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IIEWFP Chapter 43

Chapter 43

“Wait a minute!”


A young beastman stood up from his chair and said with a chuckle, “Old patriarch, you have been the patriarch of the Black Python clan for nearly a hundred years. Now that you are old, why don’t you take the time to take care of your wife and your life? What do you think? “


This beastman was called Teresi, and he was the only Rank 7 beastman among the younger generation of beastmen in the clan.


Because he doesn’t usually stay in Central Star, he has been relatively low-key. Although he has a high rank, he has not been conspicuous among the children of the clan.


Now that he suddenly stood up, the other members of the Black Python clan suddenly realized that Teresi was also a Rank 7 beastman. His strength might even be stronger than Raymond’s second uncle.


The Old Patriarch glared at him, full of anger. Enduring the sharp pain in his throat, he yelled, “What kind of thing do you think you are to dare eye the position of patriarch?!”


Teresi was neither overbearing nor underbearing, “Oh, I don’t dare. I’m still so young. Currently, I am not worthy of the position but my grandfather is.”


The old beastman who had been sitting beside the old patriarch who had never said a word, stroked his beard, stood up unhurriedly, and nodded slightly to everyone.


This old beastman was also reputable in the clan. He often assists the Old Patriarch in dealing with major issues in the clan, and can be regarded as the right-hand man of the Old Patriarch.


The Old Patriarch was furious. “It turns out that you have been hiding wolf ambitions, Reagan.”


The old beastman Reagan sighed slightly, “Old Patriarch, you did such a morally corrupt and unethical thing. This is detrimental to the face of my Black Python family.”


“You…!” The old patriarch shouted angrily but he was he was interrupted by the yelling of the clansmen before he could finish his words.


“Support Reagan as the patriarch!”


“Support Reagan as the patriarch!”


“Support Reagan as the patriarch!”


The old beastman Reagan nodded with satisfaction, and said calmly, “In the future, the people of the clan can come to me for anything they want. Learning from the sins of the old patriarch, I promise to make things fair and transparent.”


The Old Patriarch could only angrily vomit more blood.


Suddenly, without knowing what he thought of, he glanced at Raymond, then at the old beastman Reagan, and laughed strangely.


Then, he carried Cyril who had fainted and fled like a chicken.


Reagan looked at the back of the person leaving, and the corners of his mouth hidden under his beard curled up.


The golden snail watched in amazement. It was as if “the mantis had just caught the cicada and the oriole was creeping up unknowingly behind it”. So this was how human beings fight for power.


He bent over and whispered in Raymond’s ear, “This drama is really wonderful. I don’t know if there will be any more reversals behind it.”


Raymond whispered back, “What reversal do you want to see?”


Jin WoWo said: “For example, it would be more fun to come out and snatch the position of patriarch.”


Snatch the position of patriarch…


Raymond’s eyes moved slightly.


The Beatman Empire respects the strong. During the selection of the patriarch of each clan, the strongest in the clan always takes the position home.


This was one of the reasons why the Old Patriarch has been suppressing them for the last few years, because Raymond has been getting stronger and stronger and has already surpassed the strength of the Old Patriarch. The Old Patriarch was worried that one day he would be replaced by Raymond.


In the clan, other than the Old Patriarch, there were currently three other Rank 7 beastmen – Raymond’s second uncle, Reagan, and Reagan’s grandson Teresi.


However, the strength of these people was nothing in Raymond’s eyes.


Since Jin WoWo wanted to see something more fun, then…


Before Raymond had time to say anything, he listened to his Father Ren say, “Congratulations to the New Patriarch.”


Patriarch Reagan turned his head and smiled: “Ren, this clan owes an explanation for you and Doris. I will wait for Raymond to recover for a while before releasing the news.”


Reagan had been hiding behind the Old Patriarch, waiting to reap the benefits of the fisherman. Now, he could speak up so confidently and profoundly.


“No, I plan to leave the Black Python clan. Starting today, Doris, Raymond, and I will leave the Black Python clan and become an independent household.”


Reagan’s face still remained the same. There was no change in his expression until he smiled and replied, “Ren, I know that you have been paralyzed for so many years, and you have become saddened due to the previous incidents. If you have any apprehensions against the clan, don’t worry because such things will never happen again.”


“We have already decided.”


Reagan’s complexion changed. It was not very good. He had just been appointed and already had to face the fire but he had to maintain his image in front of the people. Ren was simply too ignorant and didn’t know how to give face to others.


He forced a smile on his face, “Look, Raymond is being lashed at online right now. You, father and son duo are stubborn like this. If you leave the Black Python clan, you will be bullied.”


Ren said, “I am just notifying you. This is not up for discussion.”


Reagan was rejected in public, and his face sank completely.


Fortunately, his good grandson, Teresi, saved the field in time. “Grandpa, since Uncle Ren has made up his mind, they must have considered it for a long time. Let’s not embarrass him.”


Reagan nodded, “Then let’s take advantage of the fact that the clansmen are here today and choose a new patriarch. By the way, what do you think, Raymond?”


Reagan asked Raymond out of courtesy.


Unexpectedly, Raymond’s answer made his face even more ugly.


Raymond answered, “When did I agree to elect a new patriarch?”


Reagan wished he could suck his words back into his big mouth.


Did Ren and his son btoh have problems with their heads?


How could they keep him, the new patriarch of the Black Python clan, from coming into power again and again!


