yes, there is a place.”


The two immediately walked out of the dormitory building and came to… the side of the building.


Jing Xun’s dormitory building was next to the school wall, and the side was very quiet. Usually, no one would come.


Of course, there were also more secluded and hidden places, like the school groves and others… But in the middle of the night, it was easy to encounter couples who were in pairs, and Shen Yijin meant a nearby place, therefore this became the most suitable place.


In the summer night, the heat faded slightly, and the wind finally felt cool. There was a hint of refreshing feeling when it passed over the skin. The air was very fresh.


 Smelling the fragrance of grass and soil in the air, Jing Xun took the paper bag that Shen Yijin gave him.


 “What is this?”


The bag was not big, Jing Xun opened it and took a look, and found that there was something else inside. It contained a box of cookies and two beautifully packaged dessert boxes.


Jing Xun: “……”


Shen Yijin: “I bought it at the cafe yesterday, you seem to like it.”



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    腻腻歪歪(Nì nì wāi wāi): Greasy and crooked, Internet slang used to describe couple who are very affectionate and lovey dovey.
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  1. littleyen littleyen says:

    Oh my… Doki doki… Overbearing villain big brother is unexpectedly pay attention to small detail… Sweetψ(๑’ڡ’๑)ψ(*´∨`*)

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Right he’s so sweet. UwU
      Prepare to eat mouthful of dog food in the upcoming chapter _(:з)∠)_

  2. Avatar Loni says:

    Roses are red,
    Doggos go mlem,
    Shen Yijin likes to randomly deliver sweets at 11pm ?????
    Thank you~ xDD

  3. Avatar Reign says:

    What next? He gonna come by everyday to deliver sweets and dog food? ? So sweet ?

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