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IIEWFP Chapter 42

Chapter 42 

Jin WoWo’s gaze swept around the people in the living room and found that, except for the females, only he had an animal pattern on his forehead.

And the only two females in the living room, Doris and Cyril, are both, uh… Something is wrong.

The pattern on this forehead seems to…represent…the mark that appears after being hummed. 1T/E Hummed implies being…romantically intimate with another person.

Jin WoWo’s face subconsciously turned black.

With such a mark on his forehead, wasn’t this just telling others that he’s been…?!

Although he had feigned it multiple times before and he and Raymond were currently pretending to be partners, the golden snail was still a pure baby snail after all.

With such a mark, anyone who looked at him would know that, well, he has been trimmed by someone, and that he has been trimmed by the animal on his forehead.

What kind of weird world was this?! What kind of race would have such a thing being shown out in the open?!!

For the first time in his life, Jin WoWo felt like he was going crazy!

He secretly made up his mind that he must quickly remove this mark.

He was struck into this different world by a bolt of thunder when something went wrong as he was crossing the catastrophe. Could it be because of this that this snail shell pattern appeared on his forehead?

En. He will hurry up and focus on cultivating. Maybe he will get better once he reaches a certain level of cultivation.

Doris, who was standing next to the golden snail, saw the golden snail’s actions, and looked at the animal pattern on his forehead.

Before she thought the animal pattern on the forehead of her son’s partner must be the most powerful and domineering in the entire empire!

But after she saw the animal pattern clearly, she suddenly couldn’t believe it.

This-This-This was her son’s animal pattern?

Wasn’t her son Raymond in the ninth rank?

The snake-shaped disc pattern present on the golden snail’s forehead…Why does she think it looks very weak, and looks a bit like… a snail shell?

Of course, the Beastman Empire does not have snail beastmen so Doris did not suspect this at all.

Ren was also very strong when he was young. This made Doris very proud of the mighty and domineering python pattern on her forehead.

Now, looking at the golden snail’s, it’s no wonder this kid’s face looked bad when he saw the pattern on Cyril’s forehead. There was only no harm if there was no contrast.

Doris felt a little sympathetic to the child immediately.

At the same time, she was also shocked that behind her son’s powerful appearance was actually a little weakling. 2 The “little weakling was 小怂包 in the raws which literally translates to a small bag of counselling or a person who needs a lot of counselling/comfort. I placed weakling since the earlier discussion on animal patterns talked about how weak/strong a beastman was.

Seeing the “little weakling” son of hers sitting expressionless on the chair, Doris had a complicated look on her face.

“It was he who forced me!” Cyril suddenly shouted, helpless. “It was the Old Patriarch who a-abducted and forced me.”

The Old Patriarch sitting in the head position who stared at her was shocked, speechless and frozen, unable to move.

Cyril cried, “I’m just a little female from a remote planet who has never seen the world. It was the Old Patriarch who used sweet words to lure me. He lied to me. He forced me to do those things.”

Cyril was terrified, especially after seeing Raymond alive.

The Old Patriarch told her to pretend to be Raymond’s fiancée and she was very happy. Even if Raymond was “dead” at that time, being the widow of an empire hero was still a very honorable thing.

She dreamed that she would carry the label of Raymond’s fiancée wherever she went.

When she first saw Raymond alive, she was terrified that her lies would soon be exposed.

But after the initial shock and fear, she suddenly stopped being afraid.

The story was clear and they could manipulate the story to whitewash themselves.

“I was never willing to do all these things. Marshal Raymond is my idol. He is a hero in my mind. If it wasn’t for the Old Patriarch threatening me, how could I come up and tell such lies?”

Cyril covered her face as if she were crying and slyly peeked at Raymond’s expression from behind her fingers. As for the Old Patriarch’s expression that looked as if he were about to tear her apart, she directly ignored it.

Although Raymond would soon be abandoned due to his paralysis, he was still young and had a magnificent appearance that was many times better than the Old Patriarch’s.

Plus, the Marshal’s Mansion was so rich. Doris had still maintained her graceful and noble appearance even after Ren had been abolished for more twenty years.

Although she had no family background, Raymond will also be abandoned. People with a good family background would not marry their daughters to what was equivalent to a dead person.

Cyril was very confident about her appearance. She believes that as long as she cleans herself up and resolves this matter, Raymond would be tempted by her.

Everyone in the hall stayed dead silent because the Old Patriarch didn’t say anything to refute any of Cyril’s words. Even though his expression was distorted, what Cyril said was most likely true.

If the Old Patriarch’s morality was so bad, what qualifications does he have to remain in the head position of the Black Python clan?

The people’s admiration for the Old Patriarch for his contributions in the past turned into disdain and contempt at this time.

The Old Patriarch’s angry head looked as if smoked were about to come out. And under the heavy pressure exerted by Raymond, he couldn’t say a word. The stress and weight combined caused blood to attack his heart and he spit out a mouthful of blood.

Raymond withdrew the coercion.

When the Old Patriarch felt the weight lift off of his body, he immediately stood up and rushed towards Cyril, and slapped her hard.

“Little bitch, you obviously took the initiative to seduce me and climb my bed. And yet you still dare to slander me?!”

Nelson, who stood beside Cyril, pushed away the Old Patriarch and protected Cyril.

As the General Director of the Legal Education Bureau, he is obliged to protect every pregnant female and subbeast.

Ren felt that the main show was almost over and gave the old butler a wink. The old butler quietly closed the live broadcast.

Billions of people in the live broadcast room instantly faced a black screen.

The people suddenly howled.

They were watching such a wonderful show, why did it suddenly stop?!

The people kept swiping the screen to refresh and millions of messages per second flooded the empty broadcast room.

