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IIEWFP Chapter 36

Chapter 36

When Ren and his family entered the living room, they saw quite a few people in the living room. At a glance, one could tell that almost all the important people in the clan came.


The old patriarch sat in the head position, Raymond’s second uncle sat in the side position, and a small group of people who had no seats crowded and stood behind them.


Among the standing crowd, Ren saw a familiar figure immediately.


The person was hidden at the back, covering most of her face. But, Ren was once a general of the empire and had a sharp eye.


He recognized the person Cyril at first glance.


There was also a beastman standing beside Cyril. That man and Ren also had a history before. He was the deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau.


Ren sneered in his heart. This was planning to push the wild seed in Cyril’s belly to his son in front of the whole family!


Ren signaled at the old butler beside him calmly, and the old butler nodded and left quickly.


The people in the living room talked in whispers. This time, the Black Pythons chose to strike hard and become the new heads of the clan. Raymond’s second uncle was nailed down, and the others were very respectful towards him.


Even towards Raymond’s cousin Carl, the people around him held his stinky feet in a calm manner, which made Carl feel very satisfied, and the expression on his face became more and more proud.


When Ren’s wheelchair appeared at the entrance of the living room, the people inside suddenly calmed down.


Then, they saw that the person pushing the wheelchair turned out to be-Raymond?!


All the clansmen present were shocked. They thought Raymond was dead, so today they gathered to choose a new owner.


But now Raymond suddenly “lived”!


Cyril panicked when she saw Raymond’s deity-like appearance. She pulled the deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau, and her voice tremblingly asked: “What should we do-What shall we do now?”


The deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau glanced at the old patriarch who was sitting at the head position and pulled Cyril to hide behind him with the intention to slip away quietly.


As soon as the two tried to slip to the back door, a robot slid over and said in a mechanically electronic tone: “I’m sorry, you don’t have permission to go through the back door.”


Cyril and the deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau had no choice but to retreat into the crowd and try to reduce their sense of existence.


The old patriarch was taken aback when he saw Raymond, and glanced at Raymond’s second uncle next to him with dissatisfaction.


Raymond’s second uncle was also astonished. The Domineering Mercenary Group he hired didn’t send any news to him. He thought Raymond was still on the way.


Immediately, Raymond’s second uncle frowned again. Since Raymond has returned, did the Domineering Mercenary Group go wrong somewhere? They couldn’t block Raymond?


This number one interstellar mercenary group was nothing, maybe even the route was mistaken.


Raymond’s second uncle didn’t think that the Domineering Mercenary Group would be destroyed. “That was simply impossible.” He thought.


But so what if he came back, Raymond will be abandoned. 


It was impossible for the Black Python Clan to let a paralyzed person be the master of the house. 


Raymond once robbed him of his position as the master of the house, now it’s only returning to its rightful place.


Humph! !


Carl panicked the moment he saw Raymond appear, but then he saw the confident expressions of the old patriarch and his father and he relaxed again.


His mouth tilted up and he gave a sly smile: “Oh, isn’t this Raymond? Why didn’t you tell me in advance that you were coming back? Brother, I could have picked you up at the spaceship docking station.”


Before, Carl didn’t dare to speak to Raymond in such a tone.


But now, Carl was not afraid.


His father will be the head of the family right away. Although Raymond looks the same as before, he knows that Raymond couldn’t even stand now.


Afterall, the Beastman Empire respects the strong. The energy explosion has made a person useless. No matter how strong you were before, over a long period of time, these “useless people” will gradually be looked down upon.


And Raymond, one of the top five in the empire, suddenly became a useless person. It must be unacceptable. For fear of being looked down upon, you have to endure the severe pain and strengthen your esteem~


As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Raymond being followed by a beautiful subbeast.


The facial features of the subbeast were very delicate, with long eyelashes, red lips, fair and delicate skin, and a slender and flexible figure. Carl’s eyes gleamed in an instant.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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