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IIEWFP Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Ren’s personal platform hasn’t been active for many years.


When he was an empire general in his youth, there were many fans on the platform who worshipped him and followed him.


However, ever since Ren’s energy explosion, his personal platform had basically remained inactive.


Fans were gradually passing away, and now basically all that’s left were zombie fans.


It’s just that the recent trending topic “Marshal Raymond’s sacrifice” and “The Ren couple deliberately embarrassed Miss Cyril” caused many people to visit Ren’s platform often to comfort, verify, question, accuse, and scold.


His platform had also become lively in the past two days and had gained tens of millions of fans.


Today, the traffic fans were doing their daily routines on Ren’s platform when they suddenly realized that Ren had started a live broadcast!


These people were eager to watch the show, and opened the live broadcast room without hesitation.


There were also passers-by who were bored and decided to watch the show to pass the time.


The black fans were ready to make accusations when they suddenly felt their throat close up as Raymond’s face showed up in the live camera.


“This is a live broadcast? This isn’t a pre-recorded video?”


“I just left the room and came back in again. This indeed is being broadcasted live.”


“Did Marshal Raymond cross the land of the dead onto the land of the living?”


“It can’t be Marshal Raymond. This must be a stand-in!”


The voice of “Marshal Raymond” in the live broadcast sounded, and said: “Now, let’s continue with the previous topic.”


People who often follow military news were more familiar with Marshal Raymond.


“It sounds like Marshal Raymond, it shouldn’t be a stand-in.”


“The background is the Marshal’s Mansion, and there are so many people. That old beastman, I think he looks a lot like the old patriarch of the Black Python clan?”


“That old beastman is indeed the old patriarch of the Black Python clan. I know since I am from one of the side branches of the Black Python clan.”


“With so many people present, Ren would not dare to get a stand-in.”


Already there are people who are quick to move to the official platform of the Military.


Then, “Marshal Raymond” in the live broadcast spoke again.


“The female Cyril has nothing to do with me. As for who owns the cub in her belly, I would have to ask the old patriarch.”


The old patriarch’s face suddenly changed.


All the tribesmen in the living room turned their attention to the old patriarch.


Cyril, who was hiding behind the crowd, shrank back with her slightly protruding belly, wishing she could disappear immediately.


Raymond said: “More than two months ago, I took someone to the Blue Mercury military station. There, I met Miss Cyril. She claimed to have been deceived by a wandering beastman from Central Star, and ended up pregnant with a cub. Out of humanitarianism, I sent her to the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau…”


“Raymond, since it has nothing to do with you, we don’t have to discuss this anymore.” The old patriarch suddenly interrupted him.


“How can we just suddenly end the discussion?” Doris said angrily. “Raymond kindly sent Cyril to the Legal Education Bureau but was slandered. Ren and I were also splashed with dirty water and burdened with infamy despite being innocent!”


The Star Network.


“Ah, I knew it! Miss Cyril is a liar! If she were the Marshal’s fiancee, how could the Marshal let her live alone and pregnant in a rental house on Blue Mercury when the marshal is so rich.”


“Upstairs, who did you say was a liar? Miss Cyril is so beautiful! It must be a stand-in that Ren found to whitewash himself and Doris!”


“I didn’t expect Ren and Doris to be so hateful. Their son died and they still refuse to recognize their own grandson. They even got a stand-in to fool everyone! It’s disgusting.”


“Upstairs, are you blind and can’t see? So many people are present. If this were a stand-in, wouldn’t everyone be able to tell? Marshal Raymond is obviously still alive and not dead at all. The nation should be celebrating and yet you have the nerve to say that he is dead. Are you a spy sent by the Zerg?!”




The two different sides tore each other up once again.


The people in the room forwarded the live broadcast to their friends. Topics such as “Raymond’s father’s live broadcast“, “Marshal Raymond is not dead“, and “Raymond’s stand-in” quickly spread on the star network.


In just a few moments, the number of people in the live broadcast room rose to hundreds of thousands to millions.


Raymond glanced at the crowd and found – Cyril, who shrank her neck back and covered her face with her long hair. Raymond continued: “As for the cub’s biological father, it’s better to let Miss Cyril say it herself.”


The energy fluctuations around the old patriarch’s body suddenly increased, which was a precursor to a transformation (into his beast form).


Raymond, the nearest to him, felt it first.


He quickly locked the opponent with pressure.


The old patriarch’s body suddenly shook, and he couldn’t move due to the overwhelming weight over his head.


He looked at Raymond in astonishment, “You…”


The old patriarch was a seventh-rank intermediate-level beastman. Except for Raymond’s second uncle and another clansman who wasn’t present, who are also in the seventh-rank, everyone else were all below the seventh-rank. The ones that can suppress their rank would only be the eight-rank or higher. And, there were only five people who reached the eighth rank in the entire empire.


And now here, besides Raymond, who else was in Rank 8?!


Raymond… actually!!


Energy Explosion, Pressure, Violence…!!


Raymond increased the pressure again. The old patriarch had better shut up now and not say anything else. It’s not time yet to reveal his situation.


“Old Patriarch, don’t get too excited. Excited emotions can easily cause convulsions!” Jin WoWo interrupted suddenly.


Everyone heard the voice and looked at the old patriarch, and found that his eyes were wide open, as if trying to endure something.


They knew that Miss Cyril came together with them this time. As for the purpose of coming, everyone was somewhat speculative but Raymond’s words just now drove their imaginations wild. Coupled with the expression of the old patriarch at this time, it seems that what Raymond said was true. There was more to the story.


Cyril was terrified at this time, wishing she could just dig a hole and hide herself.


She wanted to ask for help from the deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau who was with her, but found that the people who had been by her side just now were far away from her.



Jules’ Corner

Hello! My schedule has just settled down and I’m proud to announce that I can finally fulfill 2 updates a week (every weekend). 🙂

Sorry for leading you guys on for a while… but yay! face-slapping moments <3

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Rose says:

    Hahahahaha 😂, why do I like MC’s face slapping people so much. Not just me others too love it… God! Amazing work Jules! Take your time and upload we’ll wait for you! 😄

  2. Avatar A.S. says:

    Glad you’re back! I really like this story! Thanks for the chapter!

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