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IIEWFP Chapter 35.2

Disclaimer: I’m mostly editing the MTL-version of this story plus some light translations for sentences that aren’t clear for fun. Thus, I can’t guarantee that my editing/slight translation will be professional. However, I hope you guys enjoy the story! If there are any corrections/reactions I highly encourage you guys to leave a comment down below!

Title: I inherited the Empire with a Fake Pregnancy/假孕后我继承了帝国
Author: 连艺 (Lián Yì)
Translator/Editor: Jules

Chapter 35.2

Doris looked at Jin WoWo’s behavior, and felt very touched. How could a child be so well-behaved? He even called out “father” the first time they met, seeming very close.


He also promised to take care of Raymond. That small body looked so fragile, it would be a wonder if he were able to take care of himself.


Doris was very satisfied with Jin WoWo’s sincerity to take care of Raymond.


She was even more satisfied than her formerly optimistic daughter-in-law, Heller from Duke Nolan’s house!


The Heller of Duke Nolan’s family was a bit proud. If she were to really become Raymond’s partner, Raymond would have to take care of both of them.


Although it was normal for beastmen to take care of their partners, as parents, they still wanted to see their child being taken care of.


Raymond calmly tried to pull Jin WoWo’s hand, but Jin WoWo suddenly raised his hand to stop the other’s action, and held Ren’s hand steadily.


He (JW) just saw Ren’s hand shaking really badly, so he tried to put a trace of spiritual power to calm Ren’s nerves or something.


Because Ren’s hand was shaking, it looked like it was a neurotic twitch.


He didn’t understand advanced medicine, but using spiritual power to soothe the nerves was no problem for him.


As a result, after he got into a trace of spiritual power into Ren, he found that Ren did not have a nervous twitch at all. Rather, what he had was similar to the symptoms of Raymond’s time in the wild forest, with the energy in his body being very chaotic.


Jin WoWo frowned, and asked directly: “Did you have an energy explosion?”


Ren and Doris: “…”


The golden snail didn’t know?


Their son didn’t tell him?


The two looked at Raymond at the same time.


Raymond did not mention this to Jin WoWo, as he had hidden in his heart the selfish desire to ask Jin WoWo to help heal his father.


Before, on the spacecraft, because he crushed the energy injection and scratched his hand, Jin WoWo helped him heal it and said that healing consumed a lot of spiritual energy.


That spiritual energy was said to be very difficult to cultivate, so it was not known how much spiritual power Jin WoWo would have to spend to treat another person’s energy explosion.


Raymond quietly answered: “Yes, my father had an energy explosion twenty years ago.”


Jin WoWos delicate and clear face looked at Raymond very seriously, and said in a deep voice, “He is like you, with water energy in his veins.”




Did Jin WoWo mean that his father’s energy runaway was also planned by someone?


Ren and Doris didn’t know what “water energy” was. The energy in Ren’s body was chaotic, and he couldn’t feel the spiritual power of the golden snail flowing in his veins. But when they saw the shock on Raymond’s face, who had always had an indifferent expression, they felt something unusual.


“What happened, Raymond?” Doris asked.


Raymond’s face was gloomy, “Let’s go to the study and talk.”


Several people went into the study, and closed the door.


Raymond said: “Father, mother, in fact, I really did have an energy explosion before and my energy core was shattered. The announcement video posted on the official military site is true.”


“What?!” Doris exclaimed, and quickly looked her son up and down.


Didn’t Sandy send a report saying that Raymond advanced to Rank 9? How could his core be shattered?


Raymond said: “It’s alright now.”


Alright? What does that mean?


They followed Raymond’s gaze and looked at Jin WoWo.


Jin WoWo did not hide it, and said directly: “Raymond’s energy explosion was because the energy liquid he injected was mixed with Energy Liquid No.3. When I checked Uncle Ren’s body just now, I found that there were also traces of Energy Liquid No.3 in his veins.”


Several people didn’t notice Jin WoWo’s sudden change in addressing Ren as they were shocked by the content of his words.


Doris blurted out, “You were plotted by someone?! Your father was also plotted by someone back then?!”


Ren’s complexion turned dark. His dry and thin face looked terrible. He clenched his fists tightly, and his arms trembled more severely.


He always thought that his “energy explosion” was caused by not doing energy dialysis on time, and the excessive toxins in his body.


But it turned out that it was that not at all.


Ren asked himself if he had ever offended anyone in his life, who was so insidious that he not only harmed him with such insidious means, but also harmed his son?!


Jin WoWo said: “Don’t get excited. Wait until Uncle Ren is better, then it won’t be too late to slowly catch the black hand behind the scenes.”


Ren can get better??


Doris slowly turned her head to look at Jin WoWo. She received too much information just now, and hasn’t completely processed it.


Although Ren was shocked to the core, he still remained calm.


His son had an energy explosion, but now he is standing in front of them. It must have something to do with his son’s partner.


The golden snail also seems to behave completely different from ordinary subbeasts.


