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IIEWFP Chapter 46

Chapter 46

“What’s the matter with you and Jin Wowo?” Doris asked sullenly as soon as she saw her son.

Raymond: “……???”

“He said that you were just ordinary friends and not partners!”

‘What kind of pure friendship could a beastmand and subbeast have?? Something must have happened between them.’ Doris thought as she stared into her son’s eyes.

Sure enough, a fleeting emotion passed by Raymond’s eyes.

“How can you do such a thing?! Such a good child as Jin WoWo, who saved your life, you actually…you actually…” Doris couldn’t continue as her thoughts continued in the downward spiral.

This time, even Ren looked at his son.

Raymond knew his parents had misunderstood, and explained: “Mother, it’s not what you think.”

“Oh? Then what is it?”

Raymond said, “We… are really just friends at the moment.”

“Didn’t you say before that he was your partner?”

Raymond nodded.

“Then why are you suddenly friends now?”

Doris felt like she was going to be killed by Raymond’s vagueness. Ever since he was young, he had never been a little talker. When asked, he would only answer in single sentences. And if you didn’t ask, he wouldn’t say anything.

Raymond coughed, slightly embarrassed, “He doesn’t know yet.”

Doris: “…”

If he hadn’t had a deep understanding of her son’s character, she wouldn’t understand what he meant with his half words.

It turns out, even after a long time, Raymond still hasn’t expressed his heart and intentions to the little golden snail.

Raymond was too much of a coward in this regard, just like his father.

Ren, even though he followed her to the point that he knew when she farted, also just said nothing.

Had it not been for her boldness to conquer Ren, Raymond might have had to wait another twenty years before he was born.

No wonder the serpentine animal pattern on the golden snail’s forehead was not domineering at all…


The two of them have lived and acted like this, and yet they regarded this as friendship?? 

Doris was confused and astonished, so she just asked all the questions directly.

Raymond was a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t want his parents to misunderstand, “Jin WoWo has a special status and is different from us.”

Doris nodded, she also understood that Jin WoWo was not from a civilization similar to theirs because he acted in a completely different way from the subbeasts she knew.

The subbeasts she knew of didn’t have any sort of ability that the golden snail had.

“Then what happened to him when he was said to be pregnant and miscarried? Sandy said you even broke the marble coffee table during that time.”

Raymond: “…”

This was even harder to explain.

He absolutely didn’t want a third person to know that he had been in Jin WoWo’s “womb” and was “miscarried”.

Seeing that Raymond refused to answer, Doris felt helpless. “Fine fine. I won’t ask anymore. Anyway, I decided to listen to Sandy’s suggestion and invited a physiology professor tomorrow to give you a crash course.”


“That’s it! I think Jin WoWo should also go to class with you and gain more knowledge.”

Since Jin WoWo was from their civilization, he was also probably not very clear about these common sense things. It is good for him to understand these things early.

Raymond: “…”

When he thinks about his not-too-distant future of him and the golden snail listening to some old expert explaining the health of both sexes in detail, Raymond couldn’t stop the heat rising in his ears.

When Raymond arrived at Jin WoWo’s room, he found him sitting on the bed with his eyes closed, cultivating.

Jin WoWo opened his eyes when he heard someone coming in.

Raymond thought Jin WoWo was bored staying in the house all day so he asked, “Do you want to go shopping in the online mall?”

Online mall?

Like a shopping website?


Raymond smiled slightly, “Let’s go to my room. I have a holographic cabin in my room.”


Jin WoWo’s eyes lit up and he immediately jumped off the bed.

Raymond immediately started setting up when they arrived in his room.

Raymond pressed several buttons in the holographic cabin, took out two things that looked like bracelets. He put one on the golden snail and one on himself.

Then he pressed something again, and Jin WoWo saw something flash before his eyes and he suddenly entered a virtual space.

There was nothing but grey in the space.

“This is the online store?”

“Not yet but don’t worry. You just need to set up an account for yourself.”