What excited the people the most was not that Marshal Raymond was still alive, but the private affairs of the big clan!

They tapped away on their screens happily. The crowd who had tried hard to defend Cyril before now all turned their backs on her, and couldn’t wait to poke their eyes out. 3T/E felt regret

The two teams that had torn each other apart before unexpectedly united, and the live broadcast quickly spread across the network.

Within two hours, the Black Python Clan’s scandal spread throughout the interstellar galaxy.

But the drama still hadn’t ended.

In the Marshal’s Mansion

“Stan, you bastard!”

Suddenly, there was the sound of a door slamming as a swollen beastman rushed into the room.

The person who rushed in was Carl.

After the father and son duo were stung by the hornet, they were left lying outside. Although they didn’t have much energy left, they could still hear what was happening in the living room.

After Carl gained some strength back, he ran in eagerly and grabbed the Old Patriarch’s neck.

Carl was only an intermediate level sixth ranker, and his strength was far from that of the Old Patriarch. However, the Old Patriarch was locked by the pressure Raymond exerted for a long time. At this moment, his body was still weak and it was difficult to stand firmly, let alone resist Carl.

Thus, he ended up being choked by Carl.

“You shameless old thing. You said that after this is done that energy star is mine. But it turns out that Cyril is pregnant with your cub. You want me to marry Cyril and let me raise your cub for free?!”

Carl’s lips were swollen like sausages, and his voice was slurring and sort of incoherent, but everyone there understood.

Calculating the seniority, Carl was the great-grandson of the Old Patriarch.

As for the cub of the old patriarch, Carl should be calling him Grandpa.

If the plan of the old patriarch had succeeded, then Carl would have raised his own grandfather into calling him father.

After the clansmen figured out this relationship, everyone’s thoughts were “&*%¥#@!&…&*…%¥#@”

Their three views had already been broken enough throughout the day, but they didn’t expect more exciting news to come. This one directly crushed their three views into powder. 4The three views refers to  world outlook , values , and outlook on life

The Old Patriarch’s eyes could only roll back as he was choked, and no one came to help him.

Everyone was still recovering from the bombardment of one shocking news after another. Plus, the Old Patriarch’s methods were too despicable. Who would want to go up and defend the Old Patriarch at this point? It was simply impossible for them to side with him.

At this time, Ren, who hadn’t spoken since entering the meeting room, finally spoke, “Enough.”

He glanced at Sandy, and Sandy immediately understood. He stepped forward and separated Carl from the Old Patriarch.

A guard from the Marshal’s Mansion ran in and dragged Carl out who started yelling.

The Old Patriarch coughed desperately. He had just vomited a mouthful of blood, and his mouth was still full of blood. He thought he was going to die.

Ren started speaking in a light tone, “It seems that there are still some misunderstandings between Cyril and the Old Patriarch. Since Cyril is carrying his cub, then they are a family. As outsiders, we cannot intervene and can only wait. Heaven drink the Old Patriarch’s wedding wine.” 5Ren is saying that the two’s relationship must have been blessed by the heavens because they gained a cub.

Nelson, who had been protecting Cyril, also turned to the two and said, “Congratulations. The cub is about to be born in half a month. I hope you will have a partner ceremony as soon as possible.”

Cyril shuddered when she heard it. She bit the Old Patriarch just now. If she really became the Old Patriarch’s partner, then she might as well be considered dead.

That old thing would definitely not treat her well and was probably plotting how to torture her.

In the Beatman Empire, there was no such thing as a divorce. Two people who become partners are bound together for life. It was only unless one of them dies, then the other could find a partner again.

“No, no, I don’t want to marry the Old Patriarch.”

Cyril took two steps back in horror. She subconsciously looked in the direction where Raymond was, and a strong light burst from the bottom of her eyes.

“Marshal Raymond, save me!” She stumbled towards Raymond.

Sandy hurriedly blocked her.

While struggling, Cyril yelled hysterically: “I don’t want to be partners with the Old Patriarch. I have always admired you. Although your powers are gone now, I don’t mind at all. I am willing to stay with you until the end of our lives!”

Raymond: “…?”

Misfortune was falling from the sky.

He looked at Jin WoWo subconsciously and found him looking at Cyril curiously.

While Raymond breathed a sigh of relief that Jin WoWo had no misgivings, he felt a little disappointed.

Nelson walked over and “rescued” Cyril from Sandy, and warmly persuaded, “Pregnant women should not be too emotional. This can cause premature birth. Come, Old Patriarch Stan, take care of your female.”

Nelson dragged Cyril in front of the Old Patriarch and said with a smile, “Pregnant women have a lot of mood swings. So you should go to Old Patriarch Stan to seek comfort from him.”

The Old Patriarch’s throat still ached terribly, and he made a “chachachacha” sound like a see-saw between his breathing. With a hideous face, he pulled Cyril to his arms with a vicious look in his eyes.

Cyril trembled with fright. Seeing that Raymond had no intention of saving her, she rolled her eyes and pretended to faint.

Nelson frowned and said, “The Old Patriarch should take his partner back early and let her get some rest, but don’t move her around harshly or else your fetus will be in danger.”

  • 1
    T/E Hummed implies being…romantically intimate with another person.
  • 2
    The “little weakling was 小怂包 in the raws which literally translates to a small bag of counselling or a person who needs a lot of counselling/comfort. I placed weakling since the earlier discussion on animal patterns talked about how weak/strong a beastman was.
  • 3
    T/E felt regret
  • 4
    The three views refers to  world outlook , values , and outlook on life
  • 5
    Ren is saying that the two’s relationship must have been blessed by the heavens because they gained a cub.
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