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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Verdant mountain forest.

Along with a gust of breeze, Xiao Zhi’s figure appeared in the forest.

He didn’t know anything about the situation after he left, but he felt a little heartache looking at the withered leaf in his hand.

This is a random teleportation item called [Floating Leaves], and it is a one-off.

[e/n: one-off = something that happens, or is made, or done only once]

In ZERO, all teleportation items are expensive. This thing is expensive even when there is no inflation and now it is so expensive that Xiao Zhi just looks at it.

If he was only playing games, he might rather die once than use this. But as far as the current situation is concerned, he is worried that he will really die once he is killed. He will have to use it to get out no matter how painful it is.

Throwing away the dead leaves in his hand, Xiao Zhi felt that he was closer to the abyss of poverty.

Looking at the surrounding environment, [Floating Leaves] seemed to have taken him to the Chiba country bordering Hessian.

The Kingdom of Chiba is one of the forces on the subcontinent of Dazemenia.

It is mainly composed of the Wood Spirit race and is also inhabited by humans and some gentle orcs. The natural environment is comfortable, the products are rich and the public security is good. Many players like to buy houses here, which is jokingly called the sanctuary for the elderly.

Xiao Zhi opened his backpack and wanted to organize his belongings, but unexpectedly found that his game interface lit up.

He checked his interface and found that all the functions except offline had been restored. Although he still couldn’t leave the game, it was much better than before and he couldn’t help but feel a burst of joy in his heart.

Wearing the same handsome face from a wanted criminal is too dangerous in the game. Xiao Zhi opened the face pinch interface and prepared to change his face.

ZERO allows players to pinch their faces again, but it does not support importing face pinch data. Where there is demand, there is an industry and many players have also taken this opportunity to develop a plastic surgery business.

Xiao Zhi’s original profession was a humanoid artist. His works took the route of exquisite beauty and unique personal style. He has a lot of fans on social media so it is not difficult for him to customize his face.

Before, he squeezed a few faces and kept them, but he didn’t expect it to come in handy now.

After a while, a warm eyebrow looking at a somewhat bookish face, replaced Xiao Zhi’s original appearance.

He smiled slightly, revealing a gentle and clean feeling, looking very pure without a trace of a cub cutter. In this way, he doesn’t have to worry about being wanted for the time being.
[ Cub-cutter I’m assuming he is called that because he loves to PK with other player]

Although it is not clear why his name is not in the wanted order, the safest way is to change his name.

Unfortunately, Xiao Zhi did not have any renamed items on his body and ZERO does not have a system store. The renamed items need to be explored and obtained by players themselves and it can only be done temporarily.

Anyway, the player’s name will not be displayed directly in the game, nor will it be prompted if he is attacked. If you want to know his name, you must exchange friend requests between two people. Xiao Zhi himself will select to not be anonymous in chatting in the world channel and forum.

After solving the most important problem, Xiao Zhi began to think about other things.

In ZERO, players’ online activities consume physical strength and need to rest and recover, whether offline or online.

However, the player’s body is not protected by the system during rest and will be hurt.

When the server was first opened, the players who did not listen were directly put underground in the city. The next day their things were stolen by the npc and they were thrown out of the city. There were also people who went offline in the wild and were trampled to death by monsters, or their necks were slashed by unknown people, or they were sold as miners.

Countless players have experimented with their lives and property and come to a conclusion – they must find a safe place before going offline!

Players in cities generally choose hotels. If they are in the wild, they can set up a tent to make do with it. Those who have the money will buy a house by themselves.

Xiao Zhi used to dare to go offline in Hessian because there would be no monsters and players passing under that tree and Assen would always guard him, but now he can’t do that.

“Sure enough, we still have to consider the issue of money.” Xiao Zhi sighed.

He stretched out his hand and drew a circle in the air with his fingertips. The next moment, a heavy book appeared in Xiao Zhi’s hand.

The address book, also known as the Asanasi Happy Book, is a communication system between players and it has been embodied in the form of a book. Functions such as world channels, private chats and forums are all on it.

Other races on the continent cannot see the contents of the address book, so there are rumors that this is the source of strength for the Asanasi.

The players laughed and said nothing, after all the system would not let them tell the truth.

Opening the address book, Xiao Zhi simply used the forum posts to see the changes over the years.

Now, mankind has entered the interstellar age. The human sphere of influence covers the three major galaxies, the Milky Way, the Ocean Blue System and the Blue Galaxy, but no new intelligent race has been discovered yet and aliens are still an eternal topic of discussion.