Jin WoWo nodded, “But Uncle Ren has been in this situation for twenty years, and the veins have been somewhat exhausted. Some of the energy core fragments have also been integrated into the bone and blood, and will take a certain time to repair.”


“That’s okay, it’s okay,” Doris said hurriedly.


As long as they can repair the energy core, they can wait even years.


Jin WoWo nodded, and said to Raymond: “Bring me a cup.”


Raymond immediately knew what Jin WoWo was going to do. He glanced at the other person gratefully and brought an empty water glass.


Then, Doris and Ren saw a fantasy scene.


They saw Jin WoWo holding the cup, shake it in front of his belly, and then… there was…water in the cup?


“Uncle Ren, drink this first.”


Ren looked at the “water” handed to him, and glanced at Raymond.


Raymond said: “Drink it.”


Doris quickly took the glass and fed it to Ren’s mouth.


The hand that Jin WoWo revealed just now was like a god, and she couldn’t help but believe all of it.


Ren smelled a sweet and greasy scent from the cup, and then he drank it all without frowning.


Jin WoWo stretched out a finger and touched Ren’s forehead.


Pointing at someone’s head was not polite, but no one raised any objections.


Jin WoWo said: “I will separate the No. 3 energy in your veins first. Don’t move.”


He closed his eyes when he finished speaking, and stood there as if he was asleep.


Doris stared at Ren nervously, not daring to blink.


It was also the first time Raymond saw Jin WoWo treat someone. He himself was in a coma at that time, and he didn’t know the treatment process of golden snail at all, so he didn’t dare to bother at the moment.


Time passed by slowly.


Several people remained motionless in the same posture, almost stiff.


Ren didn’t feel anything special at the beginning. But as time passed, he found that his body didn’t hurt as much. Gradually, his hands stopped shaking.


Doris also noticed it, her eyes burst were filled with ecstasy, but she didn’t dare to speak out, for fear of disturbing Jin WoWo.


The golden snail’s forehead gradually oozed fine droplets of water, Ren’s veins had been exhausted, and the water energy was separated from the slender veins and forced out of the body without hurting the veins and muscles. It was not an easy thing to do.


Finally, Jin WoWo withdrew his hand.


Raymond hurriedly reached out to wipe off his sweat, moved a chair to let him sit down, and placed a cup of hot water in Jin WoWo’s hand.


Jin WoWo took a sip, and said, “Uncle Ren’s veins and muscles have shrunken to a certain extent. You need to take care of them properly. When the veins and muscles are almost restored, the energy core can be repaired.”


Otherwise before the energy core is repaired, the veins would not be able to withstand the running energy, even normally, and be broken down again.


“However, during this period, he can still move normally. There is no problem with walking, he just can’t use energy.”


“Can he really walk?” Doris confirmed.


Jin WoWo nodded, took another sip of water, and handed the water glass to Raymond.


Ren raised his arm in disbelief, and made a fist. Although he didn’t have much strength, he still felt very good.


He tried to stand up and didn’t feel any pain in his legs.


He lifted his foot and took a step, and his body tilted. Doris hurriedly stretched out her hand to hold him, and asked nervously, “How is it?”


Ren waved his hand: “It’s okay. it’s just that I haven’t walked for a long time. I’m not used to it.”


And the legs were a bit soft.


Doris was so happy. She didn’t know what to say and could only shed tears of joy.


Jin WoWo took the water cup and made another glass of the strange liquid, and smiled: “Uncle Ren, drink more of this. This is good for the recovery of muscles and veins.”


Ren didn’t hesitate at all, and drank it all in one sip.


At this time, a knock on the door sounded, and the voice of the old housekeeper came in: “Master, madam.”


Raymond opened the door, “What’s the matter?”


The old butler said: “The old patriarch is here, with many people from the clan.”


Doris sneered: “Raymond has just returned, so the old patriarch couldn’t wait any longer?!”


When Raymond was on a video call with his parents last time, he found that the old patriarch and his second cousin were both there. He guessed something had happened, but he didn’t know the details.


Doris angrily recounted what happened that day. Thinking that her son is now in the ninth rank, she couldn’t wait to see the wonderful expressions of the old patriarch and others after they find out the truth.


Jin WoWo listened to the shameless and despicable behavior of the group of people, rolled his eyes, and smiled: “I have a good idea, why don’t we push the boat along the way?”


Pretend that Raymond’s energy has gone violently, and then wait for them to jump to a certain height, and then make them fall, hard.


Ren nodded, “I have the same intention. We can take this opportunity to leave the python clan as well.”


Raymond had long wanted to leave the Python clan, and he had no objection to his father’s words.


Jin WoWo stood up, excited, and said, “Then let’s go out now.”


Jules’ Corner

Yay! Omg I thought this would happen earlier but now it’s truly here! I love how innocent Jin WoWo looks and then proceeds to just be like “Imma make these people fall from heaven.”



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    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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