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IIEWFP Chapter 45

Chapter 45

The clansman who manages the website blushed with excitement.


He was not very useful in the clan, so he was only allowed to manage the website.


Had it not been for the former patriarch ordering him to post news from this meeting onto the website immediately, he would not even be eligible to attend such an important meeting.


He had always admired Raymond, and was very happy to welcome Raymond as the patriarch.


“Since I am now the patriarch of the Black Python Clan, I declare that every member of the Black Anaconda tribe who came today, except him, to be expelled from the clan!”


Raymond announced as he pointed to the beastman who manages the website.


Everyone else: “…??!!!”


All the people present thought they had an auditory hallucination. What did Raymond just say??


All of them are expelled from the Black Python Clan??


“Raymond, how could you…”


Before the beastman could finish speaking, he was locked into silence by Raymond’s coercion. At the same time, all the other clansmen were also locked with coercion.


Among these people, the highest ranking was Reagan. The others were either rank 5 or 6 beastmen. With those qualifications, they were unable to withstand the pressure of Rank 9. Let alone speaking, even breathing was difficult for them.


Raymond: “As the patriarch, I have the right to clean up the worms in the clan.”


“Send each of them a ‘Declaration of Voluntary Leaving of the Black Python Clan’.” He said to the beastmen who was in charge of managing the website


The people of the tribe were really going crazy this time.


If they were only expelled from the clan by the Black Python Clan, they could still get a share of the clan’s property in addition to their own private property.


But if they leave the clan voluntarily, they couldn’t take away any of its public property.


Furthermore, these people have very little private property. They don’t fight like Raymond who has the majority of his battle spoils. They only relied on parts of the spoils Raymond hands in from each battle to the treasury. 


Now, they want to protest collectively and immediately pull Raymond off from the position of patriarch just like Reagan.


However, all their strength was being used to resist the terrible pressure/ They couldn’t even speak, let alone move to attack Raymond.


The clansmen had no choice but to wink at the beastman managing the website and let him change the data in secret.


The beastman who was ordered by Raymond was stunned. How could he still look at other people’s winks?


He quickly drafted a “Declaration of Voluntary Leaving of the Black Python Clan” and sent it to all the clansmen present. One by one, he grabbed their hands, opened their terminals, and clicked confirm.


Everyone was panicking. As long as they confirmed this “Declaration of Voluntary Leaving of the Black Python Clan”, they would no longer be a Black Anaconda clan and would not be protected by the big tree of the Black Python clan.


The other clansmen would never listen to them again.


Losing the identity of the Black Python Clan, the people they bullied before will definitely come back to bully them.


Raymond: “Since you have all voluntarily left the Black Python Clan, then you can’t stay here anymore. Butler, see off the guests.”


The old butler quickly commanded a group of robots. And together with the guards of the Marshal’s Mansion, they threw out the 20 or so immobile former clansmen…Including Raymond’s second uncle, Carl, and Teresi.


Raymond withdrew the coercion. The beastmen hurriedly got up and got on their respective aircraft before fleeing.


As for why they don’t resist collectively now?


They were no longer members of the Black Anaconda clan, how could they still dare to trouble the Black Python Clan’s Patriarch?


Those who dare are those who don’t want to live anymore.


Jin WoWo came over and looked at Raymond with a smile, “Congratulations, Patriarch.”


The corners of Raymond’s mouth curled up slightly, “Was it fun?”


Jin WoWo blinked slowly: “Fun.”


Doris and Ren: “…”


“It was all thanks to Jin WoWo for reminding me of the importance of the clan.” Raymond explained to his parents.


Then Jin WoWo said, “Mantis catches cicada, but an oriole is behind them.” 


Although they had never heard that sentence, the meaning behind was not difficult to understand.


So they were the oriole.


Doris felt very happy. When Raymond suddenly changed his mind, she still didn’t understand. But the result now is much better than when they thought of voluntarily leaving the Black Python Clan.


Doris thought her son was amazing for turning the tables, but she didn’t expect this reversal was all to make Jin WoWo happy?


Doris felt like she was dreaming!


Ever since Raymond met Jin WoWo, the good things in their family have continued to pop out one after another.


The golden snail was simply a lucky star sent from the heavens.


“That’s good. You will be more secure and safer with the power of the Black Python Clan when you walk in the military headquarters.” Ren said.


There are currently four marshals in charge of overseeing and managing the military department, each in charge of a corner, and behind each one of them is a huge family force.