Human life span has been greatly improved due to the emergence of immortality technology and is no longer limited to a short hundred years. Life has become longer and human beings have more pursuits in life.

At the same time, he also discovered that it turned out that 600 years have passed since his time.

This made Xiao Zhi puzzled. Since he had traveled 600 years ago, why did Hessian’s arrest warrant only hang for more than 500 years?

It stands to reason that there should be no such talent in this world more than five hundred years ago, right?

He also specifically searched for news related to the Lord of Hessian.

As a result, this boss is very mysterious. Apart from knowing his name is Frost, he has no clear information, his age is unknown, his appearance is ominous, his race is suspected to be undead and his past experiences are ominous.

He seldom leaves Hessian. Over the years, players have not even taken a clear screenshot.

Either it was a distant black figure, or a white bone dragon across the sky, or it was a cool and solid white horse carriage. He couldn’t even tell whether he was round or flat.

“Frost?” Xiao Zhi chanted the name softly. He searched his memory, but there was no information about the name.

Does his wanted notice have anything to do with this person?

Unable to think of an answer, Xiao Zhi could only temporarily put this doubt on hold and continue to read other news.

ZERO has been in operation for more than 600 years and it can be called a miracle in human history. No matter if it is a contemporary or later game, no game can have such vitality.

And as time goes by, the world of ZERO is getting bigger and the content is getting richer.

Players often feel that they are not just playing games, but really living in a real world. Therefore, many people make a living directly in the game, or come to care for the elderly when they are old. They regard this place as the second world.

The highest level is now 240 and most players are in the range of 150-200.

Compared with the era of keyboard online games, ZERO’s level cap opening speed is not fast and there are no rules at all. It basically follows the player’s development progress and the development of the mainland.

After thinking about his poor level 50, Xiao Zhi ranked the importance of upgrading first in his heart. If he didn’t want to kick the bucket, he had to become stronger.

Suddenly, a hot post on the forum was posted to the homepage:
[Title: In order to save the big pants on the verge of collapse, I had evil thoughts on the big guy]

This title is quite difficult to describe, but it is very tempting.

Xiao Zhi went in and took a look. The poster’s ID was called “the legendary watermelon.”

He cried about how he was first hanged and beaten by an unknown boss, then he was brutally beaten by the Lord of Hessian and finally lost his pants and was beaten again.

There are several screenshots attached to the post. It was Xiao Zhi’s battle against several players alone but the shooting method was a bit too casual. The people were muddled because the cloak did not capture Xiao Zhi’s face.

A short video is also attached. The video is still very rubbish, but it shows Xiao Zhi’s neat fighting posture and his 22 fireballs fired in a row.

1L. Big gold pants: Hahahahahahahahaha The original poster is so miserable.

2L. I just passed by: Crap! 22 bursts! This skill is definitely a big boss!

3L. Don’t eat coriander: The skill power is so low. It seems that the level is not high. Do you know any well-known Faye who has deleted his account and came back?

11L. Guatian Yiba: Deleted account? ! ! The smell of melon!

112L. Don’t lie to me: Looking at this level of operation, is it Ruo Ye ?

113L. Replied to 112L with the wind: Don’t spread rumors upstairs, just now I saw Ruo Ye and his teammates go for a copy.

115L. I really don’t taste good: Moreover, Rou Ye is a man of style. This one likes to play with fire at first glance.

289L. The top of the head is a little cold: Could it be Vulcan? This big guy hasn’t been out for a long time.

299L. Vulcan: Thank you for your concern but the old man is already a farmer now.

300L. A small dish will reply to 299L: Crap – the boss of the trough! Group photo!

301L. It’s hard to name it. Reply 299L: Group photo+1

302L. I’m not a man. Reply 299L: Group photo+2

1032L. Wit young man: Do you think it is possible to be Longinus? Want to re-train as a mage to defeat Rou Ye?

1033L. Guatian Yiba: Hey…say it…suddenly the melon in my hand tastes sweeter.

1034L. Longinus: Bah I don’t play a mage. As a swordsman, I will fight Rou Ye uprightly!! @Rou Ye, Come and fight! Come and fight! Come and fight! Come and fight! Come and fight!

1035L. Rou Ye replied to 1034L: Haha.

Among the various speculations of the players, Xiao Zhi noticed an inconspicuous reply.

1152L. Anonymous player: The big guys beat you all lightly. Do you know how you will be treated after being arrested? I used to ask my brother to squeeze my face and send me over because of curiosity, but when Hessen found out that I was not that person, he asked me to explain who sent me. But, I just got curious! No one really instigated me! But they didn’t believe it and they threw me into the dungeon. The experience there was a 21-forbidden ban. The system gave me mosaics and finally I caught the opportunity to die. After that, I saw Hessian walking around.

