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MSGVB Chapter 14


Translator: Hua

[Jingxun:? ] 

[Mr: My Information]

[Jingxun: I know]


Of course I know that this is your information.


Actually, it didn’t have to be so formal… This was what Jing Xun wanted to say. But since it had already been sent over, there was no point in talking about it. He pressed and held the picture directly to save the form in his phone.


Jing Xun edited the text: [Thank you, Mr. for the cake, and the watch…]


He hadn’t finished editing the text, and the WeChat notification sounded again.


[Mr: Go to bed early. ]


Jing Xun:…


Was this to end today’s conversation with him? To urge him to sleep was equivalent to indirectly saying goodnight? Jingxun subconsciously deleted the text he was editing.


This was also very normal, wasn’t it…

After all, President Shen was always very busy. Even before bedtime, the two of them should not communicate with each other through wechat.


Especially during the three hours together, except for answering the necessary phone calls, the big brother did not look at his phone the whole time. Obviously, he had no habit of playing with mobile phone.


It was estimated that WeChat was also used for this kind of “official business”.


Jing Xun understood this very well. He was not a person who particularly likes to use the mobile phone, and he did not have the habit of chatting on WeChat at all.


Although in his memory, the original owner and the scum gong often chatted through this communication software.


The original owner was usually very busy at work, but the scum gong during the passionate period would often send WeChat to ask him what he was doing, whether he had a meal or something, and the original owner who was blinded by love would take the time out of his busy schedule to reply back to the scum gong. 


For the original owner, this might be a kind of flirtation between couples, and a way to promote the relationship with the scum gong.


But when It came to Jing Xun…..imagine if someone sent him WeChat all day long, just to ask him if he had dinner and what he was doing…


Eight out ten, he would be too lazy to reply. Therefore, it’s better to be like this. Leave some space for each other, and each takes what they need.


[En En, I’m going to bed soon, good night sir]


After sending the message, Jing Xun also sent a good night emoticon package.


[Good night.]


After this good night, the phone stopped moving.


Confirming that the other party would not reply to him again, Jing Xun briskly put his phone aside and continued to browse through various recruitment websites.


But he didn’t know if it was the word good night, or if he was really tired today, he soon felt a wave of sleepiness.


Jing Xun simply turned off the computer, put the chair back under the desk, and climbed the ladder back to the upper bunk bed.


“Huh? Ah Xun, you go to sleep so early.” Yang Yi first noticed the movement on his side, then glanced at the time: “The lights are not turned off yet.”


“En.” Jing Xun wedged himself into the air-conditioned quilt, only showing his delicate face: “Sleepy.”


“Alright, you go to sleep, I will turn off the light.”


There were two headlamps on the ceiling of the dormitory. Besides, in order to cope with the time after the lights were turned off, everyone had also prepared a small lamp on their own desk.


No one in the dormitory manually turned off the lights on the ceiling. They had always waited for the lights to go out and turn off automatically.


Jing Xun could not bear the thought of his roommates giving up the light for himself and said, “It’s okay, I’ll sleep with a blindfold.”


Yang Yi didn’t give him the chance to explain and directly turned off the light.


“…Thank you,” Jing Xun said.


“It’s okay, go to sleep.” Yang Yi’s voice sounded leisurely.


The roommates had to recite the key points of the final exam in full swing. Jing Xun fell asleep to the light sound of them flipping books.


Maybe it was because he was really tired. He slept very deep this time.


There was no dream all night.


At noon the next day, Jing Xun unexpectedly received a call from Professor Huo.


It was a string of unfamiliar numbers. At first, Jing Xun mistakenly thought it was an advertisement. After receiving it, he realized that it was completely beyond his imagination.


Professor Huo asked him on the phone if he was interested in participating in a scientific research activity.


“Time is tight, tomorrow i have to interview the people who want to join the group. Xiao Yan, I wonder if you are interested in participating?” Professor Huo’s voice on the phone sounded very kind and patient.


Jing Xun asked: “May I ask, how long will this project last?”


“It’s not long. The employer requires us to finish within three weeks.” Professor Huo replied, and at the same time he introduced the project in high spirits:

“Because it is sponsored by the school, the group members will be paid this time and there will be a bonus if they do well. The project is not difficult. It can give you a chance to practice internships and prepare for next year’s postgraduate entrance examination. I think this opportunity is very suitable for you, Xiao Yan, you should think about it.”


Jing Xun also heard that this project might be very suitable for him.




He still replied with deep regret: “Sorry, Professor, I will be taking the final exam next week, and I may not be able to participate in this project…”


The voice of refusal was very soft. One could tell that he was really sorry.


Professor Huo stopped for a moment. He always worked with the students above the graduate level. The schedule of graduate students and doctoral students in the university was not consistent with that of undergraduates, which made him ignore the problem of Jing Xun’s final exam.


