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IIEWFP Chapter 39

Chapter 39

If it had been in the past, he would have never had such thoughts.


Ten minutes later, the old patriarch’s forehead was covered with cold sweat. He has been in frequent contact with Raymond’s second uncle the past two days. Would he also be infected with this strange disease?!


He looked outside frequently, and finally couldn’t help but ask: “It’s been so long, it should be all right now?”


Jin WoWo smiled and said: “Don’t worry. In order to treat the disease more thoroughly, it is better for them to be stung for a while.”


At this time, there was one person in the crowd who was expecting the two to come out soon other than the old patriarch.


He is Nelson, the director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau.


The Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau controls all the legal education bureaus of the Beastman Empire. They were also responsible for the medical research and the number one research institute of the Beastman Empire.


Nelson could be considered as acquaintances with Ren. Today, Ren passed him news of the discovery of a rare disease.


Nelson was not only the director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau, but he was also a scientific research monster. He was obsessed with medical research and is currently a leading figure in the medical field of the Beastman Empire.


Just now, witnessing Carl’s and Raymond’s second uncle’s infection, he  hurriedly took out his terminal to record the symptoms of this disease in detail.


Raymond’s second uncle and Carl struggled with thousands of wasps for half an hour. It was only when their howling voices became dry and hoarse did Jin WoWo pretend to look at the time and say, “It’s time. They can be released.”


Several beastmen had long been armed sprays filled with tranquilizing smoke. Holding the spray, they opened the door and rushed in.


After eliminating the hornets, they dragged Raymond’s second uncle and Carl out.


Seeing the tragic situation of these two people, the people of the clan who had gasped countless of times today gasped again.


These two people were really too ​​miserable!


The beastmen who dragged Carl out also took the opportunity to kick and punch Carl a few times.


Who told Carl to have a strange illness and still insist on contacting them. They thought, worried about the day when they would also suddenly become ill.


Carl didn’t even have the strength to scream. He wanted to see who dared to eat the bear’s heart and the leopard’s gall. He even dared to take the opportunity to beat him. Unfortunately, his eyelids were so swollen that he couldn’t even open them. 1A person who dares to east the bear’s heart and the leopard’s gall refers to a person who is very bold.


Raymond’s second uncle and Carl were dragged out to the yard. The old housekeeper was kind and covered them all with a piece of clothing.


Because the little subbeast who was brought back by the young master of their family followed them into the yard, he couldn’t let the future young lady see the fruit of the two beastmen even though they didn’t look like their human forms from the extreme swelling.


Nelson hurriedly walked to the two people lying on the yard to check their vitals and found that the two of them really did not convulse anymore (mainly due to a lack of energy), their eyes were no longer rolled back (swollen and could not be opened), and their saliva did not flow (lying on their back – Even if they had a lot of saliva, they couldn’t flow out).


Jin Wowo said: “Don’t worry, they have recovered. They aren’t infected anymore. Just go back and nourish their bodies.”


Full of spirit and dedication to medical science, Nelson touched Carl’s body very carefully.


He didn’t feel anything. It was completely different from the situation where Raymond’s second uncle touched Carl before and immediately became ill.


It seems that this strange disease really was cured.


What a magical thing this “Qi Huang Art”!


He stood up, walked a few steps in front of Jin WoWo, put his hands together above his head, and bowed deeply to the other party.


Jin WoWo was taken aback: “Who are you? What are you doing?”


“This gentleman, may I ask you about the “Qi Huang Art”?”


The Golden Snail: “…”


“I am willing to use my salary for one year as compensation.”


Golden Snail: “…”


Is this man sick?


Doris came out in time and rescued Jin WoWo, “Mr. Nelson, let’s talk about this later. Let’s go back to the living room first.”


Doris also thought that the golden snail cured the strange disease that riddled Raymond’s second uncle and Carl. Their future daughter-in-law was truly amazing. Look, even Nelson, a leading figure in the medical field of the Empire, wanted to ask him about his skills.


Nelson nodded, “Sir, please.” as he gestured for Jin WoWo to step in first.


The Golden Snail: “…”


Raymond watched his mother walk in holding Jin WoWo’s hand with a smile: “Are they alright?”


“Well, they are cured. I won’t do this again in the future.” Jin WoWo replied.


Raymond finally couldn’t hold back, and stretched out his hand to pull him over to his side, and take his hand.


Jin WoWo’s big eyes blinked and lightly scratched Raymond’s palm.


That itch in Raymond’s heart! 


The old patriarch finally breathed a sigh of relief, silently praying that he was not infected by Raymond’s second uncle, and that virus he carried. This kind of treatment was really terrifying. He was so old that he really didn’t want to endure such pain.


Raymond settled down and said: “Now let’s continue with the previous topic.”


What was the topic before?


After more than half an hour of “destruction”, the old patriarch almost forgot their main purpose this time.


Raymond: “The female named Cyril has nothing to do with me. As for who owns the cub in her belly, I have to ask the old patriarch.”


The old patriarch’s face suddenly changed.

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    A person who dares to east the bear’s heart and the leopard’s gall refers to a person who is very bold.
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Someone trying to place their cuckoo chick into his young leader’s nest? That seems like an awfully suspicious sentence!

    JWW’s naughtiness has an almost immediate negative too by being caught in a lie! Lucky escape so far! Know your limits cutie!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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