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IIEWFP Chapter 41

Chapter 41

The old butler appeared behind Cyril at some point, and said with a professional smile, “Miss Cyril, please come to the front.”


The crowd parted for Cyril automatically, and she had no choice but to move forward with everyone’s attention.


Cyril looked at the Old Patriarch for help but was only even more frightened. The Old Patriarch had an ugly face on and looked as if he were about to tear her apart. 


“Miss Cyril, speak up!” Some people couldn’t help but urge.


“Who is the father of your cub?”


“Didn’t you say that you were Marshal Raymond’s fiancée? Now that Raymond is in front of you, you should be happy. Why do you look like you’re about to cry?”


The clansmen were still slightly panicked by the sudden onset of “epilepsy” on the father-son duo. Hence, it was only then did they realize that Cyril had been hiding ever since Raymond came out.


If what Cyril said was true, shouldn’t she pounce happily at the first sight of Raymond? Why would she still hide and refuse to come out until she was urged?


Cyril realized that her crying face would no longer attract the sympathy of others. So, she changed tactics and suddenly covered her stomach, “Ah, my stomach hurts, I think I’m about to lay my egg!”


The people present were shocked…laying eggs. Eggs are a big deal and she must be sent to the Interstellar Legal Education Bureau.1 The Legal Education Bureau must sort of be like the ultimate maternity bureau since everything cub-related goes there.


“Don’t panic, everyone. I’ll take a look first!” Nelson hurriedly announced.


Nelson walked towards Cyril with an instrument in hand. He quickly scanned Cyril’s belly and said, “It’s okay.The egg is very stable. It will be around half a month before he is born.”


The clansmen: “…”


Cyril did not expect that there would be someone in the Marshal’s Mansion who would carry a pregnancy cub detector with him.  2They have so many pregnancy instruments. XD


After Nelson finished speaking, he continued to stare at the instrument in his hand and pressed a few keys on it. After a while, he raised his head and looked at the deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau, who was trying to reduce his sense of existence.


“Director Tabor, come and see the result.”


Tabor bit his lip 3refers to being unwilling and reluctantly came out of the crowd. He was invited by the Old Patriarch to give a false testimony, given the premise that Raymond was “dead.”


Now, not only was Raymond still alive, but Nelson, the director of the Central Star Legal Education Administration, was also present. How could he dare to come out?


Unexpectedly, the Marshal’s Mansion still has good relations with Nelson. Had he known, he wouldn’t have stepped foot into this muddy water. Can the benefits promised by the old patriarch be worthy of his own black hat?


Tabor’s regretful intestines twisted until they were all green.


“General-General Director.” 4The title of the highest director. I think it’s a lot like a General Manager of a company.


Nelson quickly introduced Taber to everyone. “Let me introduce everyone. This is Taber, the deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau. I’ll be showing him the test results taken just now.”


Taber glanced at the tester and said dryly, “The result of the genetic comparison shows that the biological father of the cub is Stan.”


Stan was the name of the Old Patriarch.


The Old Patriarch was shocked.


Both inside and outside the room, heavy breathing sounded one after another.


The Old Patriarch of the Black Python clan was more than two hundred years old!!


Cyril was just over forty.


Nelson patted Taber on the shoulder. “Good.”


Tabor’s legs went weak.


“Stan! You are shameless!!”


Doris finally couldn’t help but yell out. Her years of cultivation couldn’t suppress the anger she felt at the moment. She didn’t even call him Old Patriarch.


“You just need to find a lover at your own age, and yet you had to shove your seeds to Raymond. How dare you plot to force Ren and I to assign Raymond’s energy star under the cub and your name!!!”


The number of people in Ren’s live broadcast room has reached more than one billion.


At this time, there were not many who still continued to swipe the screen. 5Imagine TikTok, you swipe the screen to watch the next live broadcaster.


In a short period of time, everyone was stunned by the endless stream of shattering information produced.


The Old Patriarch of the Black Python tribe, Stan, was simply the most shameless person in the interstellar galaxy.


There has not been such a shameless person in the Beastman Empire for hundreds of years.


He found a little love fling, unexpectedly planted seeds to a baby, and let his own grandson, Raymond who had just “died” back then, take the blame just to get an energy star from his own family.


That energy star was not an ordinary energy star. It contained huge energy stones filled with all kinds of energy that the Empire needed.


There were only three energy stars of this kind in the whole intergalactic system, and the other two were far smaller than Raymond’s energy star.


Stan, the Old Patriarch, was good at calculating and plotting for the energy star but the method he chose really was too bad!!


“I said before that Cyril was a liar and you still don’t believe it. Now, look!”


“The character of the old patriarch of the Black Python clan is so corrupt. What qualifications do you have to be the Old Patriarch?? Hurry up and step down!”


“Stan should be assigned to Energy Star to mine ore. Let him truly experience the charm of Energy Star!”


In the living room of the Marshal’s Mansion, a member of the tribe murmured, “Didn’t I mention before how the serpentine pattern on Cyril’s forehead is so familiar. Isn’t it exactly the same as the serpentine pattern on the forehead of the old patriarch’s partner on the homepage of the clan?”


The old patriarch’s partner had passed away for more than ten years, but the clan’s homepage still displayed a group photo with her and the Old Patriarch.


In the Beastman Empire, although beastmen of the same race have similar animal shapes, after they have marked females or subbeasts, the animal patterns that appear on their foreheads were completely different and unique.


The animal pattern will vary according to the beastman’s level of ability and the degree of might.


For example, for the black pythons, high-ranking beastmen’s animal pattern would look very mighty and domineering on their partner’s foreheads.


For a low-level beastman, his partner’s animal pattern looks more like a small bug.


Furthermore, among people of similar rank, the animal-shaped patterns on their partners’ foreheads still looked different and unique. They would never be exactly the same.


The clansmen, with quick hands, clicked directly onto the clan’s webpage and threw the photos into the air.  6displayed the photos


In the three-dimensional photograph, the Old Patriarch looked decent and dignified. But that was not the point. The point is that the serpentine pattern on the forehead of the Old Patriarch’s partner in the photo looked exactly the same as the serpentine pattern present on Cyril’s forehead.


Jin Wowo listened to the chaotic discussion, looked at the photo, and at Cyril’s forehead, and his face gradually changed.


He touched the snail shell pattern on his forehead, hidden under his bangs and had a bad feeling.

  • 1
    The Legal Education Bureau must sort of be like the ultimate maternity bureau since everything cub-related goes there.
  • 2
    They have so many pregnancy instruments. XD
  • 3
    refers to being unwilling
  • 4
    The title of the highest director. I think it’s a lot like a General Manager of a company
  • 5
    Imagine TikTok, you swipe the screen to watch the next live broadcaster.
  • 6
    displayed the photos
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  1. Avatar Rei says:

    I really hope Jin Wowo’s pattern not only means he is marked but also preggy. Though it seems impossible right now as there weren’t interactions like that between the two of them. Still, I’m excited!!! This is so fun to read.

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