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Translated: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy


Xiao Zhi walked both in mountains and forests. Mobs such as snakes and insects would appear from time to time on the way. All of which were easily resolved by him and became part of the experience bar.

Suddenly, Xiao Zhi’s advancing steps slightly paused.

There was a sound from the grass in front, as if something was inside.

Xiao Zhi raised his staff and approached the direction of the sound cautiously. Unexpectedly found that there were two short legs thumping in the grass.

The two short legs looked like woody branches. He noticed that the other part of the thing was buried in the soil, leaving only two legs struggling helplessly outside.

It looks weak.

Xiao Zhi relaxed a little, stretched out his hand to grab the short leg and pulled the thing out of the soil.

The one who was pulled out was a wood spirit. He had a chubby body with short and thin limbs. On top of his head were a few dark green leaves, which looked like some kind of unknown little green vegetables.

The wood spirit shook the mud on his head. He gave Xiao Zhi an elegant Chiba aristocratic greeting and then said innocently.

“Thank you kind passerby! My name is Chiba Wu, from the country of Chiba. I’m the Crown Prince of Chiba Kingdom. You will certainly grow thick and tall in the future!”

Xiao Zhi: “…” It sounds weird but this feeling is a bit familiar.

After looking at this little green vegetable again, Xiao Zhi suddenly remembered.

Six hundred years ago, the crown prince of the Chiba Kingdom seemed to be called Chiba Wu. Some players on the forum said that although this guy has a cute appearance, he actually cares about whether the player is thick or not.

Unexpectedly six hundred years later, Chiba Wu turned out to be the crown prince and even his hobby of pretending to be cute has not changed in the slightest.

The Wood Spirit Race is worthy of a long-lived race. He doesn’t know if Chiba Wu will have a chance to succeed the throne within a thousand years.

Facing Chiba Yu’s seemingly innocent eyes, Xiao Zhi also showed a gentle smile with a bookish air. And he said calmly, “Thank you, but I am thicker and taller than you now.”

Chiba Wu froze: “…”

He looked at Xiao Zhi’s gentle smile without the slightest flaw and he didn’t know what to do. Is this person competing with him? Still, he just responded to him.

Chiba Wu looked at his thin arms and legs like chopsticks and his body that was not at the height of Xiao Zhi’s knees. It seemed…there is nothing wrong with that.

Feeling that he was not tall enough, Chiba Wu decisively changed the subject. “Ahem…That’s it. I had a little accident when I was out and I was separated from my guard. I don’t know if the kind Mr. Asanasi is willing to escort me back?”

The next moment Xiao Zhi received a system prompt:

“Whether to accept the hidden task [Escort to Wangshu].
Reminder: After accepting the task, you will actively join the Prince Chiba camp and can no longer join another camp.”

Xiao Zhi’s eyes looked at Chiba Wu who was pretending to be calm.

Unexpectedly, the seemingly ordinary escort mission is actually a hidden mission and there is also a faction reminder. Combined with the situation where Chiba Wu, as the crown prince, ran to the edge of the border alone. 8 out of 10, something is wrong in the Chiba Kingdom.

If you push it further down, Chiba Wu is still on the weak side in this matter.

Accept? Refuse?

As a weak, pitiful and helpless low-level little mage, Xiao Zhi of course chose to accept it.

Hidden tasks represent a lot of experience and rich rewards. As a player, there is no one that is not tempted by this. What’s more, both experience and other rewards are exactly what Xiao Zhi needs at present.

Compared to moving bricks to Chiba, completing a hidden task is naturally a more profitable choice but it is riskier.

“The player ‘7654321’ has joined the faction ‘Prince Chiba’, the current number of players in this camp: 1”

Xiao Zhi: “…”

Isn’t the crown prince a bit too unpredictable?

Seeing Xiao Zhi nodding to him, Chiba Wu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The leaves on the top of his head stretched out a bit.

He looked at Xiao Zhi and said, “Mr. 7654321, don’t worry I will give you a satisfactory reward but only after the task is completed.”

It sounds a bit stingy but it is a very common situation on the Dazemenia subcontinent.

Because the player, that is, the Asanasi people’s reputation on the mainland is similar to that of the unscrupulous businessmen. They are the kind of people who will side with whoever gives more benefits. There is no limitation and it is difficult to win. .

Other races on the mainland have a consensus: in a critical moment, as long as they are willing to give a chip, they will definitely get help from the Asanasi people, but once there is no benefit, they will instantly change their faces, scumbag and ruthless.

Not only players will be pitted by other races on the mainland, in fact, they pitted others a lot too.

Xiao Zhi didn’t bother to get paid now. He asked Chiba Wu, “If you want me to escort you to Wang Shu, you also need to explain the current situation to me.”

Chiba Wu tried to pretend to be stupid: “Huh? I just accidentally got separated.”

Xiao Zhi relied on the fact that he was the only player in the opponent’s camp, and he was full of confidence. He said mercilessly, “If you don’t tell the truth, I’m leaving. Maybe Prince Shu will pay me higher.”

Chiba Wu was anxious when he heard the words. He used his short legs and ran in small steps, quickly nudged to Xiao Zhi’s side. He pulled the corner of his clothes and said in a pitiful tone, “Don’t Don’t Don’t! I have something to discuss~”

Xiao Zhi looked at him, unmoved, looking like a cold and ruthless scumbag.

After a stalemate for a while, Chiba Wu couldn’t hold back anymore. Who told him that he really needed help from the other party now.