“What?” Professor Huo’s voice became a little lower: “You can’t even handle a small final exam?”


“That’s not what I mean.” Jing Xun explained.


On the first day that he transmigrated and returned to school, he had already run through all the courses of the original owner this semester. He was in a state of being able to answer the  questions with his eyes closed, so of course he was not afraid of not being able to cope with a small final exam.




Jingxun said embarrassedly: “It’s just that I have to take leave after the exam somehow. I may often ask for leave in the first two weeks after joining the group. I think this is not good…”


In the final analysis, he didn’t want to drag down the process of the whole group because of his own affairs. Even if there was only a slight possibility.


“If this is the reason…” Professor Huo suddenly changed his tone after hearing his explanation.


Originally, what he valued was Jing Xun’s ability. In Huo Lao’s eyes, if a student couldn’t even handle the basic undergraduate courses, he really didn’t need to be his student.


He never thought that the reason student Yan Jingxun refused him in one fell swoop was because he was afraid of asking for leave…


Professor Huo couldn’t help but laugh twice and said, “It’s okay to take some time off. You can just greet the teaching assistant in advance. Doing research is not a process without rest, let alone you have to take exams. Of course we will give you some time off, really.”


“Since you agree,” Jing Xun smiled and said modestly: “Then I will join the group and give it a try.”


Professor Huo said: “It’s just that we need to make an agreement in advance. Although I want you to join the group, how much ability you have and how much ability you contribute, Xiao Yan, don’t force yourself too much and delay your studies because of this matter. “


“Alright, I know professor, don’t worry.”


Jing Xun also understood the reason behind professor Huo’s advice. What the old professor meant was that although he thought the undergraduate knowledge was very simple and easy, he also hoped that he could do his best and don’t delay the course just to join the group. 


The seemingly stern professor also had the side of being meticulous and considerate to the students. Jing Xun was grateful and thanked him again.


After chatting some more, Jing Xun suddenly thought of a question.


——He and the professor just met in a hurry at the job fair, and he deliberately hid his strength throughout the whole process. Even if Professor Huo appreciates and likes him, he won’t find his phone number to inquire about his internship, will he?


After all, he was just an ordinary college student now. And they were not even in the same department.  


What kind of project could make the professor deliberately come to find him?


Jing Xun’s heartstrings were swaying, and he couldn’t help asking: “So is Yiwei invested in this project?”


Yesterday, Yiwei Technology came to the school to recruit students. Jing Xun also met Professor Huo at that job fair. His question was not abrupt, and it would only make people think that he happened to think of Yiwei and came up with this question.


Professor Huo really didn’t think much about it. He said, “It’s really not Yiwei.”


“Xiao Yan ah, you follow me to work, and teacher doesn’t need to hide this from you… Yiwei has a new cooperation with our school, but the research direction is big data processing. That field is too professional, so you can’t do it yet. Although this project is invested by other companies, the workload is relatively small and the difficulty is not high. Don’t be discouraged, follow this project well, and see how other senior sisters and senior brothers are doing it. With your foundation, you will be able to catch up soon, and then you can come over to work on Yiwei’s project…”


Jing Xun responded: “Yeah, yeah.”


He was relieved, but also a little embarrassed.


…Thinking too much.


Based on the premise that Shen Yijin was now a big investor of the school, and after hearing that Huo Lao once mentioned himself(jx) to him(syj), Jing Xun naturally thought of Huo Lao’s invitation today…Perhaps it was Shen Yijin’s idea…


 Haiya, he really thinks too much.


How could he know I was a programmer?

And knew I was short of money.


Even if he knew my level from Huo Lao, and even if he investigated my family situation and knew that I am short of money, he would not spend so much effort to get through Huo Lao just to let me participate in a small project…


That was too considerate of him!


Jing Xun shook his head violently on the phone.

After listening to a lot of books, he could automatically fill in the romantic Mary Sue plots in those novels.


He thanked Professor Huo for this opportunity and his trust again on the phone. Jing Xun, who hung up, was still blushing with his own nonsensical thoughts.


 On the other hand, Shen Yijin, who was dealing with company documents, also received a call.


“President Shen, the contract for cooperation with the University of Science and Technology has already been drawn up on the legal side.”


“Oh, I see.”


“There is also a small project allocated to the University of Science and Technology in the name of a subsidiary. Professor Huo said he would also be happy to bring students to join as well.”




Shen Yijin said, “That’s good.”

The author has something to say:

This novel is also known as: «Is it too arrogant to stage a romantic and sweet love plot in a dog blood novel»

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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Haha it looks like Jing Xun’s first thought was the right one? xD Shen Yijin did help him ôwo
    Thank you~~

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