Had their family broken away from the Black Python Clan, Raymond would have had a relatively difficult path to walk in the military.


“It’s just that you will be busy with the military department in the future. I’m afraid you won’t have much time to manage the clan.”


Raymond looked at his father, “I never intended to take care of the family affairs. I’ve never had that much leisure time.”


“Then you……”


“I was going to ask father to help me take care of the family affairs.”




Raymond held Ren’s shoulder, “Yes, father. I believe you can and you will get better soon.”


Ren thought for a while and nodded.


Even if his energy core won’t be repaired for a while, as long as he drinks the “medicine” given to him by the golden snail the pain in his body disappears, he could definitely handle the family affairs when he is in human form.


Raymond said to the beastman who manages the website: “You will help… the owner of the family manage the affairs of the clan in the future.”


The patriarch had already been appointed, and it wouldn’t be changed for a while.. So he’ll let his father be the head of the family and help him manage the clan.


That beastman was dizzy with excitement. Happiness came too quickly, like an electromagnetic storm. He didn’t expect that one day he would be helping the patriarch!



A while later, when the dust settled, Jin WoWo suddenly remembered the pattern on his forehead, and his mood dropped.


Raymond, who has been paying attention to Jin WoWo all this time, thought that Jin WoWo was tired. He was just about to speak, when he was interrupted by his mother.


“WoWo, are you tired? You have been traveling on the spaceship for three days. You must be tired. Come, your room has already been cleaned up. I will take you to rest first. When it’s time for dinner, I will call you again.”


Ignoring the husband and son pair, she grabbed Jin WoWo’s arm and was about to go upstairs.


Raymond said, “Mother, let me take him up.”


Doris patted her son’s hand away, “I’ll go. You can talk to your father for a while.”


Raymond: “…”


Jin WoWo’s room was very comfortable. It was even specially prepared for pregnant women and subbeasts after having a miscarriage.


Jin WoWo was very satisfied, “Thank you, Auntie.”


Doris smiled and said, “Why don’t you call me mother or mom now?”


Jin WoWo said embarrassedly: “In fact, Raymond and I are just ordinary friends, not partners.”


After all, Ren could now live a long life, there was no need to pretend to be Raymond’s partner to comfort him.


But hearing this, Doris felt like a bolt had shock her out of the blue!!




The two of them were just ordinary friends?


Didn’t they conceive a cub?


Although the cub has “miscarried”…


Doris even felt that if it would be difficult for the golden snail to get pregnant again in the future, they could still conceive artificially.


There were some morally corrupt beastmen in the empire, who liked to deceive subbeasts with sweet words. Because subbeasts generally have high face values, and because they don’t have energy cores at birth, the social status of subbeasts was relatively low in this world that respected the strong.


Her son should not be like those morally corrupt beastmen and was someone who would do his best for his partner but…what’s this situation??!!


Doris was very anxious and wanted to know the truth immediately. She believed that Raymond was not that kind of person, but it was not fake that Jin WoWo was “pregnant” and had “miscarried”.


“Auntie, what kind of animal is your beast form?”


“Huh? Oh, I’m an elk.” Doris replied with a smiled on her face.


Jin WoWo nodded, smiled, and asked, “Can I go online for a little bit?”


“Sure, no problem, just don’t take too long. Your body still needs to rest more now.”


Doris said a few more words to Jin WoWo before going downstairs in a hurry.


Jin WoWo opened the web page section of the terminal and used voice input to inquire relevant information about the beast-shaped pattern on one’s forehead.


He already knew a lot of the text there, but there were still some that he didn’t, so he clicked on the voice icon to listen.


It turned out that the animal-shaped pattern on his forehead, as he had guessed today, would appear as long as he was completely XXXX-ed by someone.


Not only do females and subbeasts have animal-like patterns, but male beastmen also had them, but theirs were on the back of their necks.


Today, Jin WoWo noticed an elk pattern with the big thumb under the collar of Ren’s neck.


Because Ren had been sitting, he saw it as he was standing right behind him.


And on the way from Limestone Star to the Marshal’s Mansion, he encountered a few more beastmen.


The golden snail now understands that there are strange races and strange marks in this world. Even so, his mood was still not very good.


So, he took out the two water energy liquid injections that Raymond gave him earlier to absorb and cultivate.


It would most likely take another month for his three billion to arrive. So, he must find a way to make money to buy more energy liquid for cultivation.


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