It was Jin WoWo’s first time entering the online shopping mall. The virtual cabin automatically scanned his height, gender, body shape, measurements, appearance, etc., and portrayed a virtualized person based on actual data.

This makes it convenient for users to try sizes in the mall when buying clothes.

Of course, these data could also be adjusted.

No matter which world people were in, they have a beauty-loving psychology. So when a virtual person is set up, many people will adjust themselves to look better.

The current appearance of the golden snail would already attract the attention of others wherever he goes and Raymond secretly did not want other people to see the golden snail.

So, he secretly widened the appearance of the virtual person’s face, narrowed his eyes, darkened the skin, and spotted a few small freckles on his cheeks.

Raymond defended his behavior, “It’s not easy to reveal my identity, and mine has also been adjusted.”

Jin WoWo nodded understandingly. It was just like surfing anonymously on the internet on Earth.

After setting and clicking confirm, a virtual person similar to Jin WoWo was projected in the virtual space immediately.

The figure of this person is exactly the same as that of Jin WoWo, but his appearance was a little more ordinary.

Jin WoWo felt quite satisfied.


“Why is this ‘me’ only wearing a vest and small pants?”

Raymond, who was watching the exposed arms and legs of the virtual “Golden Snail,” tried to clear his mind quickly. Clearing his throat, he said, “This is the first time you have entered the mall. So you still belong to a small white consumer category, so these are the only clothes given.”

“What about yours?”

Raymond clicked on his virtual projection.

Raymond’s virtual person also had some adjustments but the figure did not change much, only the face changed a lot. It was inconspicuous when placed in a crowd.

Hmm… it seems to look a lot like Cory.

Jin WoWo, really thought about whether Raymond designed it according to the shape of Cory’s face.

Raymond’s virtual person was dressed in luxurious clothes. Although they are just in black and gold, they still look quite high-end.

Jin WoWo looked at Raymond’s clothes enviously.

Raymond clicked on his personal profile, which had many clothes and equipment to choose from.

Hats, glasses, various shoes, wigs, jewelry, etc., and even…

“What is that?”

The golden snail pointed at the tails and ears of various animals.

“That’s also a costume.”

Although the Beastman Empire has different animal forms except for subbeasts, some people have special hobbies and like to wear a tail and ears that do not belong to their animal forms.

These costumes were to satisfy the peculiar psychology of those people.

Jin WoWo touched his chin and thought that the fluffy tail and ears were quite interesting.

“Do you like this? I can give it to you.” Raymond whispered.

“These can be sent to me?”

“Yes, except for clothes, everything else can be forwarded.”

The quality of clothes represented a person’s personal consumption level, so it couldn’t be transferred.

Jin WoWo’s eyes lit up, “Then, I want the fox’s tail and ears.”

Raymond clicked “Transfer”, and the golden snail’s virtual person immediately grew a flaming fox tail along with two fluffy fox ears on his head.

Raymond’s eyes experienced a shock, and the foxy Jin WoWo immediately bedazzled him.

Jin WoWo touched the furry ears on his head, and then the furry tail behind him.

It felt very real. When he pulled his tail, his tail bones even felt it.

The golden snail, who had never had a tail, couldn’t put it down. He tried to move his “tail muscles”, and the tail shook.

It’s so fun!!

While Jin WoWo was playing happily, Raymond’s eyes slowly darkened.

“Do you want to wear one too?”

Raymond: “…”

Raymond: “Oh, no.”

“No? This is really fun.” Jin WoWo was a little disappointed.

Raymond glanced at him from the corner of his eye, and he changed the clothes on his virtual own person into a white vest and pants.

Walking with Jin WoWo this way feels like they were wearing a couple’s outfit.

After a bit of hesitation, he also placed a set of flaming fox tails and ears on his person.

After putting it on, he instantly felt overwhelming shame.


Sorry I’ve been on and off huhu. School has been super hectic for me with midterms month. :’)

Another chapter will be up shortly!

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