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IIEWFP Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Seeing this, Raymond gave him a cold look and was almost unable to hold back from releasing energy.


The old patriarch picked up the teacup and took a sip, his eyelids were too lazy to lift up, “Raymond is back?”


When Carl heard the voice of the old patriarch, he tore his gaze from the pretty golden snail with great difficulty, pointed to the beastman beside him and said: “Get up, let our lord of the house sit here for a few days. Every step hurts, like stepping on the tip of a knife. tsk tsk.”


Oh oh oh, that’s how it is.


Thought the clansmen present.


 Raymond had an energy explosion. The fact that he did not die, the patriarch and others must have known about this.


As for why the old patriarch did not announce that Raymond was still alive, these were not within their consideration.


The seat Carl pointed to was already in the middle and back from the main seat, but none of the people present raised any objections. Obviously, everyone no longer paid attention to the “patriarch” Raymond.


Raymond gave Carl a look and didn’t bother to take the seat. He directly pushed Ren to the seat where his second uncle was sitting, and said indifferently: “Second uncle, this position you are sitting in is the seat of the Patriarch, and the Patriarch is still me. “


Being accused in front of the whole clan and couldn’t wait to usurp the throne, Raymond’s second uncle couldn’t help it.


But after all, he is the future Patriarch of the Black Python clan, so he must have a strong mind.


He glanced at Raymond bitterly, stood up and made a please gesture, and said without a smile: “I thought you hadn’t come back yet. Please sit down with the Old Patriarch.”


Raymond pushed Ren’s wheelchair next to him, and then unceremoniously sat down where he was just now.


A beastman next to him quickly stood up and respectfully said to Raymond’s second uncle: “Please, sit here.”


Raymond’s second uncle snorted coldly in his heart and sat on Raymond’s side.


Raymond sat down and asked calmly: “The old patriarch brought so many people over today, What’s going on?”


The old patriarch was very dissatisfied that Raymond hadn’t immediately answered what he had asked before, and deliberately sipped tea slowly, leaving Raymond in the air.


Raymond didn’t ask again.


There was dead silence in the living room for a while, and Raymond’s second uncle heart couldn’t help but be anxious.


Finally, the old patriarch had had enough, and slowly put down the teacup. But instead of replying, he closed his eyes and contemplated for a long time.


Just when he felt that Raymond was almost dried out, he opened his mouth to speak, but he heard Carl suddenly reprimand in a very harsh tone, “Raymond, as the head of the black python clan, you are morally corrupt, and you are always in some sort of scandal with females. It’s simply embarrassing for the whole clan to follow you.”


The old patriarch held his breath and almost couldn’t breath.


The last time they came to question Ren and Doris, they suddenly learned that Raymond was alive, and they became a mess.


Even though Raymond had nothing to do with Cyril, after going back and thinking about it carefully, they found that they still have room for change. As long as Raymond was intercepted by the Domineering Mercenary Corps on the way, there would be no proof (that there was nothing between Cyril and Raymond.)


They would use perjury to prove that cub was Raymond’s.


When they came today, they brought along the deputy director of the Blue Mercury Legal Education Bureau and Cyril to shoot a video as evidence.


With this evidence, even if Ren and Doris disagree, Cyril’s cub would still inherit Raymond’s energy star according to the interstellar law.


The script was perfect, but it went wrong. Raymond returned successfully.


And that idiot Carl, who doesn’t know how to act at the right time, was still following the originally agreed upon script.


The old patriarch hated him and gave Carl a fierce look.


But Carl didn’t realize it, pointing to the golden snail next to Raymond and said with irritation: “Who is this subbeast? You already have a fiancee, Cyril who is pregnant with your cubs and is about to give birth. , You didn’t even look for her when you first came back and actually hooked up with such a beautiful subbeast again?”


Carl was jealous. Why was a beautiful subbeast following Raymond who was about to be abandoned and become a piece of trash.


After his father becomes the head of the house, he must **** this little subbeast over and over to keep his bed warm, and then stomp Raymond on his feet!


The old patriarch’s hands shook violently and he coughed hard.


Raymond looked at Carl with dark eyes, and a storm was swirling.


He even dared to covet the golden snail.


Raymond unceremoniously released all the pressure and locked on the Carl alone.


Carl only felt as if a mountain were being pressed against his body. His face distorted and his expression became ugly. Even every breath he took would make a “chittering” sound.


Within two seconds, he fell on the ground with a “plop”. The heavy pressure made his limbs tremble, and he couldn’t even lift his head.


“Carl, what’s the matter with you?!”


Raymond’s second uncle hurriedly got up from his chair.


“Everyone, don’t move!” A clear voice came from behind Raymond.


Jin WoWo stood up with a solemn expression on his face, “I know a little bit about Qi Huang’s art, so don’t get close. I see his symptoms, it seems to be contagious, be careful not to infect you, let me take a look. ” (T/E Qi Huang also stands for the science of Traditional Medicine, the art of healing, and its theoretical principles.)


Qi Huang’s art?


What is that???


But after hearing the words “contagious”, everyone immediately moved away.


Even Carl’s father, Raymond’s second uncle, was stiff and could no longer move forward.


Jin WoWo blinked at Raymond in a place where others could not see, and walked towards Carl.


Doris was about to stop, but Raymond secretly held her hand.


Jin WoWo walked up to Carl, pulled his hair to make the other person raise his head. He took this opportunity to gather the gold elements in the air, and introduced a small ball of electricity into Carl’s body.


When Carl was hit by the electric current, his eyes rolled back until only the whites were left, and his convulsions became more severe.


Jin WoWo pretended to pinch his chin, forcing the other to open his mouth, gathered the water element in the air and injected a small stream of water into his mouth.


Everyone saw that Carl’s eyes rolling back, convulsing, and salivating.


Jin Wowo let go of him, and said solemnly, “He has epilepsy.”


The beastmen present showed a dazed look.


Epilepsy, what is that?


“‘Epilepsy’ is a kind of disease, commonly known as convulsions. To put it bluntly, it means to smoke and smoke, and you will go crazy.” Jin WoWo made up.


Looking at the expressions of these people, he knew that the world should be free of the disease of “epilepsy”. Since there was no such disease, then he was free to make it up.


Everyone gasped. This disease sounded a bit scary. Since it was “contagious”, people who get the disease will go crazy!


“But it can be cured. You just have to suffer a little bit during the treatment.” Jin Wowo said. He looked at Raymond’s second uncle and asked, “Are you going to have him take the cure or not?”

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