Xiao Zhi: “…”

On the road to death, players are always full of motivation.

Fortunately, he ran fast. Xiao Zhi didn’t want to experience the little black house personally.

It seems that the rare Hessian materials in his bag are better not to be sold. If something is accidentally exposed, he will be miserable. In the future, let’s look for opportunities to use some anonymous channels to order items from the previous collection.

After turning over some information posts, Xiao Zhi decided to go to Chiba Kingdom next. It has been peaceful recently and the residents are not exclusive. It is suitable for low-level players to upgrade.

Clicking on the map and looking at it, Xiao Zhi walked in the direction of Qianye Country.


While walking, Xiao Zhi’s thoughts couldn’t help but float to Assen.

They first met when ZERO just started operations.

The players’ birth points are all random, and Xiao Zhi’s luck is not so good. He was thrown directly into Hessian. In front of him is a lowest-level skeleton leaping towards him.

After a battle of life and death, the novice mage who had no power to bind chickens and the low-level skeletons who might only have power to bind chickens, Xiao Zhi succeeded in getting rid of the skeletons by virtue of his leg length advantage.

But at the same time, he also ran a long way in Hessian. He couldn’t find his way.

He doesn’t know how long he has been walking, then suddenly, a touch of white appears in front of him. In the dark forest, a white tree was very conspicuous but Xiao Zhi subconsciously walked in that direction.

There was a sleeping person who appeared at the same time as the white tree.

He is lying on the bones of an unknown creature with his silver hair spread out, naked, slender and muscular but well-proportioned like a work of art. His eyes closed and looking quiet and serene, such a composition seems to be handed down from a famous painting.

Xiao Zhi was shocked at that time. “Brother, are you okay? you fell asleep when you came here to walk the birds?” The sleeping man opened his eyes because he was disturbed by the sound.

It was a pair of light-colored eyes like platinum, glowing with a metallic luster. Such eyes should be cold, but there is nothing but ignorance and loss in them.

Xiao Zhi tried to say hello to him, “Hello, my name is 7654321.”

The man just looked at him and blinked suspiciously.

After a while, he said with difficulty, “Qi….”

Xiao Zhi discovered that this person does not seem to be a player.

However, ZERO claims to be the most intelligent holographic game. Are the NPCs in it only at this level?

Don’t know if it is too late to refund the money?

Although the idea of ​​refunding money flashed through his mind, because this little brother is really good-looking. Human beings are always more tolerant of beauties, and Xiao Zhi can’t avoid it.

On a whim, he simply sat down to teach him to speak and gave the coat of the robe of the novice mage to the other party to cover up.

After teaching him, I found that this little brother’s learning ability was very good and he had mastered the ability of basic dialogue in a short period of time.

This made Xiao Zhi, who was a teacher for the first time, feel very proud. As a reward, Xiao Zhi pulled out the grass on the ground and made up a small snake for him as a gift.

The little brother stretched out his hand to take it. There was no expression on his face but he held it carefully with his hands. He likes it very much.

Because he met him in Hessian, Xiao Zhi also named him Assen without authorization. It sounded a little casual but the younger brother did not object to it.

Assen said that he wanted to call Xiao Zhi “Xiao Qi”. Xiao Zhi thought about it and found it easier to call than “7654321” so he readily agreed.

Later, Xiao Zhi gradually came into contact with other NPCs and found that other NPCs were indeed very intelligent, not as blank as Assen.

Although he didn’t understand why, it didn’t affect the friendship between the two.

Thinking that Assen must be lonely in the forest by himself, Xiao Zhi often ran to Hessian to find him whenever he was free.

He brings him gifts, talks about other places on the mainland and occasionally tells him about his own version of fairy tales.

For example:

“Assen, today I will tell you the story of Snow White. Snow White, known as the Snow-blowing Swordsman, because she always stabbed snowflakes with a single sword…”

“Little Red Riding Hood is a well-known assassin. Legend has it that her bright red cloak was stained with blood…”

“There is also a master of disguise on the mainland, she is called Cinderella. She once sneaked into the ball and approached the prince but after removing her makeup, she would not be found at all…”

Assen listens seriously. There is no slight doubt that this person in front of him is simply speaking nonsense.

Six hundred years have passed and he doesn’t know how Assen is now? NPCs of different races have different lifespans. Assen should be immortal. He hopes he is fine now.

Xiao Zhi couldn’t help sighing, “Hey, why on earth am I wanted…”

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