“Since you are reluctant and unwilling to let our family leave the Black Python, then we will not leave the family. Since I’m still sitting here, why should there be a new patriarch?”


Reagan and his grandson Teresi: “…??”


No, didn’t you already decide to leave the Black Pythons just now?


When were they reluctant or unwilling? ?


Teresi raised his eyebrows and said, “Raymond, even if you are safe, how can you remain as the new patriarch with your paralysis with your energy explosion? I know that you have a strong self-esteem and cannot face becoming a useless person, and you are currently being forced to give up the position of Patriarch. But currently, it is useless for you to escape reality.”


Now that his grandfather is the next old patriarch, he would be promoted to being the patriarch of the family. But Raymond, a useless person, suddenly jumped out to disrupt the situation. It would be strange if Teresi felt happy.


Teres’s words “strong self-esteem” and “useless person” made Doris want to curse.


But Raymond suddenly spoke up, so he must have his own plan. Thus, Doris remained silent.


Ren also gave his son a glance filled with confusion. Why did Raymond suddenly change his mind when he had clearly said that he wanted to leave the Black Python clan?


The person who was the most excited was the golden snail. Was Raymond trying to grab the position of patriarch?


Wow, there was another good show.


What Teresi said was very reasonable and very heart-warming. Reagan was quite satisfied with his grandson, and finally said what he had wanted to say ever since they arrived.


Raymond said, “I am not escaping reality. Those who are able to hold the position of Patriarch should occupy it.”


He glanced at Reagan and continued, “I have no objections with choosing a new patriarch. But, I have to win before I speak.”


Teresi looked at Raymond as if were watching a joke.


A paralyzed man who was filled with chaotic energy due to his core shattering, even if he got the surgery and acted as if nothing were wrong, he still had no energy core to control and release his energy. Even a five-year-old little beastman could push him to the ground with one hand, now he was challenging him and his grandfather?


Challenge them? Powerhouses in the 7th rank with his weak strength?


He’s simply a pebble on the road.


As soon as Teresi was about to say something, his grandfather Reagan opened his mouth, “Terisi, our pythons are different from other races. Even if there had been an energy explosion, a person’s animal form could still move freely, and the strength should not be underestimated. You can do whatever you want. Go play with Raymond, don’t hurt him.”


Since Ren and Raymond kept trying to ruin the dynamics again and again, don’t blame him for not giving Raymond face.


Raymond stood up and said unhurriedly, “Then, let’s go to the training grounds.”


The people present were stunned, but no one raised objections. They just gave Raymond glances full of pity.


One was the grandson of the newly appointed patriarch – the future patriarch.


The other was the outgoing current Patriarch – the useless Raymond.


As long as people had a normal mind, it was evident which side they should stand on.


Teresi walked next to Raymond and smiled as if he were doing an act of kindness, “Raymond, your muscles are well connected, does it hurt? If it hurts too much, tell me in advance, I’ll stand still and let you hit me instead.”


Raymond curled his lips and smirked, “Just do your best.”


Teresi: “…”


Raymond’s energy explosion didn’t hit his brain right? 


Doris pushed Ren excitedly. She hasn’t seen her son’s strength after he returned in the ninth rank.


Ren also looked forward to it very much.


The golden snail slowly followed Doris. He knew Raymond’s strength very well. He didn’t have much interest in the fighting scenes. He just wanted to see a “mantis catching a cicada and an oriole sneaking behind it”. In short, he wanted to simple see a good show.


Everyone arrived at the training grounds with their own thoughts. Raymond asked the butler to move two soft chairs to Doris and Jin WoWo.


Reagan, who was waiting to sit on the soft chair: “…”


What special treatment!


Reagan winked at his grandson, which meant that he should not hold back and teach Raymond a hard lesson.


If he doesn’t teach Raymond a lesson, how would he convince the crowd?


The two beastmen walked towards the arena, and Raymond looked at Teresi who was standing on the opposite side and said calmly, “Let’s start.”


Teresi smiled contemptuously: “You can transform first.”


Raymond said, “No.”


He was going to fight him in his human form?


That’s right. Raymond could talk in his human form. If he turned into a beast, he would just be maimed because he couldn’t speak up. Raymond really was a clever ghost.


But how could Teresi just let the other party do what he wants?


“Come at me in your beast form, otherwise I dare not move.”


“All right then.” Raymond nodded slowly.


Tracy turned into his beast form quickly, afraid that the other party was thinking of doing some opportunistic tricks.


A black python that was more than 20 meters long suddenly appeared in everyone’s line of sight. Just being able to look at that animal made a person very courageous.


Reagan nodded in satisfaction.


Everyone turned to look at Raymond.


Jin WoWo secretly added a barrier to the training grounds, so that when Raymond fought, other than Tracy, the energy released would not be felt. This way the two could fight for a while.


He nodded to Raymond, Raymond smiled. Raymond instantly transformed into a black python that was around 30 meters long.


His beast form was extremely domineering, and everyone on the sidelines was taken aback.


Doris couldn’t help muttering, “Did Raymond’s animal form grow bigger again?”


Ren nodded slightly.


Raymond’s beast shape was a little more than 27 meters when he was at Rank 8. But now it looks like it’s more than 30 meters.


Reagan was also very surprised. After Raymond’s energy ran away, why did it look like his animal form was bigger?


However, no one was surprised as much as Teresi.


The moment Raymond transformed, he felt a powerful and terrifying energy overwhelming him.



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