He drooped his little leaves and said, ” Well, recently there has been friction between Chiba Kingdom and the Orc tribe on the other side of the Long moon desert. My father went with his elite troops. My brother Chiba Lan wants to be crown prince while my father is out…”

Xiao Zhi thought for a moment. “Rebellion? There seems to have been such news before.”
It seems that he saw such a post on the forum, but he didn’t read it carefully at the time.

Chiba Wu said: “Um… Last time it was Brother 6, last time it was Brother 66, this time it was Brother 666. It’s different.”

The reproductive ability of plants has always been amazing. He doesn’t know how many offspring one would have after a seed. Naturally, there are many royal family members.

Xiao Zhi: “…”

He remembers that Chiba Wu seems to be ranked 700. How is this crown prince unwelcome by his brothers?!

Xiao Zhi tried to calm himself. He asked, “Do you know why Prince Lan rebelled?”

Chiba Wu thought for a while: “Probably…because I want to develop green onion farming under Wang Shu?”

Xiao Zhi: ” … ”

You are really a man…

Is it too late to tie this guy to his brother 666?

At this moment, Chiba Wu suddenly approached Xiao Zhi and took a closer look.

After a while, his brows frowned. “You seem to be very weak?”

Indeed, Xiao Zhi’s current level is only level 50, and he doesn’t have high-quality equipment on him. He is considered a weak adventurer.

But he didn’t panic at all, and said lightly, “But I am your only choice now.”

At present, the two of them are in a very remote location. He is sure that it is difficult for another player to appear within a few hours.

Chiba Wu: “…”

Damn it, he feels that he has been tricked. Why is this Asanasi so treacherous? Does he really have no manners?

Suddenly, the grass not far from the two of them made a rapid rustling sound. This sound was constantly approaching their position at an extremely fast speed.

In a moment, it was already close at hand.

Both of them couldn’t help but look towards the direction where the sound came from. They saw a hideous face suddenly emerging from the dense and tall grass.

The thing resembles a person in three parts, but it is mainly composed of dead branches and fallen leaves of plants, mixed with the incomplete bodies of some unknown creatures and some stones.

It opened its mouth wide and let out a hoarse cry at the two of them.

“Luo, Luo, Luo…Luo Shiku!” Chiba Wu was so scared that the leaves on his head shrunk, and he began to circle around in circles, “It’s over, how come I met this thing?”

Xiao Zhi still had a little impression of Luo Shiku.

This is an undead creature in the plant family. It is composed of various dead animal and plant limbs in the forest.

Luo Shiku does not have the ability to think, but it will devour all living things by instinct. After being broken up, it will regenerate after a period of time and then continue the process of wandering and swallowing.

It can be called a plant version of resurrection zombies.

Not only was the skin thick, but it was also very hard to fight. After fighting hard for a long time, there would be no valuable drop in the end.

One more thing, this thing…hunts in groups.

At the next moment, more rustling sounds sounded and five other Luo Shiku appeared from the grass. They came from all directions around Xiao Zhi and Chiba Wu, forming an encircling circle enclosing the two of them.

Chiba Wu sat on the ground, tears rushing out: “Uuuuuu, it’s over.”

He looked at Xiao Zhi and felt that this guy was so weak that he couldn’t be trusted.

After thinking for a while, he whispered: “They prefer to eat my tender flesh-body, you’d better run away first, oooooo…Tell my father, please tell my father that I died heroically…”

Xiao Zhi glanced at him: “Six hundred-year-old fresh and tender flesh-body?”

Chiba Wu: “…”

He was planning to sacrifice himself and this guy even disliked his age?! So Ungrateful!

Luo Shiku had already rushed towards the two of them. Xiao Zhi stopped talking nonsense with Chiba Wu, raising his hand and just threw out a Fireball.

Chiba Wu saw the foolish, treacherous, weak Asanasi who raised his staff and then used almost the same movement to release six fireballs in a row.

The fireball seemed to have been compressed, it became smaller but the temperature was higher and each of them accurately hit the hollow eye socket of the Luo Shiku.

Of the six fireball skills, none was wasted.

Although Luo Shiku has thick skin and is not afraid of physical and magical damage, everyone has weaknesses and Luo Shiku is no exception. Their weakness is a soul stone that is almost invisible in their eye sockets.

The soul stone is the power core of Luo Shiku and also their body center. All the stumps and dead leaves are formed around it.

The fiery fireball rushed into the empty skull of the Luo Shiku and exploded directly inside.

As the fireball exploded, the connection between the soul stone and the body was temporarily cut off, and several Luo Shiku stopped moving. After a while, their bodies composed of animal and plant limbs suddenly dispersed, emitting an unpleasant rancid smell.

Before Luo Shiku can regenerate, Xiao Zhi grabbed Chiba Wu on the ground and ran away – not at all like a mage.

“Wow!!” Chiba Wu excitedly shook the leaves on his head, “That’s amazing! You must be a thick and tall guy!”

Xiao Zhi: “…”

Chiba Wu followed Xiao Zhi excitedly and crawled onto his shoulders.

“You are so powerful, I’ll call you father!”

Xiao Zhi: “…”

What kind of unfilial son is this? Have you ever thought about the feelings of King Chiba? He still wants to live a few more years, and he doesn’t want to be on the wanted list of Chiba Kingdom and Hessian at the same time.

Xiao Zhi said with difficulty, “Don’t, just call me Brother Qi.”

T/N: The crown prince is stupidly cute.

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